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Author Topic: Avatar High School (Rated T) (Chapter 17 Up Jan. 21)  (Read 31048 times)
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MingZula is Forever

« on: Jan 07, 2007 12:10 am »

Avatar High School

Disclaimer-I do not own Avatar

A/N Aang in this story is fourteen so he can be in high school. Toph is also fourteen.

Chapter One

Aang was looking out the car window, the buildings and foliage flew by as his uncle drove.

"Uncle Gyatso, why did we have to move here?" he said in a saddened voice.

"Now, now Aang you know that your parents left us property up here and we always said if we ever got a chance to move we would. Besides don't you want live in a city?"

Aang sighed and leaned against the window, he missed Appa his pet buffalo, his cat Momo, he was going to miss the farm.

"Oh come on Aang everyone knows city girls are cute," Gyatso said teasingly.

Aang smiled and thought to himself, Well maybe I will meet someone up here.



Katara jumped up in her bed clutching her penguin plushy, "Huh?" she asked. Looking at her alarm clock, it said 6:30. She never got up this early.

"FOR GOODNESS SAKE KATARA WAKE UP!" screamed someone from outside.

She walked groggily to the window and saw her two best friends Toph and Miya (Ming Ue Smiley ) standing there looking very impatient.

"What the Hell took you so long!" Toph bellowed.

"We have to be at school in a half hour and it's a twenty minute walk from here!" Miya yelled, "Hurry up and put some clothes on."

"What are you to talking about? It's six o' clock."

"Hello, daylight savings time was yesterday," Miya responded.

Katara closed the window and went outside into the living room and looked at the cable box and in green were the numbers 7:30.

"CRAP! I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM (don't you hate when that happens)!" Katara said racing back to her room and almost tripping on a mat, she opened back the window, "I'LL BE THERE IN TEN MINTUES!" she yelled closing it back. But she still heard Toph say "Make it five."

She brushed her teeth, quickly and ran out. She pulled on a pair of overalls and a light blue shirt and blue Jordans. She grabbed her book bag and ran out the door to meet, Toph and Miya. With her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath.

"Sorry...made...wait," she cought her breath a stood up straight, "alright let's go."

Toph grabbed her by the collar, "Hold on sugar queen, the bus is coming."

Katara looked at the bus with with wide eyes and dramatically pretended to faint right onto Miya, "Oh for goodness sake control yourself, Jinx." she said calling her by her code name.

"Please Hex, you have no right to say anything Miss Drama Queen."

Toph just rolled her eyes and took out her metro card as bus came to their stop. As they all got on they did a quick survey of the bus as they headed to the back.

"At least none of the Pariguallos are here," Katara said.

"Well that's because they went to school early today," Miya said with a sigh.

"And how do you know that?" Toph asked her with a smirk.

A small blush appeared on her cheek, "Zuko told me when I called him."

The other two girls shared a laugh at their friends embarrassment. Now to explain, in Roku High School there were any clicks, but the most evil of the female clicks were the Popularsor as Katara had called them the Pariguallos. They were a group of snobby, rude, twisted girls who had the teachers in the palm of their hands. The group consisted of Azula Sun, Mai Tang and Ty Lee Deng.

The rival on long time enemy of the Populars where called my most the Skirtless, this they were called because never in the history of their lives had those girls ever been seen in a skirt, only skorts, jeans, and shorts. These girls were Katara Sato, Toph Tanaka, Miya Takahashi and Yue Yukimara ; sometimes on occasions Song and Suki Arai, but they wore dresses.

Now there was a sudden new problem, Miya has started dating Zuko Sun, Azula's older brother and Mai's long time crush, so that did nothing to help bring peace between the two groups.

Katara was busy fixing herself up, doing her hair right, and taking the sleep out of her sapphire eyes, "You know something girls."

"What Katara?" the two said in unison.

"We need a new identity, I say that after school we go to Jun's and have her give us makeovers. What do you say?" she asked excitedly.

At first there was silence, the Toph and Miya broke out into loud laughter, causing them to get looks from the other passengers.

"Oh...oh were sorry Katara. For a second we really thought you were serious," Miya said wiping tears from her eyes.

"I was being serious."

Toph looked like she was about to fall out of her seat and Miya just looked shocked.

"Katara are you on drugs?"


"So what's all this talk about changing our look?" Toph asked with her hand over her knee.

"Yeah whats wrong with the way we look?" Miya said defensively.

Katara looked at her friends, Toph was a fairly tall girl around 5'6 and she had short black hair that went down to her shoulders. She was pure tomboy through and through, she wore baggy jeans and fitted jersey and was a star on the school basketball team. She was fairly lucky with guys and had at least one guy at a time.

Then Katara turned to Miya, who was leaning against the window, she had long waist length black hair with blood-red streaks in it. Her style was unique she could and would wear anything she found was nice and was in red, black, or white. Right now she has on a ripped sleeve shirt which exposed a pierced belly, a black short and combat boot , that went up to her knees. She was the star of sports, she was good at them all and on most of the teams except basketball and had at least six piercings and one tattoo that she promised to show them at school. Miya wasn't really a boy magnet she was like one of the guys so most were reluctant to talk to her but she got looks.

The Katara looked at herself in her small mirror she was going to school in overalls and blue penguin shirt and Jordans.

"I LOOK LIKE A DWEEB!" she yelled up to the sky.

Toph rolled her eyes, "Please Katara your fine, you do this every year and every year we have to hear the same, 'OH I LOOK LIKE A DWEEB!' speech. YOU LOOK FINE!"

