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Author Topic: Desami [Rated T]  (Read 5426 times)
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« on: Dec 27, 2014 01:40 am »

This is the first time in a long, long time that I'm trying to write fanfiction again. This is going to be a romance story, between Asami and Desna -- an alternative take on Book 2! As you might tell, the first chapter here will have some parallels to Asami's first encounter with Mako back in Book 1.

Chapter 1

Asami Sato tried to make her way through the crowd, who were all beginning to head to the annual Glacier Spirits Festival. She had no plans of going to the festival tonight, as she was currently busy trying to find a way to save her father's company, the Future Industries. She heard a famous businessman known as Varrick was in town, and had planned to have her friend Bolin help her in making a deal with him.

Asami had to shift this way and that from the number of people walking in the opposite direction.

"Sorry, pardon me," she occasionally said.

For a second, she turned her head to the side, to glance back at the colorful festival Avatar Korra, Mako, and later on, Bolin, would be attending. But before she could look back to where she was going, she bumped right into someone! It was a pretty sudden bump, so it jolted the two to the cold ground.
After landing with a grunt, Asami quickly looked up to see two dark-skinned, long-haired figures, dressed in long, traditional Water Tribe coats. The one she had bumped into was on his knees, slowly getting up, while the other one looked down at the former with a slightly concerned stare.

"I'm so sorry!" Asami exclaimed worriedly with her hands in front of her face. "It's my fault! I didn't look where I was going!"
"It's fine," the young man replied, raising his palm to her, "Neither was I."
His face was cast down at the ground, not looking up at Asami, even as he got back up on his feet.
"Are you okay?" the girl accompanying the boy asked him, not looking at Asami.
"Yeah, I'm fine, too," Asami added, wiping off whatever dirt got on the bottom of her dark blue jacket after she stood back up. "Heading to the festival, huh?"
"Yes," the girl replied, now looking at Asami. She and the boy both had blank expressions on their faces. "Our father is making us go. Our cousin, the Avatar, will be there as well."

Asami's eyes snapped open a bit when she heard "Our cousin."

"Wait...you mean Korra?"
"Why, of course," answered the boy, who also now had his eyes towards her. "We are related to the Avatar. My name is Desna."
"And I am Eska," said the girl.
"And I'm Asami," Asami introduced herself a little meekly, briefly shifting her eyes to the side. "I met Korra over a year ago, and have been good friends with her since. Um, listen, I'm going to be late, so, let her know I met you two, okay?"

With a smile on her face, Asami waved good-bye to Desna and Eska as she started to walk past them.

"And again, I'm sorry!" she added after she was a few feet away from them.
"It is fine," Desna assured.

As she turned her head back this time, there was now virtually no more people to get in her way. Relieved, she then thought back to what she had noticed about Desna and Eska: They were identical twins, no doubt. Brother and sister. While the brother appeared to be as feminine as his sister, the differences were that Desna simply wore his hair down, while Eska had hers in two ponytails at both sides of her face, and she had some visible purple eyeliner seen from the corners of her eyes. Not to mention, their voices -- while both monotonous, Desna's was deep while Eska's was raspy.

For a minute, Asami felt like she was a little entranced with Desna -- never had she met a boy who seemed so calm, patient, and spoke in such a casual tone. Laughing a little, she had to remind herself that there was more important business to take care of, and would think about Korra's cousins later. Besides, her last romantic relationship ended terribly! First, she had to meet with Bolin, who was probably now waiting for her by Varrick's ship.

After Asami was gone from sight, the twins then thought over to what they noticed about her: A young, pale-skinned woman with green eyes and stark, raven black hair. She had her lips painted red, her eyelids shadowed in light purple, and eyelashes slightly extended.

Desna, along with Eska, may have hated the South, and its people including Korra, but he did not think he should also have a distaste towards the woman who appeared to care so much.

"She seemed rather prissy," Eska suddenly remarked, turning towards Desna, "Don't you think?"

Desna pretended to silently agree.
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 28, 2014 03:00 am »

Chapter 2

The Avatar was standing in the middle of the Glacier Spirits festival, happily observing around, awaiting what fun things she and her boyfriend Mako would do later that evening after a royal feast. Two of her Water Tribe uncles, Unalaq and Tonraq, were accompanying her, but with a more serious look on their faces.

"Cousin Korra," Eska addressed to the Avatar as she and Desna approached. "We have some rather mundane news to bring to you."
"Oh?" Korra went, "What is it?"
Korra's relationship with Desna and Eska was always quite distant, so it kind of confused her when they would speak to her from time to time.
"On our way here," Eska responded, "we ran into a girl caked in make-up, who claimed to be a friend of yours."
"Make-up...?" Korra wondered, before realizing, "Oh. You mean Asami?"
"Correct," Desna responded. "I was not paying enough attention to where I was heading, and we had bumped into one another. She quickly apologized, and we introduced ourselves as cousins of the Avatar. Surprised by this, she told us to tell you that we have met."

Korra gave a little laugh at the thought of a still, stoic being like Desna clumsily bumping into someone because he did not look where he was going.

"Well, you better be more attentive next time," Korra advised.

Desna narrowed his eyes a bit, which was expected.

"Thanks for telling me," the Avatar added.

As Desna and Eska nodded to Korra and turned away to go off on their own around the festival, the latter again turned to the former.

"Don't worry, Desna," Eska remarked, "That girl was way more clumsy than I've ever known you to be."
"Hmm," was Desna's reply, casting his eyes down.


Later that evening, when the sun was cast down, and the lights around the festival could now be turned on, all that Desna and Eska seemed to do was stand and look around. Playing games or eating snacks were not of their interest.

Nearby, Mako and Korra were playfully feeding each other cotton candy. Korra giggled as Mako fed some in her mouth. Next to them was Bolin, Mako's younger brother, who had recently arrived after helping Asami meet with the eccentric Varrick to make a deal. He was busy eating rice balls on a stick, but hearing Korra's giggles made him turn to the couple with a look of annoyance and disgust.

Bolin then turned back to notice the twins standing not too far away. He had had his eyes on Eska since she arrived (and mistook Desna for a girl, too, before he was corrected).Taking another bite of his rice ball, Bolin then worked up a smile and nudged Mako with his elbow to get his attention.

"Wish me luck," Bolin declared, handing his snack over, "I'm making my move."
"Good luck," Mako said blandly as he watched his younger brother make his way towards Eska.
"Those two have always creeped me out," Korra admitted. She then crinkled her eyebrows uneasily, "They smell like a...grandma's attic."
"Hey, I'm Bolin," he announced once he approached the twins, "a friend of Korra's. You're Eska, right? Wow, I-I'm...I'm loving those robes."

While he spoke, the twins were staring at a different direction. But after he was done, Desna turned his eyes to glare at the green-clad man, while Eska turned her head sharply to make a small, but audible hiss at him. Bolin was startled, but he chose to continue.

"Oh, uh," he uttered. "I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to... um, disturb you. I think I'll be heading back now."
But before he could, he heard the boy speak up.
"I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin," Desna told his sister. Eska thought about this with slightly curious eyes.
"Perhaps it would be interesting to spend time with a person whose ways are so rough and uncultured," she decided. Turning back to Bolin, a smile slowly appeared on her face. "You amuse me. I will make you mine."
Bolin's hopes rose up again, but he had doubts. "You mean like a boyfriend...or, you mean, like a slave?" he asked nervously.
"Yes," was Eska's response. She quickly then grabbed at his collar. "Win me prizes."

Dragging him off with her brother, Bolin began laughing nervously.

"Now, wait," he tried to assure Eska (still grabbing at his collar with a deadpan expression on her face), "You-- We-- don't really have to do this! It's probably just a mistake! I-I'm sorry if I bothered you and your brother!"

As Eska lead Bolin over to a dart-throwing booth, with the instructor explaining to the boy how to play and win, Desna began to wonder what it would be like for him to establish a bond with someone. His sister's romantic relationship started immediately. How would it turn out for him, he wondered.


