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Author Topic: Book 1: Air  (Read 848 times)
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« on: Oct 29, 2015 11:03 am »

My attempt at a "Into the world of A:TLA" fanfiction.

As a disclaimer, I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender or any cannon characters mentioned in this fic. (But if I did I wouldn't be on this site…) But I do own Eira, that's something.

Anyway, please review and tell me what you think of this.

Chapter 1: Falling Through the Air

The air felt humid and warm against her skin as she danced around in the art of Baguazhang, her feet softly falling on the green grass and her arms brushing against the foliage. Eira loved this room; she loved looking at her two koi fish, Yasu and Akira, and their white and orange scales glistening in the clear blue water, she loved to practice Baguazhang and mostly, she loved the heat.

She'd first heard about Baguazhang from some friends, who visited China; she hadn't exactly been excited about it at first but after watching Avatar and seeing Aang airbending and heard that airbending was based on Baguazhang, well, it convinced her to try.

Once she started she had fallen in love with it, the movements and the flexibility as well as the way it made her feel was amazing and it almost felt like she was actually airbending. She felt so free.

After one or two hours of practice she reached for her water bottle and bag to get a drink and fetch her phone.

"Eira!" She heard her mother call, "Do you want some cake, or a snack?" She poked her head through the door, ruining the atmosphere, letting all of the warm humid out of the room. Eira scowled slightly. The Zen garden she'd created was Eira's favourite place in the house but it needed the right atmosphere to be perfect...

"Sure, thanks mum." Eira reached up to hug her mother. Her mother gave her a tight squeeze and she left through the door.

"Eira, ask your sister if she wants cake too." She added, calling from the kitchen. Eira rolled her eyes, as if she needed to ask. Jenna loved cake, sweets, anything that had too much sugar really.

"Ok mum!" Eira called back, scowling slightly. Jenna was going to end up fat, maybe she could, maybe, not tell her sister. Eira sneaked back to her koi pond but thundering footsteps reaching up to the door told her that the beast had awoken.

"DID MUM JUST ASK IF I WANTED CAKE?!" yelled the ten year-old. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet and her dirty blonde braids bouncing along with her. Hyper was an understatement and sadly, it described her almost every day.

Eira sighed; it was obvious that her little sister was going to get what she wanted anyway.

"Yes." She huffed in disapproval. "Now leave me alone, I'm trying to concentrate."

Jenna made an over-exaggerated huff as she pouted.

"Now that's not very nice."

"I know, now please, go." Eira pointed to the door and her sister, smelling cake, left with an angry walk.

As the door closed Eira turned back to the koi pond.

"Finally, peace at last." She said under her breath as she reached for the fish food. Opening the bag she littered the food into the pond. She watch amusingly as the fish gobbled up the flakes of food but then… Eira noticed a glowing light at the bottom on the pond.

"What th-" She whispered as she reached her hand for it. It wasn't an optical illusion, it was actually glowing. She reached her hand into it, almost as if in a trance and everything span. The water started to suck on her hand and everything turned white. She couldn't scream or move and then her head rushed as if she was pitched forward.

When everything cleared she was falling from the sky. Well, oh crud! Adrenaline coursed through her veins and she saw the water approaching. The ocean was covered in ice bergs and Eira started to panic, water was as hard as concrete if hit from a great height.

She contorted her body into a dive as she hit the water and immediately the cold struck. The icy water drove the air from her lungs and the water stung her eyes. She started to sink down into the water as her eyesight turned black.

This is it; she thought this is how I'm going to die, drowning after falling from the sky… Her thoughts seemed to turn blank as the oxygen bubbled away from her body.

She vaguely felt a bump on her arm and a young feminine voice yelling but it sounded distorted and then, nothing.

Katara was out on the ice when she saw it. Well, she was practicing her waterbending when Sokka was out fishing, but what was important was the fact that she saw a bright flash of light in the sky and then, suddenly, a figure falling out of it.

She gasped as she ran forwards, attempting to try waterbend a slope to save her but when she flowed the arms in the direction of the water but she only managed to create a tiny wave, she threw up her arms in frustration at her failing ability to control the water.

She looked up at the falling figure and her blue eyes widened in shock as she saw the figure point her body into a dive and hit the water, but Katara knew that the ice would render the person incapable of swimming to shore.

She waited to see the figure pop out of the water, but they were taking too long. They weren't coming up!