"Really Tara you do, you're very pretty I mean you look cool in overalls, who else do you know that call pull that off?"

Katara smiled and hugged her friends. Then when she looked out the window she saw that they were passing the school.

"FOR GOODNESS SAKE!" she yelled as she pressed the tape. The bus came to a stop and they all rushed to the door. But as luck would have it, the door wouldn't open and the bus was starting to move.


The light turned green and the burst out running as they saw the gates of the school slowly closing.

"Oh great not this again," Toph groaned as they ran to catch the gate.

The ran across the block, thankful that they dressed in sense able shoes. And they barley did it, but they managed to make it inside of the gate.

"Oh thank you," Toph said kissing the ground.

"Cut it out Toph and lets get to assembly," Miya said.

"Oh please you just wanna see Zuko," Katara said jokingly earning herself a slap on the arm.


The Skirtless made there way into assembly and took their usual back seats only to see an unwelcome face, Jet, Haru and Hahn.

Ex-boyfriends and jerks to the highest degree.

Hahn grabbed Miya and pulled her into his lap, "Hey baby miss me."

He was rewarded with a well earned elbow to the face, "Not in the least," she said sitting up.

"You're in our seats, move it," Toph said the aggressiveness in her nature showing slightly.

"Aw, come on Toph how are you going to push me away, after all the fun we had together," Haru said with a grin.

"Feh, the only fun we had was your head, now leave."

Katara looked at Jet knowing he was the leader in all of this. "Jet call back your lackeys and go back to your master, everyone knows you're with Azula, so back off."

Jet stood up and joined his friends in the harassment, "Well I am with Azula but she lacks the certain charm you have, Katara."

Haru held Toph's hand gently, "Listen you know Ty Lee means nothing to me, so lets just be together, you know behind the scenes."

Toph grabbed her hand away, "Please once you throw away garbage you don't take it back."

Hahn had his arms snaked around Miya's waist, "You know something Miya, I'm sorry I ever cheated on you. So listen I know you still want me so stop fronting like you don't."

"You are so luck I have two strikes on my record or so help me you would be kissing the pavement," Miya said gritting her teeth in anger.

"Kissing huh, that seems like a good idea," he said leaning in to kiss her only have someone push his face back so hard that he fell back into his seat.

"WHY YOU LITTLE BI...uh...uh...Jet," he stammered.

Jet and Haru turned around to see Zuko holding Miya tightly and glaring daggers at Hahn, Sokka was right behind him with Yue right by his side.

"Jet you better back away from my sister before you find yourself needing a new jaw," Sokka told him with malice in his voice.

Jet and Haru fled from the angry brother. Hahn was about to go when he found himself pressed to the wall, Zuko had him by the collar, "And if I EVER see YOU near my girl AGAIN! I will not beheld responsible for my actions." Zuko let Hahn go and he went running up the front where the rest of the student body sat oblivious to what had just happened.

Sokka held his sister's shoulder, "You alright Katara, Toph, Miya."

"Were all fine Sokka," Toph said, "were just gonna need some disinfectant for the germs."

Zuko still held Miya tightly, "You okay baby, he looked like he was gonna kiss you," he said narrowing his eyes.

"He was trying to and if you hadn't have hit him I would have. I can't stand that assh*le," she said pouting slightly.

Zuko just shook hit head and kissed her softly on the lips, "See you in class."

He and Sokka walked off while Yue sat down with her girlfriends.

"Looks like this is going to be an interesting year huh Katara," she said smiling.

Katara laughed, then she flinched when she heard the door behind her open with a small boom. A teenage boy came in. He was bald but he wore it well, unlike that idiot Caillou, he had the most piercing gray eyes and Katara could tell from looking at his face that he had a wonderful smile. He turned and looked at her and for a second their eyes meet. Katara broke the gaze and sat down next to Yue.

As the boy walked down they looked at Katara's blush grow, she couldn't stop staring at him.

Toph turned to Miya, "I think Yue's right, it's gonna be a fantastic year."


And thus ends chapter one

I should update by tomorrow. Monday at the latest. I hope you enjoyed it, R&R.
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Why Edward Hates Blondes?

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 07, 2007 10:34 am »

That was good, please continue! Grin

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« Reply #2 on: Jan 07, 2007 12:37 pm »

awsoemeness! you must carry on!

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« Reply #3 on: Jan 07, 2007 04:53 pm »

more! More! Grin Very good!

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« Reply #4 on: Jan 08, 2007 02:41 pm »

teenage boy came in. He was bald but he wore it well, unlike that idiot Caillou

i was laughing so hard by that point!

i loved it keeeo it up!

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« Reply #5 on: Jan 08, 2007 08:04 pm »

its good. Very different. Keep going
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« Reply #6 on: Jan 08, 2007 08:49 pm »

Keep going I love it!

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Zucest FTW!!! (It's canon)

« Reply #7 on: Jan 08, 2007 11:57 pm »

It was very good....

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« Reply #8 on: Jan 09, 2007 12:30 am »

Wow, this is really  good. A believable modern day setting for the guys. Good job.
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Yip... Yip.

« Reply #9 on: Jan 09, 2007 01:31 am »

I'm a little confused... can Toph see in this story? I thought it would be interesting if she were blind without the help of Earthbending. She'd probably still be her bad@$$ self, lol. Nice story, by the way. Grin
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MingZula is Forever

« Reply #10 on: Jan 09, 2007 07:45 pm »

Chapter Two.

After assembly a teacher came out and gave handouts with a list of your classes and who you had classes with. The teacher was mad about having to walk all the way to back of the auditorium.

"Can't you girls ever sit up front?" he asked as he handed them all the paper.