As the night wore on, Korra, Mako, and the adults accompanying them eventually left the festival. Bolin had to ask Eska to have permission to leave as well, which she allowed. As Desna and Eska were getting ready to leave too, Desna noticed that the woman he had bumped into earlier was here, standing near one of the gaming booths, looking around curiously.

"Eska," Desna told his sister, "why don't you leave with our father, and tell him that I would like to stay here a little longer?"
"Oh, um...," Eska muttered, quite confused by her brother's sudden apparent interest in this place. "Sure."

And with that, she walked away with a puzzled expression. After she was gone, Desna turned back to see Asami still standing nearby. He walked over to her.

"Excuse me," he told her, "Did we not meet earlier? By accident?"
"Oh, hi!" Asami said, turning to him, happily surprised. "I didn't see you there!"
"Everyone else has left," Desna explained, "but I...happened to notice you here, and..."
His voice trailed off as his eyes faced towards the ground. But he found the words to continue: "I only wanted to converse with you."
"Oh, that's so sweet of you," Asami said. "Yeah, I actually wasn't planning on coming here tonight, but it looked like I did have enough time, and well, here I am."
"This place will only continue to be open for a handful of minutes," Desna said, "What shall we do together in the meantime?"
"Well, I was just browsing through the booths here to see for myself," Asami informed, turning to her side and extending her gloved hand to show Desna the row of booths. "I haven't tried the cotton candy yet."
"Swell," Desna said with his usual deadpan expression, "How does it sound to buy one for us to share?"
"Aww, you really are sweet," Asami kindly remarked.

So the pair then purchased one stick of cotton candy. They did not playfully feed each other like Mako and Korra did earlier; they picked their own individual pieces instead.

After that, Desna expressed some interest in playing a game where he had to squirt water from a fish-shaped gun to aim at the mouth of a caricature cutout of what looked like a cute, midget-version of Aang, the Avatar before Korra. He had little to no effort with aiming at the target, although Asami still cheered him on. When Desna won, he recieved a big plush toy of a flying bison with its tongue hanging out.

"Would you like this?" Desna asked Asami. He felt a little timid, but it did not show.
"Oh, really?" Asami said with widened eyes and a smile. She glady accepted the plush and gazed at it. "Thank you. This is really cute."
Desna was unsure if she meant whether the flying bison plush or the gesture itself was cute. He chose not to ask, and change the subject.
"Listen, Asami," he began, "I would like to--"

But before he could finish his sentence, there was a sudden loud crash. Alarmed, Desna and Asami turned their heads to see a strange, dark purple figure in the distance. It looked like it had crashed through the festival fence, skidding across the ground. As it found its balance, there was then a rain of fire attacking it. Asami and Desna looked up to see someone in blue, floating in the sky with a small tornado around their waist, blasting fireballs from their hands at the creature.

"Is that...Korra?" Asami realized in amazement.
"And a dark spirit," Desna said in a very serious tone.
"What?! Dark spirit?" Asami turned to him in fright.
"Yes. We must leave at once."

Desna took a light grab at Asami's arm, and they both ran out as fast as they could. There seemed to be no more people at the festival, they noticed when they reached the entrance.

"This seems to be a matter my father would require for me to know," Desna said breathlessly. "My sister Eska and I...we're very spiritual. But never have I seen something like that happen before."
"I hope Korra will be okay," Asami said a little breathless, looking back, but unable to see the fight anymore. "I should get home. You, too." She put her hand on Desna's shoulder and made a small smile. "It was really nice spending time with you. I hope we meet again."
"Me, too," Desna said.
"Farewell," Asami bid as she then walked away.

As she left, Desna turned to go home, but not before doing something he had not done in a long while: he smiled a little.
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« Reply #2 on: Dec 28, 2014 03:51 am »

I saw your Desami idea in Plot Bunnies yesterday. I gave you a few comments before realizing you had already began writing it.

I think you started off pretty well so far. Your writing is clear and descriptive, but I'd recommend you space out your dialog to make it easier to read. Generally, each sentence or statement should be contained in one paragraph.

For a minute, Asami felt like she was a little entranced with Desna -- never had she met a boy who seemed so calm, patient, and spoke in such a casual tone.

I wonder if casual is the right word here. To me, Eska and Desna spoke in a very pompous and excessively formal manner. I'd use casual to describe Bolin's demeanor.

I was a bit surprised to see Desna approaching Asami in such a polite and...well, normal way. Do you envision him as being more meek than his sister? I'm also shocked that Asami is receptive to his advances, I'm wondering if it's because she is eager to enter a new relationship and feels inadequate around Korra and Mako.

The other suggestion I have is to omit direct quotes from the show in the future. We already know what happens and who says what in that scene, and it doesn't seem very relevant to Asami or Deska in particular. Maybe reference it by saying that Desna noticed his sister dragging an apprehensive earthbender off to the carnival booths or something, but in my opinion the direct quotes aren't needed.

Overall, not a bad start. Keep it up!
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« Reply #3 on: Dec 29, 2014 02:31 am »

I was so desperate to continue this story, that I've asked my cousin to borrow her laptop while spending time at her house! While listening to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours & Lorde's Pure Heroine, I wrote this on her Word Document, and then logged on here to share it. Cheesy Although it is good to take breaks from the computer, to give me a better chance at brainstorming.

Chapter 3

The following morning, Asami awoke from her slumber in the apartment flat she was staying in. As she rose from bed, wearing light pink cotton pajamas and stretched, she noticed the bison plushy that was placed by the window. What she also remembered was the sudden and frightening fight between Korra and the dark spirit. If something had happened to the Avatar, Asami was sure she would have found out by now.

In one of the huts, built by a snowy cliff, not very far from where the festival took place last night, Desna and Eska woke up. They were lying in sleeping bags next to each other.

“Good morning, Desna,” Eska yawned.
“What happened last night caused quite a ruckus,” Eska began to explain. “While you were not here, a dark spirit appeared, awoke us all, and seemed to be after the Avatar. The Avatar’s foolish friends tried to fight it to no avail. But finally, our father made it go way by surrounding it with glowing water.”
“Your sister’s right,” said their father Unalaq, as he entered the hut, having apparently heard Eska’s explanation. “And now, I’ve talked with Korra, who’s chosen me as her new bending master over Tenzin.”

The twins’ faces, while still tired, became curious.

“The attack that happened last night,” Unalaq continued, “I believe was the fault of the people here in the South. Because they have abandoned their spiritual connections, the spirits have now chosen to attack, our tribe included.”

Desna and Eska looked at each other in concern, and back at their father.

“Get ready,” Unalaq ordered, “We will be taking a trip to the South Pole with Korra this afternoon.”

Unalaq then walked back out of the hut. Eska again turned to her brother.

“So, what exactly were you doing last night?”

Desna’s eyes widened a bit.

“Why were you suddenly so interested in spending some more time at the festival? You and I have been raised to be very spiritual, and that festival our father used to know has lost its meaning.”
“Asami,” Desna simply said. “The girl who bumped into me the day before. She was there.”
“Oh, the prissy one,” Eska remarked, which felt like a light stab at Desna’s chest. Eska remembered how she became Bolin’s girlfriend for being fascinated by his simple ways last night, and then realized the connection. “Ah, I see,” Eska then said with a smile, “She amuses you, so you made her yours.”

Desna felt a little embarrassed, before responding.

“She’s not…mine, as you’d say. We only became friends. She does not seem to be fully aware of how I feel. But we both hope to meet again.”
“Desna, you and I never fail to be honest with each other,” Eska said, still smiling playfully, knowing that her brother has his eye on someone like Bolin did with her.
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Hey, Happy New Year, everyone! As you might know, I had a bit of writer's block with this next chapter, but I managed something!

Chapter 4

In the afternoon, about two days after the trip to the South Pole, Desna and Eska were riding through the streets of the Southern Water Tribe. Sitting in a rickshaw meant for two passengers, they were being hauled by Bolin, who had by this point, become exhausted, though he continued under Eska's orders. Desna was holding Bolin's pet fire ferret, Pabu, in his lap.

