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Author Topic: TLOK Book 2 predictions and speculations  (Read 1132 times)
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« on: Oct 05, 2013 05:23 pm »

I don't know why we don't have an overal prediction for the Book in general since Book 2, where we can discuess predection of what will happened but not spective to an episode.  So I thought I start one, if the moderators and it gets locked so be it.

Here is what I think might happen. I do think Varick will be outted bad guy, though not in league with Unalaq. Unalaq and Varick are going to be similar to Amon and Tarlok in that they were both villains, but they were not on the same side.

I think Korra and Mako will get back together after Korra has a talk with Katara, about being in a relationship is respecting each other's opinion and not demanding that your other half agrees with everything and is a yes man, giving Aang and Katara did have politicly disagreements in the past particular in "The Pormise" and they alway worked it ou.

The big prediction, the final battle is going to be Korra vs the Dark Spirit. But what I really believe with what they doing with Eska seemingly get crazier and crazier every episode, I am thinking the last battle is going to be Korra vs the Dark Spirit in Eska's body. I think Eska is going to be the host body for the Dark Spirit. And yes it will be Grey DeLisle's voice coming of Eska when that happens.

Do spirits need a host body? It differs in Avatar, past Avatars needed Aang to appear, and the very least it would punish Unalaq or at least teach him a lesson, if he indeed was partners with the Dark Sprit. Or at least because the Dark Spirit is evil, and could use a host body as somewhat of a hostage.
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