"But Professor Yu, were doing it for you," Miya said with mock concern.

"Yeah how else are you supposed to get exercise." Toph said causing the girls to tremble with laughter, as the angry teacher walked away.

"You are all aware we just failed Math," Yue said while wiping her eye.

"Please I was already failing with fly colors," Toph responded.

"s**t!" Katara exclaimed, "We have every class with the Pariguallos."

Miya quickly looked at her schedule, "AH! She's right we even have gym with them." Then she let out a giggle, "well at least I have mythology and gym with Zuko."

The other girls rolled their eyes.

"Yeah I have mythology with you guys too, sorry I'm a Softmore thats the only class we have together."

Katara was looking over her schedule when she saw a name she didn't recognize, "Guys who's Aang Chen?"

"Maybe he's that new guy you were all googly eyed at," Toph said.

"I was not googly eyed," she said defensively turning to Miya, "was I."

"They looked pretty wide to me," she said.

"You know what, screw you guys I'm going to class," she said getting up only to have Miya pull her back down. "We all have the same class so just what till the bell rings," the bell rang, "see now we can go. What do we have first, Toph."

"Oh we have Math with Professor Yu."

"Happy, happy joy, joy," Katara said groaning. "Later Yue, don't let me find you and Sokka in a closet."

"We don't use the closet, we us the bleachers," Yue said laughing as she walked in the other direction.

"We have five minutes let's go to our lockers," Katara suggested.

They nodded and went to their lockers. Toph moved to the side and opened it, a barraged of clothes and paper and even a banana peel fell out of it.

"Toph your a frigging slob, how you have a banana peel in your locker," Miya said as she opened her own locker.

"Well to be honest I have no idea how that got there."

"Oh God," Katara groaned.

"What is it now?" Miya asked.

"Look for yourself."

Azula's lap dog Jason came out from the auditorium holding holding a boom box.

"Oh for the love of God no!" Toph yelled.

"Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the rulers of the school. The...Populars!" Jason said as if they were a rock band and pressed play on the boom box.

You don't have to love me

You don't even have to like me

But you will respect me

You know why?

Cuz I'm the boss!

Then BAM, the burst out of the auditorium, noses in the air and hands on their hips, as they began to strut down the hall way with I'm Bossy being played in the background.

Miya notice the banana peel on the floor and nudged Toph and Katara. They all smiled. Miya pointed at the rotten peel and it began to move ever so slightly into the hall right were Ty Lee was bound to step. Ty Lee was winding harder than the rest of them and wasn't even looking where she was going, so of course she didn't notice the banana peel and slipped landing flat on her butt and pulled Azula and Mai down with her.

The Skirtless were on the floor laughing. Toph was even starting to cry. Azula, Mai and Ty Lee glared at them, but said nothing, they just got up and walked to class, and Ty Lee didn't notice that she had rotten banana on her skirt.

Our heroines continued to laugh for a another minute until they knew it was time to get to class and ended up laughing all the way to Math.

"Miss Sato,Tanaka, and Takahashi, please take your seats and stop laughing," Professor Yue said.

The three girls walked to their seats and started taking notes, once it a while laughing at Ty Lee who still had the gunk on her skirt.

Since we don't care about Math lets take this moment to examine the Populars shall we. (Grabs Microscope) The leader and founder of the Populars was Azula, she was the most twisted of them all. She was the one who pulled the most pranks and planed all their stunts. Azula's favorite color was red and she was always wearing it, for as long as they had known her, she had never wore another color. Right now she had on a red knee high skirt, a red strapless shirt and red heels. Dating Jet.

Azula's second-in-command was Ty Lee. Ty Lee was loud, rude, and above all clueless in every way and talked like a pure valley girl and was obsessed with pink. It was everywhere on her, she had pink glitter of her face hands and in her hair. She was wearing a frilly pink skirt and a white shirt that said Baby Girl in pink glitter letters, plus as an added bonus a fuzzy pink handbag. Is dating Haru

Mai on the other hand was a 'goth chick' but many of the other goths in school and Miya didn't see her as a goth. Mai always wore black makeup and clothes along with the same combat boots. She always talked about being bored or the dark side of life, all in all she was a depressing person. Then of course it was well know that she had a major crush on Zuko and was now dating Hahn.

The Populars were all man thieves who had loyalties only to themselves and were the most powerful girls in school. And as expected, they were all cheerleaders.

As the bell to end Math ran the Populars went up to the Skirtless.

"Okay you spazes," said Ty Lee, " like, what did you, like do."

"We didn't do anything Ty Lee, your like the one who, like tripped," Toph said mocking her.

"Listen all I have to say is remember your place, Skirtless, because the Populars rule the school," Azula said with a scowl on her face. She snapped her fingers, "Populars out."

Katara whispered to her friends and they all walked out to the hallway and called out to the Populars.

"HEY TY LEE!" Katara yelled.

The girls turned around to see the Skirtless in cheerleading form.

"One, Two, Three. TY LEE YOUR SKIRT IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S," the girls cheered as the watched Ty Lee look down at her skirt to see the mushy left over banana peel leftover on her skirt, she let out a scream and ran to the bathroom with Azula and Mai chasing after her.

Katara laughed hard then turned to her friends, "Come on lets go to gym."


There were two gyms and and on sunny days like this the outside gym was used. The girls went to their lockers. Miya began changing immediately.

"Relax Hex, Zuko's not going anywhere," Toph said.

"Maybe not, but I don't want Mai going to him and start slamming on me."

