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Author Topic: Family Bonds-Chapter 1  (Read 1161 times)
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« on: May 05, 2015 02:32 pm »

Aloha everyone!  Here's the first chapter of my on going Korra fanfic!  I hope everyone likes it!

Title:  Family Bonds

Author:  SennaFan4ever aka Lauren

Summary:  Takes place within End Game and beyond.  After having her bending taken, Korra is in for a difficult road.  During this time, she discovers how far her family and friends will go to help her.  R/R

DISC:  I DO NOT own any of the characters from LOK.  They belong to Brike.  I do however own anyone you don’t recognize, along with Senna’s special name for Korra.

A/N:  This is my first LOK story, so please be kind.  When I originally started writing this, I hadn’t seen turning the Tides, so I didn’t know about Rohan.  Also, I’m writing this from the stand point of Korra not receiving her bending back at the end of Book 1.  With those two changes established, Enjoy!

“Family Bonds”

Chapter 1

Korra walked out of the healing hut in a daze.  She felt completely numb.  She couldn’t believe what Katara had just told her.  Of all the healers in the world, Korra was sure Katara would be able to help her.  As the disappointing outcome rang in her ears, Korra was unaware of anything around her.  She hardly felt the arctic cold biting into her skin or heard the concerned voices of her parents and friends.  The first time she noticed someone approaching her was when she felt a hand on her right shoulder.  She shrugged it off, but the person was persistent.  Turning around, she saw it was Asami.
   “Go away,”  Korra demanded.  She blinked hard against the tears as she averted her eyes from the CEO’s concerned glance.  “Just leave me alone!”
   Asami shook her head.  She was determined to be there for her friend, no matter what it took.
   “Korra?  I’m so sorry.  I know this must be hard for you.  If you need to talk, I’m here.  I’ll listen.  Please, let me help-“
   Korra glared at the Heiress and jerked away.
   “Of course it’s hard!  Don’t stand there and tell me you know what I’m going through because you don’t!  You don’t know how terrifying it was to watch a maniac threaten my siblings and not being able to do anything to help them.  You don’t know what it’s like to have something one minute and then have it be taken away without warning!”
   “Yes I do, “ Asami softly contradicted her.
Korra just continued to glare at her.
Pushing her own pain aside for now, Asami concentrated on helping her friend through hers.
“Korra, you don’t have to go through this alone,”  Asami locked eyes with the southerner.  She was hoping Korra would let her in.  She truly did care about her.  “You have friends.  We all care about you.  Let us help you.”
   “Why?”  Korra shot back.  “I’m not the Avatar anymore.  You don’t have to pretend to like me just to keep Mako happy.”
Asami was taken aback by Korra’s words.  They stung her heart as they hit their mark.
“Korra, that’s not true.  I never pretended to like-“  she tried to defend herself, but was once again cut off by the angry southerner in front of her.
“Don’t lie to me.  The only reason you gave me the time of day was so you could keep in good standing with Mako.  You never wanted to get to know me for me.  All I am is the Avatar to you.  Just like everyone else in the world!”
“Girls…”  a soft, gentle voice broke into their argument.
Korra ignored her mother.  She never normally did that, but she was on a roll and she needed to get this off her mind.
“And now that I lost….”  Her voice shook as she struggled to say the words.
Senna’s heart was breaking for her daughter.  Coming up from behind her, she rested her hand on Korra’s right shoulder.  She was surprised and a little hurt when Korra pushed her away.  Senna pushed her own feelings down.  This wasn’t about her, this was about Korra.  Her daughter was hurting.  It was her job as her mother to be there for her.
“Little one…I think you need to…”  Senna’s voice trailed off when she realized Korra wasn’t listening to her.
“…this happened to me, you feel sorry for me.  Well, no thank you!  I don’t need that kind of friendship or your pity!  So go back to your fancy mansion and forget we ever met!”  With that, Korra turned on her heel and took off.  Mounting Naga, she let her best friend take her away from everything.  She needed some time alone.
Asami stood there, tears threatening to fall from her emerald eyes.  If only Korra knew the truth.
“It’s not like that,”  she softly confessed to the wind and people around her,  “I can’t forget I Met you.  I-I really do care about you, Korra.”  Feeling a gentle hand on her left arm, Asami whirled around to find Korra’s mother standing behind her.  As she gazed into the older waterbender’s eyes, searching for reassurance, Asami was struck by the fact that they were identical in shape and color to Korra’s.
   “Let her go.  Korra needs time to sort everything out.  She’ll be back,”  Senna gently assured the CEO.
“That’s if I didn’t just make things worse,”  Asami frowned.
Senna squeezed her arm.
“Oh honey, you didn’t, trust me.  Korra’s not really angry with you.”
“It sure sounded like it,”  Asami muttered.
Senna shook her head.
“You two will work things out.  You’re welcome to stay the night,”  she offered.
Asami frowned.
“I don’t want to put you or your husband out.”
“You’re not.  Our igloo has a guestroom,”  Senna informed her.  “The boys can stay with Katara.  She’ll love the company.  Tonraq will help you get settled.”
“Okay.  Where are you going?”  Asami asked as she watched Senna turn in the same direction Korra had fled moments before.
 “Stay here,”  Senna instructed.  Her tone was gentle, but the Heiress could hear an underlining order to it.
Asami nodded.
   “I hope you can get through to her,”  Asami whispered.
   “Don’t worry,”  Tonraq came to stand next to the CEO,  “if anyone can help Korra find her way it’s Senna.”
   Asami nodded.  She just hoped Korra’s father was right.


