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Author Topic: Islamic Avatar (Sandbender tales song s and the legend of hung-GaR) PG-13-  (Read 15314 times)
Tamerlan Pahlavi
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« on: Aug 21, 2013 03:21 am »

In the last year of his struggle to unearth the missing Library of Wan Shi Tong, professor Zei uncovered a mystical and unique text among the sands of time and space that brought him ever closer to his goal. The text belonged to the Sandbenders. A thousand and one years old, it contained the stories of a long forgotten Avatar who restored pride in the Tribes of Sand, the Sunniha and Shaiia, unified them and made a strong impact on the Kingdoms of Earth that was felt for centuries... untill the ravages of time and space hid his existence from memory... only to be uncovered, later. I am Wei Shin Zhao and I will tell you what my friend [Zei] told me, about a text so mystical and rich, that it will take years to even describe, but I'm going to give you the main outlines anyway. The text itself is still blooming with freshness, unharmed by the chains of time and ravishingly beautiful in its calligraphy. Long have I studied the language and writing of the Sandbenders of new and old; but what role does time take anyway? I can promise you richess your soul can't even properly comprehend, unless you let the story take you in. Shall we begin? Shall I present you the text in a form I deem most appropriate, most suitable according to circumstance?  

In the year of the Lord of Sand 2000 and three a child was born to a mother captive, but free. She climbed the rocky shores of sand, the hills of rock, scattered in the land. On the hills of rock and sand she lay back, looking wide and on, except for the father, completely alone. In the night came a ghost, frightening and terrible at most. Said, he let it be „I have come as I've promised thee! Let it be known, your son shall be mine... but he will return to you in time.“ With thunder and storm he filled the skies, striking terror into everyone's eyes.

This part of the text describes the birth of the Avatar and his first miracle. It deals with the promises made by the Ghost of Storm's End. It is widely known through the land but strange to our eye, but the Book has countless pages and I know why. It is cause no writing, no eye can capture a man's essence fully, from the moment of birth till the day he has to die. The past changes, so do I therefore knowledge can only be a try. In most versions of the Everchanging Book it is described that the Prophet, peace be upon him, slipped out of his mother's womb, stood up and marched to the ghost. He sat in ibadet, in meditation before him and spoke with a thunder of thousand words: „I will be mine, my people's and thine!“ So it ended, the storm set and the ghost vanished. It set. The sun opened its back and shone through the night, confirming the Prophet's might. In another night he stroke of the heads of snakes with his bending that threatened his mother, in another night he lit fire... all before he was four. I shall recount his tales from then till now he perished in, but not in order, for it does him injustice, but in the order he wishes to be revealed.
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« Reply #1 on: Aug 23, 2013 06:07 pm »

Interesting. This is definitely a unique fanfic effort. A lot of the window dressing doesn't match the mythology we saw in the mainstream ATLA world, but as this is presented as the legends of the Si Wong- a more isolated and mysterious society- I think those diverging mythological elements are a very nice touch. The framing device, of a scholar presenting the legends he discovered, works very well as a way to convey these legends, but the language doesn't seem very scholarly, as I would expect a report to be much dryer and analytical of the legends' context in Si Wong society. Perhaps he is merely conveying the contents of the book to a friend in a letter? Still, the language is very sprawling, so it still comes across as formal. Perhaps that's just how the scholar talks?

I also like the rhyming in the quotes of the text. Wink Aside from showing the effort that's gone into the writing, it's a very effective way to instantly differentiate between the "translations" from the book and Wei Shin Zhao's summaries and commentary.

I do wonder about the "Islamic" bit, though. It makes sense that the Si Wong would have their own religion, and ATLA used the names of real-world elements, but not anything as universally familiar as the term "Islamic." I caught that the names of the two Si Wong tribes (Sunniha and Shaiia) are derivations of the Islamic sects of the Sunni and Shia, so the strong influence is established right up front, but the slightly different spellings are an obvious clue that you're not doing a complete transplant of Islam into the Avatar world. (We'll see how close the mapping is, though.) It also makes me suspect that this whole tale is going to be an adaptation of Islamic stories that I'm not familiar with, and already the birth of the prophet could very well be derived from a "real legend." I'll probably have to do some research to fully appreciate this work.

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« Reply #2 on: Aug 23, 2013 08:07 pm »

I've seen the idea of an entire alternate universe inspired by Islamic cultures tossed around before on the internet, where Aang is an "Imam" and instead of monks, the Air Nomads are Sufi dervishes.

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« Reply #3 on: Aug 24, 2013 02:22 am »