As she began to removed her shirt Toph and Katara could see her tattoo. It was right above her cleavage, it was a moon circle that was designed so that on the left side there was crescent moon with the symbol for Aries inside if it and a darker side side were the symbols for water fire and air. It was a nice tattoo that was just the right size.

"Nice tattoo, Hex. Zuko see it yet?" Katara asked putting on her gym shorts.

"The only way he's gonna see it, is it I wear the right kind of shirt," told them as she closed her locker and ran out, "see you out there."

Katara smiled and looked down at her schedule and looked at Aang's name, they had science together last period, she remembered his eyes and started to smile.

Toph saw this and flicked her in the arm, "Stop spacing out and lets go, were having a free period today."

"Oh, joy," she said rolling her eyes. "I wish we had tennis."

"Tennis is a wuss sport."

"Only because you can't play, Rune."

Toph stuck out her tongue out at Katara and walked out to the gym. It was a clear day and everyone was talking about there summer. And low and behold the Populars and the Riders (Jet's gang) were sitting together, sucking their faces.

"Eww, could they be anymore open?" Katara said looking green.


She was rewarded with a glare from Ty Lee as she pulled Haru closer. Toph laughed and they saw Miya and Zuko playing soccer together. Miya had the ball and Zuko was coming at her. She kicked the ball up to her chest and up into the air and head butt the ball into the net. She was cheering and doing the victory dance.

"She looks happy with him," Katara stated as she saw the happy couple kiss.

"Yeah he's a good guy, it's hard to believe he's related to Azula."

"I wonder if he might be the one for her."

Toph laughed slightly, "We'll have to see."

They watched as Miya ran back into into the school building and five minutes later come back out with her book bag. She took Zuko by the hand and dragged him up to the bleachers.

"Hey girls," he said with a smirk.

"Hey Zuko," Katara and Toph said in unison.

"So for what crazy reason did you pull me up here?" Zuko asked his girlfriend.

"I thought it would be nice if you got to know my friends a little better," Miya said grinning, "unless you rather go hang out with you sport buddies."

Zuko looked longing at the field then turned back to Miya giving her the puppy dog look, "Can I go play, Miya?"

She rolled her eyes and smiled, "Sure have fun."

Zuko took her face in his hands and kissed her softly, "I'll see you at lunch, okay."

"See you then."

"Is it alright if I bring my friend Aang, he's new and he wants to meet Katara."

Katara blushed at that comment and looked down.

"Sure Zuko, Katara would love to meet him too," Toph said with a smile.

"Kay girls later."


As soon as he was gone Katara gave Toph a punch in the arm, "Are you crazy, Toph, what if Zuko tells Aang I like him."

"Zuko wouldn't do that," Miya said in defense of her boyfriend, "anyway don't act like your not happy to get to talk to him."

Katara blushed even redder, "I don't know why I acting so happy, I haven't even met him yet."

"Aw, our little Jinx is in fairy tales love," Miya said clapping.

"See, Katara he likes you and you were all worried about your look," Toph said.

"See should be worried." They turned around to see Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee standing there.

"Yeah, like, don't you know that overalls are, like, so over," Ty Lee said with a twirl of her ponytail.

Toph covered her eyes, "Uh, the glitter is blinding."

"Yeah Populars, this has been declared a no snob zone, so go back to your bitches," Katara told them.

"Please, we can go and come as we please. The girls and I just want to deliver a message to your little friend," Azula said turning to Miya. "Stay away from Zuko."

Miya stood up and looked Azula in the face, "And who exactly who are you to tell me that, Azula."

Mai suddenly came in front of Miya, "Stay away from him, Zuko doesn't need to exposed to trash like you. Everyone knows that the only reason you don't wear a skirt is because you can't keep your legs closed."

The next thing everyone knew, Mai had a fist in her face and was having the crap beat out of her by Miya, she kept punching her in the face and pulling her hair. Zuko and the gym teacher tried to pull Miya off of her, but Miya kept a tight grip on her hair. Mai was screaming loudly. Then the crowd that had gathered was silent, and all that was heard was RRRRRRRIIIIIPPPPPP.

All that was heard after that was Toph saying, "Ha, I knew that b***h's hair was fake!"

Miya had tracks of weave from Mai's hair. For a second Mai looked vacant then she touched her hair only to feel that it felt lighter, when she realized what happened she pounced on Miya. Mai wasn't really that strong, but she was pulling on the top of Miya's gym shirt. Katara and Toph grabbed her waist and pulled her off,which caused Mai to rip Miya's shirt. Miya wrapped her arms around her chest and ran into the locker room.

Toph looked at Mai with pity, "Girl you gonna get it at 2:45."


Why Edward Hates Blondes?

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Shiny head of DOOM

« Reply #11 on: Jan 09, 2007 10:39 pm »

OOOO, plot twist
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« Reply #12 on: Jan 10, 2007 02:56 pm »

whoah that totally rocked!

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I wish I was waterbending.

« Reply #13 on: Jan 13, 2007 02:24 pm »

that was awsome! Please continue. This is one of the best stories that I have ever read!

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MingZula is Forever

« Reply #14 on: Jan 13, 2007 04:27 pm »

Chapter Three

Aang couldn't help but stare at the beautiful with the sapphire eyes, he saw as the girl blushed and went to sit down next to her friends. He couldn't help but have a sense of pride that he had made a girl blush. He walked down the auditorium until he found a seat, as soon as he sat down in an empty seat three guys came up to him.

"Hey kid," said the tallest one, "if you know whats good for you get up."

Aang quickly got up not wanting to cause trouble on his first day, but another guy, slightly shorter and with longer hair, grabbed him by the collar.

