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Author Topic: Movie thread decomissioning  (Read 9294 times)
Unbridled Joy of Flight
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« on: Aug 13, 2014 10:57 pm »

ASN has never been about the live-action movie.  We catered to that audience at first because the big-screen was the only place where the ATLA universe was being shown active love.  With the vibrant story of Korra now unfolding, animated like ATLA belongs as far as I'm concerned, we've decided to pull all discussion of the movie from ASN.  If you want to discuss the movie, I'm sure there are hundreds of places on the 'nets you could do so...away from ASN.

I pay the bills here and I get to choose what the bandwidth I get billed for is dedicated to.  I want my hard earned money to support the animated show.  Period.  Simple as that.

Case closed.

Now go enjoy Korra! :-)
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