She ran over to the edge and summoned all of her will into her waterbending. She needed to summon a wave to float the person to the ice. She took a deep breath and took her stance. She focused on the movement of the water and slowly moved her arms into a waving motion and the water bent to her will. The water lifted and moved slowly towards her, lifting the figure towards her.

Katara could see now that the figure was a girl, around Sokka's age, with the oddest hair. It was pale and cream-ish but a lot yellower. She couldn't really describe it. She'd never seen hair like it.

She grabbed onto her arm and dragged her onto the ice and into her view. The girl was pretty, her oddly coloured hair was dragged into a high ponytail but it had been loosened by her fall, she had a straight nose and a thin face, her eyes looked big but they were closed. Her breathing was shallow and she was shivering. Her clothes were also weird, she wore a stripped yellow and white short-sleeved shirt of sorts and grey pants made of an odd, rough fabric. They were odd but they were too thin to keep her warm.

Motherly instincts kicking in, Katara pulled off her parka and wrapped it around the girl and her shivering started to subside. She needed to get her back to the tribe. But how, she was heavy despite her athletic figure and young age. She looked in the distance hopelessly, she couldn't carry her, but she had to try.

Hooping her arms under the girl's armpits, straining under her weight and shivering from the cold due to the lack of her parka, she started to drag her towards the Southern Water Tribe. Stepping carefully to avoid slipping on the ice

After getting within shouting distance of her village Katara yelled for some of the women near the gate to help her.

"Katara! Who's that?!" Yelled Uki, a woman whose husband was a great friend of her father, dropping her basket and running up to her with a worried expression on her face.

"Katara, who is this girl? What's with her hair?!" Katara brushed her off and motioned to the water, gasping from the strain of carrying the much heavier teen. Uki, seeing her strain, grabbed Eira and the two shared the weight between them and carried her back to the village.

When they approached the healing tent, they lay the girl carefully on the mattress and checked her over. Despite the blanket and Katara's coat she was shivering and on closer inspection she was covered in burns from the chunks of ice in the water.

Katara pointed to the corner of the tent and looked at Uki,

"Uki, cam you fetch me some wrapping from that basket over there?" Uki nodded her dark blue eyes full of concern and her thin mouth pulled into a frown as she reached for the sterile white bandages and passed them to the little healer.

Despite her young age of 14, Katara was an experienced medic. As she bound the burns and wrapped them up her face was hardened with stony determination. The girl she was treating occasionally groaned in pain when Katara touched the burns but Katara took that as a good sign, it meant she was alive and that meant that she should be waking up soon.

"Okay, hopefully that should be enough. Uki, tell Gran-Gran that we have someone here, I'll stay and look after her."

"Thank you Katara, good luck." She turned and left, leaving Katara alone with the pale-haired stranger.

"What IS with her hair?" Katara mused under her breath, transfixed on the pale hair.

Eira woke up abruptly, eyes wide open and sitting straight up like a bolt and immediately regretting it. Her arms, hands and chest burned with pain as she moved and she bit her lip to suppress a yell.

Her mind flashed the images of what happened and she groaned. What had just happened? She remembered falling from the sky into freezing water, but how? Sure, the waters in Britain were cold but they didn't have freaking ice and glaciers!

Eira turned her head to see a girl next to her. She looked about a year younger than her with clear tanned skin, dark hair in a braid with two hair loops and bright, clear blue eyes. She was really pretty and except for their gender, they looked completely different. Eira had almost completely white skin that blushed far too easily, pale long hair that she usually kept in a high ponytail and dull blue eyes. But the girl did look familiar, like she'd seen her before but in a different way.

"Good to see you awake finally." She said in a sweet feminine voice.

"WH-Where am I?" Eira asked, stuttering as she just realised how cold she was.

"You're at the Southern Water Tribe." She paused, as if wondering what to say next. "Do you remember how you got here? How did you manage to fall out of the sky?"

The only thing she could remember about how she got here was touching some glowing water in her koi pond and then falling out of the sky and into the water. How was she going to explain that?!

She looked at her hands in her lap.

"I-I don't… I don't know how. All I remember is falling out of the sky and then waking up here." Eira looked up at the girl. "Who are you?"

"I'm Katara." And those two words sent Eira into a downwards spiral of confusion and crisis. Katara… Southern Water Tribe… This was the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And Eira was in it. Well, oh crap.

Katara's face flushed and she rushed to steady Eira, "Oh my La! Are you all right?!" Eira nodded despite not really meaning it.