"Where you going half-pint," he guy sat pushing him back down.

"I don't want any trouble," Aang told them, but they just laughed.

"Sorry kid, you didn't want trouble but now you got it," he said taking of his jacket.

Aang just stood up and sighed he really didn't want this his first day.

"Yeah get him Jet," the third boy yelled.

Jet cracked his knuckles and was about to throw a punch when he felt someone grab his arm, he turned to see Sokka.

"This is for my sister," he said and punched Jet in the face.

Jet cried out holding his now bleeding nose, Hahn took his friend and walked him to the nurse. Haru stood there and confronted Sokka, "What's your problem Sokka?"

"My problem is that since you joined that group of idiots you've been nothing but an a****le. Plus I saw you there helping Jet harass my sister and her friends. So I'd have to say that you better get out of my face, before you find my fist in it."

Haru looked as if he was gonna fight Sokka, but he just walked of. Aang looked at the older boy.

"Um, thanks...Sokka was it?"

Sokka turned and smiled at the younger boy, "Yeah I'm Sokka. You are?"

Aang put out his hand, "I'm Aang I just moved here from Smallville."

"Smallville, isn't that where Superman lives?" Sokka said earning an eye roll from Aang.

Well at least he is nice.

"Yo Sokka!" yelled a voice.

It was boy with black hair a ponytail and amber eyes, he was taller than Sokka and seemed to walk with a aura of power. Kind of familiar to his own. He boy threw a bag of chips at Sokka, which he clumsily caught.

"And that is why you can't be the QB," he boy said sitting down opening his own chips. He passed a glance at Aang. "Who's that?"

"Oh this is Aang he's new. Aang this is, unfortunately, my best friend, Zuko."

"Nice to meet you."

"Hey," Zuko said nonchalantly.

Aang and Sokka sat down next to Zuko, the teacher was talking about how to become good student and the benefits to higher education, so of course perfect time to chat.

"So Aang how you liking city life?" asked Zuko.

"Well it's faster that farm life, but the girls are much prettier, especially the one back there," he said with a grin.

Zuko and Sokka glared at him for a second, "Which girl?" they said in unison.

"The one with the blue eyes," he said. Zuko seemed to relax, but Sokka still stayed on him case.

"Which blue eyed girl?" he said practically in Aang's face.

"The...the one with the long brown hair."

Sokka relaxed, but only slightly, "That's Katara. My sister."

"Oh," Aang said, now he had just ruined the first friendships he made.

"Aw, but don't worry, you can date her. As long as your good to me."

"Barely know the guy and your ready to sell your sister to him," said Zuko.

"Hey this is high school. If you can make money off of family you should do so, epically if your the older one. We were here first then they come with there crying and diapers and sippy cups and Teletubbies lucnhbox and..."

"Okay Sokka we get it, you were neglected. Anyway Aang as your new friends we have an obligation to teach you about what goes on in the school," Zuko began.

"Yeah because if you don't start learning from now, in two weeks you'll be dead," Sokka finished.

Aang raised his eyebrow and looked at the two boys, they were weird, but nice.

"Okay," he said with a big smile, "I'm happy to learn from you."

Sokka put his arm around Aang in an brotherly way, "Alright Aang here's the 411 on the main three cliques of Roku High," he pointed to the group of boys who were bothering him before, they were sitting farther back. "The tall one, is Jet, major jerk and the leader of the riders. Then the one with the long hair is Haru, wasn't always a jerk, but is now. Last, the most annoying guy of the group, Hahn. He thinks he's God's gift to women."

"Are they your rivals?" asked Aang.

Sokka and Zuko exchanged looks, "Something like that," said Zuko, "anyways, next is the Populars. They are led by my sister, Azula," Zuko pointed to a group of girls in the front. "Azula's the flat chested one, Ty Lee is the pink one and Mai is the goth chick. All crazy, not all there up here (head) especially Ty Lee."

"Finally there are the Skirtless, who are all the way in the back where Katara was," Sokka said. "They have no leader. Katara, is the one with the long brown hair and blue eyes. Toph, is the tall one with short black hair and pale-green eyes. Miya is about the same height as Toph, she has long hair, black with red highlights. She's Zuko's girlfriend. Then finally the most amazing girl in the world (eye roll from Zuko), Yue," Sokka turned Aang's head so he could see her, "long white hair, beautiful light blue eyes and the nicest skin I've ever see. Isn't she gorgeous?"

Aang looked at Yue and said, "She looks like Storm form X-men."

Zuko started laughing, patting Aang on the back and Sokka gave them both a glare, "What's so funny? Storm is hot!"

The teacher handed out the schedules. Sokka and Zuko groaned, "English first period."

Aang looked at his, "I have English too."

Zuko grabbed Aang by the shoulders, "Whatever you do sit..in..the..back!"


"Miss Jojo," they said groaning.


"Miss Jojo should have been fired years ago, but they can't find anyone better to teach English," Zuko said with another groan.

"Well what's wrong with her?" asked Aang.

The bell rang for first period, they all got up, "You'll see," said Sokka as the three boys headed to English. There was a line outside of the classroom. Aang could hear the angry voices.

"...she does this everyday..."

"...you would think the school would have fired her..."

"...please she must be sleeping with someone to keep her job..."

Aang turned to Zuko, "Is she a bad teacher?" he asked.

"No, she's a brilliant teacher and will teach you everything you need to know about the regents."

"Then whats the problem?" he asked again

The two older boys just glanced at each other and said, "You'll see."