Meanwhile, Korra sat on the cliff’s edge, staring into the depths of her native element.  She still felt numb after Katara’s announcement that she couldn’t restore her bending.  Korra couldn’t understand why this had happened to her.  She had saved the world.  Was this the thanks she got?  As Asami’s words from earlier hit her, she fought hard against the flood of tears stinging her eyes.  A small part of her believed the CEO’s words of friendship and love, but a much bigger part was afraid to trust.  She never had a real Human friend before and Korra wasn’t sure she would be a good one for Asami.  She didn’t want Asami or the boys treating her any differently now that her bending was gone.  She wasn’t the Avatar anymore.  How could she protect the world now?  The sudden sound of approaching footsteps caught Korra’s attention.  Not moving, she begged, her voice tearful and lost,  “Not now, Tenzin!  I just wanna be left alone.  Please!”
   As the footsteps stopped, Korra hoped against hope that the person, whether or not it was Tenzin had heard her and would leave.  She was proven wrong when someone sat down just behind her.  She felt the familiar touch and realized she had been wrong.  It wasn’t Tenzin after all.  There was only one person in Korra’s life who had a touch so gentle and reassuring.
   “Honey, I can’t do that.”
   As Korra felt her mother pull her into her arms from behind, the dam finally burst.  She buried her face in her mother’s parka as heart wrenching sobs escaped her throat.
   “Shh, shh, just let it out, Korra, I have you,”  her mother soothed.
   That’s what Korra loved about her mother the most.  She didn’t tell her everything was going to be okay unless she was 99% sure of it.  She just let Korra do whatever she had to do and she was just there.  She had always been there ever since Korra could remember.
   Once Korra had regained her lung power, she spoke.  Her voice was less tearful, but no less distressed.
   “Mom, I’m sorry!”
   “Little one, you don’t have anything to apologize for,”  her mother assured her.
“I pushed you away!”  Korra protested.
“Sweetie, I know you didn’t mean it.  You’re angry and afraid.  I forgive you,”  her mother kissed the top of her head.  “Your father and I are so proud of you.”
   This caught Korra off guard.
   “For what?”
   “You saved the world.  You saved all of us.”
   “And look what I got in return,”  Korra muttered.
   “Oh, little one, your father and I love you.  Tenzin and his family feel the same way.  It doesn’t matter to us whether you can bend one element, four or none at all.”
   “It matters to me!”  Korra shouted.
   Senna let her daughter’s outburst go.  She knew it was Korra’s way of releasing stress.
   “I know,”  she softly replied.  “You didn’t disappoint us.  You need to know that.  Your father would tell you the same thing if he were here with us.  He’s busy helping Asami and those boys of yours settle in for the night.”
   Korra felt a glimmer of hope when she heard her mother mention Asami.
   “She’s staying?  Even after all those hurtful things I said to her.”
“Yes,”  her mother replied.
“Mom, I didn’t mean any of them!”  Korra tearfully confessed.  “I…I just feel so lost and…helpless…”  her voice trailed off as more tears came.
“I know you do.  But like Asami said, you don’t have to go through this alone.  You have me, your father, Katara, Tenzin and his family and you have Asami too.  Not to mention the boys.  We all love you.  Please, let us help you.”
   Korra nodded as she tried to calm down.
   “I’m not sure about Asami,”  she mumbled,  “I really hurt her.”
   “You can fix it,”  her mother assured her.
   “Do you think she’ll let me?”  Korra uncertainly asked.
   Senna nodded.
   “I think she will.  She really does care about you,”  her mother revealed.
   “She does?”  Korra was surprised.
   “Yes.”  Senna sat there, comforting Korra as the artic wind swirled around them.  “I love you so much,”  she softly told her.  Fighting back her own tears she added,  “I would heal you myself if I could.  But this is one thing I can’t fix.”
   “It’s okay, Mom.  I know you would.  I love you too,”  Korra whispered, matching her mother’s tone perfectly.  Taking a shaky breath, the seventeen-year-old asked,  “Mom, can I stay here a little longer?  I missed you.”
   Senna smiled.
   “You never have to ask.  Of course you can.  I missed you more than you’ll ever know, little one.  We can stay here for a few more minutes.  Then we need to go back.  Everyone’s worried about you.”
   Korra sighed.  The last thing she wanted was more attention.  Somewhere deep down, she knew her mother was right.
   “Do we have to go to Katara’s?  I really don’t want to see anyone right now.”
   Senna sighed.
   “We don’t have to,”  she hedged,  “but I thought you would want to see the airbender kids at least.  They’re really worried about you.  Jinora was in tears when I left to check on you.”
   “She was?”  Korra frowned.
   Senna nodded.
   “Can we just go home instead?  I really don’t want to be around a lot of people,”  Korra whispered.
   “If that’s what you want,”  her mother drew calming circles on her daughter’s back in an attempt to keep her calm.
   “Please…”  Korra whispered.
   “Okay,”  her mother replied.  She planted a kiss on Korra’s head before gently pulling away.  Standing, she extended her hand to her daughter.
   Korra accepted it and stood as well.  She let her mother lead her back to the village.  Halfway there, Korra suddenly stopped as she felt the wind blow her hair back.
   “Little one?”  her mother turned to face her.  Her expression was one of concern.
   “Mom…I…I can’t do this!”  with that, a new wave of tears flowed as the hard truth smacked Korra in the face as bitter as the wind swirling around them.
   Without a word, Senna reached out and pulled her daughter into her loving embrace.  She ran a hand through her hair and rubbed her back once again.
   “You’re going to get through this.  You’re not alone, honey.  Your father and I are here for you.  That goes for Tenzin and his family too.”
   “I know,”  Korra said as she tried to fight back more tears with little success.
   “Come on, let’s get you home,”  her mother gently wrapped an arm around her daughter’s shoulders and guided her the rest of the way to the village.  Once they got there, Ikki’s excited voice met their ears.
   “Korra’s back!  Korra’s back!”  she was about to run and give her eldest sister a hug, but her father lifted her into his arms instead.
   “Remember what we just talked about,”  he gently, but firmly reminded her.
   Ikki nodded.
   “But you said Korra needs all of us to help her get better.”
   Tenzin smiled at this.
   “You’re right, I did say that.  Go slowly.” He set Ikki upon the ground.
   Ikki heeded her father’s warning and walked over to Korra instead of running.  She wrapped her arms around her eldest sister’s waist, hugging her.
   Korra managed to pat Ikki’s head with her left hand, but didn’t say anything.
   “Do you wanna sit next to me at Gran-Gran’s feast?”  Ikki asked.  She glanced hopefully up at Korra.
   Korra shook her head.
   Ikki frowned.
   Senna caught on to how the little girl may have interpreted Korra’s response or lack of one and hastened to help her understand.
   “Korra’s not feeling well, sweetie.  She’s not going to the feast,”  Senna’s tone was gentle as she crouched down to Ikki’s level.
   Ikki frowned.
   “Does her tummy hurt?”
   “A little,”  Senna replied.  She figured it might be true by now considering everything her daughter had been through.  “She needs to rest for a few days.”
   “Then she’ll be all better?”  Ikki hopefully asked.
   “It’s going to take a little longer than that,”  Senna patted Ikki’s shoulder before standing again.
   Just then, Jinora approached them.  She took Korra’s free left hand in hers and gently held it.  She leaned up and whispered something in Korra’s ear.
   To Senna’s surprise, Korra nodded.
   “If Korra’s not going to the feast, do I still have to go?”  Ikki turned to her father.
   “Yes,”  Tenzin replied.
   Senna smiled at the little girl.  She beckoned to Tonraq with her eyes as her husband returned to their side.  She indicated Korra before taking her daughter’s hand and leading her in the direction of their igloo.