"Please hit me." Eira said. This had to be a dream and apparently if someone punched you in a dream it woke you up. Katara recoiled in shock at the strange request.

"No, why would I hit you, you're already hurt."

"I know, it just… Maybe it could make me wake up." Tears started to well up in her eyes. The pain of her injuries was already an indicator of reality and it was shattering.

"Don't worry. You're going to be fine." Katara rubbed Eira's arm reassuringly. "Do you mind if you tell me your name."

"I'm Eira." She said, suddenly aware of how British and different she sounded compared to her.

"Eira, that's pretty. I'm going to talk to my brother now. Rest now, I'll come back later." She got up and started to open the tent door flap. She turned and gave Eira a reassuring smile but it was tinged with sadness and she left.

Eira turned on her side and closed her eyes, allowing her mind to wander off and go to sleep. Trying to convince herself that this was still a dream.
Well, hope you like this. Please review and tell me what you think about it so far. Say if you like where this is going or if you like Eira.
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Hello again! I'm back for another chapter

Chapter 2: Why me?!
Eira woke up to hear people rushing and talking loudly outside. She stood up slowly due to pain and managed to walk over the tent entrance. She opened the tent and got blasted by the cold wind. After adjusting to the wind and cold she saw Katara and her brother, Sokka, coming out of another brown tent. It must be Aang! They'd found him already.

She walked out into the light and immediately sneezed violently, the contrast between the dark of the tent and the brilliant white light of the South Pole was enough to trigger her photoptarmosis (sun-sneezing). After enduring the sneezing fit she looked around to see everyone talking to Katara and Sokka about the 12 year-old they had seen slumped between their arms. Eira felt sorry for Katara, this was the second time in two days she found someone on the ice and had to drag them back to the village. But this time I guess was better for her seeing as Aang fell asleep and didn't pass out underwater like she did and she had Sokka and Appa to carry him.

Speaking of Appa he looked so cute. His big fluffy white and brown fur was thick, his big dark eyes looked wistfully at his sleeping friend and his large muzzle sniffed at the village.

Eira walked up to them slowly, taking in all of the information she could. She really wasn't dreaming. The cold, the ache of her injuries, the feel of the snow under her boots, it was all real.

Seeing her approach, Sokka turned to face her. His face contorted in anger.

"Who are you?!" He yelled, grabbing his spear and levelling it with her neck. "Are you Fire Nation? Are you a spy? Where are you from?!"

Eira gasped in shock, she couldn't speak. She had forgotten how suspicious Sokka was of everyone in season 1, but this was different. He could kill her right now, but she knew by looking at his eyes that he wouldn't. He still could abandon her in a world she couldn't survive in so the fear was still rational.

"I-I-I… I'm not Fire Nation. I'm f-from, uh…" WHAT COULD SHE SAY?! They wouldn't know of the UK at all and if she said it they'd think it was a Fire Nation place or something or that she was crazy. What could she say that wouldn't get her in trouble?

Sokka's eyes narrowed.

"So the liar confesses." He growled, steadying his spear. Behind him, Katara passed Aang onto a nearby woman and rushed over to help her.

"Sokka! Put down the spear! She's not Fire Nation." She cried, putting her gloved hand on the spear. Sokka's hate-filled eyes softened slightly at his sister's reassurance, they flickered to Katara but fixed back on Eira's face. He obviously still didn't trust her. She looked too much like Fire Nation.

"I'm going to check on Aang, don't do anything stupid Sokka." He looked offended at that comment but said nothing about it. He gave one last suspicious look towards Eira and left.

Well, that experience was… a thing. That happened. Eira was just left standing there in silence. She was off to a great start, one of the main characters already hated her and, based off her knowledge of the show, they would leave and she would be stuck in a world where she wasn't meant to exist.

Katara was almost fuming as she approached the tent. Twice now her brother had been acting like an insensitive, suspicious jerk, once to Aang and then again to Eira. Aang was sweet and another bender, just like her! He could take her the Northern Water Tribe to learn water bending, couldn't Sokka see how much she wanted, no, needed to learn it. Her mother died to protect her and her gift and she wouldn't waste it.

Eira on the other hand was a different story. She looked like no-one she'd seen before. She had the tall, slim body and white skin of the Fire Nation but she also had big, innocent blue eyes that were the complete opposite. Katara had never heard an accent like hers or ever seen hair as pale or yellow as hers. She was a complete stranger but Katara couldn't help but like or trust her, and her dumb brother couldn't see that!