Aang scowled, why could boys ever say what was on their minds instead of playing stupid games, mind you he did realize he was a boy. Then he heard everyone groan, he looked and saw a very pretty woman with long black hair, green eyes and deep red lipstick opened the door.

"Welcome," she said with a smile.

Aang looked at the woman she seemed nice, what was the big deal? Then suddenly he saw her give the first boy a big kiss on the cheek. The rest of the class rushed in; Aang, Sokka and Zuko ran to the back.

Aang looked around the room it looked like a little girls room. It was brightly colored and had stuffed animal with famous quotes stitched onto there hearts. The boy who had been kissed has a big red lipstick mark on his cheek. Aang turned to his friends.

"What was that all about?" he asked.

"That is Miss Jojo..." Zuko started.

"...the kissing bandit..." Sokka finished.

"...she kisses the first boy outside of her door everyday..."

"...and the makeup is strong if she kisses you..."

"...you have to walk around school with the kiss mark..."

"...all day long."

Aang touched his cheek in response. He was gonna have to watch out for that teacher. He took the schedule out and looked through it until he say Katara's name. They had last period together, he smile brightly.

"Oh you must be new," said a voice.

Aang looked up to see Ms. Jojo smiling down at him. He could see all of her very white teeth shinning down on him.

Someone bleaches their teeth. He thought with a smirk.

"Hello young man who are you?" she said the same smile never leaving her lips.

"Um...I'm Aang Chen...I just moved here from Smallville," he said nervously glancing at Sokka and Zuko for help but they were trying to make as little movement as possible.

"Alright then Mr. Chen, I am Ms. Jojo, your English teacher and if you have any questions to not hesitate to ask," she said is a sugary voice.

"Um, thank you Ms. Jojo," Aang said, "I will tell you if I need help."

She smiled showing of those too bright teeth, "Good." She leaned down slightly to kiss his forehead and Aang went pale. He was gonna have a lipstick mark on his forehead all day. Then like a gift from God the bell rang, never had there been such a wonderful sound.

Aang was pulled from his seat by Sokka and pulled to the hall, "Your a lucky man Aang, a few seconds later and I could not be seen with you for the rest of the day."

Aang rolled his eyes, "Your such a good friend Sokka."

"I know...unlike Zuko he zoomed out of there."

"Oh yeah gym with Miya," he looked at his schedule, "I have shop class, you?"

"I have Earth Science, I'll see you at lunch..meet Zuko and me by the fountain," and with that Sokka ran off.

"Wait Sokka...I don't know where shop is," he let out a deep sigh, Sokka wasn't the most reliable friend. He looked at the paper it said room 874. He looked at the closest door it said 225. "Well that makes things harder."

He saw a girl with two braids coming out of her head he ran to her quickly, "Um excuse my miss do you know where room 874 is?"

The girl looked at him for a moment and started to blush, "Ah, yes...I'm heading there now. It's on the top floor so we can take the elevator," she pulled open the elevator door and stepped in. Aang quickly got in as well.

"Thank you umm...I didn't get your name."

She smiled and put out her hand, "My name is Meng Stone," she said with a giggle, "you have cute ears."

Aang blushed a bit and shook her hand. As the elevator started.

"Where are you from?" she asked.


"Omg, I love that show!"

"Uh yeah."

"Whats it like there?"

"It's really a farm area."

"Oh...whats your favorite food?"




"Kind of meat?"

"I don't eat meat."

"Oh...favorite show?"

Aang sighed..this was gonna be along day

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By Luna. <3

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OMG I love this fic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shiny head of DOOM

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uh oh. Next on "when Meng Attacks". Lol. great as usual.
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good story

# 1 avatar fan i love katara
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MingZula is Forever

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Chapter 4

'Into the minds of the Skirtless'


Flashback with in a flashback.

Toph was sitting absently in class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. She was tapping her foot lightly, trying to keep her mind of the pain in her knee. It was acting up again, she sighed and laid her head on the desk, she'd have Katara take of it later. She closed her eyes and tried to think happy thoughts.

0o0o0o0 Flashback 0o0o0o0

Toph was playing basketball in the park, but she was angry and frustrated, so the damn ball wasn't going in the damn hoop. She threw it behind her and sat down with a thud. Her father and her and gotten into another one of their 'arguments.'

"Toph you know you can't play because of your knee," her father said hovering over her like a hawk. "If you keep this up your gonna be a full cripple!"

"Dad I am thirteen years old! I don't need your approval to play basketball! Plus whats the big deal, it's not like I'm playing soccer or football! It's basketball!" she yelled.

"I don't care!" he roared, "as long as I am your father you will listen to me!"

Toph looking down at the floor, "If mom were alive she'd let me play," she whispered.

Her father's eyes gleamed dangerously, "What did you say?"

Toph looked her father straight in the eye, "You heard me. If mom were alive she would have let me play. IF YOU HADN'T KILLED HER SHE WOULD HAVE LET ME PLAY!" she yelled tears coming out slowly.

Her father grabbed her by her shirt, "You know I was cleared of all charges of killing your mother."


Her father slapped her across the face, it hurt more because of the many rings he wore, "How dare you speak to me like that! I am your FATHER! And as a Bei Fong..."


Toph grabbed her ball and ran out of the house, she had to get away from that man.

Toph placed her head in her knees and cried softly, until she heard footsteps. She stood up to see Haru standing there smiling, holding her ball, he held it out to her, "Hello beautiful. I think you dropped this,"

Toph blushed and took the ball away from her boyfriend, "Thanks Haru I..." he reached out and touched her cheek.

"Your father hit you again," he said in an angry tone.

