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Author Topic: I think people need to remember that Korra's world was more peaceful.  (Read 794 times)
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« on: May 21, 2012 09:41 pm »

There've been several pieces of criticism that share a common factor:

1. Benders for the most part seem average as opposed to the powerhouses of ATLA.
2. Mako and Bolin aren't taking a regular role in protecting the city (The main reason for this topic).

But really, when you take into consideration that the world was free of conflict on the level of a 100 year war, it's a given that protection of an area and the people are left to the authority figures.

I mean, Korra's The Avatar, Lin was part of the police force and Tenzin is part of the city council.  Hence they have the responsibility of keeping the peace.  Now in real life, there might be times with a civilian does help out, but just the same they are under no obligation to do so, nor do are they expected to.  And even then, all three of them grew up in a more calm environment.

Now some might argue that Mako and Bolin are friends of Korra and by that reason alone should help out regularly, but:
A. The friendship still has to grow deeper.
B. Would an athlete be expected to help their friends with their work (work being a field of law enforcement)?

I can't say either way on every civilian of Republic City, but I expect Mako and Bolin's regular involvement to be something resulted from development rather than immediately just because they're the good guys.  Did they have a carefree life themselves?  Not really.

And while it's nothing to make light of, look at the events in the Gaang's life:
Toph- Arguably the most mild, but just the same.  Her parents treated her as an invalid and kept her a secret from the public.

Zuko- His father burned half his face and banished him from home to go on what was to be a fool's errand, as well as his mom having to be banished secretly for the murder of his grandfather and of course his sister.  Mako and Bolin, get along just fine.

Katara and Sokka- Father was still alive, but had to leave them to a much higher responsibility of keeping watch over their tribe.

Aang- His people's death was the result of genocide as opposed to your average (bending) thug.  And while Aang would have the company of Katara and Sokka, Mako & Bolin had each other after their parents were killed.

So really, it's a natural outcome for the Gaang to be more of a tightly knit group, whereas the Krew needs more of an incentive be at that level of closeness.

Plus, Aang was for all intents and purpose an orphan (ending up in a much different world than the one he saw before the iceburg, and the aformentioned genocide), and thus Katara and Sokka felt the need to be there for him.  Korra on the other hand still has her family, plus she's currently with Tenzin's family, so the sympathy card is non-existent for her.

So in short, different circumstances breed different people.
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012 10:19 pm »

I wouldn't have been as impressed with Korra so far if it was a duplication of ATLA's plot.

I agree, people in Korra's time have more luxury, except for the equalists I guess.

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