The Ephrites are the spirits of the air, they come and they go, unpredictable, harsh, and unyielding like the desert storms. But they can also fulfill wishes if they so please. Some were even enslaved by powerfull magicians and imprisoned into lamps, forced to fulfill the wishes of those who set them free by rubbing their prison and reciting the Holy Book, the Karuna. The Spirit of Storm's End was THE most powerful of the Ephrites, impossible to imprison, though many have tried it. He is the most high of the storm and wind spirits that plague or bless the Si Wong, no Ephrite can resist his terrible will. Those who do are ultimately those who lose their newly won freedom to powerful, but ordinary humans, since the will and blessing of the Terrible follows them no more. The appearence of THE great one was a powerful sign, unforgetable to those who saw him, and the Prophet's father and mother were sure to never forget it. They shook and trembled at the sight of their newly born sun courageously facing him and replying from a voice deep within „It shall be as you wish o mighty one but spare my parents, bless them and protect them in all their actions and endeavors for they have brought me into this world to serve you and all the nations. In me shall be the blessing and the curse that befalls those who bless or curse me, my people and my allies. I shall conquer mountains and lions and the beasts of the air and set the world aflare. So be it, for it is written in the Book.“ The Great Spirit unclenched his arms, softened his terrible face and said „So be it, now go with my blessing. The air shall never harm you. You shall always find a home in the reaches most high. We shall meet again... as friends, when you are ready.“ So spake the spirit and the earth stopped to shake and the skies cleared but everyone felt his mighty presence slowly disappear for a long while to come and a deep silence befell all the nature around and within the stunned birthgivers of the wonderous boy. Was it all a dream? A delusion suffered by a mother in labor? But how can two people suffer the same delusion, dream the same dream? Truly, The Most High can do as He wishes. Let others see what He wants them to see, believe what He wishes them to be. Truly, nothing can be if he wills it not. He is the One, most deserving of praise. He is great! The Greatest!

„What name shall we give him?“

„He is of the spirit but he is still MY flesh and blood.“

In silence they walked „He shall be a mighty worrior, the pride of my tribe.“

„He is your son.“

„Yes he is and he shall be the greatest of them all, the fullfillment of my dreams, the dreams of my fathers and their fathers. This mighty sign can mean only good.“

„But haven't you heard the ephrite?! He is to be his!“

„May Shaytan, his master take him. My son is my son and nothing shall stand between us. His first duty is to me. To me and his tribe, and I will make sure he never forgets that. He will be what I will, he is the son I was waiting for so long, what I was hoping for, he will fulfill my dreams and make his father proud.“
„But Omar, dear, listen-„

„There's nothing to listen to, it is settled! This wonderful boy is a blessing to us and I will make sure his blessing reaches all the tribes of Sunniha. Your old tribe wont stand a chance against him.“


„Fatma! Silence! Take good care of my boy, nurse him and wean him. When the time comes I will take care of him.“

„At least let me name him.“

„Good. Fine! Have it your way, name him but never forget that he is ultimately mine, a Raviim!“

„Rahman. Abdurahman... the merciful.“

„What?! Fine... but he shall have no mercy for my enemies! Remember that, woman.“

And so they went home, with the youg Apu in their hands. Though only witnessed by them, the elders and members of the tribe quickly believed the miraculous story of his birth, for they witnessed the storm and felt the presence of a strong spirit. They silently listened to Omar's retelling, his eloquent description and his proud and energetic predictions for the boy's future. Could this be that the long sought savior of the Sunniha was finally there? A boy who could save his tribe from their enemies and restore the balance between the tribes? Possibly. But there was one person who didn't care right now what he will do and become and but cared only about him, and him only. Fatma. Laying down to sleep with her child she whispered the first prayer of the Book into his ear. She knew him better already than any person ever could for he was inside her and came from her deepest within. And she knew his sweetness. No prophet, no ephrite or shaytan could change that. He was with her now, and that was all that mattered.

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« Reply #4 on: Aug 26, 2013 09:42 pm »

Ooh, this getting even more interesting. The Ephrites as jinn and The Spirit of Storm's End as the strongest were neat mythology, and I like how they're portrayed as ambiguous figures, separate from human concerns with their ways. It makes for a very authentic feel for it all as a mythology.

I'm also really digging Omar and Fatma's dynamic. Given the rivalry between their respective tribes that was hinted before and made explicit here, I'm very curious how they wound up married. You mentioned before that Fatma was "captive, but free," so she's not a true slave, yet but perhaps she was given as a prize or peace token after some conflict between the tribes? You did a good job with their dialogue, too; it's "old world" in tone but still feels human.

I see more elements from Islam, including the Jinn, mention of a Prophet, and a holy book with a name sounding like the Quran, but all of it feels very natural. I'm tantalized by these hints and curious about their full origins and roles in the Si Wong history, but I'm glad to see the primary focus is on the life of this Avatar.

Tamerlan Pahlavi
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« Reply #5 on: Aug 27, 2013 04:02 am »