"I will hate to leave this quaint tribe," Eska said as she gazed at her surroundings.
"Is that true, Eska?" Desna asked doubtfully as he looked at her.
"Of course not, Desna. I will not miss it at all," Eska replied, looking back at him. She then lowered her head a little and narrowed her eyes in disgust. "I hold immense dislike for the South."

Aware of their mutual dislike, Eska let out an odd, cawing laugh. Desna followed with a high-pitched one.

"Bolin!" Eska shouted over to her boyfriend, "Laugh at my humorous quip!"
"Yes, dear," Bolin answered, panting and sweating. He forced out a weak laugh. "So...so funny," he muttered nervously.

Desna, holding Pabu's paws, absent-mindedly tugged at them, which made the fire ferret let out a faint cry.

After reaching their destination, Bolin then set the cart down and quickly helped Eska off. Desna put Pabu aside from his seat and stepped off. He heard the Earthbender exchanging words with his sister, but barely paid attention as he waited for Eska to finish talking with him. As Eska started walking away from the Earthbender, telling him "Foolish Bolin," Desna then followed her.

Meanwhile, around the same area, Asami entered a local library, eager to sit down, read, and relax. Looking around the countless shelves, she carefully studied the categories: History, Womens' Rights, Fiction...

Picking several books off the shelves, Asami then walked over to a section of the library where they had a circle of cushion chairs provided for the customers. She sat down with a small pile of books on her lap, and opened one of them up to read.

She was about five to ten minutes into the book when she heard a series of footsteps from a side of her ear that made her look up. It was Bolin, frantically running through the library (though being careful enough not to bump into anyone or anything). He saw her in his sight, and ran towards her.

"Oh, Asami," he breathed as he approached the sitting girl, "am I glad to see you!"
"Bolin, what are you doing here? What's the rush?"
"Oh, uh, I just wanted to find a place to distance myself from my girlfriend for a while," he said a little nervously. "A-At least until it's time to hitch her and her brother back to their home."
"You seem nervous," Asami observed. "Is...everything okay?"
"Um...," he hesitated, "no, not really. You see, I just talked with Mako, and I asked him for advice on how to break up with her. She's been, uh...too...over-demanding. She treats me more like a servant than a partner, and I can't put up with her anymore."

Bolin's face went from nervous to sad, and Asami's face showed sympathy.

"I'm really sorry to hear that," she said. "I hope she'll understand."
"Yeah, me too," Bolin sulked.

He then reached into his pocket to pull something out.

"Here's a picture of us at that Glacier Spirits Festival we were at." Bolin handed Asami a black-and-white photograph of what appeared to be a pair of wooden shapes of cartoonish-looking Water Tribe civilians painted in heavy coats, with a hole on each of them for people to poke their own faces through; through the holes, Bolin's annoyed face was seen behind the short one on the left, while the slightly taller one on the right had Eska's face in the front, with half of her brother's in the back -- Eska looked slightly annoyed with the idea of struggling to capture both her and Desna's faces. "I want to get rid of it. You're a nice person - will you take it away from me? I'm afraid that if I just throw it in the garbage, my girlfriend will find it and accuse me of trying to throw it away."

Asami took a closer look at the picture and realized that the two people who were with Bolin looked very familiar. She may have only been able to see half of their faces behind the cutout, but there was no denying it: Eska was Bolin's overbearing girlfriend!

"Huh?" Asami snapped back to the present. "Oh, yeah. Sure. And, if I ever meet this girlfriend of yours, I won't tell her about it."
"Sweet!" Bolin said happily. "I knew I could rely on you."
"Well, you are my helpful assistant," Asami said with a smile.

After that, he then accompanied Asami by sitting down in the circle of chairs and reading his own choice of books, until the time came to retrieve Eska and Desna and take them back to their hut.

Asami could not figure out how to break the news to her friend that she could not believe that the girl he was seeing sounded so mean, while her brother seemed so nice. While she believed Bolin's words, she thought her response would seem a bit rude of her -- like if she were denying that Eska could be a cruel person, just because she spent some quality time with Desna. Could Desna's kindness be an act? Could he show his ugly side to her later on?

Not to mention, a library did not seem like the most appropriate place to discuss something like this.

But Asami kept her promise about the photo. She decided to use it as a bookmark as she checked out some books when she left the library.
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As you might tell, I've been having major writing block lately! D: My mind just felt a bit scrambled while I started writing this chapter, and I thought it was going to end up being terrible! Luckily, I don't think it turned out so bad. Listened to some of Donovan's Sunshine Superman album while looking it over and trying to finish it up. Huh, maybe music really is a good motivation.

Chapter 5

Bolin dragged the rickshaw up the snowy hill, heading towards the huts. He saw Korra's polar bear dog, Naga, along with Korra herself and Mako. As he slowed down and stopped next to them, he heard the following words:

"How about you take a break from all this Avatar stuff and we go out for a quiet dinner?" Mako asked, with a soft smile and both of his hands on his girlfriend's shoulders. "Just the two of us."

"A night out to dine?" Eska said suddenly, which made Mako, Korra, and Bolin turn to look at her. "Shall we join you?"

"Well, I just said...," Mako began to explain, but was interrupted.

"It does not matter!" Eska retorted, then looked down at her boyfriend. "Bolin! Take me and Desna on a double date with the Avatar and her intimate partner."

"Uh, um," Bolin stuttered with anxiety, but he knew he had no choice. "Yes, sweetie," he said, defeated, with his head bowed. He was very tired having to drag the twins around with the cart, and knew he was not done yet.

Mako and Korra looked at both Bolin and Eska, disappointed.

"So much for a quiet dinner," Mako whispered to Korra.

"But Eska," Desna said, "why should I come along? Would that not make the double date a little odd?"

"Nonsense. You're my brother, and twins should always stick together." And then an idea immediately sparked in her mind. "Unless you want to bring someone on your own?"

"Oh! What a great idea!" Bolin said with excitement, turning to them. "How about someone like Ginger? Or, or...?"

"Asami?" Mako suggested.

"Asami!" Bolin gasped. "Good thinking, Mako! Now, all of us can be even on this triple date! How does that sound, Desna?"

While Bolin gladly remembered Asami promising him not to tell about the photo he gave away, along with the fact that a dear friend of his would be accompanying this disastrous date, Desna lowered his head to hide the surprised look in his eyes as he knew he was going to see the woman again.

Some time later that day, back at her apartment, Asami sat down at her desk, turning on the radio to hear some tunes while she got out her paper and pencils. She was going to sketch out some diagrams of Future Industries' next projects. At least, she hoped it would be their next.

But before she got any graphite on the paper, she heard a knock at the door. Putting down her pencil, she got up to answer.


"Hey, Asami!" Bolin greeted, raising his hand with an awkward smile. "Nice to see you again."

"You too, but what brings you here at this hour?"

"Well, um, my girlfriend and I are going to go on a double date with Mako and Korra. As you might know, my girlfriend has a twin brother, and he was going to tag along with us, but then it was suggested that he'd get his own date." He stepped aside, revealing Desna right behind him. "And here he is!"

Asami threw her head back a little in surprise.

"That's right," Bolin continued, "It was decided that his date should be you. Asami, this is Desna; Desna, Asami."

"Bolin, that's really nice of you, but..."

"Feeble turtleduck!" they heard a girl shout from below. "You should hurry up!"

Before Asami could finish her sentence, Bolin quickly turned around, marching past Desna and down the steps.

"I'll just leave you two alone!" he said. "I don't want my girlfriend to encase me in ice again. See you there!"

As Bolin left, Desna was left facing Asami on his own. After a moment of silence between the two, and the sound of the rickshaw wheeling away, Desna spoke up.

"It is nice to see you again," he told Asami. "I understand, this is very sudden, and even I never predicted this."

Asami chuckled.

"But it was my sister who made the decision. And now, I shall say what I have to: Asami, do you remember back at the Glacier Spirits Festival, I was going to tell you something before we saw the attack?"


