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Question: So?
Benders are inherently superior. Makes the therapy mandatory and send all who declines into re-education camps. - 0 (0%)
This therapy should be actively encouraged in order for more and more people to become benders. - 2 (50%)
Leave the choice to take the serum for each of the individual. - 2 (50%)
We shouldn't meddle with human biology and gene therapy like this shouldn't exist. Do not release this. - 0 (0%)
Therapy? I say we purge all of the bendies to preserve a pure humanity. - 0 (0%)
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Author Topic: What if? - Gene Therapy that turns Humans into Benders: Where do you stand?  (Read 658 times)
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« on: Dec 16, 2014 10:08 am »

I'm rather confused as in which forum should I put this thread, so I put this here. The Mods are free to move this thread everywhere as they please, though.

A team of scientists have managed to create a serum that introduces the bending genes to the human genome, effectively turning the normal humans into elemental benders.

Further experiments and observations show that the bending power is an autosomal dominant trait, but contain a recessive component. Also, there are at least two genes for bending, one gene that determines element being bent and one that allows for bending to be performed in the first place. (For more explanation, see here: http://avatargenetics.blogspot.com/)

In most, if not all, cases of the therapy, the selection of the element seems to be random. Specialized bending skills such as metalbending, lavabending, lightningbending, combustionbending, psychic bloodbending, flight, etc, can be learned by long and hard trainings and practices. However, there are also small percentage of observed cases of "natural prodigies", who can easily perform specialized bending skills without much difficulties.

Tests have proven that this is a perfectly safe therapy. Various researches are currently in progress to develop a "cure" to delete bending genes and turn a bender back into normal human. There are also ongoing researches to develop serum that can make humans bend more than one element.

A hot debate about this is going on in all of the governments of the world. The governments are looking for feedback from the people and you are all here to give that.

Where do you stand in this issue?
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 16, 2014 10:41 am »

Oh, original topic. Smiley

I think the first thing you need to do is look at the benefits. Can benders do many things that our technology can't? Can healers cure diseases that otherwise can't be cured? Would it make construction safer? Or will it be the opposite, when every toddler can bring down a skyscraper by bending its support beams?

Then, what are the disadvantages? Can you guarantee that the police will still be able to keep the citizens safe? What possible misuses do you need to prepare for?

Also important: how inclusive is it? Will everyone be able to become a bender once they get the treatment? If not, will there be special measures in place to help non-benders who can't find jobs in this new world? Will everyone even be able to afford it? From what age can you get the treatment? Will there be schools where people can learn to control their powers? Will those be mandatory? Does every bender need to have extra insurance in case they mess up and damage something?

Are we even sure the scientists who came up with this are willing to share it with the rest of the world? If so, do we really want every government to have access to this kind of technology? You said that all the governments are discussing together, does that mean that there is some kind of central organisation that all governments must answer to?

I'm pretty on the fence about the issue, so my responce will depend on the answers to all of those questions. (I'm not expecting you to answer all of them, I'm just saying, this isn't a simple yes or no question.)
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