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Author Topic: Destiny in the Avatar Universe?  (Read 736 times)
Commander Crunch
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« on: Nov 18, 2013 03:59 am »

There's always been minor mentions of destiny throughout both series, but with the newly revealed thing with Ravaa and Vaatu, i think it might be confirmed that the events throughout the series are already predetermined and that Ravaa and Vaatu may potentially know these destinies already and try to fulfill or deny them. When Ravaa fused with Wan she said "We are bonded forever", but when Vaatu fused with Unalaq he said "We are now one". It makes me think that each one knew how their avatar fusions would play out. Vaatu didn't sound like he expected his fusion to last long, but ravaa knew hers would stand the test of time and in both cases they were correct. Maybe its just symbolic wordplay from the writers with really subtle foreshadowing and I'm way over thinking this but, it was an interesting parallel I noticed that may have a deeper meaning.
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #1 on: Nov 18, 2013 05:36 am »

Some events like the Harmonic Convergence are fixed cycles but what happens in between is down to the choices of the heroes, ie it's not fully pre-destined.

Also, "forever" doesn't strictly mean "until the end of time".  It means something more like "will last a long time" or "won't change barring a major external influence".
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