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Author Topic: Fanmedia Rules (Updated 20 Nov 2013) [PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING]  (Read 4017 times)
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« on: Jul 10, 2007 09:38 pm »

    This spot is designated for all Avatar fanstuffs that aren't fan drawings, fancomics, or fanfiction of some kind. This is where your original flash movies, cosplay photos, forum avatars, and signatures belong. If your fan work would be considered mature or otherwise inappropriate, please don't post it here.

    Here are the rules for FanMedia:

  • For anything PG-13 or above, please put a rating in the thread title, along with a reason, if necessary, so viewers will know beforehand if there is something in your video/game/whatever they may want to know about.

    Example thread title: "Super Momo Brothers Flash Game - (rated PG-13 for videogame violence)"

  • Do NOT post any works (videos, graphics, music, etc.) that doesn't belong to you.
    Stealing and passing off other people's work as your own is wrong. Your thread will be locked and if you do it again, then your account will be terminated.

  • Do NOT post Casting Call/fan-based projects here.
    You're allowed to have a thread in the Pai Sho board to discuss the project but ideally you should set up your own separate website/forum for development, and then after you have something to show that's when you can post in Fan Media.

  • A:tLA & TLOK cartoon related things only.
    Please read the board description carefully. "All Avatar Fan media (flash movies, electronic games, cosplay etc.) that aren't drawings/pictures/comics belong here. This includes avatars and sigpics." If you wish to post non-Avatar related stuff, please post them in Creative Works.

  • Please avoid linking with attachments.
    If you've attached an image, don't link to it in your post. You've already got it attached, and by linking it, it uses bandwidth with every threadview, guest or no guest. If you want to display it for everybody, use ImageShack or get a Photobucket account.

  • If you are posting several graphics/videos/music/etc, DO NOT POST THEM IN THEIR OWN SEPARATE THREADS.
    Please group them all into one thread so that other threads don't get shoved out of view. This is common courtesy.

  • No request threads.
    There are plenty of graphic artists who will be willing to take avatar or signature requests. If you have a request, please do not create a thread for it. These threads just clutter the forum and only last until the request has been made. Instead, post the request in a single artist's own thread, provided that they are taking requests. If they are not taking requests, do not ask them to make something for you.

    Similarly, do not create request threads for AMVs as well. Most computers have Windows Movie Maker, you can experiment with the functions and make one yourself and improve from there.

  • No bumping threads.
    Bumping threads is randomly posting in your own thread to get it to the first page again. This is considered annoying on its own, so make sure that your thread meets the guidelines below:

    • Your thread may not contain any replies.
    • Your thread is at least at the bottom of the 2nd page
    • Your thread must be at least 48 hours old.
    Failure to meet these guidelines will at least result in the removal of your bump-post.

    *You may only bump a thread if/when you are adding new work to said thread.  DO NOT interpret this as an okay to split one dump into multiple posts.  Please be honest with your thread updates.*

  • No polls. This isn't a popularity contest. If you wish to gain some feedback on your works, you can always leave it as an author's note at the start/end of the update to request your readers to leave their opinions in their posts.

    When old threads falls down the list, it's because there is newer threads. Don't go around reviving old threads which have no activity for more than 6 months, no matter how much you like it. Comment on something more recent, or send a PM to the thread starter. We will remove your posts at our discretion.

  • No (all) caps topic subjects:
    There is no need whatsoever to put it in (all) caps. We can read it just fine in normal text.
    If for any reason you're unsure about something, feel free to contact a mod or an Admin.

Added rule to stop using (all) caps in topic subjects. -Forau

Added rule about the only exception for bumping threads. ~ATL~
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