Omar and Fatima had long awaited a son, they longed and prayed for him, wished and begged but nothing came, Fatma seemed to be barren. Omar had cursed the day he met her. Why did he have to go to Keiffah, the Shaiia capital? What shaytan had brought him there? Why did he have to prove the Sunniha superiority to their faces when it was abundantly clear to every sane man. Elloh had blessed them but cursed the Shaiia, yet they proudly continue to this day to claim to be the true believers. May those misguided fools be cursed. They and their woman too, for it seemed that Fatma's womb mocked him on purpose. He was so proud and happy when he won her, it seemed their love would last forever but now it was at breaking point. He thought about divorce but he couldn't stomach the shame it would bring him. He would have to either bring her back to her tribe and suffer the mocking of the Shaiia or leave her be on her own and suffer the reprimands of the Sunniha. Either option would haunt him for the rest of his days. He still remembered the happy days of their marriage, the songs the poets wrote about their romance, the thrill and adventure of her kidnapping and the glorious duel with her brother that left the entire tribe of infidels stunned and humiliated. Good times, good times. Perhaps Elloh was testing him, perhaps his life so far was too good and he had to suffer in order to deserve happiness in his old age. He wasn't old yet, but time ran short if he wanted to preserve his lineage and watch his sons (and daughters) grow up. He tried everything, magic spells, potions, holy incantations but nothing seemed to work. It seemed as if some spirit in Keiffah wanted to make him suffer for stealing one of the daughters of Shaiia. He was desperate, lost, almost mad, prone to wander aimlessly through the desert, addicted to the nargill pipe, alone, feeling without friends and family, jealous of his siblings' and his tribesmens' seeming happiness and ease of life. Fatma still loved him but that didn't seem to matter, he was blind and could not see, so she prayed for him day and night. Prayed for his happiness, prayed against his sin, prayed for his sanity and for a new life to begin. Day out and day in she endured his abuses, his self harming, his slow decline. It pained her more than he could even imagine. In her desperate pleas to Elloh, she promised the first child to be his devoted. Weeks passed and nothing happened still. Omar wandered the desert after a long night of enjoying the pipe. Again alone and feeling empty he strayed far from his tribe's tents and herds. He didn't care, he just wanted to die. A storm came about, a sandstorm and he wandered right into it. It engulfed him completely and he shouted out „Elloh, take my soul!“

„Take my life, take my spirit from this pain, I beg you again and again. Oh Elloh, great in your might, strike me or set the things alright. Great Father, I have nothing left to gain, my life is only misery and pain. Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?!“

A soft, powerful voice suddenly and clearly whispered

„I have heard you.“

„You have heard me!!?“

„Yes, I've heard you, but I have rejected you.“

„What?! Why!? How have I wronged you!?“

„You haven't wronged me but your sins still weight heavily upon you. I shall grant you your wish, but not for your sake. In time, you will have to sacrifice what is most dear to you and let it go, otherwise you shall die, just like you wished.“

„Oh Greatest, I ...“

„Silence! There's nothing more worth telling to you. You will understand in time or die in ignorance. Now go!“

And he went, stunned within, his limbs pulling him in different directions. He was drunk, all the pain and hardships came back at once to him. He tried finding his way back to the tribe but the storm was too mighty. He lay down, his body forsaking him, the desert engulfing him but he didn't seem to notice the sand that swallowed him slowly, his mind still reeling from the dialogue with the Mightiest One.

When he woke up from his long night full of visions, he saw Fatma's soft and loving face. He was burried in the sand, only his face and arms uncovered, the warriors of the tribe surrounding the scene.

„I am pregnant!“


„You have heard me right, my dear. I am finally blessed with a son. The wise woman told me this morning when I went to visit her.“


„You don't have to say anything now, lets get you out of this sand, my love.“

He didn't wait for the others to dig him out but spurred by the good news he lept out of it by using his sandbending. In a moment, he stood up in full height and embraced Fatma, kissing and hugging her. The onlooking men just snickered.

„We thought you were done for this time... but your wife led us to here, it is as if the hand of the Almighty, may his name be blessed, guided her to you. You better pray to him as soon as you get back home.“

„Thanks Ahmed, I will. You can be sure of that, my brother.“

„Lets go dear, I have to prepare you a worrior's meal once we are home.“

„I will sacrifice seven goats to the Almighty, I will make the pilgrimage as soon as the child is born!“

„Very noble of you, Omar, but listen to your brother. Be good to your wife, rest, lay off the pipe and come back to your senses. Wait for the child to come, then go to Mikkaah. Alright?“


And so they went home. After a few days of rest, Omar shone like a man reborn. His pain washed away and replaced with pure joy. He soon became the happiest and most annoying man in the entire tribe. Burning with anticipation and exploding with joy, that's how his days passed till the birth of his child. The visions and the troubling talk in the desert all but forgotten, his pride growing every day.

Later on, when the child was a few months old, he went on the journey to Mikkaah, the Holy City, to pray and sacrifice at the temple. On his journey, he was again lost in the desert sands. Seperated from the group, he feared for his life and that of his family. Isolated and lost, they fell into desperation. Was it all for naught, would they all die in the desert after all they've been through. It seemed so. Young Abdurahman's life was in danger but he was still small and didn't fear the threat and terror his parents felt, he just played in the sand. When suddenly, he swung his little arms and puddle of water emerged under him. Could this be? Another sign? His parents didn't waste too much time speculating and after their sense of wonder died down a little they filled their flasks thankfully with the fresh water that sprouted under young Rami's feet. Soon they found their way back to the group. Their young, miraculous child saved their lives. The old prophecies seemed fresher and more relevant every day now and with each succeeding „miracle“ of the little child, Omar believed more and more that he was to be the father of the coming Sunniha savior. It was his holy duty to raise and protect him, even more than the Pilgrimage or the reciting of the Karuna. Finding water in the desert or lighting fire in the night when the wood wouldn't burn were small things, but they were signs of something bigger. Once he came back from the pilgrimage Omar set his aims high, his son would be the best of the best, remembered for all time. Abdurahman was simply, his ticket to immortality... and he was sure to take the ride.

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« Reply #6 on: Aug 27, 2013 06:59 pm »

Ah, and my wish is granted, Full backstory for Omar and Fatma. Smiley The way they came together, some kind of Romeo & Juliet romance that had Omar dueling her brother and "kidnapping" her, really shows how Adventure Romances may be fun at the time but it's not a whole lot to build a lasting relationship on. Omar has a certain sympathetic element to him, as a product of his society who wants both glory and the kind of family that his culture says he should have, but there's that tragic flaw of obsession with both that I'm guessing will take him to a bad end.

