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Author Topic: LOK Abriged Thread  (Read 18893 times)
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Dead Ships Sailing

« Reply #75 on: Dec 27, 2016 09:42 pm »

God, it feels like we've waited forever for this one, which figures since it's a two-parter.

Episode 15/16 – “Civil Wars: The Movie: The Saga”

(Starring Korra's excellent judge of character!)

Huh, it looks like Unalaq had mind controlling powers over Korra this whole time...would've explained a lot in the original series. And he has drawings of kites all over the palace...FORESHADOWING??!

Nice for Mako to show concern about Bolin's relationship with Eska like a good mom--I mean brother, which is the least we should've expected of canon!Mako. Eska's still a terrible girlfriend, but here Bolin's too in love to notice. Watch what you say...Asami's always listening. She still has it better than Senna though; she can't even get a full sentence in. "I can't be a part of ANYTHING!"

Unalaq seemed to really like getting kidnapped.

WOAH GIRL, WHEN'D YOU GET HERE? (this is totally a running gag now, I love it)

"Well, this was a waste of time." You said it, Tenzin. Kya and Bumi are such burnouts, lol.

"Calm down, Naga's not gonna"--CHOMP! Which is exactly what would've happened in the original series if Naga was even slightly less well trained.

I'm totally with PVB!Korra on how much the South Pole sucks. By the end of the Civil War plot in-canon I'm sure most of us were thinking it.

Now both Eska and Ikki have gone bonkers.

OMG! Project Voicebend is amazing! It's my second favorite abridged series after DBZ Abridged.

Oddly enough, I like the Asami and Mako from this series a little more than the actual characters. I'm such a terrible person Cheesy.

I'm pretty sure a lot of us do. It's easier to like characters when their flaws are acknowledged (Mako) or if they're given flaws to work through in the first place (Asami). I think the only character in this series I find less entertaining than the original is Varrick, and that's only because John Michael Higgins isn't doing the voice.
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Keeper of Wan's teapot and the Zhu Li (the battleship, not Varrick's wife).

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