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Author Topic: Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History (PG-13)  (Read 13861 times)
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« on: Jul 12, 2012 08:39 am »

Title:Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing

Author's Note
This is based on the characters and concepts from the Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra series. The events described below take place between Legend of Korra Book 1 and Book 2. I am hoping for fans of the source material of Avatar to give me their feedback if i have gotten the feel of the world right. Hope you all enjoy it.
- Reignwulf

<<<<<<<<story begins below>>>>>>>>>>

<flying on the back of a Sky Bison with an Air Temple in the distant background>

Tenzin: so Korra now that you have seen the Eastern and Western Air Temples what do you think?

Korra: they were amazing, I could see how they looked in the past and how they have changed.

Tenzin: I am both proud and envious of you. Proud because you have really developed your spiritual connection to your past lives and in such a short amount of time.

Korra: Go on (staring at him teasingly)

Tenzin: and envious (with a disapproving look) because you have access to soo much rich history, much of which has been lost through the centuries. The stories the previous avatars could tell us would be compelling to say the least.

<at the thought Tenzin becomes reflective and has a sad glint in his eyes which draws Korra’s attention. He quickly dismisses it and continues.>

Tenzin: When I was young Avatar Aang would often tell me of the adventures him and his friends went on. My siblings and I always found them interesting, although Kya and Bumi thought attempting our own adventures would be better, much to our parents grief sometimes.

Korra: Tenzin can I ask you a question?

Tenzin: of course.

Korra: why is it that you always refer to him as Aang or Avatar Aang and never as “Dad” or “Father”?

Tenzin: (cheeks an embarrassed red) I call him those names all the time……

Korra:  no you don’t not once have I heard those words uttered from your mouth.

Tenzin: I am sure that…..

Korra: (interrupting) nope…..

Tenzin: …..I have used……..

Korra: (interrupting) never..not once….ever

Tenzin: AVATAR Korra please!!!!

Korra: just call me DAD!!

(Tenzin looks at her with a shocked expression)

Korra: I mean after all Aang is one of my past lives so in a way that kind of makes me your Dad.

Tenzin: (regaining his composure) Hardly. While you have access to the lives and memories and collected skills of all the previous Avatars, each Avatar has been a unique person with their own experiences, friends, and families. There are people all over the world that have lineages connected to a past Avatar. Most of those lineages never cross paths. The spirit of the Avatar is reincarnated but that person is always completely new. That being said,  I see alot of my “Fathers” tendencies in you but you are not him you’re definetly your own person Korra.

Korra: (grabbing him from behind around his shoulders) see saying Father wasn’t so bad now was it?

<Tenzin gives her another exasperated look as he reigns in the Sky Bison as they begin their descent down to Air Temple island back home at Republic City. As they approach Mako, Bolin along with Tenzin’s wife and kids wave. Korra sits crossed legged as a tiny little tornado appears under her and lifts her from her seat and suspends her over the ground in front of Mako and Bolin.>

Mako: impressive Korra I see you’ve been practicing while on your trip to the air temples.

Bolin: that is way cool, so can you like fly now?

Jinora: technically it would be gliding.
Ikki: (spoken really fast) and its so fun you can go really fast, and go up and down and you can fly in circles and do loop-de-loops and touch the clouds and the clouds are soft like cotton candy but they don’t taste like cotton candy. HEY we should all go get some cotton candy. Can we go daddy can we go gets some cotton candy, huh can we can we?!?!

Meelo: yea cotton candy (while running around with his arms up in a glider like fashion)

Bolin: I also would like some cotton candy if were going

Pema: children your father and Korra just got home and I’m sure they are very tired.

<Tenzin thankful for his wifes interjection, kisses Pema affectionately then bends down alittle to kiss baby Rohan on the forehead. >

Tenzin: lets go inside and eat some dinner.

<as the kids rush off towards the house, Mako and Bolin graciously help with the offload. Bolin using his earth bending to levitate a flat slab of granite that they load the items onto and bring inside the house. Mako puts his arm around Korra and they all casually stroll inside.
Later that evening Korra is laying down in her bed awake. Not feeling very tired she decides to take a walk outside near one of the shallow cliffs of the island facing Republic City. She stops and as she gazes outward she reflects on seeing the Eastern and Western Air Temples and how they looked now and how she saw them in the flashbacks of Aangs memories; both as a child and as an adult when they were being rebuilt. She also reflects on Tenzins’ words about the stories the past Avatars could tell. She closes her eyes and begins to meditate. When she opens her eyes she is in the spirit world and Aang is sitting in front of her.>

Aang: hello Korra

Korra: Avatar Aang

Aang: no need to be so formal just call me "Dad"!

Korra: (face flushing) so you heard all of that huh?

Aang: (smiling) no not at all. Your thoughts are your own but when you come into the spirit world in the Avatar state your mind links with the past Avatars. I see you are reflecting heavily on your discussion with Tenzin.

Korra: yea. I was thinking about what he said about all the knowledge from our past lives and I guess I was alittle curious.

Aang: that’s perfectly alright, it happens to every Avatar at some point or another.

<Aang and Korra stand. Aang waves his hands and little bubbles emerge from a pool of water underneath their feat. The bubbles begin to grow and spread out all around them. Inside each bubble Korra can see a different Avatar and flashes of memories from their lives. Korra looks around staring in a 360  circle as the bubbles surround her and climb upward beyond sight.)

Korra: its amazing

Aang: (staring admiringly) yes it is.

Korra: there is just so much to know and learn.

<Aang waves his hand and the bubbles begin to rapidly descend downward back into the water creating huge splashes as they do. As the pool of water calms only one bubble remains overhead and it slowly glides down to hover over Aangs outstretched palm.>

Aang: I know Tenzin seems very serious to you. I suppose that is partly my fault. You see of the three of my children Tenzin is the only air bender. Tenzin was also the only one who really took to the spiritual training I taught my kids.

<Korra looks at the bubble Aang is holding and can see Aang inside of it with a much younger Tenzin. They are both in the spirit world in the exact same place Korra is with Aang now. The bubble expands and suddenly Korra and Aang are inside of the bubble staring at the father and son. Korra turns and Aang is no longer standing next to her. She looks back at the pair sitting down conversing with each other. They are both sitting crossed legged and Aang is again holding a bubble in his palm.>

Aang: Tenzin, my son, as the Avatar I have a lot of responsibility but I cannot do everything on my own. One thing I have learned is that you will always need the help of others in your life. I will not always be around and when I pass, you my son will be the last Air Bender. It will be your responsibility one day to train the next Avatar.

Tenzin: me?! train the avatar?

Aang: yes every Avatar must be trained by a master and whoever the next Avatar is you will be their Air Bending Master. This is a great honor as well as a great responsibility you are being entrusted with. The world needs the Avatar to maintain balance but more importantly the Avatar needs good teachers to help guide them along their path not just in "bending" but in "life". What I hold in my hand is a memory of a previous Avatar, one of the very first ones.  Once you have seen it you will understand how important your role as the Avatars  teacher and mentor is.

<Aang extends the bubble toward his son who touches it and his eyes begin to glow. As time passes tears begin to roll down young Tenzin’s face as he begins to cry out in anguish and terror. Finally the glow in young Tenzin’s eyes fades and the bubble pops.>

Aang: I had the same reaction when it was shown to me by Avatar Roku my son. This is the long Forgotten History of the Dark Avatar.  This is what happens when there is power without humility, strength without compassion, life without love. I am truly sorry to have to burden you with this knowledge my son but what happened in the Forgotten History must never happen again.

Tenzin: I understand father and I will do my best.

Aang: (reaches out and grabs his sons shoulder affectionately) I know you will Master Tenzin.

Tenzin: Master!!

Aang: there is nothing left for me to teach you of airbending my son. Your skills far surpass mine at your age. Just do not lord the title over your brother and sister ok.

<The bubble pops and Korra is suddenly standing infront of Avatar Aang again, his young self and his son are gone. Aang is holding a bubble that is glowing as it hovers over his hand.  He sends the bubble back down into the pool and the entire pond glows brightly with light then vanishes.>

Korra: what could have happened that would cause Tenzin to react that way. I could feel his sorrow and pain. It was intense like nothing I have ever felt before.

Aang: you came seeking answers and have found more questions. Do you truly wish to know what he saw. What a previous Avatar did during his lifetime?

(Korra places her hand on her heart and closes her eyes. She lowers her hand and balls it into a tight fist. She opens her eyes and confidently steps forward towards Aang.)

Korra: Avatar Roku thought it was important. You Avatar Aang think its important and your son, my master, Tenzin thinks its important. I have to know.

(Aang reaches forward and touches Korra initiating the Avatar State.)

Aang: Prepare yourself young Avatar.

------------------TO BE CONTINUED---------------------------
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Title:Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing

Author's Note
I am really into the storyline right now and since i don't have to wait on the creators for this story i can assume a more aggressive pace in writing it. Each section is ideally to be viewed as if it were an actually episode. Since Korra and the gang are older then Aang & crew its gonna be fairly mature content read interms of its tones. Hope you enjoy it. -Reignwulf

<<<<<<<<story begins below>>>>>>>>>>

<Korra opens her eyes and her and Aang are standing on clouds. She looks to her left and she sees the sun larger then she has ever seen in before. Aang waves his hands and the cloud begins to disperse. As they do Korra reaches out and grabs Aang tightly startling him.>

Aang: Korra what’s wrong! (with alarm in his voice)

Korra: Nothing. It just the last time you showed me something you disappeared and I haven’t really mastered Air bending yet so (looking down) I didn’t want to take any chances.

Aang: (laughing) I assure you that you will not fall. Besides I am a spirit could you really hold on to me if you wanted to?