I continue to enjoy the quasi-formal language and narration, and the insert of "Good times, good times," in there got me chuckling at the abrupt casualness. Cheesy

I like how Abdurahman's Avatar powers are manifesting as something a lot like divine miracles, the legend removing the mechanics of bending in favor of the wonder of the moments. It's a nice connection to the Avatar world we know without taking at all from the legend being presented here.

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« Reply #7 on: Aug 29, 2013 03:19 am »

„Who are the Yahuddim?“- the sandsage asked

„The Yahuddim are our enemies and the enemies of Elloh. They have foolishly rejected the Messanger, despite all that was revealed to them before. They have chosen to ignore what was prophecied in their own holy book, the Tevrah, and in their pride have rejected one of the true messangers of the Mightiest One, our Messanger, peace be upon him.“

„Good.“ –but Abdurahman continued, trying to hide his obvious discomfort.

„They live on the northern edge of the desert, near the great city of Ba Sing Se, just over the river and down beyond till the desert. Some live in the city itself. All of them work for our enemy, the Earth King, some as bankers, some as craftsmen, some as advisers. They have rites that are similar to us, they graze their sheep and take care of their cattle like us, but they are not like us. They used to be our brothers and superiors in the days of ignorance but they ignored OUR messanger and tried to kill him, like they tried with their own before. That's why Elloh Almighty cursed them, that's why all their wealth and riches wont mean anything when the Last Day comes.“

„Very good, you are quite knowledgable boy. So tell me, what is the law of guests.“

Abdurahman's face shone up:

„A guest must be treated with the highest of honor. He must be cared for and protected from all harm and introduced to our customs so that he might avoid offending them. He can be introduced to our faith but he must not be forced to accept it, for Elloh truly doesn't love the violator. He is also vulnerable, since he is not part of the tribe. That's why he enjoys special status. We must care for the stranger in our midst for it brings great blessing to do so, just like caring for the widow and the orphan does. However, if he breaks our laws knowingly he must be punished according to the Law or banished. If he wishes to join our people he must go through initiation and once that is done, he shall be like one of us, without distinction or discrimination; he is free to work for his bread and his status among the tribe.“

He paused and added

„This law applies to all strangers who live in our midst. All, even the Yahuddim. Even if he is from the cursed people, we shall bless him with our respect and protection, for Elloh is truly Great, the Greatest.“

The sages were baffled. They didn't like the end of his reply but the boy was right. He knew the customs well. Not knowing what to do or how to react they jumped to the next question... and the boy replied well, without incident or failure this time.

„How was my son?“ Omar asked the sage Saaid.

„He is great. I have never seen a boy so bright but...“

„But what!? Tell me! Tell me!!“

„Well, it seems he is not exactly comfortable with all of our ways and traditions.“

„That ungrateful little...“

„Calm down, nothing to lose your sabur over. It's a little early but normal for his age to question things. It will wear off, you thought him well. Never have I seen someone recite the Karuna so fluently, elegantly and perfectly. It is almost as if he had mastered it already in another life. Which can only mean... that you should be proud.“

Omar's nervous anger subsided „Very well. I will teach him the proper way, even if I have to beat it into him. Thanks. Where is he now.“

„Inside the Temple courtyard, discussing the Law with the elder sages.“

„It's all due to his mother's influence, he must learn not to question rightful authority. I'll get him.“

„Don't be too hard on him, he has a bright future ahead.“

„I'm just making sure it stays that way.“

He entered the sacred compound and found his twelve year old son sitting on the staircases, lively discussing with the elders.

„If a woman is found...“

„Rami, we are going now. Wait outside untill I finish talking.“

„Alright, father.“ He bid the sages farewell, went outside where Saaid was still standing and let his father have a word with Shaarif, the main sage.

„My humble greetings, noble one.“ Omar began

„Greetings to you too.“

„So, is he...“

„It seems that...“

Outside, Abdurahman, guarded by Saaid, was waiting patiently, looking around the inner city of Mikkaah. He was curious about the outer city, especially the foreign outpost. He heard stories, from when he was little, about foreign and far away lands, different peoples and nations. The yearly visit to his mother's tribe and family was always a pleasure but it couldn't satisfy his lust for adventure or his longing for something different. He knew the desert like the back of his hand by now. One day, though, he would travel the world and become a legend. He just had to wait a little while longer.


„Yes father!“

„Come along son, we're going home.“

„But dad, can't we visit the foreign quarter, just this once?“

„No! If the wrong people notice you have powers, me and our tribe could lose you, and it would kill your mother, and you don't want that.“

„Who are these people and why am I so special?“


„Are they the Yahuddim?“

„Could be, some of them surely.“

„Are all Yahuddim evil?“

„Yes, they are plotters and schemers, more interested in pure money than honor or rightousness.“

„But they can't be ALL bad, there has to be at least some that are good, otherwise they wouldn't have received so many messangers in the past.“

„Well, there are a few good apples in some rotten bunches, like your mother and the Shaiia... but don't bet your scarf on it and don't risk finding out. You are my heir, my legacy, you have to stay safe, understood?“

„Yes, father, I'll try to understand“ Rami replied sadly „But one day I will travel the world and become rich. So rich that the tribe shall never know hunger, no more.“
Omar looked on his boy with a kind of melancholic pride.

