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Author Topic: Fanart & Fancomics Rules (Updated 20 Nov 2013) [PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING]  (Read 7768 times)
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« on: Mar 02, 2006 11:35 pm »

Some basic guidelines for the Fanart/Fancomics area:

  • Fan-made characters (OCs/Original Characters) do not belong here.
    Original Characters/Fancharacters belong in the Creative Works section.

  • Do NOT post artwork that doesn't belong to you unless you have permission from the creator.
    You must put the permission that the creator gave you in your first post in any thread. Failure to do so might result in your thread being closed and you being warned for stealing. Trying to pass off artwork as your own when it's not will result in an immediate and indefinite termination of your account.

  • No adult stuff.
    This is a family-oriented forum and adult images of any form are not allowed here. Adult images will be removed, the thread closed, and the thread starter issued a warning.

  • If you are posting several fanarts/fancomics at a single time, DO NOT POST THEM IN THEIR OWN SEPARATE THREADS.
    Please group them all into one thread so that other fanarts don't get shoved out of view. This is common courtesy. (note: You can put up to four images in one post.)

  • DO NOT bump your own art thread
    Bumping threads is randomly posting in your own thread to get it to the first page again. This is considered annoying on its own, so make sure that your thread meets the guidelines below:
    o   Your thread may not contain any replies.
    o   Your thread is at least at the bottom of the 2nd page
    o   Your thread must be at least 48 hours old.
    Failure to meet these guidelines will at least result in the removal of your bump-post.

    *You may only bump a thread if/when you are adding new work to said thread.  DO NOT interpret this as an okay to split one dump into multiple posts.  Please be honest with your thread updates.*

  • Do not make a request for an artist unless they explicitly state in their thread that they will take your requests.
    Plain and simple. If the thread starter accepts requests, you can do so but please, be nice about it and do not pressure them into doing your request. They are not obligated to fulfill every single request. Please respect their wishes.

  • Do not start a thread asking for a request. Since this is the Fanart board where each thread showcases art, do not start a thread asking for a fanart request. You can do it yourself OR ask one of the artists to draw one for you IF they say they are taking requests.

  • If your image is wider than 500 pixels, please use a thumbnail or post a link to it. Wide images like that break the page out of the screen and we have to scroll to view it.

  • Warn if your thread contains a lot of images.
    If your thread will contain a lot of images, or if the total filesize of your image is going above 500KB, please add a tag to the topictitle like [anti-56K] or [56K Warning]. Not everybody has broadband, and not everybody likes to wait several minutes to load a thread.

  • Avoid linking with attachments.
    If you've attached an image, don't link to it in your post. You've already got it attached, and by linking it, it uses bandwidth with every threadview, guest or no guest. If you want to display it for everybody, use ImageShack or get a Photobucket account.

  • No polls. This isn't a popularity contest. If you wish to gain some feedback about your art, you can always leave it as an author's note at the start/end of an update to request your readers to leave their opinions in their posts.

    When art falls down the list, it's because there is newer art. Don't go around reviving old art threads which have no activity for more than 6 months, no matter how much you like it. Comment on something more recent, or send a PM to the artist. We will remove your posts at our discretion.

    If for any reason you're unsure about something, feel free to contact an Admin or Moderator.
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