"Well, what I was going to say was... Asami, I would like for us to spend more time together. As in, a date. Just the two of us."

Asami looked at Desna in shock. She did not know how to respond to such a request. But she knew her friends were waiting for her at the restaurant, and she knew in her heart she would never let them down.

"Okay, Desna," Asami replied with a small smile. "I'll go with you on this date. Let me just...," and she turned around to walk back to the table, where the radio was still playing songs. She turned it off, but left her art supplies untouched. She walked over to a closet to get out and put on her jacket and purse.

Putting on her mittens, she said, "I'm ready. You lead the way."

You already look beautiful, Desna thought as he nodded to her.


At the buffet, Korra and Mako sat at the table, already with their plates and bowls of food, frowning at Eska and Bolin, who were sitting across from them. They had not seen Desna and Asami, so they assumed that they were either late or could not arrive at all (considering that Bolin remembered that he forgot to tell them what restaurant they were going to be at, much to his dismay).

But Desna and Asami were there, although they ordered a table for themselves, around the back of the buffet, where their friends did not notice them.

"This was originally going to be a double date between Eska and Bolin with Korra and Mako. A triple date would simply be too much," Desna had explained.

After settling down, with their hands washed and plates of meals, Asami decided it was time to tell Desna what she had in mind.

"Desna, listen...," Asami began before the boy could pick up the food with his chopsticks. He paused and looked up at her.

"It's nice that you happen to like me - as in, have a crush on me. But I don't think I'm ready to do this again. You see, my last relationship was with Mako."

Desna, lifting his head in slight surprise, turned his head over to see, over some decorative plants and in the distance, Mako eating at the table with the Avatar.

"Yes, continue," Desna told Asami as he faced back to her, beginning to eat.

"Well, I met Mako about six months ago, in Republic City. We hit it off quite fast, going on plenty of dates together. He even got to meet my father. But, little did I know, he was starting to see Korra right behind my back." Asami's face began to sadden. "It took me weeks until Bolin finally told me that he saw Mako and Korra kiss while I was dating him. I kept trying to get Mako to confess to me himself, but he just couldn't, for some reason." She gazed over at her ex from across. "I thought I trusted him completely. But he betrayed me, even after I expressed how much I loved him."

"Are you not mad at him, or Korra?"

"I was, at first," Asami chuckled. "But now I'm over it. It was a long time ago anyway. Still, I don't think I'm ready for a new relationship."

"I understand," Desna replied, almost halfheartedly.

After they both took a bite of their food, Desna spoke up again.

"Why do you still associate with them?"

"Hmm? You mean, why am I still friends with them?" Desna nodded. "Well, can't hold a grudge, can I? It's not my way of dealing with things. At least, what they did is nothing compared to what my father did."

Desna, eating with his mouth full, gave a puzzled look, which Asami noticed.

Whoops, perhaps I said too much, thought Asami, hesitating to say this out loud.

But, much to her relief, Desna decided not to ask about her father any further, since he figured it might be a grim subject for a public place.

While the food was good and they conversed about some other stuff, Desna was a little saddened to learn that Asami was not interested in becoming his partner. Although it was not surprising for him to learn that Korra would have Mako cheat on Asami, considering that he remembers the Avatar being selfish even when they were young kids.
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Hey, guys! Long time since I haven't been on this forum! Yes, I've been suffering from writer's block, despite all these ideas I've got in my head. But, at last, here's a new chapter!

Chapter 6

After they finished and paid for their meals, Asami looked across the room to see that the others were leaving, too. Desna noticed this as well, and decided to make their presence known.

Outside, Desna and Asami appeared before their friends.

"Oh! Desna, Asami," Korra said, astounded (as were everyone else). "I... didn't even know you were here."

"I didn't even think you'd be here," Bolin said, "especially since I forgot to remind you where we'd be!"

"Yes, well," Desna explained, "I remembered which restaurant we would be dining at." He glanced at Asami. "When Asami and I arrived, we ordered a table in the back of the room, behind some plants. Which explains why you did not notice us."

"Well, you could have just looked for where we were and sat down with us," said Bolin. "After all, wasn't this supposed to be a triple date?"

Desna chose to remain silent.

On their way back, Bolin was again forced to pull the cart with Desna and Eska. Mako and Korra were riding on the polar dog, while Asami had chosen to depart on her own since she had memorized where she came from.

Eska decided to take the opportunity to talk to her brother.

"How was your date with Miss Sato?" she whispered to him, choosing to have this discussion only between the two of them without Bolin hearing.

"It went well," Desna whispered back. "Only, due to a past failed romance, she told me that she is not looking for intimacy at the moment."

Eska notice some sadness had crept to his face.

"I am sorry to hear that," she whispered sympathetically.

When they arrived back at the huts, Unalaq was standing outside, waiting. The twins got down from the cart and headed towards the doorway. No one bid Bolin good-bye, so he collapsed on the snow, exhausted.

"How was your dinner?" Unalaq asked, eyeing the tired Earthbender in the distance.

"It went well," Eska answered, passing by him.

"Honestly, daughter," Unalaq said, shaking his head, "I can see that you are being too hard on the boy. Are you only his companion so you can bully him?"

"It is fun for me," Eska sneered.

"What do you even see in him?" the chief turned to look back at Bolin, who managed to get up and wipe some snow off himself. "He's a clumsy oaf. Adorable, perhaps, but not as attractive as his brother, whom the Avatar is dating."

The girl felt some anger spark within her.

"Why are you comparing?" she let out. "You always speak so fondly of Avatar Korra, it is almost as if you wish she were your own!"

"I never said anything of the sort," Unalaq said, slightly startled by his daughter's raised voice.

Desna only looked at the two, and though, while looking like his usual expressionless self, he was, too, surprised by Eska's retort against their father. Sure, there were times when he did not seem like the kindest person, but not once did either of his children ever act like this with him, until this moment.


The following morning, Desna and Eska were sound asleep, only to be awakened by the sound of their father nudging them slightly with a raised voice.

"Desna, Eska," he said, "wake up!"

The twins opened their eyes and looked up at their father.

"What is it, father?" Desna inquired. Usually, the twins would get up by themselves.

"It's an emergency," Unalaq said, with a little but of fear visible in his eyes as he looked to the doorway and back to his kids. "It's about your aunt and uncle -- Korra's parents. The... They're saying that they've been wanting to assassinate me."
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When I began this fanfiction, I started it off with this chapter, from the episode "Civil Wars, Part 2," which means that Desna and Asami would have first met in the lounge she was in while they were searching for Varrick; he would've become attracted to her the minute he took a glance at her as he walked out the door. But then I decided to write the first chapter off the first episode "Rebel Spirits" instead.

Chapter 7

Asami stood waiting in the lounge. The lounge was a very decorative place: there were animal heads mounted on the walls, a fur rug, and in the corner, a stuffed platypus-bear standing on its hind legs. Her friends, Mako and Bolin, were sitting on a couch by a spacious window, with Bolin having his pet fire ferret, Pabu, resting on his chest.

"Where's Varrick?" Asami asked with her arms crossed, "We should've closed our deal hours ago."

"Would you relax?" Bolin replied with a smile on his face, "This place is great. And the best part about it? Eska doesn't know I'm here."

With that, Bolin leaned back and put his hands behind his head. However, he had spoken too soon. The double doors to the lounge was then opened by two Northern Water Tribe soldiers, and in between them walked Desna and Eska.

"Er, uh...," Bolin stammered as he startled up with a nervous smile, "I wasn't hiding. Hey..."

"I'm not on the hunt for you," was Eska's response, before narrowing her eyes and adding "currently."

The two Northern soldiers began searching around the room.

"We search of Varrick," Desna spoke up. "Our father wishes him to stand trial."

"What did he do?" asked Asami.

"He is a traitor to the Water Tribe," answered Eska, "along with our aunt and uncle."

"What?" Asami went wide-eyed with shock. She felt her heart sink at the thought of maybe never being able to save the Industries.