„Perhaps I'll meet with the Yahuddim... and steal one of their women!“

„That's my boy! Yes, you will. But all in its time.“

They wandered out to the outskirts of town, not noticing that three strange figures dressed in purple garb, two men and woman, were following them.

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« Reply #8 on: Sep 01, 2013 02:23 pm »

Are the Yahuddim the "beetle merchants?" Granted, they could be another culture that didn't survive to Aang's era, but the Beetle Merchants seem to fit what was said of the Yahuddim, with the Sandbenders assuming they sold Appa to Ba Sing Se. Even in Sandbender-focused fanfic, I rarely see anything done with the Beetle Merchants, so that would be really nice to have them explored here.

Omar seems to have figured out that his son is the Avatar, and it sounds like Sage Shaarif is on the same page. Purple clothes for the mysterious watchers is interesting; the only people who wore purple in ATLA were Water Tribe, and the White Lotus was merely blue and probably wouldn't be involved in world affairs at this point in the timeline, so I'm at a loss to guess who they might be. Sages of some kind, sure, but I'd be surprised if Water Tribe sages made the journey to the desert.

I also liked how Abdurahman connected the law of guests to the Yahuddim to illustrate an instance where prejudice should be overcome. I've read that stuff similar to the law of guests existed in the ancient world, and the rivalry with the Yahuddim reminds me of the break between Islam and Judaism, so I think I'm on top of the real world influences thus far.

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« Reply #9 on: Sep 11, 2013 03:07 pm »

The yahhudi,m are not beettle merchaants-althoughh beeing iin THa desseer't made theehm - Queyet awErr of mee-enii thieanGS'.. liyK NAhAAb, ze deesseRt Liffjd fOrrs, which Gii-ivs No0rrmAA-l and - supEr-noRma'l life eNergi TO whiiCh possEs iT'

AbDuRRaahmAn wa S  alw-ey's fasc)inAt.e,d Wit thAt  an?d he could waiiT fo.OR Ze. oPOrrtuunti to stri)-ayk un Konvverzacio,n wiTh them one day in order to learn about Theeir awwsoo,m poooweer,s

With this I, end the chapitel on sandbenter life cultuu'r in order to give a loook at hoW theey liv' life. landguag' And cuLtur.......

As I said, the book describing Abdurraman's  super-natural powers ' rise 'and falll will be a tough cookii to swalloww  for  everibodi  not pre'pareD to master the languag') of this amazigh'') peoples'*

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« Reply #10 on: Oct 08, 2013 01:34 pm »

Come back and finish this please.

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« Reply #11 on: Jun 04, 2014 04:47 pm »

Super bump.

I really would like to see how this would go. This is very nice to read.

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« Reply #12 on: Dec 04, 2015 10:26 am »

The Prophecy of
Abdurrahman Ravan

Avatarhood can be transferred, hidden
It can be won and lost
It can be passed on from generation to generation or jumped over to a point other than expected
While everyone is an Avatar, only one can be THE avatar at a certain moment
Sometimes it's Aang, sometimes it's Korra but now, Raava
Raava is the new start
Fresh beginning
She watches over her child
The first to come of the new Cycle

While possible, it is not permissible for an avatar to fulfill his body with that of someone else

While permissible, it is not possible for two Avatars to exist at the same time

Islam teaches that who wanders is not lost, but only looking for Jennet, Paradise

Abdurrahman Ravan is the new Prophet

The bringer of peace

He is one and only

But he has a brother, Toph's son

Toph is the Mother of the new duo, Edward and Alphonse, Mohammed and Ali, Mother and Son, Father and Son, Son and Father, Father and Mother

Channel Iroh must

For he is the bringer of each new cycle, it's Socrates, a model to be looked after and learned from
The way Toph learned from Iroh, Iroh learns from Toph, and sees what can and what cannot be
He evaluates each new Avatar carefully and tells when is the time for him or her to come
Raava, the Son of toph, Tophet, idol, priest, vernichter (destroyer)
He will be called by many names
Son of God

All are valuable, all are important
All are playing their part

Aleph is the letter, the beginning
In the beginning there was the word
And the word was with god
and God was the Word

Raavan is coming
Open your eyes and hear his message

Islam will triumph
Over the idols, over the Earth King
And Ba Sing Se will become sacred again
Welcome to the Earth Kingdom
Lush and full of life
Oasis in a sea of Fire

Raavan will triumph
Convert all his enemies to islam
and islam will convert all enemies into friends
friends will stay
over lifetimes
the way toph stayed friends with all and everyone over long time
she may be ancient but she is wise
now that korra is in the World
She can be free to do
what has to be done
Avatar Rahman
Come and Save
Paradise Awaits

All who must be saved Will be saved
Reconciliation awaits
and so does endless space
Mustafa will be the new Avatar after him
A girl after Izumi's heart
Yet mighty
The embodiement of Azula and Lu Ten
A daughter worthy of her mother
Read the signs and see

Idols will be smashed and hope will be lost
But it will be for all the better
The King of the Earth will be obavješten, made aware, of his sin

Lost will be the idols
Remnants of a long distant past

And a new Kaaba will rise

At the center of Ba Sing Se
The Only, the Holy, the City

Iroh tells


Watch over Raavan, oh Tophe
Oh watch him like a son

And his brother, Imam Ali, parts of the same whole

It Will Be Done

So, HE speaks

So, He wills

So, He makes

So, He takes

So, He masters

So, he Waters

So, he makes

So, he takes

So, he masters


The endless cycle will begin anew


Save us from hell!