<Aangs body becomes like smoke as he passes right through her vice-like arm grip. She looks down nervously for awhile then calms. Content she won’t fall she then looks at Aang whose body rematerializes into his regular form.>

Aang: convinced?

<Korra with red cheeks nods slowly. As his form solidifies Aang begins to walk back to Korra when suddenly he begins to fall through the clouds. He lets out a yell as Korra bends down reaching for him.>

Korra: AANG!!!

<Just as quickly as he began his descent he stops in mid-air. If it were the ground it would look as if he was laying there. Korra stares as Aang begins to casually stroll sideways upward to her elevation.  He stops just beneath her and looking at her angry face cannot contain his laughter.>

Korra: You know you can be a real jerk!!

Aang:  (suppressing his laughter but still smiling) I asked you if you were convinced and you didn’t give me an honest answer. You seem content enough to lean on nothing to reach out and try to save me though.

< for the first time Korra realizes that she is leaning on nothing and talking to him. As the realization sinks in, Aang seemingly walks up a corner in mid air to face her properly.>

Aang: remember our minds our linked in the spirit world so I can sense if you’re not being honest with me. I need you to trust me Korra.

Korra: after that stunt you’re off to a lousy start.

Aang: (chuckling) I’m sorry (regaining his composure) no more fun and games I promise. (looking determinedly downward). Sadly that may be all the fun and games you may experience during this. Look below Korra.

<Korra gaze drifts downward and she can see all the land masses of the world below their feet.>

Aang: this is the land during the early years of my time as the Avatar. You can see where the great kingdoms are and how they are divided. This was not always so. In the time of the Dark Avatar there were no kingdoms. He gathered ambitious men and formed his armies and swept over the land like locusts.  He swept though the land subjugating all in his path with his power. The world fell into chaos and shadow. It is he who long ago established the kingdoms of the elements. The way the world is as we have known it is largely in part his legacy although how these things came to be have long been forgotten through the centuries.

<Korra feels a chill go through her very soul. Suddenly the ground seems to rush upwards towards them. In an instant they are on land. Korra gazes about looking at the ruins of a village that was attacked. She walks forward and scoops up a little doll near the edge of a large pit. As she gets closer she see’s piles of skeletons inside of it. Their bones charred and covered by ash. She looks to her left and there is a row of spikes made of earth, each with a skull at its top. A quick flash of movement catches Korra eyes. She looks to her right and sees two small children hiding under some wreckage. She begins to run towards them. The children seem to look in her direction and freeze. Korra uses her earth bending and lifts away a huge slab of earth that was on top of the kids. They look at her with pure terror.>

Korra: its ok kids your safe now. I will protect you (extending her hand outward towards the children)

<The children lift up their hands to shield themselves screaming as Korra draws closer. Korra does not even see the plume of blue flame as it begins to surround her. As she is running towards the children the blue flame engulfs her she stops and spins around raising her arms to shield herself from the flames but they pass right through her. She turns around to see the blue flame racing towards the children. She tries to bend the flame but it does not respond. She tries to erect a mound of earth in front of the children but nothing happens. The older of the two children, a boy, jumps in front of the other child ,a young girl, to shield her. Korra screams. The blue flames wash over the children instantly; their cries last only a moment. Korra helplessly drops down to her knees staring in disbelief.>

Korra: ..why?.....who would do such evil?…..(screaming) WHO?!?!

<Korra’s  eyes fill with tears as she pounds the earth with her fists in rage. She turns an angry gaze upon Aang but he does not even seem fazed by the incident. In fact he is not paying any attention to it at all. Aangs body is taut, as if he is on the verge of exploding like a warrior poised to strike down an opponent. Korra turns to follow his sightline along the same path she just ran back to its origin point. She angrily gets up spinning around to take in the sight of the evil monster capable of such an act. She turns to the gaze of a pair of cold dead eyes. All of the righteous anger she just felt leaves her like a flash of lightning, leaving only a hollow void. The barren space in her heart fills with fear and terror like she has never felt before. She thought she knew fear when facing Amon or at the thought of losing her bending but, both pale in comparison to the man before her now. She recoils backward in fear and bumps into Aang. She turns looking up at him but he does not meet her gaze, he remains looking forward defiantly at the figure.>

Aang: this is what we came to see Korra look and behold the Dark Avatar…….


<Kurutta turns his gaze as if seeing the pair standing there for the first time and snickers.  Men with spears and bows pass right through Korra and Aangs astral forms to stand before the tyrant. Kurutta puts his two fists together and the ground beneath the men’s’ feet begins to become quicksand. As they begin to sink the leader on the band of fighters can be heard shouting.>

Group Leader: stay focused on your target men and ATTACK!!!!!!

<The archers and spearmen release their weapons into the air. A flash of flame shoots outward from their group as well as a flurry of ice like daggers towards him. Kurutta opens one clenched fist and with a swatting motion bats away the arrows and spears with a burst of wind.  He opens his other hand in a line in front  of his chest and the ice melts into water. As it gets closer it turns into a soft misty breeze. Kurutta then blows out the torrent of flame as if it were from a small candle. The Dark Avatar laughs as he lifts his hands, palms upward, by the top of his massive frame.  The ground hardens around the feet and ankles of the sinking men holding them fast. The Dark Avatar exhales quickly as a sharp gust of wind shreds their armor and weapons. Then he assumes a stance, one that Korra seems familiar with. She looks at Aang in confusion but his gaze never waivers. Kurutta begins to move his arms as if collecting the air around him into a tiny ball like vortex. He lifts the small swirling orb to his mouth and blows it softly. It shoots towards the middle of the small pack and lands right in their midst, incidentally right in front of Korra.  The orb suddenly expands engulfing the entire group in a bubble of air; at its center there is a tiny tornado that connects to the top and bottom of the air sphere. Korra eyes widen in terror as the funnel begins twisting as all the air around them begins to be pulled into the vortex and funneled out of its top. The men frantically pull at their legs to free themselves, but in mere seconds their hands clutch the base of their throats as they struggle to breath. Korra can no longer bare to see the sight and turns her face into Aang’s chest, crying.>

Korra: ENOUGH!!!.......please….

<There is a flash of light and when Korra opens her eyes she is alone standing by the cliffs facing Republic City. She can feel herself trembling and hugs herself tightly as if cold, despite the warmth of the sunlight creeping over the horizon. She turns around and heads inside hoping for a sleep which would not come.....

....Several hours later....

Korra emerges from her room and heads towards the dining area where she finds Tenzin awake and enjoying a cup of tea. Tenzin looks her up and down and can sense that something is wrong. He put his cup of tea down and motions for her to sit.>

Tenzin: pardon my saying so but you look terrible Korra.

Korra: I feel pretty terrible.

Tenzin: are you ill?

Korra: no.

Tenzin: were you unable to get any sleep?

<Korra leans on the table and places her hand on her forehead partially covering her eyes. Tenzin reading her gesture assumes that she is covering her bloodshot eyes from the morning sunlight and resumes sipping his tea.>

Tenzin: you know Pema makes an excellent herbal tea that works wonders. It puts the kids right to sleep, even Meelo. I am sure it will work for you. After a long trip like ours not getting rest is bad for the body. We can post pone your air bending lesson for today and you can get some rest. I’ll have Pema make some for you.

<Tenzin puts his cup of tea down and makes a motion to get up when Korra with her other hand reaches out and grabs his arm firmly. He sits back down as Korra removes the hand shielding her face and he can see the lines left by her tears.>

Korra: (looking downward) I couldn’t make it through it like you did.

Tenzin: Korra (reaching outward lifting her chin with his hand) what is wrong?

<Korra looks into his fatherly eyes and thinks of her parents. The thought is comforting and she tries to hold onto it as long as possible closing her eyes. After a few moments pass she opens her eyes to Tenzins patient fatherly gaze as he waits for her to continue. She takes a deep breath and dries a tear from her eye. With fresh resolve she looks at her master.>

Korra: I need you to tell me everything you know about Kurutta.

----------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------
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Title:Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Status: ongoing

Author's Note
Trying to keep an aggressive pace with the story while the work load at my job is low. This story is primarily about the Dark Avatars story so i condensed the overall origin portion to not shift too much focus. Let me know what you think or if you have potential ideas that you would like explored that might be consistent with the overal theme of the story. I should also note that the the Dark Avatar visuals are based on the Diablo 3 concept art and is not my original creation. Gotta throw that in there to protect the AvatarSpirit site. Anyways as always i hope you enjoy it.

<<<<<<<<story begins below>>>>>>>>>>

Tenzin: Kurutta!!!

<Tenzin recoils slightly in his seat at the mere mention of the name of the Dark Avatar. He quickly tries to regain his composure and lifts his cup of tea to his mouth. He takes a sip and places the cup back down on the table with a slight rattle. The slight flitter in his hand is very telling to Korra. The usually quiet and reflective Tenzin has attracted the attention of the others in the room; a fact which does not escape his notice. He hastily gets up.>

Tenzin: if you will excuse me Avatar Korra there is an urgent matter I must attend to.

< He is nearly half way out of the room before she has a chance to blink, and with him all the answers that she is seeking. He stops in the archway into the dining area and takes an over the shoulder glance at her before departing. Korra looks across the table at the recently vacated seat and sighs. She suddenly lifts her arm as warm tea touches her skin. She notices that Tenzins’ cup has cracks where his hand held it, spilling the fragrant liquid all over the table. She looks at the empty doorway.>

Korra: what could you have possibly seen……..

