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Author Topic: [305] The Beach  (Read 116602 times)
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Victim of the gelatinous cube.

« on: Oct 19, 2007 12:44 pm »

Short description: Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee go on vacation at Lo and Li's beach house, where they learn a lot about themselves and each other. Meanwhile, the kids face a new enemy.


Note: This has been posted before the US broadcast since the episode has been posted on iTunes. Please ONLY post if you've seen the episode. Any posts such as "gee, I'm so jealous I can't see this episode yet!" or placeholder posts will be removed without comment!
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 19, 2007 12:59 pm »


Katara clings to Aang on the ground and stokes him!(She is like a female Miroku!)
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« Reply #2 on: Oct 19, 2007 01:29 pm »


I loved this episode. It was hysterical for the first part, such as after Azula made out with Chan and when Li and Lo showed their provocative pose in the beginning. After Zuko is kicked out of the party as seen int he preview, the episode takes a turn. We get some serious characater development and find out why Ty Lee and Mai are the way they are. We even get to see for a moment Azula sad! Even though the gang appeared very briefly in this epi., that part was amazing, such as when everything they did to defend themselves was blown apart (quite literally) but the assassin. Overall, this episode was aamazing, and is probably one of my favorite episodes.

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Concentrated Confidence!

« Reply #3 on: Oct 19, 2007 01:54 pm »

I laughed Cheesy, I cried :'(, I was on the edge of my seat Shocked. I think Dante Basco had a cold or something. Anyone else notice the change in his voice? Anyway, Azula dominated the laughs in this episode.

"That's a sharp outfit Chan, be careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire class Fire Navy battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea....because...It's so sharp...." Now she's evil AND akward! Yay. Azula =/= flirt Tongue

& Zuko dominated the drama (like always) It was really sad to see him go back to his summer house, & hear him admit that he is angry at himself.

The Gaangs fight with CM was good too, but alas, just a side note to the anti-gaang's adventures. Grin
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What's your superpower?

« Reply #4 on: Oct 19, 2007 02:35 pm »

I laughed Cheesy, I cried :'(, I was on the edge of my seat Shocked. I think Dante Basco had a cold or something. Anyone else notice the change in his voice? Anyway, Azula dominated the laughs in this episode.
I think he's going through puberty!! Wink

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« Reply #5 on: Oct 19, 2007 03:48 pm »

I liked Sokka's Master better. It was good character development and good to hear Zuko admit he was mad at himself and how he felt but boohoo to the rest. I cant stand Maiko though. Its boring.
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« Reply #6 on: Oct 19, 2007 04:01 pm »

Great episode! I wish there was even a little bit of Iroh in this one. The beach outfits made up for it, though! And Azula's lack of social skills! Li and Lo were great, too! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during one episode.
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Mmm.. Redheads

« Reply #7 on: Oct 19, 2007 04:13 pm »

I thought Combustion Man's deadly beams  of the death were beautifully animated.  It does seem that he has an extremely unique ability.  It amazes me that he was never used in the siege of Ba Sing Se.  With his ability he could have easily created a breach in their walls.

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I need you to let me touch it.

« Reply #8 on: Oct 19, 2007 04:47 pm »


Just saw it-

That was a BEAUTIFUL episode!

When it came to backgrounds, they didn't delve with woeful flashbacks or anything, but the way the characters described it all was very realistic.  It reminded me of high school, when you have your first sleepover with a bunch of friends, and you ask about each other. You never delve into too much detail, just enough to give the others a clue.  Mai's was very much like myself, so I can relate to her.  Zuko made me laugh...a lot...Even when he was angsting. XD The way he made fun of Ty Lee was priceless!

While the GAang's part was short, it was lovely.  The Assassin looks amazing! I was not expecting him to be that awesome!

This was definitely not a waste. We got a really good insight.

I liked how after the fight Mai was all "Don't touch me! :|" , but the fact he was even trying is what I like about him. Bending, fighting, girls, he tries his hardest!

One of the best episodes so far this season!  Where was my naked Sokka? :|

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« Reply #9 on: Oct 19, 2007 06:11 pm »

I downloaded it off iTunes already (and I plan on watching it on TV again at 8:30) and now I'm just transferring it to my good computer. But from what I've seen so far, it looks very interesting. What's with the twin old ladies? What is the Firelord talking about that they don't want Zuko or Azula to hear about? Does it have to do with something about Aang? Do they know he's alive? From the preview some of the Fire Nation knows he is alive but has the Firelord found out or did he already know? I'll just have to wait 5 minutes for it to copy over.