Korra glanced up at the sound of someone entering the living room.  It had been an hour or so since she and her parents, along with Asami had returned home.  While Asami had gone to unpack, Korra sat alone in the living room, trying to sort everything out in her head.  Her parents had given her some time alone, for which she was grateful.  But it looked like her period of solitude was over.
   Blushing in embarrassment when she saw who it was, Korra focused on the scenary outside.
“Your Mom said you were in here,”  Asami explained.  “I’ve decided to join the boys at Katara’s.  I want to give you some time with your parents.”
“You don’t have to do that,”  Korra softly assured her.
“I want to,”  Asami insisted.  “I was talking to your Dad a little while ago and he told me how you didn’t’ get a lot of time with them growing up.  You need them now.”
“You’re sweet, but…I want you to stay,”  Korra said before she could stop herself.
“You do?”  Asami was shocked.
Korra nodded.
“I owe you an apology.  I shouldn’t have yelled at you.  I said some hurtful things and I…I’m sorry.  I really am.  I’m just angry this whole thing happened…”  her voice trailed off as tears welled up.
“I forgive you,”  Asami said at once.  She sat down next to Korra, but made sure to give her space.  Reaching over, she gently covered Korra’s hand with her own.  “I meant what I said.  I’m here for you.”
“I know,”  Korra softly affirmed.  “It means a lot to me.  Thank you.”  With that, the two lapsed into a comfortable silence.

"You're going to get through this. I love you so much." Senna
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First a bit of Fanfictioner to fanfictioner advice, the block text thing makes it really hard to read. Try putting lines inbetween paragraphs and it will make your story easier for everyone to enjoy.

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