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Author Topic: Reminder: ASN Signature & Avatar Rules  (Read 8644 times)
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« on: Jan 21, 2007 11:42 pm »

    Before creating or choosing your graphics, please take a moment to read through ASN's
These rules exist to facilitate access to ASN by dial-up users.  Please be considerate to those who may not have a big pipe to the 'net.  These rules also keep the threads from looking cluttered and making it difficult to read what folks have to say.

  • You may only use ONE image in your signature. Combining two sigpics into one is not okay. Choose one or the other.
  • Maximum size for signature pictures is 400 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.
  • You are not allowed to resize using the forum's image tag. Please resize it using a proper image program (Eg. Photoshop, GIMP, Paint) and upload it on an external site (Eg. Photobucket, Imageshack) and then use the img tag they provide as your signature.



Further limits are:
  • A 400x 200 signature image can be accompanied by no more than (3) line of regular sized text (empty lines count as well).


                        First dazzling line of text
                        Second magnificent line of text
                        Third brilliant line of text

  • A 400x100 signature image can be accompanied by no more than (5) lines of regular sized text (empty lines count as well).


                        First dazzling line of text
                        Second magnificent line of text
                        Third brilliant line of text
                        Fourth astounding line of text
                        Fifth grand line of text

  • If you are NOT using an image in your signature, it may include no more than ( 8 ) lines of text.
  • Your signature image is limited to 150 kilobytes and may not be animated in an obtrusive way (example: flickering pictures). We don't want a repeat of Pokemon epilepsy, do we?
  • Signature images must be hosted on an external (outside) server. If you are planning to hotlink (directly link) to someone else's image, you need to get their permission.

  • Maximum file size for avatar pictures: 30 kilobytes.
    Avatars may be animated as long as it's not annoying or obtrusive, nor may avatars be used to insult people/race/etc.
  • Maximum image dimensions for avatar pictures: 100x100

Avatar_Mom's tips:
To check your avatars and signature images, right-click on your image and scroll down to "Properties". Your image's information should pop up in a separate window. Your image's size will be defined in this pop up. All you are looking for is the images width and height. If your signature is larger than 400 pixels wide by 200 pixels high, then your image needs to be resized. You can use any photo editor or publishing software to resize your image. Please check your program's instructions on how to resize an image. You can also resize an image where you host it. Photobucket and Imageshack are just a few examples of sites that help you edit your uploaded images.

If you have difficulties finding out the size of your image, please click on the links below:

Where to locate the image's properties
What to look for once you are there

If you have any questions or problems concerning your profile images, please post them in The Dojo section.
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