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Author Topic: The Avatar Fanart Challenge!  (Read 550 times)
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« on: Feb 23, 2007 09:37 pm »

Hello fellow Avatar fanartists...

Do you want to get better at your skill of Avatar Fanart-ing? Then take the Avatar fanart challenge! (for deviantart members only, sorry!  :'( )

(more info here: http://quadgurl.deviantart.com/journal/11855635/ )

How do I take this challenge?

You first need to join by asking me via note/commenting journal listed three lines above. Once you have done this, you go to the journal (also listed above) and look at the first topic on the list. (it's 'Togetherness') if you need an example, click on Kawaii0413's example right below it. Then, draw a picture you believe portrays the togetherness in the avatar world.

Once you're done with that, continue down the list. You can stop whenever you feel as if you've had enough, but I suggest you do it all so you can improve a lot.

The last on the list is 'Togetherness', just to see how much you've improved since the first picture Wink

The best part of this challenge is that there's no time limit. You could spend a month on it, you could spend three years on it, as long as you motivate yourself to continue the challenge and go as far as you believe you want to, then you've completed the challenge Smiley

The following ASN members are taking the challenge: lalaluvavatar, kaits, chong

Sokaang + Zutara = My Avatar ships Grin
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