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Author Topic: The Fan Fiction Rules! (Updated 20 Nov 2013) [PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING]  (Read 15897 times)
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« on: Mar 02, 2006 11:47 pm »

    Welcome to the FanFiction section. Here are just a few rules to remember before posting:

  • Stories/poetry/haikus only. Pretty simple right? This is the Fan Fiction board and only fan fics are to be posted in here. If you want to discuss whether your OC's a Mary Sue or some plot ideas, go to the Need Fan Fiction help? thread and select the thread suitable for you.

  • NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED!  Anything can be borrowed, but proper attribution must be made.

  • Post your own fics! Even though you may have permission from the author to post their fics, such advertising is not allowed. You can always recommend fics which you find interesting to your friends via PM.

    Do not ask your friend to post it for you either or it'll get very confusing for readers. It's your story, you are the one who is supposed to update it. Even though you're the best of friends and you gave them permission to do so, don't.

  • No co-authoring. Though it is nice to work together with your best friend on a story, this is not allowed. We don't want any bitter jealousy to evolve between the authors if a reviewer prefers co-author A's work than co-author B's. One story by one author. Not two or three, just ONE.

  • Only two works in progress per author allowed! This pretty self-explanatory. Please don't clutter the forum with unfinished ideas. Violation of this rule will result in the third story being deleted.

  • Ratings: Ratings should be K-T (G -- PG-13) only. As Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are intended for children, anything with a rating over PG-13 isn't allowed.

    Fan fiction threads should contain the following: Title, Ratings, Update information. Authors may also want to include codes such as: mystery, romance, angst, drama.

    Example thread title: "Katana Katara - [PG-13] [Updated 9-23-06]

  • Poetry threads need to have a rating. Any works in the Fan Fiction board regardless of whether it's poetry or stories needs to have a rating.

  • What does each rating mean? We received feedback that some authors are not too sure which rating is suitable for what kind of story so here are the links provided to clear things up.

    K to T ratings
    G to PG-13 ratings

  • Where/How do I post a rating? You post a rating in the thread title by clicking the "modify" button in your first post and add a rating next to your story title in the "Subject" box.

  • Spoilers. Fan fictions with references from episodes that have not aired in the States need to have a spoiler tag in the thread title. Fan fictions that fail to do so will have their threads temporarily moved out of the Fan Fiction till said episode airs in the States.

  • One thread per story. Real simple, right? One thread per story! Do not post a thread for each chapter or parts of chapters.

  • Only post complete works/chapters.  Do not post half-completed chapters. Any chapter viewed as a poorly disguised bump will be removed. Any added chapter that is less than one hundred words in a multiple chapter story will be viewed as a poorly disguised bump and will be treated with removal of the post and a warning. A second warning will result in a two-day ban. See "bumping threads" below.

  • A request for "Complete" in thread title for completed stories. This makes it easier for the fan fiction moderators to determine if anyone has gone over the limit of active stories.

  • No bumping threads.
    Bumping threads is randomly posting in your own thread to get it to the first page again. This is considered annoying on its own, so make sure that your thread meets the guidelines below:

    • Do not reply to any comments or reviews in your thread. Please do so via PM or the next time you post an update.
    • Do not make any posts like, "I'm currently typing out a chapter" or "I'm away at XX place at the moment so I won't be updating for a while" or "Please review!!!" or "Next chapter will be out tomorrow/next week" or "Thanks for the views!" as it may give your readers false hope that your thread is updated. This is a Fan Fiction board, not an "About Me" board after all. Post stories, not stuff about what you're doing or where you are.
    • Your thread is at least at the bottom of the 2nd page WITH the thread filter enabled.
    • Your thread must be at least 48 hours old.

    Failure to meet these guidelines will at least result in the removal of your bump-post.

  • Do not bump old Fan Fiction threads.
    When old stories falls down the list, it's because there are newer ones. Don't go around reviving old fan fiction threads that have no activity for almost six months, no matter how much you like it. Comment on something more recent, or send a PM to the author. We will remove your posts at our discretion.

  • No polls. Most stories and books written out there don't have polls attached. If you wish to gain some feedback about your story or a certain character, you can always leave it as an author's note at the start/end of a chapter to request your readers to leave their opinions in their reviews.

  • No soliciting readers via PM. This is considered spam and it is rude. Do not randomly PM people who visit the the Fan Fiction asking them to read your fic. Stories are not meant to be popularity contests to see who scores the highest readership. Well written fics will naturally be spread by word of mouth. If you're not getting the number of readers you want, then revise your writing style, check whether you're making any mistakes.

    Any author who is found to be spamming via PM will be disciplined.

  • All posted work must adhere to proper punctuation and grammar. All authors desire comments and feedback. It is up to the author to make their contributions clear and concise. Here is a link to help budding authors and storytellers create with confidence:  Grammarbook.com.

  • The rules above will help writers understand what is expected of them when they choose to post their fictions here on ASN. Writers are encouraged to read rating scales to help label your work for the appropriate audience. Because of the family friendly atmosphere of the ASN community, ASN reserves the right to request changes, or remove works that staff agrees does not reflect that family friendly atmosphere.

    A last request. It is highly recommended that all works are proof read. Everybody has good ideas, but effort counts when trying to capture the attention of the reader.

    If for any reason you're unsure about something, feel free to contact an Admin or Moderator.
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« Reply #1 on: Aug 23, 2010 10:21 pm »

Bumped for attention since there's an increase in the number of members not complying to the rules before posting.

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