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Author Topic: Elemental Bending vs. Fury-Crafting  (Read 741 times)
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« on: Nov 26, 2014 06:22 pm »

Does anybody here know about fury-crafting from Jim Butcher's Codex Alera? (If not then google it, please)

I think it will be interesting to compare bending and crafting.

Quick summary about fury-crafting:

The people of Alera or "Alerans" have a bond with elementals, in this case being wood, water, earth, wind, fire, and metal.

Woodcrafting is used in manipulating plants, tracking and for camouflage; used by archers to bend massive bows to allow arrows to fly farther and faster, and to increase the accuracy of arrows. Also used to instantly create wooden tools. Requires nearby wood or plant matter, living or dead, in order to use.

Watercrafting is used in healing, communicating over large distances, reading emotions, shape shifting (limited to human forms), keeping a youthful appearance, and manipulating water. While they can influence rivers and also spontaneously create water to drown someone, that takes time. Their main function is as healers. The wounded are put in a tub of water and the watercrafters can use their fury to rapidly heal wounds, putting men back in the fight in as little as minutes, although it takes energy from the person being healed.

Earthcrafting is used to gain strength, tracking and hunting, manipulate the earth, calm animals, and incite lust. A manifested earth fury can attack directly and can carry a crafter across ground as if on a raft. Earthcraft is necessary to travel swiftly on fury-crafted roads throughout Alera.

Windcrafting is used to fly, control the wind, and to increase speed and agility. Also able to bend air into a lens to see farther or into an echo chamber to allow voice communication without the need for watercrafting, however the effective range is much shorter. Strong crafters may be able to bend the air to make objects or people seem invisible or to create lenses of air to focus light into a damaging beam. It can be used to manipulate the weather, including the creation of lightning. One blind windcrafter was said to be able to "see" by sense the currents of air in the room.

Firecrafting is used to control firelight to subliminally manipulate passionate feelings such as joy, anger, and fear; used to create and manipulate flames for either constructive or massively destructive purposes; can be used to create cold by extracting heat from an object; manifested fire furies may attack directly; the most powerful firecrafters can create white-hot spheres that vaporize anything within them and sear all objects within a large radius.

Metalcrafting is used in sword play heavily as crafters can change the hardness of metal, allowing them to strike with diamond-hard blades. Combat can be totally in the dark as metalcrafters do not need light to sense nearby metal. Shields can also be made more flexible to absorb a greater amount of impact force than normal. Also used in forging weapons and other precise metal objects, and metalcrafters also have dramatically increased pain tolerance and physical endurance. Although they gain speed, accuracy and deadly ability in combat, metalcrafters do not become physically stronger, nor does metalcraft give them skills they have not learned, and they still require metal weapons/armor to make the most of their abilities.

Fury-crafters do not have only one affinity. A typical strong crafter has two affinities. The High Lords have all six affinities, to a degree that makes them an almost unstoppable force on a battlefield.

So in short, benders seem to be able to do a lot more with their given element, but fury-crafters have a lot more interesting abilities on their side.

And now the scenarios:

1. Straight Up Battle
Tavi (the First Lord), Amara (windcrafter), Bernard (earth-woodcrafter), Fade (metalcrafter), Isana (watercrafter) vs. Korra, Azula, Kuvira, Unalaq, and Zaheer.
In an abandoned New York City.

2. Random Encounter Between Averages
Two water-woodcrafters vs. Two swampbenders
Two earth-metalcrafters vs. Two metalbenders
Two fire-windcrafters vs. One firebender and one airbender

3. War of the Worlds
On the opposite side of Carnia from Alera and the Canim continent is the Avatar continents (from the latest episode).
In short, they turn out to be actually in the same planet.
Who'll win in an all out war?

4. Your Own Preference
If you have to choose:
a) mastery of all six fury-crafting
b) mastery of all four bending (inc. psychic bloodbending, metalbending, lavabending, combustionbending, flight)
Which one that you will choose?

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