<Tenzin quickly walks through the many corridors back to the living quarters, his hand shaking the whole while under his cloak. He makes it back to his room and finds Pema scolding Meelo for having done some mischievous thing. He closes the door behind him and breathes a sigh of relief as if someone had been chasing him and he just reached sanctuary. An image of the Dark Avatar on one of his campaigns creeps into his mind.>

<He steadies his right hand with his left and banishes the thought from his mind. He glances across the room to a small wicker basket housing his sleeping newborn son. He stands over the child and cannot help but smile as the baby yawns in warm contentment and turns on his side back to sleep. This is his fourth child, all of them air benders. Risking the chance of waking him, he scoops him up to hold him in his arms. He cannot help but feel full circle at that moment; holding his son and feeling much like his father must have when he held him as a child. He thinks back and reflects on what his father had told him that night in the spirit world regarding his responsibility to the next Avatar and sighs. He looks down first at the son in his arms, then at the one running around his mother. He turns his gaze down the hall to where his daughters’ rooms are where the chatter of conversation wafts in the air. He places his young son down back into his bed and then with a quick swipe of his hand sends a gust of air flying outward towards his other son. Meelo caught unprepared stumbles into his awaiting mothers’ hands.>

Pema: GOT YOU!! (clamping down on him with inhuman strength) its Bath time.


<Tenzin watches as his wife throws her son securely over her shoulder and goes into the other room with Meelo desperately grabbing for the sides of the doorway trying to escape her clutches, protesting the whole while. A few moments later a huge splash is heard followed swiftly by the exit of bubbles from the bath room. Meelo’s protest shift to contented laughter as the ritual draws to its standard conclusion.  Tenzin confident that all is well and having shaken off his frayed nerves heads towards the door. He gives a quick summary glance of his living quarters and where all his children currently are and cannot help but wonder to himself.>

Tenzin: {in thought…….Which one of you my children will have the burden and the honor of training the next Avatar one day? Who might Korra have to share the knowledge of Kurutta with one day?}

<He closes the door and heads off to the highest tower on the island to meditate and consider what he must say to Korra regarding the Dark Avatar.

…………………..Several hours later……………………

<Korra  having wandered around the whole day in contemplation, spots Tenzin standing alone looking at Republic City on one of Air Temple Islands many terraces. She slowly walks over to him not wishing to disturb him and waits. She herself takes in the beauty of Republic City at night with its many lights and its people living their lives happily. She thinks of her responsibility to them and to others as the Avatar and takes a deep breath to begin when….>

Tenzin: a fine evening we are having wouldn’t you agree Avatar Korra (still looking at the city)

Korra: …yea…..(hesitantly) yea… look Tenzin about earlier I just want to say I’m...

Tenzin: (interrupting) there is no need for that. In fact if anyone is sorry it is me. As your Air Bending Teacher……..(turning to face her) as your friend you came to me seeking answers and I was not as available as I should have been and for that Korra I am sorry.

Korra: well I did just blind side you a little with that, I should have thought of a better way to ask about……him.

Tenzin: Kurutta.

Korra: yea.

Tenzin: the fact that you know his name means Avatar Aang must have shown you the memories about him. I likely know just about as much of him as you do now but I will answer what questions I can.

Korra: well….you see that’s just it Tenzin…(grabbing her arm and looking downward) Aang did show me a memory but I wasn’t able to get through the whole thing. I was……..

Tenzin: scared? I do not blame you. (contemplating for a moment) I don’t know why Aang….(coughing) rather I do not know why my father felt it was time to reveal this information to you but it is something you would have had to learn about at some point. How many year memories did you get through?

Korra: years?!?!?

<Korra eyes open wide in absolute shock. In the spirit world when she sensed her masters’ pain in the memory bubble she assumed it was from the same event that she saw. She had no idea that he'd experience days, weeks, even years of the Dark Avatars lifetime. She could barely make it through a few minutes of the horror that she saw. Shame washes over her like a flood, her feeling weak before pales in comparison to the realization of what she has just heard. Few are the times she has questioned her own strength to be the Avatar like at this moment. Tears begin to flow like rain as she fumbles for words.>

Korra: not even an hour

<Tenzin’s regards the young woman before him for a moment with fatherly pity. What he experienced was as an observer of horrific events in the life of another. He wonders how the impact of knowing it was one of her past lives that did such things might have felt. He thinks of hugging her but decides better of it. Not because he is without compassion, but because the answers she seeks may still yet be far worse then what she has already experienced. The look in Korra’s eye tells him a great deal of her suffering and doubt already.>

Tenzin: If I could have broken the link on my own I likely would not have lasted that long.  Let us not dwell on that experience but focus on the matter at hand. You must have a great many questions indeed.

Korra: Kurutta…the Dark Avatar he is an air bender, how is that possible?  

Tenzin: An air bender just happened to be the next incarnation of the Avatar at that time. If I might ask Korra what event in particular did my father choose to show you?

Korra: …well…. there was what looked like a village that had just been raided. There was a pair of children and he killed them with a blue fire bending. Then a town militia of some kind...

Tenzin: I see….well those events took place much later in the Dark Avatars life. You must understand Korra that Kurutta is the epitome of what people, both bender and non-bender alike, would fear. A nearly all powerful and nigh unstoppable force that would consume or destroy anything and everything in its path. As much of a monster as he was he, in his own way, was a victim of the world he lived in. We live in a world full of benders but in the early cycles of the Avatar bending was a truly rare ability. Those with these abilities were feared and hated. Anyone suspected of being a “bender” were often killed and if they survived were outcasts. There were few who knew how to use these abilities and often did not live long enough to teach others.
Korra: how can that be possible? All the Avatars before Kurutta cannot all have been evil. Wasn’t it their job to bring balance to the world?

Tenzin: Korra... people were not always able to bend the elements. Kurutta’s story even though he was not the first leads us back to the origins of bending.

Korra: the origins of bending?!?!?!

Tenzin: the short version is simply this. At some point in ancient times the Spirits saw mankind as significantly weak and unable to survive. Man was the prey of the creatures of the land sea and sky. So the spirits decided to give people the ability to bend so they would stand a chance of survival and so  the gift of bending entered the world. Man was given the same power over the elements as the creatures of the sea, land and sky. Unfortunately the ability to use these gifts was not intuitive to man so they did not understand how to use these abilities. They were often feared for this gift. Many were hunted and killed and those that lived survived as outcasts. The spirits were at the point of recalling this gift from the world when the first true “bender” was born. We do not know if this person was a male or female, the Spirits merely refer to this person as the “Intuitive One”. This person studied the beasts of the land and gained some understanding of the power. This person would travel the world and seek out these outcasts and gather them to be taught to use their gift in constructive and small ways. The Spirits saw great promise in this person and decided that in order to teach all peoples  this person would need to be able to use all of the elements. The "Intuitive One" became the first Avatar. This person would travel the world and teach the usefulness people with this gift had to offer. When this person died the next Avatar was born and with the help of the Spirits was taught by the "Intuitive One" in the Spirit World, beginning the link of the Avatar cycle. This continued for many cycles but the teaching of the Avatar was always limited by the geographic region they were born in. It came to pass that one Avatar decided that word should be carried out to all the lands that if any showed a special talent that they should travel to a special place for training. Those that the Avatar could trust would be tasked with seeking these people out as well as the reincarnation of the next Avatar. Their children inturn whether they had the gift or not would then be entrusted with this duty. This is the mark that they bear which is still used to this day.

<Tenzin reaches into his pocket and removes an object which he places in Korra’s hand. She opens her hand and it’s a symbol she has seen all of her life.>

Korra: The Order of the White Lotus?

Tenzin: yes. They would seek these few people out and send them all to one place. This place became known as the Temple of the Four Elements. Those with talent from far and wide would find their way to this place to learn to control their abilities. Those that the Avatar had taught would teach others to use their abilities. With each generation their skills were honed and recorded and thus the art of bending came into being.

As time progressed with the honing of the art the first true Bending Masters began to arise. Also as is with human nature the harmonius ideals of discipline held by these instructors began to fall prey to the ambition and greed within peoples hearts. With powerful benders emerging onto the scene oppression began to take root. In this regard the Avatar's role began to evolve from teacher to peace keeper. Power can corrupt without a firm will and compassion in the heart to control our baser urges. In was into this world that the new Avatar Kurutta was born.

-------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED--------------------------
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BolinxKorra - Borra

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I like the story so far, really interesting o:

S.S Borra will NEVER sink!
Too many good moments of Avatar: TLA and LoK to put here to remind myself of how awesome both series are and their momen
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Title:Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing -updated 7-13-2012-

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<story begins below>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tenzin: Kurutta was born in the island archipelago where the southern air temple now is. It was a simple fishing community. There were few talented people among this community and those that did possess the gift did not know how to use it well enough to be noticeable and so the White Lotus never really came to that region. Kurutta was very intuitive with his talent a skill his father did not overlook. Seeing that his son could produce bursts of wind, Kuruttas father would take him on the fishing boat when he was still quite young. Kurutta would use his talent to push the boat farther out to sea to catch fish and bring it back to shore quicker ahead of storms. Due to this the father and sons vessel the “Flashing Fin” became well known for its speed in the water. On one such occasion father and son were exploring and ventured to the mainland continent. They stopped at an inn for the night weary from their journey. They arose early the next day to much chatter and excitement in the town. When they inquired as to the cause they were told that there was to be the annual “Wave Racer Tournament” a competition among the various sailors. They went down to the harbor and this is where Kurutta observed for the first time someone adept in the art of bending.

