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Author Topic: [DH Comics #8] The Rift, Part 2  (Read 35972 times)
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« Reply #75 on: Oct 03, 2014 12:18 pm »

I'm pretty sure Aang's need to celebrate the festival to talk to Yangchen is the result of the titular "Rift," so I'd say getting him in a position to do that is pretty important.  =P
Yeah, but. It costs too much of a good thing, it is Aang's character. They could write it better. Shenanigans like that turn me off as I am Aang's fanboy.
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« Reply #76 on: Apr 10, 2015 11:12 pm »

As with Part 1, I'll be posting commentary from The Library Edition that I find interesting for Part 2.

Regarding the Rough Rhinos
GLY: The Rough Rhinos are like the Avatar version of a biker gang. We figured that after the Fire Nation's defeat, some Fire Nation citizens -especially those in Ozai's armies- would feel lost. A few might even look to a biker gang for a place to belong. That's why the Rough Rhinos have a few new members, beautifully designed by Gurihiru.

Regarding the cabbage merchant
GLY: Throughout the cartoon series, Team Avatar encountered a traveling cabbage merchant over and over. These meetings would always end with the merchant's cabbages ruined. Poor cabbage merchant. After the war ended, he found a way to keep his cabbages safe- by keeping them in a store instead of a cart! We've been wanting to bring the cabbage merchant back since we began working on the comics, but he never fit quite right into our storylines... until now.

Toph confronts her father in his office
G (aka Gurihiru): We staged this scene so that Lao would be in the light and Toph would be in the shadows. By doing this, we hoped to express the disconnection of their feelings.

Regarding the secret iron refinery
G: To draw this scene, we referenced an old way of making iron in Japan, the tatara steel-smelting method.

GLY: The smelting process here is based on one they used in ancient Japan. We were able to find old Japanese brush paintings for Gurihiru to use as reference.

Regarding the flashback of Tienhai and General Old Iron
G: Since this a flashback within a flashback, we made a slight change to our art style. We tried to make it look like traditional Asian brush painting, but we really had a hard time.

I personally think they did quite a good job with the art style.

GLY: Lady Tienhai's name is a transliteration of two Chinese words (天海) that mean "sky" and "ocean." Several Avatar characters are named this way. The panda spirit in the episode "The Spirit World" is named Hei Bai (黑白), or "black white." The two fish spirits who live in the North Pole's Spirit Oasis are Tui (推) and La (拉), or "push" and "pull".

As ASN's resident translator, I can confirm the above are true.

More about Tienhai
GLY: In the very first draft of what eventually became The Rift, two lobster-serpent spirits played principal roles in the plot. They were eventually replaced by Lady Tienhai and General Old Iron. Lady Tienhai is inspired by Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the seas. Mazu has two companions, General Thousand-Miles Eye and General With-Wind Ear, who serve and protect her. They are the inspirations for General Old Iron.

And the very last page of the comic where Toph is keeping everything from crushing them
G: Originally we couldn't come up with a good pose showing Toph holding up the big rock in this tense situation, and so we redrew it again and again at every stage of sketching, penciling, inking, and coloring.
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