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Author Topic: Official Forum Rules  (Read 20679 times)
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« on: Mar 01, 2006 03:53 pm »

Here be the rules of the forum, as well as a few pointers to get you started. Don't forget to read the rule threads in each forum section before you post, too. They apply as much as these.


After you register, your account needs to be approved (this might take a while, so please be patient. If it's been longer than three weeks, something might have gone wrong and you should probably try and Contact us). After approval, you're given five (5) days to validate your account. If you take too long, are not approved or validation fails, the account will be removed. Temporary and disposable email addresses are NOT allowed. Contact us if you experience any problems or have any questions.

Please do not sign up with multiple accounts. One account is all that is needed. "Clones" will be removed and a warning/ban will be given. If you don't like your username, please don't create another account. You can PM an admin to change your username after you've validated and activated your account.

If you forgot the password to your old account or the email listed in your old account has been deactivated/deleted, please don't create a new account. Just contact us and we'll change the email address to the current one you're utilizing right now.

Also, if your sibling or relative lives in the same house as you and they want to create an account as well, please send the admins a PM first so we won't accidentally ban the account from the same IP address.

Take care to not use a username containing special symbols. The only characters allowed are the alphabet (a to z), the numbers (0 to 9), a dash, the underscore and the space. How you combine those characters doesn't matter, except no more full caps usernames. We will edit your username at our discretion.


1. Respect other users of this forum

  • If your post insults/flames another user or fails to contribute positively to a discussion, reword/edit it or simply refrain from posting it. Disobeying this rule results in a warning and possibly a ban depending on severity. (Note: If you have a problem with someone, discuss the matter using Private Messages. Personal arguments will be removed.)
  • If anyone is found abusing the PM system by sending members hateful messages, the sender will either have their PM privileges revoked or face disciplinary action depending on the severity of the message. In short, all forum rules apply for PMs. Be respectful towards others and no flaming or insults will be tolerated. If you have received such PMs, please use the "Report to Admin" button located on the right of each PM.

2. Listen to the Administrators and Moderators and please do not armchair mod

  • This is general common sense. Do not ignore them if they issue you a warning, as doing so will earn you a one-way ticket to Ban Land.
  • Since many of the mods and admins like to participate in the discussions, we will differentiate our usual discussion/debating from our moderating by using italicized bold. When we shift to 'mod mode' using italicized bold, we are NOT to be debated.
  • Do NOT respond to mod comments (in italicized bold). We are not interested in public conflict. If you received a public warning and want to discuss it, or if you disagree with any kind of moderating action, PM a staff member about it. Public responses will be dismissed no matter how reasonable.
  • Likewise, do NOT make public comments on disciplinary action taken by the staff against other users. Generally, if you are not involved, it’s none of your business. However, if you think the staff member made an error or overlooked something, then PM the staff member in question, but remember that all disciplinary decisions are ultimately up to the staff.
  • No armchair modding. If you are not a mod, do not act like one. There are people in this forum whose job it is to keep order. If there is a problem with one of the other members, use the "Report to Moderator" button or send a PM to tell the admins and/or mods about it and let them handle it.

3. Banned members should not use unbanned accounts of friends/family/significant others.

  • If you are banned from this forum, do not attempt to get back into the forum through the accounts of people who know. You're banned for a good reason and using other people's accounts violates the privacy of everyone on this forum. Also, you will get your loved one into trouble as we will ban that account permanently.
  • Likewise, if you know someone who is banned, you are NOT ALLOWED to let them use your account at all. Sharing passwords are discouraged and you are to take responsibility of your own account. You are also not allowed to act as a messenger between the banned member and the members of ASN. The decision of a ban is final and no further discussion will be entertained. Needless to say, you are also prohibited from letting them see the forums and the discussion that goes on in those threads. We will ban you if we find out that you're doing any of the above.

4. Do not use explicit/swear words/emoticons or post inappropriate material

  • This includes hateful, discriminatory, or pornographic material and words. Do not attempt to bypass the word-filter, either. Doing so shows a complete lack of respect for this rule and you will be issued a warning.
  • Be reminded that this is a fansite for a children's cartoon series, so please keep things family friendly (PG-13).