<Flashback Begins>

<The wave racers used water bending to have their crafts speed through the water. As Kurutta’s father spoke with more people regarding the race, the young boy ran to the edge of the peer to watch the men practice. As Kurutta observed the men at the front of the boats he noticed how they moved their hands and feet to get the water to move. Unbeknownst to him at the time there were two men of strange garb standing next to him also observing the men. The taller of the pair paid Kurutta no attention, he was fixed on the best wave racer there known as Kawadoko of the “Darting Marlin” vessel. The slightly shorter of the pair did not seem all that impressed with any of the racers although he did observe Kurutta copying their movements with some interest. On a whim he decided to address the boy.>

Shorter Stranger: you do not appear to be from these parts young man, have you come for the races.

Kurutta: no me and my father are looking for new trading routes. It is our first time in this place.

Shorter Stranger: oh I see, then you picked a very fortunate time to be here the races are well known and can be very exciting. People from all over the region come to watch, others to sell their wares or trade like you and your father.

Taller Stranger: (coarsely) but most come to gamble.

Kurutta: what is “gamble?”

<The taller stranger looks at the boy with a slight sneer and focuses his attention back at the racers. The shorter one merely gives a hearty laugh pleasantly surprised by the innocence of the child’s query.>

Shorter Stranger: it means that two people compete with each other over an outcome. They both put up something of value and the winner of the competition gets to keep the others valuable thing.

Kurutta: like a prize?

Shorter Stranger: yes it is very similar to that.

Kurutta: how would they do it?

<The shorter man bends down on one knee to be closer to Kurutta as he looks outward at the racers. He points to each of the racing vessels and more specifically their benders.>

Shorter Stranger: you look at the boats and choose which one you think will win the race. Then you go over to that booth and give them something of value usually in this case money to make your choice. When you placing something of value, along with your choice, this is called a wager.

Taller Stranger: why are you wasting your time explaining gambling we are not here to do that.

Shorter Stranger: oh stop being such a sour puss (looking back at Kurutta) now I’ll tell you what. I have this coin and I will make a wager based on whoever you pick for the first race. IF you win we will split the “prize” 50/50. How does that sound?

Kurutta: but what happens if the one I pick is not the winner?

Taller Stranger: yes what happens if he chooses wrong Kakegoto you did not explain that part.

Kakegoto: well Kibishii I was just getting to that. If you do not choose the winner you lose your valuable thing. This is the risk involved, but this time you will have no risk if you do not choose the winner.

Kurutta: so if I choose wrong I will not lose anything but your valuable thing would be lost? I do not think I should do that.

Kibishii: then you are wise for your age indeed child.

Kakegoto: oh hush. Trust me it will be fun for me indeed and the fun is worth more to me then the coin so no matter what I win. What do you say?

<Kurutta gets a warm sense of joy from the man and can tell he speaks the truth about enjoying the game. He hesitantly agrees, letting his curiosity get the best of him.>

Kakegoto: Splendid! Splendid! Now what I always do is I outstretch my palm towards each boat and I try to sense the good luck energy, the strongest luck energy is the one I pick.

Kibishii: (covering his face with his hand) you cannot be serious

Kakegoto: do not doubt my methods they have worked well for me in the past. Why don’t you give it a try young man.

<Kurutta happily agrees.  Kakegoto picks him up and sits him on the piers railing and holds him steady as Kurutta outstretches his palm towards each boat. He extends his palm to each boat in the line from front to back. He does this three times. On the final time his hand holds on the fourth sailing vessel in the line.>

Kurutta: that one (excitedly) that one has the strongest luck.

Kakegoto: looks over a sheet of paper…hmmm number 4 “The Galloping Guppy” odds are 1/100.

Kibishii: it looks like you have not truly explained other aspects of the game to the boy. Young man do you see the vessel in the 2nd spot. That is the “Darting Marlin” and their water bender is a man named Kawadoko. He is a very skilled sailor and water bender. He usually wins 8 out of every 10 races each year at this event. His ability and experience make it likely that he will be the one to win. The one you have chosen is a first year entry. His odds of winning are very low.

<Kurutta extends his palm again at the two benders. He seems to be focused intently for a few moments then he lowers his hands.>

Kurutta: no I am sure of it that one has stronger luck then that one.

Kakegoto: you really think so huh

Kurutta: yep! I am sure.

Kakegoto: then its decided I will bet on the Galloping Guppy. I trust the boys’ instincts and I also believe in the power of beginners’ luck (laughing)

<As Kakegoto goes off to the booth to place the bet, Kibishii for the first time gives the boy a serious assessment. The boys’ aura is totally calm. His manner is pleasant and he can sense no mischievous intent. Truly a free spirit but aren’t all "young ones" so he thinks to himself. He gazes back at the racers and looks them over wondering what the boy could possibly see in that vessel and its crew that would give him such a determined answer. Kurutta answers him as if reading his mind.>

Kurutta: it’s because he is stronger.

Kibishii: pardon me?

Kurutta: you wanted to know why I chose that vessel. The feeling I get when I focused on him was much stronger than the other man. (pointing at Kawadoko) that man is really strong but he is stronger still, can you not feel it?

<Kibishii looks at the boy questioningly and then back at the racers. Kakegoto comes back with ticket in hand as a gong is heard signaling the first race is about to begin.>

Kibishii: {in thought….we will see…}

<The referee takes his post with the flag as the racers prepare their ships. Kakegoto kisses his ticket and winks at Kurutta. The flag drops and the water benders begin their movements as the waters around their boats begin to rise and fall pushing their boats forward. Kawadoko lifts up a huge swell of water that causes one of the boats on his side to capsize and he pushes forward. The crowd is a mix of cheers and laughter. Cheers for the great lead the Darting Marlin has and laughter at the capsized boat as well as the Galloping Guppy who is still at the starting line.>

Kakegoto: (shouting) get it in gear Galloping Guppy!!!

Kibishii: still think you chose well?

<Kurutta smiles at him with the faith only a small child has and nods assuredly. The boy takes in a deep breath as if smelling something sweet and then points at the vessel still at the starting line.>

Kurutta: wow he is much stronger than I thought.

<The pair of men look at the boats crew. They watch as the men take sides at the vessel with oars while the water bender stands at the back of the vessel. Usually the water bender is at the front of the boat and pulls the water from the front under the boat propelling it forward. The young man is at the back of the vessel and he is waving his hands in small concentric circles. His right hand going counter clockwise and crossing his left hand which is going clockwise. The water begins to churn at the rear of the boat. The bender leans backward and then thrusts his hands forward while continuing the hand motions. Suddenly the vessel bursts forward through the water at incredible speed  kicking up a wave as it passes. As the wave reaches the pier where the observers are Kakegoto waves his hands and the wall of water stops and drops back into the sea.  Kibishii notes that all present threw their arms up to shield themselves from the sprinkling of water except the three of them. The boy looks at him as if he expected Kakegoto to divert the water. The boy undisturbed by his gaze lets out a cheer for the Galloping Guppy. The other water benders being at the front of their vessels do not see the charging ship making its advance towards them. As the finish line approaches the Galloping Guppy blows past the other boats in spectacular fashion. The swirling vortex behind the Guppy causes the swells underneath the other boats to become unstable. As a result small whirlpools form under the boats causing them to spin in place as the Galloping Guppy breezes by them in pursuit of the Darting Marlin. The crew of the Marlin in shock at the fast approaching vessel screams out to Kawadoko who turns to look. Seeing the boat he moves his body low and pulls his arms upward and the boat rises high on the edge of a massive wave. As the wave looms over the finish line the Galloping Guppy comes exploding through the center of the wave causing it to collapse. The Guppy crosses the finish line just as the Darting Marlin crashes back into the water tossing its crew overboard.  Kawadoko jumps on to a piece of floating wood that is caught in the wake of the Galloping Guppies vortex and is pulled across the finish line for second place.

There is a quiet awe over the crowd as they take in the sight. Then there is a thunderous shout from one lone man which triggers the crowd.>


<The crowds deafening cheer causes the young boy to put his hands to his ears, a posture which does not prevent Kakegoto from scooping him up and swinging him around. Kibishii nods his head congratulatory at Kurutta and claps. As the crowd settles down the trio go to the office to collect their winnings. Counting out 50 coins he places them into a small pouch and gives it to Kurutta.>

Kakegoto: a deal is a deal here is your share. Do not spend it all on sweet treats and toys you hear.

Kurutta: I won’t.

Kibishii: congratulations to you again young man for your astute assessment. Sadly we must take our leave as we must seek out a certain young man who has garnered out attention.

Kakegoto: indeed so.

<The pair gives a wave and walk off just as Kurutta’s father yells for him. Kurutta rushes off happily with a bag full of gold coins and an interesting story to tell his father. The father listens to the sons’ story with great interest and they decide to take some of the winnings and enter the tournament themselves. The father confident that his sons’ air pushing talent will secure them a win even places a small wager at the booth for the next day’s race. Kurutta so excited had a hard time falling asleep that night……..

………….The next day………….

<Kakegoto and Kibishii with the young Sukuryu of the Galloping Guppy in tow head to the docks to begin their journey home when a commotion draws them to the racing end of the pier. All the buzz seems to be centered on an odd little boat in the 6th spot of the racing line up. The ship looks different from the rest of the wave racers in more than its appearance. The small ship, really a skiff, has a varied assortment of sails at different angles. The deck is not very long nor the ship high above the water indicating the craft has a very small crew. The pair figure, at best, it has a five man crew if even that. They see an average sized man come out on deck and stand towards the middle front of the vessel. He reaches out and grabs several ropes, holding them in his arms and tugging on them. In turn each one when pulled causes a different angled sail to move. The odd sailing craft was nothing compared to the shock of a small young body running on deck jumping up and down excitedly and shouting directions for the sails. The gong rings and the other crafts push off.>

Kakegoto: strange vessel but I do not think either of them are water benders from the makeup of the craft.

