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Author Topic: Netherlands Book 3 advertisement is NOT a leak or spoiler  (Read 2326 times)
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« on: Feb 16, 2014 07:19 pm »

We are aware that there is an advertisement running in the Netherlands that contains some footage of Book 3. The ad is NOT considered a leak or a spoiler.

Read the spoiler guidelines below.

TLOK Spoilers Guidelines

With SDCC 2011 approaching, ASN staff have deliberated and we have agreed on the following guidelines regarding spoilers for "The Legend of Korra".

I. The following things are considered SPOILERS and discussion of them must be limited to the TLOK SPOILERS BOARD
  • Exclusive showing of an episode at a convention like SDCC. (TLOK example: The first episode of Book Two: Spirits)
  • Details about the plot of one or more episodes, revealed at SDCC or elsewhere (ATLA example: Katara will confront her mother's killer two episodes before the series finale).
  • Details about character development, revealed at SDCC or elsewhere (ATLA example: Azula suffers a mental breakdown after Mai and Ty Lee betray her).
  • Leaks of any kind, be they episode titles or plots or whatever else (ATLA example: the full episode of Lake Laogai being available to watch on Turbonick two weeks before it was supposed to premiere on TV, then taken down when they noticed the mistake).
  • Episodes premiering in other countries before they are broadcast in the US (ATLA example: Season 3 episodes airing in the UK and Canada before Nickelodeon shows them in the US).
  • Anything officially released ahead of time (ATLA example: Sozin's Comet book released weeks before the series finale aired on TV).
  • Offhand comments by Avatar staff when not in official capacity (Example: If there's an autograph signing and someone asks Mike and Bryan if we'll see Ursa during TLOK, and they respond by winking and saying "Maaaaaaaaaayyyyyybe".)

II. Things that are considered SPOILERS but still are NOT ALLOWED to be discussed in the TLOK Spoilers Board
  • Links to full episodes on youtube, putfile, etc.
  • Illegally obtained spoilers (ATLA example: DoBS being available somewhere on the internet weeks before it was supposed to premiere on TV). IMPORTANT: Note that if illegal spoilers aren't allowed to be discussed in the Korra Spoilers board, then that also means that IMAGES from those illegal spoilers aren't allowed to be posted in the board either, and by extension, images from leaked spoilers are NOT ALLOWED to be used in avatars or signatures.
  • Fake spoilers. Speculation is fine, but making up fake spoilers on purpose makes you an ass and such fake spoilers are not allowed. So please don't be an ass.

III. The following things are NOT SPOILERS and can therefore be discussed outside of the TLOK Spoilers Board
  • Images and video from SDCC panels (trailers, screenshots of the trailers, slide shows, interviews, Q&As, etc). This means that images from SDCC are allowed to be used in avatars/signatures. Since some of the info from SDCC would still be considered as spoilers (plot details, character development; see List I), make sure to label SDCC-related threads clearly (just adding [SDCC] in the title should be enough) in case the mods need to move them to the Korra Spoilers board.
  • Speculation about future episodes, as long as no spoiler details are discussed (note that there will be official threads in the Legend of Korra board for speculation about every new episode, just like there used to be in the ATLA board).
  • Names of characters, mentioned at SDCC or elsewhere.
  • Episode titles, when released by official sources (SDCC panels, Nick schedule website, TV guide, etc). This also applies to the short episode description blurbs that usually accompany the TV listing for the episode.
  • Advertisements on TV channels, regardless if they're in the US or in other countries.

Threads created in the TLOK Spoilers board will be moved to the Legend of Korra board once their topics are no longer spoilers if it's a good idea to keep the thread open for additional discussion. Otherwise, a thread that is no longer a spoiler and doesn't get moved to the TLOK board will simply be locked.

We reserve the right to alter these guidelines in the future if any changes are deemed necessary. And as always, all Forum Rules apply.

So if the Netherlands premieres Book 3: Change ahead of the US, then it will be considered a spoiler and all discussion will be contained in the TLOK Spoilers board. Remember, advertisements are not leaks. Leaks are illegal. Advertisements on TV in another country are definitely not illegal.
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