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Author Topic: Angry Spirits  (Read 48067 times)
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Lord Zuko is not amused

« on: Nov 02, 2013 08:10 pm »

If you're logged in, you may have noticed a new board that popped up right below the TLOK board. It's called "Angry Spirits" and it is described as "the place to discuss everything you don't like about TLOK". We've created this board because we've noticed an increase in the negative tone of the discussions over the last several weeks, to the point that some people are feeling discouraged and would rather avoid posting than deal with all the negativity.

Please read the Angry Spirit board rules before posting. You are still not allowed to bash the show or the creators/crew, but you should feel free to voice all your criticism in there.

The other TLOK boards are for general discussion, speculation, episode discussion, etc, as they've always been. Criticism can be posted there as well, but not outright constant negativity -- that's what Angry Spirits is for. And if someone has nothing but negativity to say about TLOK, they'll be restricted to ONLY posting in the new board.

Finally, I leave you with the following words from Unbridled Joy of Flight, the owner of ASN (who is rather busy IRL right now and was unable to come say this herself):

Quote from: UJoF
Hi everyone, UJoF here.  For those who don't know me, I own ASN.  My good friend Acastus and I, along with Forau, Nat, Force, and Pandora, spent hundreds of hours and a ridiculous amount of money back in early 2006 building the place.  I still spend about $500 a year keeping the lights on.  Some of that is offset by help from SMBH, but for the most part I pay the bills.  I say this not to brag or anything, but to make the irony of my next statement bare.

I don't watch Korra.  Seriously.  I watched the first three episodes and couldn't get past "Pro Bending".  It irked me so much I decided to spend what little fan time I have watching other things.  As ironic as that might sound, the idea of me bankrolling a fan site of a show I don't watch, there's a point there.  

I was ambivalent so I went on to other things.

It appears some people on ASN these days could learn something from that.  It appears there are a lot of people now trolling my site that have decided they would rather spend their time whining about something than go find something they actually LIKE.  Excuse me while I channel Bill Shatner for a moment and quote his most infamous line.  No, I'm not talking about the gem of inanity, "what would God need with a starship."  I'm talking about his glorious diatribe on Saturday Night Live back before the movies ever came out.  


Go find something you like.  Really.  I mean it.  I work in medicine.  I'm actually Dr UJoF in real life.  You'll live a whole lot longer, and happier I might add, if you find some positivity in your life.

If you don't like The Legend of Korra, go find something you DO like.  There's gotta be something out there.  Might I suggest Crunchyroll.com?  Some great stuff over there.

Now, to those of you who DO like TLOK, I am SO GLAD!  Mike and Brian are awesome guys, and I will do everything I reasonably can to encourage the enjoyment of their works by those who find enjoyment in them.  I have several great friends who run ASN now who fit that description.  Icy, SMBH, Forau, and AM are great fans who still want to throw their passion into the show they love, and the site that gives them a home.

Now, before I make an announcement, I want to make something clear.  ASN is NOT a public venue.  It is not City Hall or a county park.  It is essentially a room in my house which I have opened up to those who are my friends.  Some of them, like SMBH, have brought food and are offsetting the cost, but it's still MY HOUSE.  And as such, it's MY RULES.  This isn't a democracy.  If you don't like it, open up a room at your own house (i.e. make your own forum).  Or you could gather at a nearby park (i.e. tumblr).  I don't really care how you do it, just realize you have options when we show you the door.  You can even picket on the sidewalk and keep grousing since being negative is what seems to make you happy.  That's fine, we'll just close the blinds and ignore you.

I am giving the admins free reign to enforce rules that will essentially discourage constant and/or flamebaiting negativity about Korra.  These rules may seem arbitary, and their application even more so, but they will be meant to maintain the tone we want for our forums.  This isn't to say people can't criticise episodes of TLOK.  If the artwork of an episode isn't up to par, or the voice acting of Tenzin leaves something to be desired, feel free to say it.  If a character seems OOC in an episode, that's fine.  If the science doesn't add up, feel free to debate it just as SMBH and I did back in the day at the end of ATLA Book 1.  Just don't use terms like "sucks" which make no point other than to prove you're nothing more than a "Negative Nellie".  Criticism must be constructive and clearly described in didactic terms, or just don't say it.  And if you never have anything positive to say, then reread everything above and check out Crunchyroll.

I hope ASN continues well into the future as a place where friends can gather and share their enjoyment of the Avatar animated universe.  I plan to continue to keep the lights on as long as people want to gather here and mingle in a positive manner.  ASN is a place for people who want to celebrate ATLA and TLOK, and the associated properties from wonderful people like Dark Horse.  If you want to share some time with people like you, people who love this stuff, stick around.  Mi casa es su casa.  If you just want to grouse and whine, you know where the door is.  I'm sure there's a place in the picket line outside for you.

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« Reply #1 on: Nov 02, 2013 08:54 pm »

Just to be clear, I am UJoF and I endorse this message. ;-)
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