Kibishii: (staring intently) is that not the young man from the pier we met yesterday?!

<Kakegoto puts his hand over his eyes to shield them from the sun and narrows his sight line and spots the boy standing on deck.>

Kakegoto: so it is. Entering the race huh kid. Looks like he got a taste for gambling and adventure it would seem.

<Kurutta on deck stops jumping around and assumes and lined posture stance. With his left arm extended upward towards the sails and his right arm backwards towards the rear of the boat he begins to rotate his arms in a similar fashion to what Sukuryu had done the day before. A spinning vortex of air appears in front of both his hands. The vortexes rapidly expand and the boat races outward at a fast speed much as the Galloping Guppy had the day before. The air vortex in front fanning the sails and the vortex in the back was pushing the water behind the craft propelling it forward. The crowd falls into a short silence before cheering breaks out. The two stare outward in disbelief for a moment.>

Kibishii: I think we just found another acolyte.

------------------------TO BE CONTINUED-------------------------------
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Title: Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing updated 08-10-2012

<Kurutta and his father were bathed in shouts of adulation by the crowd as they approached the pier. The boy’s father lifted him onto his shoulders for the crowd to see as they paraded triumphantly down the pier to the betting station to claim their prize.  Kakegoto and Kibishii eyed the pair from a distance.>

Kakegoto: we should speak with them as soon as possible.

Kibishii: agreed but not now. Sukuryu, do you think you can find out where their lodging at?

Sukuryu: uh.. sure

Kibishii: good were not leaving today after all.

Kakegoto: ok I’ll follow them and see where they go.

Kibishii: meet back here in an hour

< Kakegoto quietly stalks the pair for the remainder of the day.  He observes as they shop in the market with their winnings. He notes that they buy many kinds of fabrics and food goods and he reasons that where they come from likely does not have such exotic things. He watches as the pair steps into a slightly larger indoor shop.>

<He chooses to wait down the street for them to exit. As he peers down the street towards the shops entrance he is caught off guard by a tug of his cowl. He spins around with a fighter’s readiness, arms raised in a combat stance. To his surprise it is the young Kurutta staring up at him with a questioning face.>

Kurutta: Hello again (cheerfully)

Kakegoto: err… Kurutta…nice to see you again my young friend.

<The boy slinks near the wall like Kakegoto was doing previously and looks down the street.>

Kurutta: I think he is still inside the shop so he won’t mind that I snuck off for a little bit.

Kakegoto: how did you know I was here?

Kurutta: I just knew (shrugging) it was like before.

Kakegoto: before?

Kurutta: yep just like back at the pier. I could sense your luck close by. You have a strong luck presence.

Kakegoto: {in thought…………can this boy sense benders?!?!} Oh you did… well that’s very astute and perceptive of you.

Kurutta: so did you want to talk to my dad?

Kakegoto: actually my young friend I did at that. I would like to extend an invite to you and your father. Me and Kibishii are staying at the Lion-turtle Inn and we would be honored if you all joined us as our guest.

Kurutta: that sounds great.

Kakegoto: excellent well I must make arrangements we will see you and your father later then.

Kurutta: see you at dinner.

<Kakegoto watches as the boy goes bounding off down the street back towards the shop. He ponders the unique gifts that this young boy possesses. He can bend air surprising well for one so young and he can somehow sense the presence of other benders; quite possibly even how strong they are if events at the pier the day before are any indication. He looks across the street at a young boy and calls to him. The boy looks up and points as if asking if he meant him to which Kakegoto nods.>

Kakegoto: young lad how would you like to earn two gold pieces?

<The boy looks cautiously as the stranger places a gold coin in his hand.>

Kakegoto: see that young boy and his father down the street? They are rival traders and I would like to know what kind of supplies for trade they are buying. I want you to follow them around and watch what they do. In four hours I want you to come report to me all that you have seen at the Lion-Turtle Inn and you will earn the other gold coin. Do we have a deal?

<The boy looks up questioningly at such a simple task for so great a reward. He can be seen mulling it over in his head before hastily agreeing and running down the street to spy on his quarry. Content with his plan he returns to Kibishii and their newly acquired recruit at the inn.>

Kibishii: well did you find where they are lodging?

Sukuryu: they are not staying anywhere in town. They are probably sleeping on their boat at night as all the inns are booked due to the races.

Kibishii: that’s not good that means they can leave at any time and since they are not from around here if we lose them we will not be able to find them again.

Kakegoto: that will not be an issue.

Kibishii: Oh? (looking warily) and why is that?

Kakegoto; they will be our dinner guests tonight.

Kibishii: you were supposed to just follow them so we may find an ideal time and place to speak with them in private.

Kakegoto: that was the plan but the boy sensed me and approached me. I had to think quickly and it seemed like a good way……..

Kibishii: what do you mean he "sensed" you (curiously with eyebrows raised)

Kakegoto: the boy said he could feel my luck just like he was able to feel Sukuryu’s luck when we were down at the pier. The boy had no deceitful intent when he said this. I think he has a unique gift to perceive those who can manipulate the elements. As such I enlisted a local boy to follow him. The boy will likely be less conspicuous then me and he will report to me in a few hours.

Kibishii: interesting. There is something about this boy….I wonder (grasping his chin in thought) we had best prepare for their arrival.

Several Hours Later………

< The Lion-Turtles dining room is full of patrons celebrating, gambling, and discussing the days races when through the door walks Kurutta with his father. A hearty cheer is sounded for the underdog winners  as a young bar maid ushers the duo to a table set for a small feast for five. Kibishii rises to greet Kurutta’s father and motions for them to sit.>

Kibishii: I am so glad you were able to accept our dinner invitation.

Kurutta’s Father: My son had told me about you two the day before the race, he noted you were very kind to him.

Kakegoto: he was very kind to us as well. I must say your son possesses many talents, some of which helped us turn a profit as well as lead us to our new friend here (motioning to Sukuryu).

Kurutta’s Father: yes you were the winner from yesterdays main race I was told it was quite an impressive display.

Sukuryu: nothing in comparison to your son’s talents. The way you two pilot your vessel is something no one around here has ever seen before.

Kibishii: indeed. A wonderful display and impressive victory. Let us celebrate your victory today. Let us eat our fill of this fine meal.

< As they ate they spoke of the world and the places they have traveled and the excitement and tradition of the races. It was a fine evening full of laughter and stories. As the hour grew late Kibishii asked to speak with Kurutta’s father alone while Kakegoto engaged Sukuryu and Kurutta in an epic adventure tale. Kurutta lost in the story hardly noticed his father stride up to him. He grabs his sons arm abruptly causing Kakegoto to stop mid sentence in alarm.>

Kuruttas Father: we are leaving my son say goodbye to our hosts.

<Kibishii returns to the table and shakes his head and Kakegoto realizes the discussion did not go very well.>

Kakegoto: I understand what my friend has told you is a lot to take in but I assure you he will have the best learning and instruction. He will be able to control his gift and master it from others who have his special talent.

Kuruttas Father: you have my thanks for the meal, but my sons place is with his family. Come son we must go.

<Kurutta is filled with questions but quietly obeys his father as he is led from the establishment. Kibishii calls out to them as they reach the door.>

Kibishii: we will be lodged here for another two days should you change your mind.

<The door of the inn slams closed. Kibishii sits down with a tired expression on his face. Kakegoto looks over patiently for word but he is not surprised by the outcome. Surprisingly the new recruit is the first to speak.>

Sukuryu: I guess your offer was not as appealing to him as it was to me.

Kibishii: this boy is not like other children, he has a firm grasp on his abilities. Most of the children we have are sent to us because they are too dangerous, a burden on their families and villages that is not his case however. Furthermore he has no reason to trust us either perhaps if we had more time we could convince him but he was set on leaving tonight and from what I gathered they are not from this area.

Kakegoto: well you tried there was nothing more you could have done. Better to not dwell on these things. Get some rest.

<Kakegoto watches as Kibishii rises from the table and goes upstairs to their rooms. Sukuryu seeing some friends wanders off to their table for drinks. Disappointed by the evenings events Kakegoto decides to forget his troubles with his favorite pastime….gambling. As the sun fades into late evening Kakegoto finds himself involved in a card game with some locals for some pretty high stakes. Of the six men at the table only one is left in a rather pricey hand with Kakegoto.>

Kakegoto: I raise three more gold pieces.

Sailor: heh that’s too rich for my blood I have no intention of ending up like the Kraken Raiders.

< a low chuckle from the sailors at the table arouses Kakegotos curiosity>

Kakegoto: oh are they the local gang?

Sailor 2: more like the local pirates. They come in here every so often drunk and spending lots of money on food and women talking about ships they’ve raided along the coast. Nobody can stand them but nobody really wants to make trouble with them either their pretty violent.

Sailor 3: usually they bet heavily on the races but I hear they lost big time today, a whole ships worth of cargo in winnings from what I hear.

Kakegoto: you don’t say? Well I suppose they got what was coming for all their cheating ways.

Sailor: your brave to say that but you’re not from around here and these guys will take the loss personally and will take it out on whoever it is that caused them to lose.

<Kakegoto quickly rises from the table and runs upstairs leaving the sailors to fight over the money on the table that is left behind. He burst through their rented rooms’ door awakening Kibishii from his slumber.>

Kakegoto: Kibishii get up we have to find Sukuryu and go after Kurutta and his father.

Kibishii: what? Why?

Kakegoto: I think their lives might be in danger.