Except a much better review of the episode after I watch it for the first time and the second maybe I'll see some stuff I didn't see before. Anyways, I gave this episode a 10. I can already tell it's a great episode. Smiley

EDIT 1: After seeing it for the first time on my computer and now the second time on TV, I still think it's a great episode. You learn alot about everyone... Azula, Zuko, Ty Lee and Mai. ** Spoilers ** For example, we found that Ty Lee is a "circus freak" and has many identical sisters which is why she became a "circus freak", Zuko is angry at himself, Azula is kinda mad at Ursa for thinking she was a monster (but she admitted Ursa was right) and that Mai is boring and can't express herself. And did anyone notice that when you see Zuko's handprint in the stone before they go to the beach during the evening, it kinda looks like a flame?
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it's better on planet zutara

« Reply #10 on: Oct 19, 2007 07:17 pm »

Thank goodness Ty Lee is back.  She has been missed

I have mixed feelings about this episode--there were parts I loved (mostly every bit with Azula), and parts that seemed unnecessarily self-referential (the Zuko pulling his shirt off to giggling fangirls was a funny gag, but the kind of thing that belonged in one of the chibi shorts, not the main drama).  The allusions to The Breakfast Club were a little too obvious--I wish they'd been more subtle using them; and the easy, too-astute psychological evaluations that each character does on the other felt rehearsed.  And Li and Lo... sort of disappointed me.  I was expecting a more sinister aura to them, and instead they're the female Irohs, dispensing good-will and platitudes (for the moment, anyway).

The Maiko relationship is going strong, although (and this is a RHETORICAL question) what they see in one another continues to elude me.  Not that either is a horrible person (obviously, I don't think such because I'd rather have Zuko with Katara) but what shared aspects are holding them together as a couple is a mystery. 

On the other hand, seeing Azula humanized was wonderful.  And Aang's battle with the assassin (I REFUSE to call him "Combustion Man"--unless and until Sokka does) was one of the better battle sequences of the series.  Aang has matured a LOT as a fighter--I loved how he used the air blast to contain the volley of fire (very cool visuals there, too). 

On the whole?  I think I liked it.  :/  Some of the Best Comedic Moments in Avatar.  But it was sort of... weird. 

(As a Zutaran fangirl I'm feeling down.  Although, I can't figure out why--once again, as they did in "The Painted Lady" and "The Awakening"--the writers are deliberating drawing dialogue and narrative parallels between Zuko and Katara.  Here it was the shared "circus freak" insult to Ty Lee.)
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Avvie by EndlessFlame55. Thanks a bunch!

« Reply #11 on: Oct 19, 2007 07:28 pm »

Wow, amazing.  For the first time in a long time, I actually care about Zuko.

...Yes, he's definitely not my favorite character, but this is the first episode since the season began that didn't make me hate him even more.  It's great that he finally admits that he's angry at himself; now we just have to wait and see what becomes of that.

And the scene on the beach...very emotional, and from the BAD GUYS!  It was nice to learn more about Mai and Ty Lee, and even nicer to see Mai finally express some emotion.  And seeing Azula so socially awkward was also awesome...some depth was finally added to her character, not to mention the fact that the funniest moments in the episode came from her!  NEVER expected that to happen.

And the assassin...seriously, what is he?  ...And does he talk?

Finally, "Well, that was random!"  for the win.
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« Reply #12 on: Oct 19, 2007 07:40 pm »

Azula is pretty devious and preceptive like all get out. Deciphering that girls childhood injury and going straight for the throat. Hate on her all you want, she's got a mind that is beyond sharp...

Messed up that those kids actually didn't know who Zuko was...

When they said this episode would develop the "villians" they werent' kiddin'! Man, this episode may have been the best episode YET. Slick writing and even the subplot of Aang and co was well done enough to mix up the flow.
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Be Smart, Ship Zutara :)

« Reply #13 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:02 pm »

Lot's of character development and humor.
and Ty Lee Smiley Ty Lee makes everything better Kiss
favorite shot: Zuko taking off his robe and all the fangirls screaming
If I was a girl i'd probably scream too.

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« Reply #14 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:05 pm »

"My own mother... thought I was a monster.

She was right of course, but it still hurt."

Fantastic episode.  The character development for the series villains was more than I could have hoped for.

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« Reply #15 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:05 pm »

For a seconds there, I thought he was going to say he was angry at his mother for leaving.  But, himself was a better answer.  This episode adopted very much like teen party elements.

It was an okay episode but, wished the GAang and Zuko's group were more even.

