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Author Topic: [118] The Waterbending Master  (Read 26431 times)
Avatar Epsilon
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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I can't think of anything clever to say.

« Reply #125 on: Oct 07, 2013 09:28 pm »

 Well, yes...yes it was. Cheesy

"Occasionally punching a guy with an electric glove does not make Asami a strong female character." (As said by me)
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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I've lost my life in water tribe....

« Reply #126 on: Nov 27, 2013 03:01 pm »

"I will teach you Aang, don't worry...
but not your girlfriend, sorry!!!

Katara, you rock!!! You're really suicider!!!! But we support those, Katara!

Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #127 on: Dec 31, 2014 03:22 pm »

This was a great penultimate episode. It set up the finale quite nicely. I am always a fan of worldbuilding so I was delighted to get some insight on the culture of the Northern Water Tribe. The insitutionalized sexism was a great source of conflict. It also paved way for a rather cool battle between Katara and Pakku. Sokka had a cool subplot with Yue. It was a little overdramatic for my taste, with the forbiddon love and prior engagements, but I liked it anyway. Sokka is a fun guy, so seeing him be all awkward was entertaining. Katara also wins some poinys for her comedy as well. She can pull sarcasm off pretty well.

Zuko's conflict with Zhao was also engaging. Zhao is a good antagonist for Zuko. He is a man with status and resources, which means he can screw Zuko over pretty hard. It is a shame that this episode marks the last we ever see of Zuko's crew. I liked them. Oh well, at least we got to see the Pirates again
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