There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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« Reply #13 on: Dec 05, 2015 01:25 am »

The sands of time wait for no man, but they can be bent. This is old Sandbender wisdom. For everything there is time. Time and the right place. This is a lesson Abdurrahman learned very young, when he was six and his brother Musa was about to be born. Finally, he was no longer responsible as the sole heir to his father's name. He finally had time to have a childhood, not a kingdom. This doesn't mean he didn't care for his little brother. By the time he went to Miccah to get his abilities and knowledge of the Holy Book tested he had already mastered various schools and styles of sandbending, his natural element. However, he very early on showed an ability rare among his tribe, to solidify sand into rock. He was, in truth, an earth bender, just like the Cursed Man on the Earthern Throne, the one he was destined to defeat one day through Musa's miracles. Of course, he used that ability to make his father happy, he could now live in a house of rock, not just a tent. This made the rest of the tribe really jealous, so he built houses for them too, shortly before his journey to Miccah, which pacified the situation. Thus, he traveled with fortune and blessing to the holy place built by the ancient sandbenders, holy to both Sunniha and Shahia.

After he left the holy site of his tribe three foreigners began their pursuit, dressed in purple, they awaited the right time to greet him. One was a girl of very pretty built who would soon find herself enamoured by his charm. She was 19 and he almost 13 but they were destined for each other, the foreigners greeted his father with all courtesy and presented him with welcome and valuable gifts of spice and minerals and this lead to them being invited to his tent, not his house, but his tent. There, he showed his son to the pretty girl first and foremost because to him, he was a man now, ready for his own harem. The word itself is not well understood, it means forbidden, protected. One can have only one wife for life, it is still a harem. Thus, Sanita, the pretty fire nation girl would soon find herself the first and most eternal of many loves of Abdurrahman and he would always stay loyal to just her and her alone in spirit, despite uniting his flesh with many other females over the course of his life.

Sanita, was in short, taken abreath by the abilities of Ravan, especially by him drying out an entire oasis just to get to it's hidden flower and pluck it out for her. He also saved her numerous times from hostily sand sharks and sand worms. He was, in short, her hero and charmer since day one. From his mother, Abdurrahman had learned to accept and appreciate all women and from his uncle Demir to accept and appreciate all men, wether Sunniha or Shahia.

Abdurrahman was in short, a good person, nothing less and nothing more is needed.
That, not the number of elements is what makes one an Avatar.
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There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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« Reply #14 on: Dec 06, 2015 01:36 am »

Sanita was to Rahmi's great delight one of the so called cursed tribe, the Yahuddim. Together with them, the Hristosians and the Shahia the Sunniha constitute the Si Wong. One tribe to the outsiders but divided within, only united in their hatred and mistrust of the Great Usurper and Plunderer, the Earth King.

Abdurrahman's Desire was fulfilled in Sanita, whom he loved since the day her and her two brothers met in his father's tent. From his Shahia uncle Demir, Apu inherited a great love for all things foreign and a respect for all things strange. Nothing strange could ever really scare him, only fascinate him, thanks to his birth protector, The Great Lord of Storms and Sand.

Sanita would grow to become the perfect lover and friend and a second mother to Musa, his younger brother whom only he understood when he spoke. But on Musa's 12th birthday he finally spoke to the whole congregation of the tribe:

This is the Law
All who are good are of one tribe
There is no Sunniha, no Shahia, no Hristosian and now Yahud
All are equal and dear in the eyes of the Lord Elloh

We are all exiles in Paradise and Paradise is ours to take with the fruit and sweat of our labor
Let each honest man and woman have their bread and each parasite nothing but hunger
May Elloh bless all who are blessed and curse all who are cursed

Let the bread feed your soul, not just your body
Brake it and eat it's filling for it is your mana, your energy
Eat it in delight and consume the crust with honey and chocolate

Live long and prosper whatever the state of the world might be
You deserve your rest, may one day in the week be without work
And never pray to stones or sand for it is an insult to the Most High

Only pray to him in your heart of hearts and remember him in your mind of minds
He will bless you to the thousand and oneth generation if you are good but curse you only to the third if you are bad
So merciful is he that he will forgive all sins if you admit in your heart that you need to be forgiven

Elloh be praised

And indeed, soon after this event all the men of the 13th battalion of the desert raiders came to steal away Apu and Musa for the Army but were defeated in a mighty battle and exterminated to the last man for nobody may touch The People when they have their day of reconcilliation.

With his might, Apu built a monument, the Tower of Bablim to remind all Four of their common mission, to crush the Earth King and make him and his armies gone for good. Now, all Four would speak their languages but always understand each other.

The sands of time might have hidden Bablim but it is so sacred that even to this day, it's power can be felt. So much so that even Airbender and Firebender can speak the same tongue.

