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Author Topic: If Avatar: TLA and LOK characters are sorted into Hogwarts Houses...  (Read 1635 times)
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« on: Sep 30, 2016 07:34 am »

Inspired by the above image.

If the Sorting Hat is placed on every characters of TLA and LOK, which House each of them will get into; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?

For those who never read or watch Harry Potter series, here are the traits of the Houses:

Hufflepuff is a House of teamwork; it’s very group-oriented. Puffs care deeply about their family first and foremost, and want to be loved/think of loved ones rather than any sort of greater scheme or accomplishment. They’re creatures of comfort, and go for something that’s familiar and home-y rather than something strange or mysterious. Hufflepuffs are defined by their love of family, comfort, and living things first and foremost. They also care deeply for people and enjoy the company of others; being alone or feeling unloved are things Puffs dislike intensely. Ultimately, Hufflepuffs are interested in helping both people and animals, but are much less confrontational or daring than Gryffindors. They’re the least likely to care about individual achievement, and most likely to focus on their relationships to others rather than things they personally have done.

Puffs prefer to avoid danger; they’re not risk-takers by nature, and prefer to avoid physical discomfort. Like Ravenclaw, they prefer to avoid confrontation, though not to the extent that Ravenclaw does. Hufflepuff practicality also means that they prefer to learn practical skills over something that might be cool but less frequently used. They’re the sort who’d rather do something that’s safe and reliable than flashy but risky - which is one of the major dividing lines between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.

Another is that the Hufflepuff’s sense of justice has limits: if doing something just is going to cause discord within the group, Puffs are the most likely to simply avoid conflict, even if it means a miscarriage of justice (they’ll feel deeply unhappy and conflicted about it, but ultimately, they don’t want to betray the trust of a friend or run the risk of being disliked).

Ravenclaw is a House of curiosity and the love of learning, first and foremost. A Ravenclaw will always seek knowledge; they want to know the why of everything. They love learning, and will want to seek as much knowledge as possible, whenever possible, by whatever means they can - even if that may involve some risk, which Claws are normally quite averse to. While Slytherins care more about using knowledge to achieve greatness, Ravenclaws revel in pure knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Ravenclaws are readers; they love books, which they prize greatly, and have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. They like elegance, but aren’t as haughty as the Slytherins can seem; if Claws become elitist, it’s because they think they’ve sensed stupidity or close-mindedness, not because someone isn’t a member of their group.

Ravenclaws are the most conflict-averse of all the Houses: they tend to avoid conflict whenever possible, seeking creative solutions to avoid a fight. They would rather rely on their wits than their muscle, and unlike Gryffindors, are much more likely to stop and review a situation before charging forward. They also have a strong sense of fairness in academic situations, and want recognition for themselves.

Ravenclaws are free-thinkers, likely to analyze everything: they think about everything, form opinions about it, and are the most open-minded (out-there) of all the Houses. Creativity and an open mind, as much as pure intelligence, defines Ravenclaw House: Claws value their own inner world, and have too much of an imagination to ever be sad or bored just because they’re alone.

Gryffindor is a House of glory; one that’s primarily defined by its daring, desire for fame, and great exploits. They want to be remembered for great adventures, and are the most likely to leap before they look. They’re the first to charge into a situation, the first to defend their friends. The Gryffs prefer to deal with a situation directly, even if it means a fight - and they want that fight to be a fair one. They care enough about justice to get into a fight, even if that fight involves an argument with a friend.

Gryffindors also like being around people. They’re not group-focused - it’s individual glory the Gryffs are seeking after all - but they like being around friends, and hate being bored (they may feel the need to make a little mischief to keep from being bored). A Gryffindor never has to worry about being overlooked - they need to keep friends around them and are a more extroverted House on the whole, but they’re generally too active to be ignored. Physical discomfort doesn’t bother them at all.

Gryffs do care about people, and seek external validation from others: they’re very interested in proving themselves. They don’t care about knowledge as much as Ravenclaws, and certainly aren’t interested in knowledge for knowledge’s sake: if they want to save something, it’s going to be something that enables them to help others, and if they want to learn something, it’s going to be something that allows them to pursue adventures - ways to get about undetected, for example. They do dislike things that they consider boring and/or useless, and would prefer to seek the unknown rather than treading the usual paths - but less out of a desire for intellectual discovery and much more because of a thirst for adventure. Adventure, and more importantly action, are the traits of a Gryffindor: Gryffs want to be heroes. A willingness to confront the darkness, to fight for the underdog, to explore and defend: this is Gryffindor House.

