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Author Topic: How To Use This Forum & Thread Index  (Read 2889 times)
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« on: Jul 10, 2011 12:36 am »

This board contains threads dedicated to each episode of The Legend of Korra that has aired. These threads are here for you to post your thoughts, discussions, and any other topics that are related to a single episode. Speculation about future episodes should be posted in the main TLOK board.

Only ASN admins and moderators can start new threads in this board, so you can use the existing threads to post your thoughts in or to vote. Voting is very easy: 10 is highest and 1 is lowest.

All other forum rules apply in here. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation please. Spending an extra 30 seconds to proofread your posts saves everyone a lot of trouble.

With that said, here are links to all of the episode-specific threads. When new episodes air, we'll post a discussion thread in this board sometime before the broadcast starts.

TLOK Specials

[013] Republic City Hustle - Part 1
[015] Republic City Hustle - Part 2
[016] Republic City Hustle - Part 3

TLOK Book 1 - Air

[101] Welcome to Republic City
[102] A Leaf in the Wind
[103] The Revelation
[104] The Voice in the Night
[105] The Spirit of Competition
[106] And the Winner Is...
[107] The Aftermath
[108] When Extremes Meet
[109] Out of the Past
[110] Turning the Tides
[111] Skeletons in the Closet
[112] Endgame

TLOK Book 2 - Spirits

[201] Rebel Spirit
[202] The Southern Lights
[203] Civil Wars, Part 1
[204] Civil Wars, Part 2
[205] Peacekeepers
[206] The Sting
[207] Beginnings, Part 1
[208] Beginnings, Part 2
[209] The Guide
[210] A New Spiritual Age
[211] Night of a Thousand Stars
[212] Harmonic Convergence
[213] Darkness Falls
[214] Light in the Dark

TLOK Book 3 - Change

[301] A Breath of Fresh Air
[302] Rebirth
[303] The Earth Queen
[304] In Harm's Way
[305] The Metal Clan
[306] Old Wounds
[307] Original Airbenders
[308] The Terror Within
[309] The Stakeout
[310] Long Live the Queen
[311] The Ultimatum
[312] Enter the Void
[313] Venom of the Red Lotus

TLOK Book 4 - Balance

[401] After All These Years
[402] Korra Alone
[403] The Coronation
[404] The Calling
[405] Enemy at the Gates
[406] The Battle of Zaofu
[407] Reunion
[408] Remembrances
[409] Beyond the Wilds
[410] Operation Beifong
[411] Kuvira's Gambit
[412] Day of the Colossus
[413] The Last Stand
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