5. Do not publicly discuss getting around region locked videos as well as illegal episode/movie/comics downloading or viewing (e.g., youtube, putfile, 4share, torrents)

  • This is a serious matter. Express true fandom by showing consideration towards the Avatar production crew, who've worked hard to provide us with an amazing animated series/movie/comics. Anyone found openly discussing where or how to download episodes/movie/comics or the viewing of illegal episodes/movie/comics will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING for 14 days. This includes but is not limited to direct links on websites, youtube, putfile, IRC and torrents. Also, please do not casually mention that you can view them over the internet. Even if you did not state the site specifically, just please don't mention that you can view them illegally on the net. We do NOT need to know how you watch the episodes.
  • For region locked videos to people within the United States, we ask overseas fans to be patient and wait for the DVDs or iTunes to put up the episodes. Those are the only legal ways to watch the episodes. Anyone found openly telling people how to go around region locked videos will also be IMMEDIATELY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING for 14 days.
  • This rule ALSO applies to episodes exclusively released at comic con panels. Do NOT ask for it or even link to it. In fact, it is illegal to film the episode at comic con anyway. Please respect the creators.

6. Do NOT bash Nickelodeon or threaten the staff of ATLA/TLOK/the comics/the live action movie in any way, even jokingly

  • Be smart. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban for 1 week.
  • What constitutes as bashing? Asking them to be killed/die in a horrible way, be fired/sacked, or anything remotely unpleasant. If you don't want that done to you, then don't type it.

7. Make your posts clear and easy to read

  • This means using proper English and grammar. The purpose of this rule is to maintain a forum that is easily understandable by everyone.
  • Do not use sTiCkY cApS, 1337 5p34k, ALL CAPS WHILE TYPING, Capitalization For Every New Word, or excessive Smiley icons. Smiley Smiley Smiley
  • No "AOL speak" (example: "U R 2 kewl 4 skool"), and please no long strings of unbroken characters (such as twelve or thirteen exclamation points in a row). The latter causes broken thread tables, which makes it difficult for members to read the entire thread page. Posts that do not follow this rule will be immediately edited and you will be given a warning.
  • Regular fontsize will do just fine. Small font (remarks) or big font (yelling) isn't necessary in half your post. Do not abuse the font sizes. You don't need tiny font of less than 3 or large fonts bigger than 15.

8. Control the number of Images and GIFs in your post

  • Some people still use dial up and therefore, have slow internet. Having too many images and GIFs will clog up their internet connection. Please be nice to others and tone down on the number of images and GIFs.
  • Limit a maximum of 10 images and 3 GIFs per post. If you wish to include more images/GIFs that are relevant to the discussion, then post them as links instead.
  • Anyone found abusing the link system (i.e. the image/gif has vulgarities and insults directed to anyone), will face disciplinary action.

9. Have substance in your post

  • This means that one worded posts like "Yes", "No", "Yeah!", "Cool!", etc. are frowned upon on this forum.
  • Short one lined sentences are also discouraged as well. (Eg. I like that!)
  • We encourage everyone to post at least a couple of constructive sentences that contribute to the discussion. (Eg. I think that the advancement of plot [X] is rather clever and innovative. However, it would be better if character [Y]'s motivations was explained.)

10. Search before making new topics and do not double post

  • If you want to make a topic about something, use the Search function to make sure there isn't a similar topic already and read the first 3 pages of each board to make sure a thread hasn't been made. We have no use for duplicate threads. When in doubt, ask an admin or global moderator if a thread already exists.
  • Not every single little loophole in the show needs a thread of its own. They can be discussed in the respective Episode Discussion threads as well.
  • If the last post in the thread is yours and you have more to add, modify it. Several posts of the same user in row under the span of less than 48 hours will be removed. (This doesn’t apply if you want to add up-to-date information to a thread that is days old.)

    (Note: For bumping of art/fiction threads, check the rules of the respective boards.)

11. No hate threads

  • Such threads will degrade into mud slinging and name calling which is not what we want on a family friendly forum.
  • You are entitled to your opinion but you should do so constructively. Persistent insults will warrant a warning.
  • General word of advice is, if you hate it, you can stop talking about it and ignore it. Please channel your energy into something positive.