Bablim is dead. Long live Bablim

There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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There is also, a fifth tribe, one that binds the four tribes of the Earth together, in mutual understanding. They are the builders of Bablim. Known as the Beatle Merchants, they are never at war with anyone or anything, they are just there. They call themselves the Toareg and they have been the wisest and quietest people of all time. They move slowly but always arrive in time. They pass great distances with ease. They discover and uncover wonders and treasures and never take credit or interest for their work. Just doing good deeds is enough to them. They cover the faces of their men with masks and let their women show themselves freely. An Toareg village is never empty of joy and business, they trade literally everything but only few, like Abdurrahman know of their very existence.

Their sister tribe are the Amanzig with whom they have a secret bond. Their brother tribe are the Phenicii, the people of the watery see, the feeders of the Fire Islands. Together, they form a triad that is the fifth in the quartet or Sunniha, Shahia, Hristosi and Yahud. They are seven in total. The sacred number.

Together, they are invincible and it is the destiny of Abdurrahman to bring them all together forever.
For he is something greater than a mere avatar.

He is
The Kammatar

The reaper of fruit and seed and carrier of interest.
Long May he live in his Newborn Spirit Portal
True ruler of ALL the Earth

There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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"If my wife, a Yahud, can be good, then the King of the Earth can't be all bad."

This was the reasoning behind Ravan's acceptance of the grand invitation the King sent him for his 17th birthday to join him in his palace as a permanent ambassador for the people of the Selamic faith, the faith of all, the true faith to which he, THE King was ignorant about.

"I can save his soul, but not alone."

Hence, why Musa joined him in his quest to show the Earth King the might and power and truth of Selam, The Way of Peace.
He thus asked his Godfather, the Lord of Storms, the King of Ephrites to watch over him, his family and household until his Triumph.
The Lord of Storms responded favorably to the lamb sacrifice he made and was very pleased with his son for being so mature and protective of his flock

With his wife and mother he left behind in their palace in Bablim he could travel anywhere now.
Shortly before departing his wife bore him twins, both able to speak since day one, Ibrahim, the Dreamer of Dreams and Daniel, the Speaker of Speaks. What one speaks the other dreams and vice versa. Thus, over his twins, Abdurrahman could stay in contact with his family whenever he closed his eyes in meditation.

And so his adventurous journey over the mountains of Ayran and the people of Parsi up to the Holy City of Ba Sing Se began.
Nothing could stop him now, no king and no prophet, because he, along with his inseparable family, was both.

His father was proud.

So proud that he would follow him and Musa along as they travel and protect them heroically from any beast, animal or man trying to hurt them.

Thus, the exploits of Omar would pass into legend and his father would gain the immortality he so desired.

There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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When the delegation of 300 mighty Ayran warriors arrived at the doorsteps of Mikkah he knew force was out of question. He could not have his people and his city endangered in a fiery duel with the People of Fire, the Parsi. Theirs was a warrior people through and through. So, as they all traveled through the eastern highlands that constitute the Parsi homeland he began to get to know them better and they him, they came to mutual understanding and respect, for no victory is greater than one achieved through peace and cooperation.

He learned from the Parsi that they weren't as brutal or uncaring as people portrayed them, they were in fact, very generous to even the weakest member of any people asking for aid, as long as the heart of the seeker of aid was pure as fire they would aid him or her. Hence, in celebration of their new found friendship, Abdurrahman slew and sacrificed two earth bulls and shared them with the Legion. Much delight was had, as the bones, skins and meat of the mighty creatures were reused in the full awareness of the holiness of all life. Throughout the ceremony, Musa preached the Law with a voice milkier than milk and softer and more pleasant than honey. He impressed the Parsi who were fire worshippers with his speech about smoke sticks and burnt offerings, whom they all equally enjoyed. As it turned out, many in the Legion were sympathetic or even fully converted to the Shahia faith, hence sympathetic to Musa and Abdurrahman, fruits of a Shahia union. Despite being excluded in some respects from the main action, Omar became highly respected too and found his early fascination with the Ayranians fulfilled. He knew now that his son was to meet and defeat the Earth King and this confidence gave him strength in his body greater than even the peak of his youth.

So, the Legion and their three companions traveled North, to Ba Sing Se, but it would take them months and an unexpected meeting of fates to reach fully.

There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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Musa thus spoke to the congregation of 300:

"Meat is the most sacred of all the gifts of life, a wonder of nature.
Another being has left its shell, its earthly home and journeyed back to the Spirit World just so you could enjoy a healthy and refreshing meal that will lengthen your life. This doesn't mean you can eat just any animal, only the clean ones if possible.
But what makes an animal clean or unclean.
Simple, if properly slain, clean animals will not suffer death and they will forgive their slayers and speak good things about them in the afterlife.
The unclean animal will never accept its death and curse you with sickness and filth and all it can achieve to get revenge on you.
Thus, you must not eat of the pork and the dark fowl but only of the white fowls, the oxen, the cattle, the sheep and the horses.
But you must never drink their blood else the curse of spilled blood befall you.
But since you are human and desire to drink it, you may drink the juice of the grapes of Paradise.
You must however, keep them clean of yeast else the curse and sin of drunkeness befall you.
When you sacrifice, you must cite the holy prayers of the Book to make the lamb, the oxen, the cattle and the sheep fall asleep.
Only in sacred sleep will they not suffer their slaying but sail away peacefully
You must not hinder the spilling of the blood but dry them of it fully.
Skin them and bone them and make use of all they have to offer.
By either burning them or building clothes and tents from them
May no life be taken in vain
You must partake in the feast, by the eating of the sacrifice is the slayer ridden of guilt.
And when you offer something to the fire, leave a rest wholey to it, my it burn to ash and be gone
That is the sacrifice of burnt offering and the sacrifice of the smoking stick.
Inhale their holy smokes but never to the completion
Let it be a joyous feast of spirits between you and Elloh
May you always wander in the joy and light of Elloh Most High."

