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Author Topic: Naming Your Pets or Children After ATLA/LoK Characters  (Read 590 times)
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« on: Mar 06, 2015 01:15 pm »

Hello! Has anyone named their pets or children after a character from ATLA or LoK?

If so, what did you name them and why? For pets, what type of pet is it/breed? Tongue

I have a black, 3 year old, domestic short-hair kitty named Tahno Smiley I loved the name Tahno ever since Season 1 but Tahno is no where near my favorite character on the show Tongue And Tahno-the-cat's personality couldn't be any more contrasting to Tahno's character in the show, lol! My kitty is a total scaredy (sp) cat! So yeah I basically just named him Tahno because I really liked the name Tongue I guess the only things they have in common is the black hair and being slinky and sly, lol.
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