12. No spamming or advertising

  • Every thread has a subject. Don't make posts that are off-topic or contribute nothing to the discussion.
  • Do NOT create a thread just to advertise your own shop/webshop/forum/website. This will get you banned ASAP. You can however, link the website in your signature space.
  • Do NOT spam people with multiple PMs to check out your site. That is rude and your PM privileges WILL be revoked.

13. "Link-and-runs" are not allowed

  • When posting news or updated info on Avatar (episode news, merchandise news, etc.), provide a link or source to the information. Do not post rumors or stuff you "just heard from someone." Doing so will get you a formal warning.

14. No advice, tutorial and homework threads

  • We're a forum dedicated to the A:tLA & TLOK cartoons, not an advice, tutorial or homework forum. You can get your answers via Google or DeviantArt for art tutorials.

15. No roleplaying games

  • The Roleplaying board was closed for a reason, so roleplaying games are no longer allowed on ASN. You can use this thread to discuss Alternative Roleplaying Websites.

16. No popularity contests

  • Of course you can have elections for the best episode/character, but things like "best member competition" will not be allowed. We are not interested in rivalry between our members.

17. No solicitation of donations for projects

  • We are aware that there is an increase in self-run projects that require monetary funds. However good your intentions might be, ASN is not a place to do so as we do not wish to be wrongly affiliated in any project. You can put a link in your signature and that is it. Please do not include the links in your posts.

18. Additional rules & guidelines in various boards

  • Please take note that in addition to the forum rules and Additional Forum Guidelines, each board has its own separate set of rules. Please read those rules first before posting in the respective boards.


These rules exist to facilitate access to ASN by dial-up users.  Please be considerate to those who may not have a big pipe to the 'net. They also keep the threads from looking cluttered and making it difficult to read what folks have to say.

Your signature may consist of (choose one):
- one (1) image of the maximum dimensions (400 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall) and up to 3 lines of text
- one (1) image where for every 50 pixels below the height limit of 200 pixels, you may add one (1) line of text
- no image and up to 8 lines of text (regardless of fontsize)

So if your image is 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, you can have four (4) lines of text. 100 pixels tall, and you get 5 lines of text, etc etc. You may have only one (1) image in your signature.

Empty lines count as a line, and the maximum allowed fontsize is size=10pt or size=3. A smaller fontsize does not mean you can have more lines. An image may NOT have text right next to it. Images and text go on their own lines.

Your signature image is limited to 150 kb (kilobytes) and may not be animated in an obtrusive way (example: flickering pictures). We don't want a repeat of Pokemon epilepsy, do we? Our decision on the obtrusiveness of your signature is final.

Signature images must be hosted on an external (outside) server. If you are planning to hotlink (directly link) to someone else's image, you need to get their permission.

Signature resizing
You are not allowed to resize your signature using the forum's image tag. Please resize it using a proper image program (Eg. Photoshop, GIMP, Paint) and upload it on an external site (Eg. Photobucket, Imageshack) and then use the img tag they provide as your signature.

Avatars are limited to 30 kb (kilobytes) and may be animated as long as it's not annoying or obtrusive, nor may avatars be used to insult people/race/religion/etc. The maximum dimensions are 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall. Again, we decide on the obtrusiveness and that decision is final.

For more detailed information, see ASN Signature & Avatar Rules.


First Offense
Informal warning from moderators/admins. This may be in the thread or by Private Message.

Second Offense
Formal warning from moderators/admins. This will be by private message. If you choose to not receive private messages, we will find another way to contact you.

Third Offense
Temporary Ban. Depending on severity, it can run between 3-7 days. When the ban has been lifted, you are free to continue posting.

Final Offense
Permanent ban.

Note: ASN reserves the right to deny any user access (ban) for any reason ASN sees fit. Your account is not a right, it's a privilege that can be taken away.

If you have any more questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions (if it’s about the show, see the mainsite FAQ). Also don’t forget to read the Additional Forum Guidelines.

Aaaand, that's basically what you need to know before you start posting. Have fun, behave and enjoy yourselves!
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2007 02:23 am »

Please also read the very clear topic on ASN Signature & Avatar Rules.

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