Thus Musa's speech ended, Omar was satisfied and Abdurrahman loudly mused:

"Man, what mystery is man, and what even greater mystery is woman.
There can only be four, jinn, ephrite, malachi and terran, the four elements
Fire, Air, Water, Earth, the eternal cycle. No hand can stop it, except the hand of the Most High
We have gathered here, us three sons of the desert with you, the sons of Fire to celebrate our common god
May the sands of time pass but the sands and stones of memory ever stand still and chronicle this great union of us

Welcome to my world, our world. I shall show it to you, me and my godfather, the Lord of Storms, one part of the fourfold union of holy ghosts."

Thus Rahmi created an air of mystery and waited patiently for someone to come forward and ask about the true nature of mankind and the universe.
What it meant and will mean, what is great yet unseen, what is to happen but is already past, what is fleeting and what doomed to last.

Come forward and you shall hear.


There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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Abdurrahman called out for someone to speak, to approach, but no one dared to be schooled by him, except one, an unfamiliar face, fresh from the shadows.

The tapestry of destiny is a work gilded in mystery, for no one can surely tell which threads will come together, which apart. Only few are blessed with the capacity for preminition, and even then it is uncertain work. Even Abdurrahaman and Musa could not fully predict the future but they could see into the sea of time like a dark ocean and sometimes catch the fishes in the muddled water. So, in order to mark the arrival of the familiar stranger whose arrival they could sense, Abdurrahman started singing a song he dedicated to his true love, Sanita.

With this rose in my hand
I travel through the seas of sand
Looking for the oasis that will bring
Salvation and a happy end
I trust in the Almighty
And hope he will understand
Why I carry my Rose in my hand
I dream of rain and thunder
I dream of journey's end
I dream of salvation
from this endless sand
My fears end and I see
The place I was always meant to be
I wander into the green gardens
Rose in hand, glad I left behind
The deserts and the sand
I plant my rose in the black earth
And take a swim, for all power
Comes from within
I look upon this rose of mine
And I am stricken as if by wine
I sing a song and swim
No one can touch me from within
Sheytan is dead and so are his works
I live now free from his bloody curse
Almighty has blessed me with this rose
With a beauty that can't be described in words

"I'm pleased to meet you... Avatar." The stranger spoke: "You must surely love that girl of yours."

"Indeed, she is my one and only." Abrurrahman replied: "Perhaps you would like to sing a song of yours."

Everybody stood still in anxious anticipation, everyone was on edge due to the strangers sudden appearance and ready to strike him. Only Apu's calm stance prevented the Legion from cutting down the intruder where he stood. Who was this stranger, where did he came from and what does he want?

"The Law of Guests applies friends, lower your weapons and bending stances."

Reluctantly, the congregation obeyed the call to calm from the Slayer of Wilderbeasts. Now all eyes were on them, still ready to attack should the encounter turn sour.

"I think I should introduce myself first, but I have the feeling you already know who I am."

"Indeed I do, Kasim Seng, elder prince of Ba Sing Se. I have for long suspected you were alive after all, and here you are."

"I have heard of your many exploits in battle, against both human and beasts and so I have come here to greet you; you may call me Kuruma."

"Pleased to meet you." Musa spoke "Will you be staying alone with us or are your three companions joining us as well?"

"How very sharp your brother is, Avatar. Truly, I come with my friends. Senji, Mioko, Kasumi, come out." Respectively, one man and two women came out behind the Legion and joined the central fire place, greeting the soldiers and finding a good place to sit next to Omar.

"You must have listened to my brother's serenade for your friends are a firebender, airbender and waterbender." Musa continued

"And they mean everything to me. Thus, I have a song for all of you good people here. Kasumi dear, come sing with me."

Whatever the time, whatever the cost,
I will reach the person I love most.
Whatever the distance, whatever the pain,
We will meet under the blessing of rain.
I love you with all my heart, and no desert can leave us apart.
I have made this promise and with it shall I depart,
To keep forever safe and sound yours and mine heart

"Wonderful, thank you good sir, I shall remember that song." Abdurrahman said, touched by the melody of Kasumi's voice
"I believe your pal here is quite the alchemist, tell me, Senji, what kind of nightshade did you use for the potion?"

"I didn't use nothing, I was just praying to your lord godfather, he is the one who grants invisibility in the hardest of times."

"The Lord of Storms, I believe I have found a new brother."

Senji and his girlfriend Mioko smiled, this new adventure could turn out to be fun and be the ticket to the riches Kuruma promised them.

"Also, I think the four of you make a great team, Earth, Fire, Air, Water. TOGETHER you are Avatar."

Thus, Apu's earlier speech was finally validated, but not before the trio of him, Musa and Omar faced of the quatro of them in a friendly bending competition, benderball. Thus, the Avatar witnessed and met up with a team that was in spirit and practice him, Abdurrahman had found his soulmates.


There is no refuge but in audacity. No salvation other than in strength.

"It is better to live one hundred years in wealth than seven days in poverty." - Bob Rock
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