"Korra's parents were arrested?" inquired Mako.

"Yes," Desna responded to Mako, before crinkling his eyebrows slightly to add, "Your powers of deduction are impressive."

"Yeah, he's a cop," Bolin informed a little proudly.

After they were through looking around, the two soldiers approached the twins back at the doorway.

"Varrick is not here," one of them said.

"Very well," Eska put simply, then turned to her brother. "Desna, let us continue our search elsewhere."

As they all turned to leave, Desna caught a glance of Asami's concerned face of all the Avatar's friends before walking out. Before she stepped out of the room with them, Eska swiftly turned around to glare at Bolin.

"Boyfriend! Bow to me when I exit," was her demand.

"Yes!" Bolin answered cowardly as he lowered himself to the floor, "Yes, my sweet koala-bear!"

"You are so cute when you grovel," Eska remarked with a smirk on her face, and then walked out, with the doors closing.

Asami and Mako stared at the closed doors for a second before Asami cast her eyes down at a still-bowing Bolin (who was now trembling).

"Don't let her treat you that way," she told him, surprised by Eska's cruelty. "Stand up for yourself."

Bolin stood back up on his feet. "I tried to break up with her, but Mako gave me terrible advice."

"Wait, how is this my fault?" Mako asked.

Before Bolin could respond, Asami asked, "What did you tell him?"

"I told him that he should say that he just doesn't feel that spark between him and Eska anymore," the Firebender explained with a bit of a perplexed expression.

"That's all? Bolin," Asami continued, with more concern showing now, putting her hands on his shoulders. "You need to be honest with her -- tell her how you really feel."


As the twins and soldiers continued walking down the hallway, Eska shifted her eyes to look at Desna without turning her head. She noticed the way her brother had his eyes on Asami in the room, even as they walked out. Was he perhaps admiring her beauty? How long would he be attracted to her, she wondered. After all, this all seemed unrequited.

She still felt sorry for him, especially how she already had Bolin while he remained single.

Eska would have liked to ask Desna all of these questions, but knew that this was not the appropriate time.
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Chapter 8

Asami, along with Mako and Bolin, attended the trail.

When the judge declared recess time, everyone began to go their seperate ways; Asami noticed Bolin running up to talk to Eska in a seperate hallway. She looked to her other side, and saw Desna heading a different direction. She approached him.

"Hey, Desna," she said, and the boy turned around. "I'm sorry you and your family have to go through something like this. It must be very hard."

"Truth be told Asami, I do not have any sympathy for Korra."

Asami's eyes widened at this statement. "What? Your own cousin?"

"While I do symapathize with my aunt and uncle, and do hope that they are proven innocent, I feel nothing for her." He drew out a breath, extended a finger, and waved it forward. "Follow me, and I'll further explain."

So she did. As they walked through these double doors that lead an outside balcony, Asami remembered the defeated sound in Korra's voice as she stood trail back in the courtroom; how much she tried to convince the judge that her parents were innocent.
And how the Avatar's father and mother had their heads sunk throughout. To think that her own cousin...!

"Here we are," Desna said. "It is much nicer to have conversations out in the open."

"Now," Asami leaned on the balcony with one hand and put the other on her hip as she faced him with a perplexed expression, "explain."

"Okay," Desna responded, and took a few seconds to look out in the distance. "Do you remember, during our night out to dinner, you said that Korra was seeing your then boyfriend behind your back?" She nodded. "Well, it was no surprise to me. Ever since we were kids, Korra has always been selfish like that. She would always gloat about how she's the new Avatar whilst destroying the house with her elements."

Asami was surprised by this information, though she had to stifle a giggle at picturing Korra as a child wrecking the furniture in her home with her Airbending as her parents tried to get ahold of her.

"When we would play, Korra had her moments when she'd triumphantly talk about how she's more powerful than my sister and I. As you might tell, there's quite a contrast between her and me. Eska and I would always be busy meditating, and at times, Korra would interrupt us by splashing water over us, wanting to find herself spiritually in a more 'fun' way."

Asami had a look of concern on her face, but she continued to listen.

"Korra...," he exhaled,  "is complicated. Even when she had a wise Airbending master - the son of Aang - to be her teacher, she chose our dad over him. Why? Because she felt that patience with learning her skills was out of the question."

There was a bit of silence.

"I see," Asami said. She did not say this in a matter-of-fact tone; she said it with complete understanding, and sympathy.


Asami was indeed attracted to Desna -- she had been ever since she first met him. But she still had to remind herself of what happened between her and Mako. The thought of even acting upon her feelings with a new boy scared her a bit -- Even if he seemed to be a much better match. She was glad that she learned more about him during the trail's recess, but was still surprised how much Korra's bullying and selfishness had made him and his twin sister despise their cousin to the point of not caring what happens to her (except for her parents).
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As you might tell, I've got serious procrastination issues. But here's finally a new chapter!

Chapter 9

"Who could have foreseen this?" Desna asked non-chalantly. "Our aunt is found innocent, but the rest are guilty."

He and Eska walked their way out of the building. Unalaq stayed behind to try and discuss matters with Judge Hotah.

"And did you hear how Korra yelled at the judge, threatened to end his life?" Eska inquired, shaking her head. "That woman is just as brash as ever."

"Hopefully, our father will set things straight. I do not think that there's enough solid evidence to prove that our uncle is responsible."

"Me neither. What an absurd situation."


Later that day, back at the Southern Water Tribe, Eska had Bolin (with Pabu around his shoulders) follow him into a room. There, Desna was sitting at a desk.

"Desna, brother, I proposed to Bolin earlier today, as you can see from his necklace." She gestured her long fingers towards her own betrothal necklace hanging around Bolin's throat. Bolin had a look of fear and anxiety on his face, and he looked like he had just been crying. "He has been shedding tears of joy."

"Congratulations," Desna said.

"Thank you. I would like you to make the lucky groom's wedding robe by sunset. Along with his silly pet."

"You're getting married this very day?" Desna asked, one eyebrow raised.


"Have you told our father?"

"No, not yet. He is still busy. But when the time comes, I shall tell him that I'm now a wife." And she turned around and left, closing the door behind her.

"Look, I know you're brother and sister, but, can you please, maybe, defy her orders on this?" Bolin asked nervously. Pabu chittered, seeming to plead as well.

"What Eska wants, she gets," Desna replied. "I've never let her down. I am also an experienced tailor, so this should not take too long." He then took out a ribbon of measuring tape for the boy and his pet.


Asami walked through the halls of the Southern Water Tribe. Then her eyes caught the attention of a door opening to reveal Bolin and Pabu stumbling out in identical traditional Water Tribe groom robes. Their heads had also been combed down neatly.

"Thank you for your cooperation," she heard a voice say, whom she could recognize as Desna's. (Admittedly, even hearing his low, somewhat gritty voice sent her chills down her spine.)

The door closed and Bolin only sighed in defeat.

"What happened?" Asami asked as she approached the Earthbender.

"My second attempt to break-up with Eska didn't go very well," Bolin grumbled. "I took your advice and tried to be honest. But then she decided to take it a step further and now wants us to be married!"

"Married, huh? So that way, you can't get away?" She put a comforting hand on his shoulder. She glanced down at Pabu, who looked very annoyed in his attire.


"Maybe I should meet this girlfrie-- I mean, fiance, of yours. Maybe then I can give her a piece of my mind." Her eyebrows slowly narrowed and her mouth turned into a little grin.

"Thanks, but I think it's a little too late for that. We're getting married tonight."

"Is there anything else you can do?"

"I could try...running away," Bolin's eyes then lit up, and a smile slowly grew on his mouth. "Oh, what a great idea!" He jumped, then hugged Asami. "Thank you for your concern! Come on, Pabu!" He and his fire ferrett then ran down the hall, to the room where his friends were so he could hide away again in the meantime. Asami again hoped things would turn out well for him, and she headed home.