<Kibishii notes the look of genuine concern in his friends eyes and rises immediately to pack their things as Kakegoto runs back out the door in search of their third party member. Kibishii heads to the docks and finds that Kakegoto has found Sukuryu and they are prepping to leave. As he jumps on board a weird shiver runs down his spine. He looks upward and the moon is veiled by clouds with a reddish hue.>

Kibishii: {in thought……. A bad omen if there ever was one}

<The boy and his father sail back in the direction of their home unaware that they were being followed. Due to the swiftness by which they could travel they arrived home late evening the next day with a ship full of exotic cargo and a wild tale to tell. Another two days pass and the excitement of his win has dwindled as young Kurutta settles back into his simple fishing village lifestyle. Thanks to their adventure they have many new supplies with which to trade and sell and father and son early in the morning decided to sail to the next village over and trade. A short trip for them, they’d be back by dinner time and likely with more supplies and money from their exotic mainland wares. As the pair began their trek back home late in the evening their spirits were high. About half way home they caught the smell of smoke hanging heavily in the air, unusual especially when in the open water. Kurutta and his father scan the horizon and in the direction of their home they see a bright red aura against the night sky. They waste no time as Kurutta fills their sails with air sending them speeding through the water. As they draw nearer the red glow gets brighter and bigger. A towering plume of black smoke rises to the heavens. They pull up to the dock of the village and Kurutta leaps from the vessel and runs towards his home, thinking only of his mother. As he draws closer the terrifying truth of the red lights source becomes clear. His village, his home was going up in flames.>

Kurutta: MOTHER!!!

<He scans the fleeing faces searching for his mother when his father arrives out of breath next to him.>

Kuruttas Father: I must find your mother stay here and help the villagers put out the fire.

<With that Kurutta saw his father leap into the fire in search of his wife. Kurutta looks around as if for the first time and wonders why no one is putting out the flames with water. He grabs a nearby bucket filled with water and runs to a nearby house. He throws the water up into the air and blows causing it to rain on the little hut; the combination of water and air snuffing out the flames. Then he sees it. Through the charred and broken wooden panels of the hut he sees a strange looking man with a sword cut down a man from his village. The sight fills him with terror and dread paralyzing him for a moment. The man reaches down and picks up a small object  with a wick. He lights it with the flames of a nearby burning building and chucks it into the house Kurutta just put out. The house explodes, the shockwave knocks Kurutta to the ground. He screams as he reaches down and pulls a  chunk of wood from leg. He rises forgetting the pain as he thinks only of his parents. He approaches a wall of flame knowing he cannot jump over it he instinctively lifts his hands and the fire slightly parts.>

<He hobbles through the opening onward towards his home not realizing what just happened. As he approaches he can see his father wrestling with a man holding a dagger. He begins to run forgetting his leg injury as adrenaline fills his veins. Preoccupied with the sight of his father’s battle he doesn’t try to dodge the bodies on the floor of the slain and trips over one. He falls to the ground hard on top of another corpse. As he lifts his head  he watches as his fathers struggle comes to an end as his attacker stabs him. He stretches his hands forward.>


<His father’s killer aware of him for the first time turns to charge when the sight of the boy fills him with horror.>

<Flashback Ends>

Korra: so what happened?

Tenzin: Kibishii and Kakegoto found him a few hours later unconscious amid the rubble.

Korra: wait I don’t understand how did they find him if they did not know where the village was.

Tenzin: Kurutta when he went into the Avatar state released a blast of fire and air that not only killed the raiders but destroyed what was left of the village and all of the surrounding area, even those trying to flee who were still alive. The boats docked at the pier where still aflame when they arrived.
<Tenzin eyes become glassy but he does not allow any tears to fall as he recalls the sight shown to him by his father>

Tenzin: The size of the blast gave off a huge blue glow that shined in the night sky for miles around. It was like a beacon, which they followed straight to him.

Korra: Blue glow?! But that means.

Tenzin: yes Kurutta the Dark Avatar was the first to possess and manipulate blue flames.

--------------------------TO BE CONTINUED------------------------
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Title: Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing (updated 8-18-2012)

Korra: then what happened?

Tenzin: having lost his family and having no one to take care of him they took Kurutta back with them for instruction in how to use his gifts.

Korra: did he have special instruction as the Avatar?

Tenzin: Well the thing is that no one had ever seen blue flames and having discovered the remnants of the attackers bomb weapons it was assumed they were the cause of the blue flames. Kurutta for a long period of his life was not able to bend any of the other elements it was as if he had a block on them. So while he was exceptional air bender he never showed an indication of being able to use the other elements.

<Korra looks down at the ground thinking of her own struggles of being unable to bend air and that only under the most extreme of circumstances was she able to overcome this. That realization hits her like a fist as she looks up at Tenzin questioningly.>

Korra: so what happened to Kurutta that would cause him to break through the block.

Tenzin: the paths that we choose are largely shaped by those around us. For much of Kurutta’s childhood he was mentored by the air bending teachers and adopted their ways as his own.

Korra: but the ways of air bending have always been peaceful how could he have turned out so…

Tenzin: Korra I know you have many questions and I will do what I can to answer them but my experience in the spirit world was unique. I experienced a lifetime via a means I cannot reproduce. It would take a lifetime to tell the story of his lifetime. The point my father tried to show me is that I have a responsibility to the Avatar not just as an instructor...

<He reaches out and places his hands on her shoulder very fatherly>

Tenzin: but as a counselor and friend.  The answers are inside you and when you’re ready for them you can pursue them but for right now you have training in the morning and responsibilities to attend to as the Avatar. You should get some rest.

< At that he excuses himself and heads to his family quarters. He knows that she will not drop the issue, just as he knows knows that she will have to find her own way to the answers that she seeks. All he can do is be there for her and try to teach and guide her as best as he can. That is his responsibility.
Korra heads for a walk around the island. She knows she should rest but she cannot stop thinking about the Dark Avatar. She wonders what could have changed him so, moreover she ponders Tenzins words. “The answers are inside you.” She goes to her favorite spot and decides to meditate.>

Korra: {in thought………..Kurutta was an Avatar and we are all connected. If I focus perhaps I can speak with him directly.}

<She closes her eyes and when she opens them she is in the spirit world inside of a huge jungle. She can see a towering spire in the distance. Aware that she is in unfamiliar territory she decides to head in the direction of the spire. She does not even take two steps when a familiar voice calls out to her. She cannot recall where she knows the voice from but it is pleasant and sweet. It calls to her and she feels compelled to go towards it. As she wanders through the jungle she pays little attention to where she is going or even to why she is traveling this way. All that matters is the siren like call. Suddenly the air grows cold and the jungle is covered slowly by an encroaching mist. She hears a scream in the distance and the sound of wailing. She looks around and see’s eyes everywhere in the darkness. Then the darkness seems to rush forward. Before she can scream an arm wraps around her and she is suddenly surrounded by a circle of wind of flame. She is thrust back into her body and she opens her eyes gasping. She practically leaps to her feet and recoils backward frantically trying to catch her breath.>

Voice: that was very foolish……………predictable and foolish.

<She turns to see Aang glaring at her disapprovingly.>

Aang: just because you are the Avatar does not make you invincible. The spiritual world is more dangerous than the physical one and you should not go off wandering through it without a guide.

Korra: I was just trying to….

Aang: I know what you were trying to do but all you managed to do was place yourself in terrible danger.

Korra: I am not a child!

Aang: then do not act like one!

<The pair stare at each other almost as if father and daughter were quarreling. Aang looks at her and sees all the curious fire of his youth, a desire for adventure, and the willingness to throw caution to the wind. He also has the perspective of a father and years of experience to temper his impulses, something which she lacks. He knows that he is right and she does as well even if she is unwilling to admit it at the moment. Inside his heart softens but he does not falter there is no room for weakness in this moment.>

Aang: you are no more prepared enough for what you wish to know then you are to travel through the spirit world. Try as you may but you will not be able to reach Kurutta, we will not allow it.

Korra: we?

<Avatar Aang’s eyes glow white and the previous Avatars appear behind him.>

Aang: yes WE.

Roku: You are too impulsive and rash you could have been taken by the shadow dwellers and lost in the spirit world forever.

Kyoshi: your mind would be gone leaving only your body in the physical world. You would never wake.

ALL AVATARS: The Avatar must maintain balance in the world it is the sacred duty entrusted to us since the beginning.

Aang: you will not be able to go back to that jungle or the spire WE will not allow it. One day you will understand.

<Korra watches as her previous lives look upon her and then turn and vanish in a flash of light. She covers her eyes till the light dissipates and then she finds just her and Aang alone.>

Aang: I’m sorry Korra but the responsibility of the Avatar has to come before our own selfish wants and desires.

<Korra drops to her knees as her hair covers her face from view. She punches the ground in frustration. Aang looks upon her and an image of his daughter Kya when she was young comes to mind. He is moved for a second time for he knows well the frustration regarding this issue of the Dark Avatar. Aang begins to walk away when he promptly turns.>

Aang: you know Korra the Spirit World is not the only place you can seek answers.

Korra: Tenzin already said I should let this go I do not think he will share with me the answers that I am looking for.

Aang: and what are you looking for?

Korra: the reason why he changed. What could have possibly happened to him that could lead to such death and destruction? If it could happen to him why not to any of us? He is a part of us all. I need to know.

Aang: I understand, believe me I do and though I cannot help you (whispering)  I can give you an idea of where to look.

Aang: in my youth I came across a library hidden in the desert and guarded by the spirit Wah Shi Tong. IF you can find this library you may be able to learn more about the Dark Avatar. Be warned though I did not leave him with a very good impression in my lifetime it may prove……difficult.

Korra: but how can I find this library?

<Aang waves as he begins to fade away.>

Aang: ask someone who has been there before………(fades away)

<Korra looks out over the horizon with a defiant determined gaze.>

Several Hours Later……………………….