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she went in the tent. Aang was sleeping on the mattress but, he was starting to twitch and shiver as if he was having a nightmare.

"Aang," She started, "Aang, wake up!" The Airbender sat bolt upright gasping for air. He looked around nervously as if unsure of his location. He looked so much like Eira when she woke up that she had to comfort him. "It's ok. We're in the village now." I rested my hand on his arm to reassure him and got up, a smile on my face. "Come on, get ready. Everyone's waiting to meet you." I pointed my thumb towards the outside of the tent.

He started to get up and put on his yellow tunic and short reddish coat and Katara's eyes widened. She began to focus on the blue tattoos on his body. They weren't just an arrow on his head like she'd first assumed, but a connecting ribbon of sorts all over his body. Arrows on his hands and feet, as well as the one on his forehead, all connected by streams of blue ink.

He pulled on his clothes and Katara realized that she was staring and averted her eyes. Once he was done she took a gloved hand and pulled him by the wrist out of the tent. He was grabbing his wooden staff when he was yanked back into the village centre.

Outside the tent Katara saw her brother sitting on the side of the tent, looking angrily at Aang while he sharpened his silvery boomerang menacingly and Eira standing awkwardly in the crowd, wearing a Water Tribe coat around her other clothes, her paleness standing out in a sea of dark hair and tanned skin.

"Aang, this is the entire village." Pointing to the small collection of women and children in front of her in a cheery tone to mask the slight sadness she felt at the lack of her father and his friends due to the war, then she pointed to Aang. "Entire village, Aang."

Aang bowed respectfully towards the village with Gran-Gran at the front of the crowd but they all cowered and retreated from him. Katara and Aang's faces fell, why were they retreating? Aang looked completely unthreatening. Katara felt Sokka's gaze from the tent and felt almost angry at him for being so angry.

Aang looked around uncomfortably at the villagers, looking at the children hug their mother's legs in fear. He turned to Katara.

"Uh, why are they all looking at me like that? Did Appa sneeze on me?" She didn't know. Aang was a young kid, why were they scared of him? He reached for this tunic and examined it carefully as Gran-Gran stepped out of the crowd to face the young Airbender.

"Well, no-one has seen an Airbender in a hundred years. We thought they were all extinct, until my granddaughter and grandson found you." Her voice full of suspicion and disbelief, Aang's face paled and his voice full of shock.

"Extinct?" His voice was small as if he didn't even believe he could be saying it, never mind hearing it. In the crowd she saw Eira looking carefully at the scene unfolding in front of her almost like it was familiar to her and for the first time a flicker of doubt revealed itself to Katara, why was she looking at us like that?

Katara looked at Aang and noted his confusion. Katara gestured at her grandmother.

"Aang, this is my grandmother."

"Call me Gran-Gran."

Eira watched the whole thing carefully, they were talking and acting exactly like in the show, so far her presence hadn't changed much but that's what scared her. If everything stayed the same they would leave the South Pole soon and she would have to stay and then how would she get home.

Her eyes watered everything she thought of her mother and even her sister. Jenna was annoying sure, but she was also as sweet as the sugar she loved to eat and despite her arguments with her mother she loved her. Her chest stabbed with pain every time she thought of them.

Aang was showing off his glider to the village as she thought, with Sokka being smothered with snow as a small tower collapsed.

Aang was being surrounded by children as he played with his airbending and goofed off, this was all so stupidly familiar but it was in real life. But why was this happening to her? She was just a regular girl who liked Avatar.

Eira smirked seeing Aang with his tongue stuck to his staff and the little kids laughing as they tugged the staff away from them. At least it was a pleasant place to be right now.

As she was thinking she saw Sokka approach and she raised her guard, she knew he didn't trust her so who knew what he was about to do.

He stood in front of her, his boomerang at his side.

"You never answered my questions." He said bluntly.

Eira looked up at him with cold, hard eyes.

"Why? Did I need to?" She said, venom dripping from her words.

"Yes!" He exclaimed, "You're in my village, you answer my questions. I need to know if you're a threat to my sister and family." He locked eyes with her and they had a silent battle of wits. Eira softened her gaze.

"My name is Eira…" She paused to think about the next part of her answer. "And…I don't know where I'm from." She lied. It was better to not tell him about where she was from or anyone for the matter. She stood up and left to the tent, her chest aching from her homesickness and tears slowly falling down her cheeks as she cried silently and allowed her bottled up emotions to finally get out.
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