When the sun had set, Eska wore a beautiful Water Tribe wedding dress. On her hair were little white veils with pale blue flowers pinned on each side of her head, from which also dangled amethyst gems. The design that was attached to the dress looked like large spikes emerging from behind her head. And around her eyes was more purple makeup than she usually wore.

She had chosen where the wedding would take place, which was at a gazebo, near a lake, where the setting sun was in clear view.

Not a lot of people were there, including Unalaq. And did Bolin not show up either. Finally, as the time passed and it got dark, Eska turned around, away from the pastor, with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"He didn't show up," she quivered. "Where could he have gone? I was very specific with..." As she staggered forward, Desna got up from his seat and approached her.

"Now, sister," he said assuredly, "maybe he is only running late, or got lost."

"No...no, that can't be it," she whispered, her widened eyes darting from side to side. "He must've..." But before she could finish her sentence, the bride dashed aside, away from the scene, hunting down for her runaway groom. Desna, along with everyone else there, only watched, feeling confused.
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Alright, a new chapter! Hopefully, by this point, I'll have a clear view on where I want this story to be headed.

Chapter 10

Asami walked through town, ready to go back to her apartment and continue working on her project. She had heard the citizens around talking about how the Avatar could start a war if she did anything rash. She did not want to hear any more of Korra's troublesome actions, and walked a little faster.

Once she was inside, she locked the door and stood behind it for a few seconds as she took a deep breath. Usually, she had the radio on while she worked on her sketching, but decided to have it off for this night, because she had the feeling that she would continue to hear news about Korra, or worse, the breakout of a war.

Sure, Varrick may very well be a traitor like the Water Tribe twins told us, Asami thought as she used her pencil, or maybe he's not. If the former's indeed true, then what's to become of the Future Industries? How can I make another deal at a time like this? I'm only nineteen-years-old! Then she paused for a bit from her work: No, Asami, don't put yourself down like this. You can handle yourself.

And with that, she tried to clear her mind as she got back to drawing with a small smile.


That night, Eska had not returned home. So Desna, after explaining everything to a confused Unalaq, proceeded to have dinner and go to bed by himself. It was late into the night when Desna woke up to the sound of something, or someone, sneaking up on them. He quickly bolted up and, noticing his sister now sleeping beside him, shook her with one hand.

Hesitantly, he whispered very quietly, "Eska, wake up. I sense that we're in danger."

As Eska opened her eyes, she found her brother looking very alert, ready to attack with his other arm, as he glared around the dark room.

"What?" she mumbled. "Are you sure, or are you only imagining things in the dark? It could be our father."

He shook his head slowly. He felt his heart beginning to race, but knew he had to remain calm. That was when they both heard a rumbling sound underneath them; they knew what it meant. Right as they started getting out of their sleeping bags, a large chunk of the ground struck them! With a yelp, the twins jumped into the air and landed on the floor. It hurt, but knew it was nothing to worry about -- yet.

"Come on!" Desna yelled, as he got up and helped Eska - who was still in her wedding dress and had very smeared make-up under her eyes - with one hand.

They ran out of the hut, but just after making it out of the doorway, their necks and shoulders met with a large mass of water. It slammed them both onto the snow. The snow, while cold, did not hurt them as much. But now they felt terrified.

Desna and Eska looked from side to side to see where the water had come from, and they did see a shadowed figure at some distance. And in front of them they saw someone else approaching. A large whirl of wind began to form, and that was when they got up to avoid an incoming blast. As they jumped away, a loud explosion formed in the snow where they had laid, and the two immediatley brought up a wall of ice from the ground, followed by using their hands to cover their ears from the near-deafening sound.

Then, in unison, Desna and Eska appeared behind their walls and moved their arms in the same aggressive fashion, and before them, large, spike-shaped pieces of ice emerged. They stretched this out as far as they could - except near their hut. They looked up and saw the figure from earlier having jumped on one of these and swing across with what appeared to be a long tentacles.

It leaped very far into the air, right over the twins, and managed to land just a few feet before them. It was a woman. Long black hair, partially done up in traditional fashion; a thin face with high cheekbones; a Water Tribe robe. And her tentacles were actually shaped like that from the water she was using in her bending, as she had no arms!

"Who are you?" Desna asked her.

But this was interrupted by Eska suddenly saying "Get down" as she brought her brother down to the snow with her before the gust of air could touch them. The mysterious woman backed up, too, and it missed the intended targets once more.

Looking back behind them, the twins saw a woman who had been holding onto one of the spiked ice they created; it was another woman. Olive-skinned, with somewhat messy dark-brown hair in a ponytail, and wearing what appeared to be a tattered pale green prison uniform, and a red cape. On her forehead was a tattoo of an eye with red waves emerging from it.

"Impossible," Eska whispered.

"Desna! Eska!" they heard Unalaq calling out.

They all turned to see Unalaq approaching, bringing with him a man who was partially enclosed in ice. This man had long black hair and a mustache, and appeared to be wearing dark-green Earth Kingdom garb.

Unalaq, with a raised hand, said, "Please, spare my children. They're young."

"Father, what is going on?" Desna asked.

"Once I heard this man," he gestured to the trapped individual, "Earthbend you two out of bed, I got up, and waited until you were outside so I could fight him myself. Little did I know that there were more opponents waiting for you here. I made him talk as I trapped him, and..." he trailed off.

"And?" Eska demanded.

"Please, don't continue to harm my children," Unalaq told the mysterious group. "Harm me, instead."


"Go! Save yourselves before they change their mind!"

And with that, Unalaq was left facing the three people by himself. The twins had no choice but to follow their dad's orders and leave the area.
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Chapter 11

Asami woke up to the sound of someone knocking on her door. Reluctantly, she got up, stretched, and walked over to open it.

"Eska? Desna?" she asked in surprise. "What are you doing here at this time?"

"We cannot explain," Eska croaked out. Asami was especially surprised to see the state this girl was in.

"What do you mean?" Asami asked.

"We were told to leave our area," Eska continued. "We were attacked, but we cannot explain why, because we were not told."

"So we decided to come here and hide," Desna added. "I apologize if we disrupted you."

"No, no, it's fine," Asami assured; and she stepped aside with a welcome gesture. "Come in."

"It all happened so fast," Eska said. Asami then closed the door and turned the light on.

"We were sleeping in our hut," Desna informed, "when we were suddenly attacked by an unseen Earthbender, followed by a Waterbender, and a woman who could create explosions from her head."

"Wait, what?" Asami, now shocked and a little frightened, raised her hands.

"We tried fighting back."

"But then our father showed up, holding the Earthbender captive," Eska spoke up. "He just said to the attackers to spare us and fight him instead. But he could not tell us exactly what was going on and told us to flee."

"And here we are," Desna finished.

"Wow," Asami said, her voice a little shaken. "A woman who could create explosions from her head." She leaned herself back onto a chair.
After a few seconds, she turned to the twins with a small smile, "I guess we're going to be living together for a while, huh?"


The following morning, Asami re-aroused from bed. The twins did not have their sleeping bags with them, so they agreed to sleep in the bathtub for the time being.

Asami knocked on the bathroom door. "Wake up! I'm going to make breakfast."

The twins blinked awake. Eska had removed most of her wedding dress the night before, along with washing off the make-up. They got out of the bathtub and smoothed out their clothes.

"In all my life, I never would have guessed that we'd be staying at the house of a prim-and-proper young woman in the South," Eska jokingly said.

"You better not let her hear any of your insults," Desna told her in a serious tone. "At least be grateful that she's doing us a favor this way."

Eska was in thought for a few seconds, and then replied, "Okay, fine."

At the table, Asami had placed a wonderful meal of youtiao and soy milk, along with some boiled eggs.

"Eat up," Asami said cheerfully.

The twins sat and picked up some pairs of chopsticks.

"So, um..." Asami chuckled a little awkwardly after the trio had sat there in silence, with the only sounds being their faint chewing. "How did you sleep in there?"

"It took a little time to adjust, but we slept fine," Desna replied.

