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Author Topic: Fire Nation Propaganda & Resistance Poster Art Contest!  (Read 3902 times)
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« on: Aug 29, 2007 07:05 pm »

To help celebrate the arrival of season 3, ASN has decided to run an art contest with a season 3 theme: Fire Nation Propaganda & Resistance Posters! We know that the Fire Lord has a mighty propaganda machine, and this is a chance to use your imagination and artistic talent to either help him achieve his goal or help defeat him by rallying the opposition! The entries can be funny, serious, crazy, bizarre, whatever you like! In fact, as long they are season 3 related in some way the entry will be accepted, but entries relating to the theme will get extra points!

There will be two prizes, both of which are a copy of the upcoming all Avatar Nick Magazine signed by none other than Johane Matte! Johane, for those few who aren't familiar with her, was a background artist for the show for season 3, made one of the main comic stories that appear in the magazine, and is well known as "rufftoon" DeviantArt.

Here are the rules of entry.

* The contest will end at midnight on 9/30 so people have a chance to do stuff after the premiere if they want to.

* One entry per contestant. Please remember to supply a username, and be prepared to give us a real address in case you win. We can't send the prizes to an email address!

* ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLY please! No screenshots, vector copies, photoshopping, or anything like that. You can use anything for inspiration and even use real world propaganda posters and modify them for Avatar, but the art MUST be yours to enter this contest!

* Entries can be anything season 3 related, but entries relating to the theme of "Fire Nation Propaganda & Resistance Posters" will get extra points! Keep in mind that progaganda posters almost always have a slogan or message printed on them that ties into the image. A google search on "Arsenal of Democracy" (the US's campaign early in WWII) will give you a good idea if you haven't seen propaganda posters before.

* Entries can either be made on either of the ASN Oekaki Boards, or emailed to contests@avatarspirit.net. Yes, that means you DO NOT have to use the ASN Oekaki. You can make it elsewhere and send it to us. Please use common file formats like jpg or gif!

* ASN staff and their families are not qualified for prizes, but may submit entries.

Winners will have their art posted permanently in the ASN Contests section on the page for this contest. Feel free to ask questions in this string about the contest and we'll answer them as best we can.

We can't wait to see the entries and look forward to seeing what you can do!
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