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Author Topic: The Temple by the Sea (PG)  (Read 844 times)
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« on: Dec 03, 2016 03:42 pm »

So, I know a lot of people were expecting/ hoping for some things to happen/show up in book 4 that we never got.... Fire Nation, Sokka (and Suki's?) descendants, more Zuko and Royal Fire Nation Family... I thought it would be cool to write an alternative story with some of these things that would have been cool to see. In this version, Zaheer gets away (all his friends still perish) and escapes to the Western Air Temple in the Fire Nation. It takes place just days after the end of book 3. This is the first time I have written any sort of fan fiction, so it probably wont be very good but I hope its at least enjoyable. Smiley

Prologue background footage plays like at the beginning of every episode
Shiro Shinobi- The last time we found Korra and the krew, they were having an all out brawl with anarchist Zaheer and his gang. One by one, they were defeated, except for Zaheer, who's mysterious whereabouts have left Korra and her friends dumbfounded...

Book 4: Harmony
Episode 1: Temple by the Sea
The episode opens with a weak and battered Zaheer flying very close to a violent stormy sea. He is clearly exhausted and worn out from flying such a vast distance after his epic showdown with Avatar Korra. Thunder roars and a bolt of lightning flashes behind him. "NO!" he shouts and covers his face midair as a large wave crashes over him, sweeping him under the dark stormy sea. We see him float underwater, seemingly unconscious for a second, before the camera closes in on his face. His eyes open and he quickly bends a large air bubble around him (similar to Aang in ATLA) "No, not like this" he says, as he skyrockets out of the ocean depths and back into the stormy air. We've never seen him look quite so desperate before. It is clear that the memory of seeing his beloved P'li meet her untimely end, along with friends and plans destroyed are weighing him down and making it difficult to fly.

In the distance, at the Western Air Temple, a sad looking airbender boy of about twelve or thirteen years old, looks out at the sea. His pet lemur sits on his shoulder. "Rough night Jinjo" the boy says to his little furry friend, scratching him behind his ear. Jinjo lets out a loud screech. "What is it boy?" the airbender asks. He takes out a spyglass from his bag and looks through it, out at the stormy sea. He sees Zaheer, flying just above the waves. "Flameo...." he utters in disbelief. "Come on buddy! We've got to help this man." He takes out his sky biston whistle and blows into it. At once, a bison flies over and the boy and his lemur hop on its back. "yip yip Aiko!" he shouts as they take off.

They swoop down and pick up Zaheer as he nods off and falls into the water. He is barely awake as the airbender brings him back to the temple. "Where...am I?" Zaheer asks as he lies on his back on Aiko's saddle. "You're safe" the airbender replies as they glide back to the Western Air Temple.

the scene then cuts to Korra and the Krew aboard Asami's airship. They are heading toward the Fire Nation, as they suspect that Zaheer will target the Fire Lord next. The skies are clear as they head toward a very modern looking skyline along the Fire Nation coast.

"I cant believe I let Zaheer get away!" shouts Korra, slamming her fist on the table. "I had him right where I wanted him and then BAM, he gets away again!"

"Its not your fault Korra." replies Tenzin. "You're very lucky to be alive after he poisoned you."

"Tenzin's right." says Asami. "The important thing is that you're alright. We all know where Zaheer is headed."
"Then again how do we know for sure?" asks Bumi. "The man can fly in the air like a wolf bat!" he says, flapping his arms wildly. "He could be in Omashu for all we know."

"No." says Mako. "We've been following reports of a man flying directly towards the Fire Nation." he says in his typical serious tone.

"Yeah!" chimes in Bolin. I doubt there are many reports of people flying there for a vacation too often!"

Tenzin strokes his beard and looks down as if in deep thought.

"What is it Tenzin?" asks Korra.

"Something just doesn't seem right to me... It's one thing for Zaheer to gain airbending through harmonic convergence. However, NO airbender has levitated for thousands of years... It can only be achieved after intense meditation and a letting go of ALL earthly attachments."

"But Zaheer DID lose all earthly attachments when he lost P'li... right" asks Asami, dumbfounded.

"I still rememer the look on his face..." adds Lin.

"No" says Tenzin defiantly. "It is true that Zaheer suffered a great loss; however, his desire to take down the Avatar is still an earthly attachment that should have prevented him from floating even an inch off the ground. I think that what we are dealing with here has very little to do with airbending, and everything to do with....

The camera zooms dramatically in on Tenzin's face

The void"

Everyone gasps at once "wait whaaat?" Bolin is heard asking.

"What is the void Tenzin?" asks Korra.

"I think Zaheer is messing with forces that are very dark... very very dark. Darker even... than Vatuu"

With that, the screen goes black (not because its the end of the episode of course, but the transition to the next scene)

That's all I have so far... Thank you for reading!
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