"How long do you think I'll have to keep you safe?" Asami then asked. She knew this type of question would feel uncomfortable, even worrisome, to bring up - but she was very concerned.

"We'll see," Eska said. "We're all worried, but as long as Desna and I have a place to stay, and you shall be the only one seen coming in and out of this building, we should be okay."

"I'm sorry, it's just..." the woman stammered, "it's been so long since I've been put in danger. I'm not blaming you, though! It's good that you came to me for help! But, you're right, you should be okay for now."

Asami was trying to be optimistic within her voice, but her face showed some slight anxiety.

"We'll have a daily routine," Eska then said after taking a sip of her soy milk. "I have it on my mind."


Later that afternoon, as Asami went out to do her errands, the twins sat side-by-side on the living room rug, meditating. Their eyes remained closed while they heard Asami whisper "See you" and close the front door.

When she returned, the kind woman had bought sewing supplies, a pair of pillows and blankets, among other things.

"Thank you," Desna and Eska had told her.

So Desna got to work on making a new robe for his sister. Asamu had bought the right shades of blue, which they were grateful for. Meanwhile, Eska sat at a wooden table nearby, her head rested on her folded arms, looking a little bored while she listened to the radio.

"The Southern Water Tribe is still on the lookout for Chief Unalaq of the Northern Water Tribe, along with his twin children," the radio announcer informed. Eska, with sudden surprise on her face, lifted her head a little; Desna turned his head to where she was sitting, and Asami listened in from another room. "The same goes for the Avatar, her allies, and the businessman who was on-trail, Varrick. They all vanished since last night. And since the Avatar seems to have run away at a time like this, it appears that she has likely caused a war!"

A slam of a fist on the table. "Bolin!" Eska shouted. "How could I forget?!"

"Bolin?" Asami wondered, walking in the room.

"Yes," Eska growled, turning to her with passionate eyes. "The night before, he and I were supposed to get married!" She exhaled. "But he never showed up! So I hunted him down for quite a while. And when I finally caught sight of him, he was boarding a ship with the Avatar, along with Mako and someone else in a platypus bear suit. Which only had to mean one thing: she stole him from me!"

"What?" Asami and Desna said in unison.

"I know she did!" Tears began to form in her eyes, but she blinked them back rapidly. "And as they took off,I tried chasing them by Waterbending across the sea. I went as fast as I could -- there was a huge wave roaring behind me. But, somehow, the boat went a lot quicker, and I had no choice but to give up and return." She took a deep breath and tried to calm her throat.

"Eska," Asami said gently; she bent down beside the girl, her knee on the ground and arm around the chair. "Is that why you looked so distraught last night?" Eska nodded. "How do you know for sure Korra took Bolin away from you?"

"Well, Desna told me the tale of how you and Mako were a couple once, until Korra came along and took him from you." Asami looked at Desna, then back at Eska. ""

"But Korra is still with Mako, isn't she?"

"You never know," Eska sniffed. "But not only that: By leaving the Northern Water Tribe at a time like this, Bolin and Korra have betrayed us as well." The sadness faded and the anger returned to her face.
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Chapter 12

After discussing with his sister about the information she had, along with consoling her, Desna returned to the living room, where Asami sat on the couch. He found her slumped over with her head in her hands. Before he could ask her what was wrong, however, she heard him step into the room, and quickly brought her head up and tried sitting straight.

"How is she?" Asami asked.

"Better, for the most part," Desna said. "She has decided to go to bed now, as to ease her pain a little more." He walked over and sat beside her.

"I listened to the news station a little more after you two left the room. It said that last night, Korra had nearly caused a riot when she Earthbended a giant boulder above herself, but disappeared from the North shortly afterwards. They also reported seeing a platypus bear nearby. I just happened to remember, not only did Eska say she saw someone walking in a platypus bear suit, but that very well just might be Varrick and Zhu Li."


"Varrick, the businessman who promised to save the Future Industries I run -- he just ran off!" She slumped over again, this time, digging her fingers in her hair.

"Why is the Future Industries so important?"

"Well, because, it's a family business," Asami said, close to tears (which she fought back). "M-My father, he..."

As her voice trailed off, Desna realized that this was something very personal for the woman.

"Is this a difficult subject for you?" he inquired politely after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, kind of," she answered.

"It's fine," Desna dismissed. "You do not have to continue explaining. Forget that I asked."

Honestly, Asami had wanted to forget about her father altogether -- with him in prison for his crimes and her mother long dead, she felt like she had
no one else to turn to when she needed personal comfort.
"My father has always been pretty strict with us," Desna said suddenly.
"Huh?" Asami wiped a tear tha threatened to run down her cheek, and blinked back the rest.
"He is not a bad person. It's only that he has always believed that spirituality is something very important. Eska and I were always learning that when we were younger. In fact, it helped us become the powerful Waterbenders we are today."
"That's interesting."
"Uh-huh. That is also why he offered to be Korra's new mentor."
"And your mom?"
"Our mother has always been more easy-going. She has taught us some Waterbending techniques, but she is not as harsh as our father can be. A shame she got sick before we travelled here."
Asami chuckled. "Sounds like your parents balance each other out."
"Would you not like to find someone like that?" Desna queried. Once he became aware of what he just questioned her, Desna's eyes widened and he could feel his face get a little warm. "I'm sorry," he added, shaking his head. "That just slipped out."
"It's fine, it's fine," Asami assured. She tried not to chuckle at the boy's embarrassed state. A stark contrast from his sister's terrifying anger.
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Chapter 13

The day after, Asami continued to listen to the news. The twins continued their meditation, along with being prepared if they were to suddenly be attacked again.

Later that night, Unalaq was huddled with the group of people who had tried to hurt his children.

"They're somewhere in this town, in hiding," Unalaq told them, "Like I told them to do."

"Yes, but why would you want to find them?" the voice from the woman with the eye tattoo asked.

"So I can finally explain to them exactly what's going on, of course." Unalaq's voice was riddled with worry.

"Okay," came from the mouth of the bearded man, "let's have the Chief do what he wants. And then we'll continue with our mission."


"Desna! Eska!" Unalaq yelled as loud as he could. He was wandering through the city by himself.

Passing by the apartment, his voice had caught the ears of the twins. They awoke in unison and quickly scrambled from their beds.

"That sounds like father," Eksa said as the two ran to peek out the window. "We should wake up Asami; let her know." They had a clear view of Unalaq below.

"Up here!" Desna called from the three-story window, waving his arm.

Unalaq saw him, sighed in relief, and proceeded to walk up the stairs to their flat. Inside, Eska ran over to shake Asami awake.

"Asami. Psst!"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Our father -- he's coming up here."

"What? Really?"

This made Asami quickly bolt out of bed. She and the twins all went together to the front door.

Opening it, the Chief was greeted with, "Dad! Where have you been these last couple of days?"

"Oh, Eska. Desna." Unalaq spoke softly, taking a few steps forward to hug his children. "I'm glad you're alright." He looked up to face Asami. "Has this lady been taking care of you?"

"Yes," replied Eska.

"Thank you very much," Unalaq told her with a warm smile; Asami smiled back and nodded. Then he looked back down at his kids. "Now, let me explain." He then walked further into the flat and closed the door behind him.


Sitting down in the living room, Eska, Desna, and Asami all looked at Unalaq as he began his story:

"That night, when those benders attacked us -- I was just starting to walk over to the hut, when the Earth jerked below me. I knew it was an Earthbender, so I prepared to move the ice around me. Four people revealed themselves from the darkness before me. 'Is that him?' one of them asked. 'Yes, I definatley see the resemblance.' I demanded who they were. The bearded man said that they are an anarchist group, known as the Red Lotus. Over 70 years ago, after Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the Hundred Year War, that was when they had formed. As you might tell, they are the opposite of the White Lotus -- the Red Lotus loathe philosophy, beauty, and truth."

"That's awful," Asami interjected.