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« Reply #16 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:05 pm »

Man that was a good episode. you got to see the real sides of the fire nation gang. Plus the other gaang gets attacked by CM and aang blows his cover. I give it a 10 for the hilarious ending. Party's over! Cheesy
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Honor means nothing if you dont know loyalty.

« Reply #17 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:06 pm »

It was nice seeing Azula show some feelings, other than world domination. > > tho she covers it up , you can tell she is bothered. Awwww she her mom loved her less. awts. The Mai and Zuko just keeps getting creepy...... But i love the way Mai covered up Zuko's eyes, and when Zuko barfed. XD

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Avvie by frozen!

« Reply #18 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:08 pm »

I loved this episode.
I would have preferred Mai stay away from Zuko though. My own opinion.
The Tai Lee thing was hilarious, I almost got teary eyed when Zuko was remembering stuff about his past.
And finally some fresh faces to see!
Haha, and Lo and Li being those beautiful girls, and when Mai covered Zuko's eyes.
And that "We will be the most powerful couple!!!!!"

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*sighs* it would've been nice...

« Reply #19 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:08 pm »


this episode was amazing. i really liked the fact that they finally focused on what was going on among the royal family. I'm not gonna lie, Zuko was pretty emo, a little too much i didn't like it. It was an eye opener too, espeically for Ty Lee and Mai. I mean who knew? But i'll admit it was haky in the beginning (with Azula trying to be cool, that was weird  Tongue) but it did get better. I still can't believe Azula got a kiss. But she of coursed screwed it up (miss congeniality much? Tongue) like i figured. i was hoping that Mai & Zuko would stay broken up but i knew they'd get back together so...yea whatever.

but yea, awesome episode! can't wait for next week!

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"No mercy for the weak."

« Reply #20 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:09 pm »

oh man, fan service to the max

but in a really horrible, forced, out of character way

why couldn't this have been the B story?

"lulz azula is crazy, get it!?"
"omg zuko you're  jerk, but it's all justified in the end!"

i thought there was going to be some fire fighting with chan or something, but instead they just DESTROY his house?

what the heck?
is that legal?

and then some weird still photo at the end?
what was that?
i would have preferred a third week without them instead of this.

oh yeah, and 3 minutes of CM and his weird automail that doesn't really fit in with the story at all.
i mean, it's so futuristic, and avatar's all about real traditional, make sensey stuff.

i guess it is the FN though, most advanced nation would probably have the technology.

oh man

why is season three sucking so hard?
will the whole first half be like this?
maybe they're saving the good stuff for later.

i hope


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« Reply #21 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:09 pm »

Zuko going off on Ty Lee when she said something about bad skin and how he doesn't have that "luxury" since his father scarred him. Irony was that he could have had that nasty reminder taken away. This episode proves Azula is not a sociopath, but a sadist. She does have feelings and can be hurt, does want to be accepted without everyone doing it just because she is the princess. These are traits and emotions that sociopaths do not have.
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A Soulful Brother

« Reply #22 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:09 pm »

Guess the CM really can't talk. I'm going to guess that some mad scientist or whatever modified his body.

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My Little Guitar Heroine

peshgirl peshgirl
« Reply #23 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:09 pm »

An awesome episode. I enjoyed the trashing the party part very much so. And I'm glad we saw where Aang punched through the pillar of rock from the Season Three Preview. So much power!

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« Reply #24 on: Oct 19, 2007 08:09 pm »

Well, I guess this episode was okay...
I was surprised at Azula's outlook in this episode; for so long, we've known her as pure evil and even Iroh admitted it, but this episode shows that she still has feelings and like all teenagers, is going through the stage where she thinks she has a bad figure.

Azula really was the only awkward part of this episode I guess, The ZukoXMai parts were sweet and funny at the same time and Ty Lee was...well, Ty Lee. We didn't see much of the gAang in this episode but I think the gAang shouldn't of been in this episode at all in my opinion. Aang accidentally being spotted by those two guys seemed important at first but the message just travelled to a guy that already knew and it was burned at the end. And well, I don't know, I just wish that they wouldn't have an encounter with him until later, it sort of felt unneccessary.

And about that boy and that bird with the '...', I'm starting to feel that Avatar really is being invaded by anime a little too much, but thankfully, Azula freaking him out and his reaction really was the only anime reference in this episode. This episode was kind of too awkward for me, so I voted 6...
((I feel so bad for voting a 6 too...))

.: Edit :.
Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Azula's "Mom always thought I was a monster...of course, it was true, but it still hurt" made me crack up XD
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