Toph pulled her hair back behind her ear, "I'm fine. It was more his rings, than his hand," she said blushing.

Haru took her in his arms. She stiffened slightly then hugged him back. "You know Toph, I'm here for you if you need me."

Toph looked up at Haru and kissed him lightly, "Thank you Haru."

I love you...Haru.

0o0o0o0 End 0o0o0o0

Toph raised up from her seat and looked at Haru, he was sitting a few seats in front of her. He was staring at the board attentively, Toph could feel her heart pound in her chest. Even when he held her hand earlier her heart responded to him, she loved him, but he was with Ty Lee.

Toph sighed and put her head back down and felt a tear fall onto her hand, she brushed it away quickly.

I don't cry. I am like a rock I feel nothing.


Miya entered the principals office, "Hey Principal Bumi!" she said happily.

Bumi gave a laugh-snort, "Hello Ms. Takahashi. What are you in here for today?"

"I got into a fight with Mai," she said calmly.

"Did you win?" he asked.

"Kinda, I ripped of her weave, but she ripped my shirt."

This cause another fit of laughter from Bumi, "That must have been quite a sight," Bumi's voice suddenly got serious, "but Miya, I can not condone fighting in this school. Your a smart girl and a star athlete. I mean I talked you your parole officer and you've been clean for three years. Why risk it all fighting?"

Miya looked out the window, "I've always been a fighter it's in my blood. I refuse to let myself be hurt by others."

Not anymore.

0o0o0o0 Flashback 0o0o0o0

Miya sat in the police station an officer was sitting next to her. "You know Miya we called your sister, she'll take you to live with her in a nice neighborhood," she told the seven year old with a smile. Miya looked at the woman with dark eyes and looked down back to the floor.

Miya sat on in her closet the phone in her hands and a backpack on her back, she was gonna wait here until they came. Her clothes were bloody and wet her hair plastered on her face, dry tears on her eyes and red lined her brown eyes. Her arms were wrapped tightly with white clothe and red stains could be seen. She heard a thump. Someone was walking up the stared. She curled up and stayed quiet.

"Miya! MIYA!" yelled a very drunk and angry man.

It was her father she stayed completely still and silent.

"Oi Calista, where's that blasted daughter of ours!" he yelled.

"How should I know," her mother yelled in a drunk voice, "check the closet."

Miya's eyes widened as she whispered, "I'm gonna die."

The closet door slammed open to reveal an angry drunk man, he grinned down at his daughter and dragged her out by the leg. Miya was kicking a screaming.

"No! NO! PLEASE LET ME GO!" she screamed. "MOMMY!"

"Shut ya mouth girl. Ya mom ain't gonna do s**t," he said pulling her and then taking her over his shoulder ignoring the kicking and screaming as he took her to his room.

"Now listen here your becoming a woman so I gots ta teach ya how a woman pleases a man," he grinned at her laughing at the terror in her eyes.

He tugged on her dress and she kicked him in the chin, "YOU LITTLE b***h!"

She took the bag from he back and hit him with it hard. "DAMN IT!" She ran down to her father's bed room and started to fumble the drawers. Then he came in and pulled her hard by the foot slamming her head to the floor, the drawer falling next to her. He wrapped his hand around her throat.

Miya saw it there, like a gift from above. She grasped it tightly, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger not stopping until he stopped moving. She opened her eyes and his blood, flowing from his body like liquid fire. Her eyes widened slightly as she realized what she had done.


A woman ran into the police station, her black hair covering her red eyes slight, "Miya!" she embraced her younger sister.

"KAI!" Miya cried holding her big sister.

The police officer stood up, "Miya may need psychiatric care..this murder has..."

"He deserved it," Kai said the venom in her voice clear, "and as my sister's guardian I will decide if she needs psychiatric care."

Kai took Miya and led her to the car and opened it and Miya smiled brightly, her best friends in the whole world were there for her, "TY LEE! JIN!"

The three girls held each other and cried together as Kai held them both.

0o0o0o0 End 0o0o0o0

Miya turned and smiled at Bumi, "Don't worry I promise I won't start anymore fights on school grounds for at least a week."

Bumi made another laugh snort, "Thats all I ask, but you and your friends and The Populars are gonna spend the rest of the period in group."

Miya groaned group with The Populars, it was better than class she supposed. "Alright the Principal B. I'll go to group."

"Good girl Miya. I know you will do what must be done."

Miya hugged Bumi and walked out of the office and down the hall.


Katara sat in front of Toph, her eyes on the teacher as if she was soaking up all this words like a sponge in water. That could not be farther from the truth. Katara's thoughts were focused on home.

I didn't lock my door...she Kali better not go in there, she thought

Ever since Katara's father went to Iraq, Kali, Katara's step-mother, was trying to remove her mother's stuff from the house. There were many things she could put up with but not that, her mother was the foundation of her life. Katara would not allow that to be effaced from their memories.

0o0o0o0 Flashback 0o0o0o0

Katara was in the room with her step-mother and was gripping a box with pictures in it. Her eyes were stained by tears.

"NO! NO! NO! Enough is enough Kali!" Katara yelled pointing at her step-mother.

Kali slapped Katara and she feel to the floor clutching her cheek in pain, "Listen well Katara. YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD. D.E.A.D! Your tears and yelling will not change that. And I will not allow her junk," she dropped a picture of Katara's mother on the floor and it broke, "to clutter up my nice house."

With that Kali slammed Katara's door. Katara sat up slowly crying softly, she saw the broken picture on the floor and crawls slowly to it. She lifted the now, ripped picture from under the broken glass. Her eyes began to spill fresh tears as she held the picture, almost painfully, to her heart.