"Members have always been part of this society," Unalaq continued, "Like me, they do not like how many people nowadays have been dealing with spirituality. But their agenda is far more devious than I could imagine. They explained to me all of this as I first faced them. They added that they had been watching me - me and Avatar Korra, from afar. They said they despise the Avatar, and it's part of their mission to eliminate her. The first thing on this mission was to open up a spirit portal around the area. That was the night Korra fought the giant spirit that was running rampant. That must have been the exact same portal you and I," he gestured to his kids, "had traveled to."

Desna and Eska nodded.

"Soon, they will open up more spirit portals and release more possibly harmful spirits to our world. The next thing on their mission was tearing the Avatar's family apart. It turns out they had framed Tonraq, make it seem like he was planning on assassinating me. It was then what lead to Tonraq not being released from prison; he has been shipped over to the North."

"Wait," Asami interrupted, "that's where Korra is, isn't she?"

"It turns out she had been driven to fight her way over there," Unalaq said. "I heard about that, too. The Avatar has officially caused a Civil War." He closed his eyes and shook his head in disappointment. "The Red Lotus members continued to tell me, they wanted to eliminate me and my family. I then became enraged and tried fighting them back -- one against four. It soon became me against the non-bender, and I was able to encase him in ice. The others had run off to get you two."

"And that was when you stepped in," Desna remembered.

"Correct. They chose to spare me after you two ran away. They told me that, back when they had been spying on me, they knew that I was disgusted by the way people handled spirituality, like with the festival. They believed I had the same views as they did. I knew I could do nothing more than pretend to agree. To pretend to want the Avatar - my own niece - dead. So, I joined them."

"What?!" Desna and Eska shouted.

"It is fine," Unalaq said, "It is only temporary. I will find a way out and attack them from behind. For now, they had let me go so I could come and find you."

"What are their names?" Desna asked.

"The bearded non-bender, Zaheer. The Waterbender with no arms, Ming Hua. The Earthebender with the long hair, Ghazan. And the combustion woman, P'Li."

"You know what?" Eska inquired, "I actually do kind of agree with them."
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Chapter 14

"Eska?!" Unalaq scolded, his voice filled with disbelief and anger.

"What are you saying?!" Asami demanded.

"Don't you see?" Eska calmly replied. "The Red Lotus have a very good point. Korra is a very rebellious Avatar. Her idea of balance is excessive force, and she does not respect a man like Tenzin enough to learn better. She also stole my husband-to-be."

"Well, yes, Eska, I do see your point in that, but...," Unalaq told her, only to be interrupted by his daughter.

"I think she is getting what she deserves."

A collection of gasps filled the room.

"Sister," Desna said, looking at her with concern, "while it is true that you and I have always despised Korra, for me, it was never quite to the point that I wanted a group of strangers hunting her down."

"You would care if Korra were dead by tomorrow?" Eska shot back. "You would miss her? I believe you are only saying this to please father."

Desna remained silent. After a minute, Unalaq decided to speak up.

"They could be here any time now."


"Chief! Chief!"

These were voices heard from outside. Unalaq, Desna, Eska, and Asami all rushed to the window -- but not before Asami grabbed her electric glove from a drawer and placed it in her hand, just in case.

"Yes! Up here!" Unalaq shouted. "Come in!"

Asami's heartbeat raced as these group of foes stepped up the stairs to her level. Her hands clenched into fists, and she felt her palm sweating heavily underneath her glove.

Opening the door, Desna and Eska came face-to-face with the towering, intimidating Red Lotus.

"I remember you kids," P'Li said with a grin. "What strong, young fighters. I forgot the thrills of a battle until we encountered you."

Desna grimaced, but Eska bowed politely.

"Please, do make yourselves comfortable," Eska told them. "This woman named Asami Sato makes a wonderful host."

"I'm afraid we can't stay here for long," Zaheer said as he and the rest walked in. He looked at Unalaq, "We only came here to get Chief Unalaq back."

Unalaq sighed. He stared at his kids with sadness. "I apologize, children. I'm afraid I will have to depart from here."

"Father, when will we see each other again?" Desna stepped forward.

"Only time will tell. It shan't be for too long. You and your sister shall look after each other. You're strong together."

"No, that won't be the case," Eska said. Stepping forward, she smiled to the members of the Red Lotus, "I have a need to say that, from what our father has told us concerning you, I agree with your point-of-views." The Red Lotus' eyes widened. Asami looked at Unalaq, and then at Desna, with panic.

"What? The Avatar's own cousin?" Ghazan chuckled.

"Yes. I can get past the fact that you tried to destroy me and my family mere weeks before, had I known the reasons why. Now that I do... I would like to join you."

Ghazan roared with laughter while the other members looked at one another.

"Eska, no!" Desna placed his hands on her shoulders from behind. "Do not become brainwashed! You never know what they might do to you - or father!"

"I apologize, dear brother. But I have made my decision." She turned to face him, looking at him directly in the eyes. "I may want Korra gone while you don't. But make no mistake into thinking that I do not love you or father. I do, truly. So after this, it looks like it will only be you and Miss Sato left in here. Take very good care of her, as your Waterbending skills are as powerful as mine. I shall do the same with father in case anything happens."

"Eska, are you absolutely sure about this?" Unalaq inquired as he joined the Red Lotus, ready to walk out.

"Whole-heartedly," she answered.

The Water Tribe girl turned to give her brother a kiss on the forehead, then she walked away with her father and the Red Lotus.

Asami and Desna watched them leave. There was silence. Asami looked at Desna's head from behind. She wondered how his facial expression was at the moment? Did he feel hurt? Betrayed? Scared? Suddenly, she remembered her own father, and realized then that she knew the answer.
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Chapter 15

Desna and Asami had difficulty falling back asleep. And if they did, it would only be for one or two hours, or a handful of minutes, before waking up again.

The following morning, Asami managed to lift herself from bed and make breakfast. When it was finished and settled on the table, she went and knocked on the door to Desna's room.

"Desna! Breakfast is ready!"

Even though the door was closed, she could imagine the boy looking disheveled, curled up in his bed on the floor, his hair a tousled mess from tossing and turning all night like she.

Asami returned to the dining room and sat, waiting patiently. Soon, Desna walked in, rubbing his eye and face, and settled in across the table. It was an awkwardly quiet meal. The only sounds heard were from the tinkling of chopsticks against the bowls, their chewing, and the noise from outside in the streets.

Finally, looking straight ahead, Asami spoke up. "I'm thinking of heading over to the Northern Water Tribe, where Korra, Varrick, and the others are." For the first time, Desna looked up and into her eyes. "I just have to find out the truth from Varrick. Something's not right, and I need an answer now. I'm leaving this evening. You're coming with me, okay?"

"How will you get there?"

"I'll buy us both tickets to get on a boat. It shouldn't take too long."

"That would not be a necessity."

"I'm sorry?"

"My sister and I have the talent of traveling across the ocean to reach our destinations. I could attempt to carry you in my arms as I glide across the water to the North."

Asami let out a laugh, feeling her cheeks go warm at the offer. "Desna! You're so generous!"

"There is an alternative."

Asami calmed down her laughter, before responding, "Which is...?"

"I own a jet ski, as does my sister. You and I can simply use them to ride across the water to the Northern Tribe instead."

"Actually, yeah, that does sound like a better plan. Besides, I wouldn't want you to tire yourself out from carrying me all the way, would I?"

Desna thought back to how generous Asami truly had been, and replied with a flat - the tone he had been using in this conversation, and since the day they met - "No, you would not."


The jet skis were a beautiful light blue color, the texture almost resembling ice. Asami had owned a Vespa, so riding in one of these did not seem too unfamiliar to her.

Asami put on her helmet and goggles before getting on, because she wanted to feel safe, and followed Desna's instructions. When they took off, Asami was amazed! It was just like riding her Vespa, only over water! She turned her head momentarily to the sight of the splashing from behind her, and the South getting farther and farther away. Turning her face back to the horizon, she let out an excited laugh, and faced Desna, who looked back. His big robe flapped in the wind, his long hair waving from behind. For a moment, they both thought they looked so beautiful.
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