<As Tenzin finishes his morning ritual of getting the children ready for the day and eating as a family he takes the children out to the courtyard for their air bending training. As he gets closer he notes that Korra’s air bending uniform is folded and laying on a bench with a note on top of it. Tenzin sighs and opens the letter.>

I did exactly what you told me not to do. I’m sorry but I cannot help it I have to know more about the Dark Avatar. Aang gave me a lead on where I can get some answers and I am pursuing this. Please do not be mad. I promise to be careful. I will be back soon.           –Korra]

<Tenzin looks up at the sky and frowns. What more can he do.>

Tenzin: good luck Korra.

---------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------------
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Title: Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing updated (11-27-2012)

<As Korra sights in the distance her water tribe home she thinks to herself how it feels like years since she has last been here. Each time she returns the time away seems longer then the last. As she flies overtop she looks down and sees the temple dedicated to the moon that Sokka designed to mirror the one in the Northern Water Tribe. She can see the outpost and the guards patrolling the perimeter on their polar bear-dogs. Children are running around and playing near the landing platform as she arrives. As the sky-bison descends he kicks up a little wind that causes the smaller children to cower behind some of the older ones. She jumps to the ground and stretches, taking in the brisk refreshing air.>

Voice: Welcome Home Avatar Korra

<Korra turns to a familiar face.>

Korra: Korin (hugging him) it’s nice to see you.

Korin: you look well. I will let everyone know that you have arrived.

Korra: no don’t. Unfortunately I cannot stay very long I am on official Avatar business.

Korin: ah I see, well be that as it may the children are likely to announce to everyone that you are here we do not get too many sky-bison here.

Korra: yea I guess your right (frowning) I guess it can’t be helped. In any event I need to speak with Master Katara as soon as possible.

Korin: well she should be at the training yard at this time of day. I know you’re not a guest but I would be more the happy to escort you. (extending his arm)

Korra: (blushing) I am not a child anymore you do not have to keep doing all this (taking his arm)

Korin: I guess it’s an uncle’s prerogative. We can take the scenic route there some things have changed since your last visit.

<As the pair walk through the village she sees familiar sights and sounds as well as new shops and new constructed homes of ice. She can’t help but wonder what it must have looked like as a simple fishing village in her water bending masters’ childhood. The pair stop at a promenade that overlooks the training yard. Korra watches as a group of water benders are going through their daily practice.

<Korin stares at his niece and notes the look of longing in her eyes.>

Korin: you’re not going down I am sure they would love to meet with the avatar, maybe even have you teach them a new technique.

Korra: I miss this. I do not come home often enough.

Korin: it would be nice to see you more but everyone understands that you are the Avatar. It is important that you maintain balance in the world. We may be far removed from the mainland but tales of your heroics in Republic City have even reached us out here. We are all very proud of you Korra. So….

<Korra looks over as her uncle strokes his beard mischievously>

Korin: there are a lot of fine looking young men out there in the training yard…..or perhaps a city boy has caught your fancy….I remember your mother mentioning a Maki or Mako or something like that.

Korra: (squinting) still moms spy are we?

Korin: (looking away) I am no one’s spy I am just saying what’s going on with your love life?!?! Inquiring minds want to know.

<Korra blushing, looks over her shoulder and notes that a nearby roof is heavy laden with snow. She stomps on the ground using her earth bending ever so slightly causing the snow to cascade downward. She then bends the snow right on top of her uncle covering him from his feet to his head. Korin pushes his head upward through the snow and shivers ever so slightly from the cold. Korra kisses him on the cheek and then proceeds down a staircase toward the training yard.>

Korra: tell mom and dad I will be over for dinner later tonight.

<As she walks away he digs himself out of the pile and snow, chuckling quietly to himself. As Korra draws closer to the training yard Katara cannot help but let a smile break across her face.>

< She sees Korra as a beautiful, powerful, and willful daughter much like her own daughter Kya at that age. She also notes that Tenzin had not sent word ahead that she was coming. Is she homesick and here to visit her parents or is something wrong? She notes the look in her eyes and they do not have that carefree look to them.>

Katara: Avatar Korra (bowing)

Korra: Master Katara (bowing)

Katara: so what brings you home Korra?

<Korra looks over at the nearby benders practicing and smiles ever so slightly. Just as quickly it fades as if melted away by a fiery urgency.>

Korra: Kurutta.

<Recognition of the name is plain on Katara’s face. She turns and motions to the practicing water benders that their training for the day would be ending early. She motions for Korra to follow her to a small little building where they seat themselves at a small table. Katara bends water from outside into a pot on the table and Korra brings to life a small flame under it with practiced ease. It’s not long before the tea is boiled. Korra takes a sip of her tea as she orders her thoughts. She goes into the tale regarding the memory vision experience, her talk with Tenzin, the Spire in the Spirit World,  and the assembly of the past Avatars.>

Korra: finally Avatar Aang said I should look for the library of Wah Shi Tong and when I asked how I could find it he said I should speak to someone who has been there before.

Katara: I see. You are certain that you wish to pursue this?

Korra: I have too.

Katara: I must be honest with you Korra when we last saw Wah Shi Tong he was not happy with us, with the Avatar in particular. This is not like fighting the chi blockers or even Amon. Wah Shi Tong is of the Spirit World and fighting him is not going to get you anywhere.

Korra: what other choice do I have?

Katara: well there is one other option. Wah Shi Tong is a seeker of knowledge perhaps if you offered him something you might be able to get what you seek.

Korra: but what could I possibly give him?

<The pair brainstorm ideas until early evening, but cannot come up with anything that they think would impress the spirit enough to give her access to the library. As the hour grows late she recalls her promise to eat with her family and informs Katara that she has to go.>

Katara: perhaps we will get some inspiration from a good night’s rest I will talk to you tomorrow evening Korra.

<The two part and Korra heads home to eat with her family, happily willing to push the events of the day and the past two weeks aside. Katara settles into her room quietly and decides to meditate on what Korra has revealed to her. She meditates long into the evening. When Katara opens her eyes she is in the spirit world. As she turns, a huge tongue suddenly obstructs her view as it licks her from her neck to her hair. Despite being covered in slobber she turns with an affectionate gaze on the Sky Bison who licked her and hugs it affectionately.>

Katara: Hello Appa. Where is Aang?

<With a loud bellow Appa’s eyes begin to glow. Katara stretches out her hand and places it on Appa’s eyes and her eyes begin to glow. She sees a forest of vines and branches and as she rises above the canopy a looming Spire in the distance. Katara notes this must be where Korra had gone to.>

Katara: but why would Aang tell her to see Wah Shi Tong knowing the danger? We have nothing that we could even use to barter with, but Aang would know this. He also could have instructed her on where to go to find the Library why did he send her to me for help?

<Appa bellows again and his entire body begins to shine brightly. Slowly his massive form begins to shrink in size to a tiny glowing scroll. Katara reaches out and takes the scroll and opens it’s. The scroll is blank but energy pulses from it and all around Katara.>

<As the energy surrounds Katara she looks at the scroll as it begins to pulse with light. As it pulses faster she begins to feel an intense pain. She tries to cry out but she is unable to. The pain is excruciating and yet somehow familiar. A sharp bolt of pain shoots through her being suddenly and she begins to cough up blood onto the scroll. The pain stops and as Katara looks the blood begins to seep into the scroll. The blood starts to loop into a pattern forming symbols. Katara opens her eyes wide in both shock and horror at what she sees.>

Katara: No Aang! I can’t, I won’t.

<Katara looks up from the scroll and sees Aang with a sympathetic look on his face. He places his hands on Katara’s and the scroll disappears. He leans in and kisses her on the forehead and Katara hears his voice in his head almost like a whisper.>

Aang: It’s the only thing I can think of that would work but the decision is yours.

<Katara opens her eyes and she is back in her room. She touches her forehead where Aang kissed her and she cries. She knows what Aang is asking of her to help Korra but it is something she is not sure she is willing to do.>

……..the next day……..

<Korra heads off to the training yard and finds that one of the other water bending masters is instructing the students. As she heads over to speak with the instructor a young girl comes up to her and gives her a note.>

[Korra come to the field by the Moon Temple tonight. – Katara]

<Korra thanks the little girl for the note and wonders if her master has come up with an idea. She decides to spend the day with her family hoping that the time will pass by quickly until the appointed time. >

……….later that evening………

<Korra walks to the field near the Moon temple and finds her master there waiting for her. Katara is meditating in the snow under the light of a full moon. As Korra approaches Katara opens her eyes and rises to her feet. She does so wearily showing the signs of her age. Korra moves to help her up but Katara lifts her hand up signaling that she does not need the help. Korra looks at her master and there is a glint in her eyes like that of sorrow and deep pain.>

Korra: Master Katara?

Katara: you and I are part of a rare few who has had the experience to fight someone of rare skill

Korra: rare skill (eyes widening)

Katara: tell me Korra was it not terrifying to feel your body turn against you (tears falling) to feel helpless as your body betrays. Unable to bend. Unable to fight.

Korra: (lowering her eyes to the ground) Yes it was terrifying.

Katara: it was a bending art that was taught to me and it has left a scar on my heart ever since. I vowed to never use blood bending ever again. (taking out a scroll) The knowledge of blood bending is dark and should be forbidden. Aang believes that this knowledge is what you can offer to Wah Shi Tong to gain admittance into the library.

Korra: then I will be able to…...

