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Author Topic: TLA and LoK is About Identity (Minor Spoilers)  (Read 479 times)
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« on: Aug 22, 2014 05:05 pm »

First, the Season 3 finale left me with so many feels. Anyways, I noticed after season three that the two series have similar but opposite themes. The two series focuses on the concept of identity.

The Last Airbender was about Aang coming into terms that he was the Avatar. When we first learned of Aang backstory, we found out he never wanted to be the Avatar. We can see him struggle with his role as the avatar until the very end of the Last Airbender; especially in the final episodes where he struggled between his nation's philosophy and being the avatar. In the end, we saw him come into terms with his role as the avatar as evident in the last episodes title (Avatar Aang).

The Legend of Korra follows a similar narrative but in the complete opposite direction. Korra story is about dealing with her identity not being the avatar. The first time we meet Korra she proudly stated, "I'm the Avatar!" It has become evident throughout the entire series she only identifies as being the avatar and doesn't know what to do without being the Avatar. In each season finale, she loses something that made her the avatar and each time she had to overcome it.

1st Season: Loss of Bending Powers.
2nd Season: Loss of Previous Avatars
3rd Season: Loss of Authority (Keeping Peace, Maintaining Order, etc.)
Every time she lost something related to being the Avatar, she went into depression. It took her friends to bring her out it. We especially saw her identity crisis in the first season when she complemented suicide after losing her bending ability. In addition, she gained more of her own personal personality after losing something related to being the Avatar (Equivalent Exchange? Grin).

In conclusion, I believe book four will be more about finding her place in the world; not as in the avatar, but as Korra. It is an interesting theory because we all struggle with the concept of identity in one way or form, whether it be living up to someone's expectations (Aang) or finding out who we truly are in the world that is outside our job (Korra).

Please tell me what you think. Add more if you so wish.
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