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Author Topic: Official ATLA and LOK enamel pins  (Read 534 times)
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« on: Feb 02, 2018 10:03 pm »

I don't think anybody else has posted a thread about this? So here:

Zen Monkey Studios is selling enamel pins based on ATLA and LOK. I believe they have more designs in the works (I saw some concept art- I'll try finding it again), but here's the existing ones:

... Not sure why they opted to have two Aangs but no Katara.

Edit: Lol, Bolin's description lists him as 'the younger brother of Bolin'.

A Meelo pin is coming this month:

A Katara pin is the works. (There's a pre-approval design for her one down the blog a bit, if you look.) Here's the design for some Avatar State pins:

And Suki:

There's more concepts over at this blog. Other possible pin designs include:

- Cabbage guy!
- Cute Appa
- Mako with a heart
- Avatar Wan
- Day of Black Sun style Gaang
- Azula, Mai and Ty Lee
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Never Gonna Give Yue Up
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Av & Sig by Maivry

« Reply #1 on: Feb 03, 2018 01:10 am »

The quality looks a tad... garish and a bit fake to me even if it's official.

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Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #2 on: Feb 03, 2018 12:45 pm »

Yeah, I think the colours are kinda gaudy on some of them. I kinda like some of them though, and some of the potential designs are pretty cool (I like the Wan one.) I also appreciate that the person designing them seems to like the characters?

Found more designs on their Twitter. Korra and Zuko are going to be sold at Emerald City con:

Looks like the Korra one is basically the video game art but with her short hairstyle.

Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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I'm Loooooooopy!

« Reply #3 on: Feb 06, 2018 07:25 pm »

I like those without the colors.

Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #4 on: Feb 07, 2018 07:07 pm »

They all look so cool. I don't know what I will do with them, but I must own. There is so little merchandise out there.

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