Katara: I am not finished Korra. Aang believes this is best way but I do NOT. I believe no one should know how to blood bend I believe the art should be lost forever. The price to gain admittance into the library is too high. At the same time I also firmly believe that this is the only way you will ever get Wah Shi Tong to allow you inside. Korra this knowledge is rare and dangerous. (wiping away tears) Aang said he would leave the decision up to me. You have fought a blood bender so you know the dangers it represents, I also know just like Aang you’re not going to be dissuaded from this path. I wrote this scroll because Aang asked me to but I cannot give it away it must be taken.

Korra: what are you saying?!?!

Katara: We must duel for it! If you win you can take it and find the answers to which you seek if I win I will destroy the scroll and your journey ends here. Do you understand?!

<Korra watches as her Master removes a thick weighted garment. She raises an altar  and rests the scroll on it and encases it in ice.  She turns and assumes a stance.>

Katara: you may not use any other bending but Water. Know this Korra I will not hold back. My desire for the scroll to be destroyed is far greater then for you to find the answers you seek. If you hold back you will not win.

<Korra hears the pain in Katara’s voice and knows it must have broken her heart to write the scroll. Even more so to duel her for it deny her access to it by its destruction. If there was any other way Korra would let this go but she knows there is no turning back she has to know the truth.>

Korra: {in thought………. Neither of us is here to kill the other. I don’t have to hurt her. I can just stop her and get her to submit. (charging)

Katara: Korra... I told you if you are going to hold back.......

<Katara assumes a stance Korra has never seen before and suddenly the ground all around them shakes. Suddenly a monstrous wave the likes Korra has never seen before appears. Water from the sea, the snow, and the air coalesce into a mighty tidal wave that looms into the sky. The pillar of water towers so high that it blocks out the moonlight casting a large shadow on the Moon Temple. Katara moves her hands forward as the water comes racing forward.>

Katara:  then you will NEVER GET THE ANSWERS WHICH YOU SEEK!!!

----------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------
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Title: Legends of the Avatars: The Forgotten History
By: Reignwulf1029
Rating: PG-13
Status: ongoing updated (05/21/2013)

<Korra quickly pulls a wall of water around her and creates a bubble as the wave crashes all around her. The force of the wave breaking on the ground lifts up the bubble high into the air. Korra looks down and begins an Air bending motion when she recalls Katara’s words “No other bending but Water”. The bubble begins to descend rapidly. As she nears the ground Korra dissipates the bubble and sends the water downward in a spiral. It takes the form of a slide and Korra freezes the water instantly.  She slides down the ramp at a fast speed and then slides across the floor once she is off. She turns and Katara is yet again in a stance that Korra is unfamiliar with. Katara has her arms stretch forward and the tips of her fingers on each hand are touching each other, with a small ball of water in the center.>

Katara: Korra I am sorry but you will LOSE this fight.

<The orb of water suddenly begins to glow in-between her hands and starts to expand rapidly consuming Katara. The org continues to grow and races outward in all directions. As it comes upon Korra she erects a barrier of ice but the sphere passes through the barrier unimpeded. Korra surrounds herself in another bubble as the sphere passes over her. It does seemingly nothing. Korra looks at Katara as they are now both surrounded in this sphere and wonders what kind of technique this is. Suddenly a spike of ice materializes from nowhere and pierces Korra’s protective bubble shield. No longer shielded she can feels heavy as the weight of the water vapor forces pressure on her. Korra looks back at Katara and the little orb in-between her hands and how it mirrors the one that they are in. Katara lifts the orb to her mouth and water flows into it. From everywhere in the sphere and all at once they are encased in water. Korra tries to bend the water but finds that she is unable to. She tries to let out a scream and loses precious air bubbles into the water. It dawns on her that she is going to drown if she doesn’t think of something fast. With little recourse left she reaches out for the power of the Avatar state. She closes her eyes and concentrates. As soon as she does she can hear the sound of someone’s thunderous voice.

Voice: NOOOOO!!!!

<They are surrounded by water she shouldn’t be able to hear anything or anyone. She opens her eyes and she sees Avatar Aangs spirit surrounding Katara. Aangs spirit races forward and extends his open palm forward in a halting posture.>

Aang: No you cannot use the Avatar State in the battle. You must win this battle relying on only your own strength.

<Korra’s begins to feel weak from the lack of oxygen. Korra begins to open her mouth but decides better of it not wanting to lose what little breath she has left. She gives Aang a look of utter desperation that pains him deeply. Korra’s eyes start to grow heavy and Aang begins to go blurry in her sight. A sudden surge of fear that she hasn’t felt in a long time begins to sweep over her.>
Aang: Remember what you're fighting for.

<Korra’s eyes continue to fall she can no longer see Katara or Aang. The slits of her eyelids are barely even open. She can almost feel herself falling backward. Suddenly there is no more water only the black void. She is no longer afraid. It is quiet and peaceful in the cold dark as she continues to feel the strong urge to sleep. Then she can see movement ahead in the darkness. A first it seems only to be a blur but whatever it is its moving very fast towards her. As whatever it is continues to advance all she can make out is a pair of menacing eyes. Panic begins to grip her as she fears it is one of the Shadow Dwellers from the spirit world. She feebly tries to turn to get away but she is too weak. As the figure draws closer the outline of a body begins to take shape. Suddenly the darkness is gone and she is in the middle of a village burning. She looks at her hands and they are tiny. She looks up and now the menacing eyes and the figure come into full view as blue flames and lightning leap at her.>

Korra: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

<Korra opens her eyes and she is back underwater. She begins to move her arms forward with great effort. She assumes a stance and focuses. Katara looks on in shock as she tries to increase the force of the water. Korra moves her hands quickly unaffected by the water around her now.>

Korra: {in thought…………I am sorry Master Katara but I cannot fail in my quest.} ENOUGH!!

<Korra parts the water leaving two massive walls reaching into the sky are on either side of  Korra and Katara. Korra begins to run as the walls flow into two channels behind her and propel her forward. Katara erects a series of ice walls but Katara smashes through them with great force. Katara erects a final barrier in front of herself and wraps her body with an armor of ice. The ice wall explodes hurtling Katara backwards  onto the ground. Before Katara can recover she feels a foot on the front of her ice armor. She launches a water whip but it is easily deflected. The ice armor melts and moves like a living snake to wrap around Kataras arms and legs where they solidify into ice with a vice like grip. Katara looks up and a spike of ice is hovering over her face. Katara looks into Korra’s eyes even though she is not in the Avatar state and sees a deep void there that fills her with fear. Korra stands emotionless over Katara with the gaze of a stone cold killer.>

Korra: you lose. Submit.

Katara: (closes her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks) I submit.

< A tense moment passes. Katara opens her eyes and looks into Korra’s. Suddenly the void in Korra’s eyes seems to fade away as if it was being filled like rushing water flowing into a container.  She watches as Korra’s expression begins to change. Korra looks at the scene for seemingly the first time and a wave of horror overcomes her. She steps backward and the hovering ice spike dissolves itself. Korra looks at the expression in Katara’s eyes and recognizes it. It’s the same expression the victims of the Dark Avatar had before he murdered them.  Katara’s fear instantly passes as the true Korra seems to have returned and she rises and reaches for her. Korra recoils backward from her reach as if fearful not of Katara, but from herself. Tears begin to flow from her eyes.>

Korra: what am I becoming (look at her hands)

<Katara moves toward the ice barrier she erected around the scroll and removes it. She places it on the ground in front of Korra. Part of her wants to console Korra for the horrors she just experienced as well as for those that path she has chosen will bring her to , but she cannot. Katara in her heart still feels the cost of Korra’s quest is too great.>

Katara: you have won the battle and the scroll is yours. I have included a map for where you will be able to find the tribe of Sand benders who are entrusted with guarding the entrance to Wah Shi Tong’s Library. Good luck Avatar Korra.

<Katara turns and walks away only when she is out of earshot of Korra does she begin to weep. Korra reflects of what has just happened and the coldness in Katara’s farewell. She looks at the scroll on the ground before her with contempt and hatred.>

Korra: {in thought……….Is this quest really worth it. Will I be able to mend my relationship with Master Katara. More importantly the look in her eyes, am I becoming just like the one I am seeking knowledge about.  I could have killed her?

Aang: do not be so hard on yourself.

<Korra looks up to see Aangs spirit hovering over her.>

Aang: every Avatar has had experiences in their lives where the faith of their convictions has been shaken and challenged. This condition is not unique to avatars, all people experience it. What matters is what we choose to do. I do not think you would have killed Katara anymore then I think she would have killed you. You’re going to face challenges unlike any other avatar before you as the destructive power of even non benders is incredibly great in this age. You may be forced to make hard choices that no one could even imagine. As you will learn Kurutta was brought to the brink and in a moment of weakness he fell and darkness overcame him. It is as i told you before and you must remember always.

Aang: We all have a choice Korra. What will yours be? (Aang begins to fade he whispers).... do not worry about Katara she understands and does not blame you Korra she is proud that you stood strong in your convictions. You will need that strength of conviction when you face Wah Shi Tong.

<Korra is left alone with the whisper of the wind and the weight of the days’ events upon her shoulders. She stands up and looks around at all the damage done. The thought ,”Nothing that cannot be repaired” comes to her mind.  She thinks about Aangs words regarding Katara and that brings her some comfort. She reaches down and grabs the Blood Bending Scroll and opens it and removes the envelope inside. There is a map and a note inside of it. Korra reads the note.

[Dear Korra,
If you are reading this then you were the victor, congratulations. You should know that aside from Aang you are the only one I would ever give this information to. Aang trusts you and so do I. Good luck Korra and be careful your journey will only get harder from here.            - Katara]

<Korra grips the scroll tightly and stares up at the moon>

--------------------TO BE CONTINUED---------------------------
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