"Mommy...why did you have to go."

Six-year-old Katara and seven-year-old Sokka sat in the back seat of the car. There mother smiled at them and handed Katara her stuffed penguin. It was slowly starting to rain and the road was getting a little hard to see even with the window clearer (i have no idea what they are called lol).

Katara clutched Sokka's hand as the thunder boomed over them, "Sokka...make it stop," she commanded in a shaky voice. Then from the front of the car. Their mother smiled, "Don't worry baby. Mommy will protect you."

Katara relaxed and smiled. Mommy would protect them.

The car started to move slower, the soft sound of the rain beating the car was all that was heard. Sokka's eyes drooped until he was in a deep sleep. Katara was still wide awake and took off her seatbelt.

"Put it back on," her mother said in the 'mother voice.'

"But mom nothing bad ever happens," Katara said as she put her seatbelt back on.

"You never know baby girl."

Katara just pouted and rested on her big brother. After a while she started hearing loud noises and slowly started to open her eyes, but something crashed into them. She didn't know what it was..or what was going on before Sokka pulled her out of the car.

"SOKKA!! STOP WHAT ABOUT MOM!!" she screamed. She turned the car a telephone pole had crashed into the front of the car, "Mommy..?"

A crying Sokka tried to turn Katara's head away but she resisted and look toward the accident and saw. Their mother...her head had been crushed by the pole blood was all over the front window.

For a moment Katara was silent until the car started to catch on fire. She ran towards it only to have Sokka grab her.

"KATARA STOP!" he yelled his body shaking as he tried not to loose control.

"STOP SOKKA LET ME GO! I HAVE TO SAVE HER LET ME GO!!! PLEASE!!!" she yelled and cried until she was to tired. She couldn't move anymore. For some reason her body went limp and she fainted.

(The morning after 4:34 AM)

Katara awoke to the scared faces of her father and brother. Her father embraced her and started to cry on her shoulder, "Oh thank you God. Thank you for saving my daughter."

"Where is mommy?" she asked.

Her father's eyes saddened as she could not meet his daughter's, "She...didn't make it."

Katara was silent as she slowly closed her eyes. Sokka looked at his little sister and placed her penguin plushy on her bed. Katara held it close to her. Tears fell from her eyes as she refused to accept the fact that her mother was gone. She would come back..she had to.

She could hear it still, the rain. She didn't have to cry, the sky was crying all her tears.

Katara sat on her bed and held her penguin close and looked at the sky, "It's gonna rain tomorrow." She rested her head on her pillow and let sleep take her. She didn't need to cry anymore...the sky would do it for her tomorrow.

0o0o0o0 End 0o0o0o0

Katara blinked away any tears that started to form in her eyes and leaned back in her seat. The teacher was still droning on about something educational when the P.A system went on.

"Will all members of the Skirtless head to room 7 please thank you."

Katara and Toph looked at each other and nodded, "Group." They gathered there stuff and headed to room 7. Miya was already there playing with Professor Iroh's radio.

"Hello my friends. What's good?" she asked smiling.

"Nothing besides you getting us out of class," Top said with a smile.

"For real that man was gonna bore me to sleep. Can you put on something good I need to move?" Katara said with a laugh.

Miya nodded and put it on Hot 97. The song Chicken Noodle Soup started to play, "That enough movement for you 'Tara?"

Katara rolled her eyes, "That song is so stupid."

Toph got up and blasted the song.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe.

We're Back.

Voice Of Harlem,


You Remember.

I Got The Finest.

Your Highness.

Young B.

Katara covered her ears, "TURN IT DOWN BEFORE WE GET IN TROUBLE!"

Miya laughed and started to dance and Toph danced with her.

A Let It Rain. And Clear It Out

A Let It Rain. And Clear It Out

A Let It Rain. And Clear It Out

A Let It Rain. And Clear It Out

And Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

Lets Get It

The door opened and The Populars came in and turned it off.

"Hey!" yelled Toph.

"Oh shut up not everyone wants to listen to your hip-hop bullshit," Azula snapped.

Katara crossed her arms, "So what would you like to listen to. Hillary Duff?"

Ty Lee stood up, "Hey! Hillary Duff is awesome."

Toph rolled her eyes and made a W with her fingers, "Whatever."

Mai just glared at Miya and it was starting to get annoying, "Look Mai. I know I'm hot and all, but stop staring."

"THATS IT THIS HEFER IS GETTING IT TODAY!" Mai was about to pounce when Iroh entered.

"Well why are all my favorite ladies here today?"

Toph looked at Ty Lee and glared, "Conflict management."

A/N That is chapter four..lame I know..but don't worry chapter five will be better. This is just something I wanted to add to the story.

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Yip... Yip.

« Reply #19 on: Jan 14, 2007 06:14 pm »

*blinks* Wow, my eyes are hurting from all those flashes. XD j/k I like your story, it's a good read... and High School can be like that sometimes, but this cahpter was definately dark...
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hey, not bad! I don't read a lot of fan-fics. So yuor lucky, this is going really good.

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By Luna. <3

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Oi. The story's nice, but I suggest some lay out changes in order to make it read better. First of all, the flashbacks can be put in Cursivetags. That's much easier to read then o0o0o0oFlashbacko0o0o0o0

Second, paragraphing. You put every sentence on a new line. Instead, try some paragraphs of three/four lines.

Oh, and, you should try to be some more descriptive. You have some details, but it still lacks something. Your flashbacks were very good, though.
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good story

# 1 avatar fan i love katara
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i love this fanfic!!! Grin

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