Slytherin is a House of mystery; something that’s dark and mysterious appeals to them greatly, even if it seems dangerous. They’ll go for experiences that Ravenclaws are too afraid to touch. Slytherin is also a group-oriented House. Like Gryffindor, Slytherins are seeking individual greatness - but Slyths look out for their own group and see themselves as much more unified than Ravenclaws or Gryffindors. However, a Slytherin’s loyalty to the group only extends so far: they won’t cover for someone who’s overshadowing them academically, particularly when they know that’s been achieved through foul play.

Slytherins care more about their reputation in the here and now; it matters even more than their achievements. It’s better to be powerful in life than renowned in death, because you can reap the benefits while alive. In a more general sense the worst thing that can happen to them is being ignored; after all, you can’t be great if no one is willing to pay attention to you. Boredom is also a large issue for them; they don’t get lost as easily in their heads as Ravenclaws do, and they’re only interested in learning for the sake of applied knowledge. If it’s not useful, Slyths don’t want to know it.

Slytherins are more interventionist and more risk-oriented than Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws - but where Gryffindors take risks for the greater good, or to be heroes, Slytherins are much more likely to be doing it to benefit themselves. They won’t fall back or be cautious: they want their wand out, ready to fight, and they’re not going to cede ground to anyone. On the other hand, they also consider Gryffindors to be needless risk-takers, perhaps a little too overt and blunt, and so they’re not going to go looking for trouble or charging directly into the fray.

Slytherins are cunning and confrontational - and lack a sense of fair play. They’ll cheat in a fight if they can get away with it, but woe betide anyone stupid enough to get caught. Despite being a group-oriented House, Slyths are cerebral - they don’t care so much for people, particularly people they don’t know. They have no patience for incompetence in others. They enjoy elegance and refinement, along with mystery. Where Ravenclaws want to explore mysteries and shed light on them, Slytherins want to be the mystery: great and prominent, but distant from the masses. Darkness, the flip side of the coin, the dark side of the moon: all of these are very essentially Slytherin.
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« Reply #1 on: Nov 14, 2016 11:53 am »

"Slytherin is also a group-oriented House. Like Gryffindor, Slytherins are seeking individual greatness - but Slyths look out for their own group and see themselves as much more unified than Ravenclaws or Gryffindors."

Soooo... the meme puts Mai and Lin in that house?

Mai is the exact opposite of group-oriented. And Lin? "I'll have to work outside the law."

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« Reply #2 on: Jul 15, 2017 09:50 pm »

No no no, Lin is in the wrong place entirely.  She's MUCH to self sacrificing to ever be sorted into Slytherin.  Slytherin's may pride their possition in a group somewhat, but rarely beyond the point of how it reflects their own personal image and station.  At the core of Slytherin is the concept of personal elevation.  Every time she has to choose between her own personal happiness or safety in exchange for the safety of a person she loves (and I mean LOVES because she may not even LIKE that person very much at the deep down core of it all) Lin throws herself out there as the distraction and takes the hurt for them.  I'd place her either in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

Also Sokka's totally a Ravenclaw.  He's stupid smart and uses his smarts in strange and strategic ways that don't always register with everyone else until they realize they'd just been outsmarted by what they previously wrote off as a goof.  He's the most Ravenclaw person I can think of in Avatar.  Never forget that Ravenclaw is about knowledge but also is a little bit odd.  Whips smarts and a goofball attitude perfectly suits a Ravenclaw.  Of the core gang, he's the only one I could see getting through the 'random riddle door' to Ravenclaw every single time.

Toph's a Grffindor (Maaaaybe even a Slytherin).  She is all about kicking but and taking names... rarely smarts and strategy beyond immediate combat reflex... and she's a bit of a glory hound.

Zuko might actually be that 'good slytherin' you're aiming for (Way more so than Lin for sure) There really is a tenuous line between Slytherin and Gryfindor though for sure, and his qualification waffles for one or the other differently at varying points in the story
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