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Author Topic: Lu Ten, Mustafa Osman, Mustafa Kemal (PG)  (Read 1122 times)
Tamerlan Pahlavi
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« on: Oct 17, 2015 04:35 am »

Preface: I am a HUGE fan of Borges. If you are not familiar with him or Tolkinian storytelling, this is not for you. I am not interested in "sticking to the show" in ways others define it. This is indeed an AU, but alternate universes exist, both in this world and the world of Avatar, between which I don't see a true separation anyway.

Lu Ten was a shehid, a martyr, someone willing to die as to show others the glory of what might be.

He was born out of Iroh's love for the world. Born out of a nameless mother he was to be The Prince That Could Be, a hero for the world to mourn over. Countless ballads have been told about his relations with Earth Kingdom women, one of which would result in the house of Bolin.

His glory was near limitless and his treason so much more painful.

On the night of his death, his declaration to defect was made loud. For the Earth Kingdom to survive it had to become evil and replace the Fire Nation as the source of villainy one day.
One day his exploits were to be made clear

But that's what he was, unclear.

His mountains were the mountains of the earth, his spirits the spirits of water, and his fire the breath of Agni himself.
No one could tell that his father was the one who ordered him to defect.

No one could know how painful he felt.

His last breath was one for the spirits, for the spirits to guide him and advance him to the stars.
He was dead.

That is the end.

He was a son willing to die for his father, for his dream, for Ba Sing Se... and for Long Feng, it's glorious secret defender. For All. His spirit will live on. Don't believe for a moment that those who have died for the sake of the Nameless One have died, they are alive but you don't feel, it.

It, the nameless energy that surrounds as all, you don't feel, you don't see, but it is always there.
Just like his avatar Mustafa of the house of Osman, Lu Ten was someone following a secret script, the blood price had to be paid for IT.

IT, being Zuko, the "Prince who was Promised"

He had to save Zuko from himself, from Ozai and from all that is bad.
With his breath he wished for Zuko to be coddled, to be banished, to come back and take his place as the Lord of Fire.


Mustafa Kemal was Mustafa Osman in another life.

Mustafa Kemal was the father of the Turk. He lived a long and fruitful life restoring the Ottoman empire to it's former glory, his life was a golden age.
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There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
Tamerlan Pahlavi
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Pride above all

« Reply #1 on: Dec 05, 2015 01:45 am »

The True Defender of Ba Sing Se during the Siege of Iroh was none other than Long Feng, the Shadow Master.

From behind he steered the fortunes of The City, the last paradise of on Earth, hence there was no war in Ba Sing Se, the unconquerable city. During the third and final year of the siege he began to despair a bit, the Fire Armies would not leave and no new refugees could arrive, so he started corresponding and negotiating, even going so far as taking into the town Lu Ten as his father's emissary. There, he fell in love with the city and saw all the pain and devastation the Fire Nation brought with it for the first time. His heart changed and he began working FOR the city, in secret, negotiating with his father Iroh in secret for the release of the siege. Wise as his father was, he didn't see the benefit of leaving the City, he had a dream of TAKING it, not restoring it to itself, that was his life long dream and nothing could sway him.

Hence, Lu Ten had to play the role of traitor and martyr at the same time.

When the wall finally broke he led the charge into all the armies of the city at the same time, without consultation or regard, thus sacrificing himself for the good of all people of the good city of Ba Sing Se. It was the pain of losing his endlessly beloved son that changed Iroh's heart. Without Lu Ten, his most capable general, there was no hope of taking the city anyway, so he left.

But Long Feng knew and remembered.

Hence, Long Feng, savior and later martyr for the good of the city needs to be celebrated, not cursed. He and Lu Ten saved endless thousands of common folk, one in death, one in life.

This is the true story behind the siege, all else is rumor and legend. And legends never die.
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There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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