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Author Topic: ATLA Sequel Series Idea-turned-fanfic rated G  (Read 3087 times)
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« on: Oct 12, 2010 02:25 pm »

Enjoy the following fanfic. Please note that this thing turned out to be really, really long on Microsoft Word. 21 pages so far to be exact, and I'm not even done with it yet!

(There's no swearing in this story, which is unusual for me and hard to not do in this story.)
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 12, 2010 02:27 pm »

Here are the main characters! (* = new character)
Zuko: the new Firelord; took throne after Aang defeated Ozai; is betrothed to his friend Lady Kira.

Aang: now announced as “Avatar Aang”; best friend to Firelord Zuko; is dating Katara.

Katara: knighted as a noblewoman by Zuko; her other job is healing the returning soldiers; dating Aang.

Sokka: still dating Suki; hangs out with Zuko; often seen around palace and in kitchen or playing a silly game with Kira (see description below).

*Kira: Zuko’s childhood friend; also Kiki, Zuko’s newest servant; dated both Jet and Haru, just like Katara.  (I got her name from Kimi’s mom in “Rugrats in Paris”. And yes, that’s the correct spelling.)

Azula: Zuko’s crazy sister; hates Kira with a passion; is locked up in prison because she lost her mind and is a clear and present danger to the people of the Fire Nation.

Commander Zhao: came back mysteriously after being eaten by a fish; wants Zuko dead; wants the throne; decides to use his daughter Kira to make Zuko vulnerable to the assassination.

Haru: stuck around after the invasion; hangs out with Katara; refuses to shave his mustache.

Jet: Where did he come from?!  I thought he got crushed by a boulder at Lake Laogai!

*Taro: Kira’s older brother who returned from the war; also Zhao’s hired assassin.

Iroh: Zuko’s wise but peculiar uncle who now owns a tea shop in Ba Sing Se.

Ursa: Zuko’s mother who had been M.I.A. for several years and was assumed to be dead.

Aisha: (Pronounce her name however you want, it doesn’t matter. She’s dead.)  Kira and Taro’s deceased mother.  Killed by her husband, Zhao.

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« Reply #2 on: Oct 12, 2010 02:27 pm »

After the war . . .

It’s been a year since Aang defeated Ozai and Zuko became Firelord.  Zuko and Aang have to rebuild everything that had been destroyed during the war.  Aang is now officially announced as “Avatar Aang”.  Everyone, except Commander Zhao, loves their new Firelord.

They are happy that the war is over and that most of their loved ones who went off to fight came home.  The water benders who became prisoners of war came home as well.

Bumi took back his throne after the Fire Nation troops left Omashu.  Ba Sing Se has a new tea shop.  That tea shop is owned by Iroh.  The Earth King is happy to have his palace and his bear Boscoe back.

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« Reply #3 on: Oct 12, 2010 02:32 pm »

   “Quit struggling, girl!” Commander Zhao shouted at the girl he was forcibly taking to Firelord Zuko.  “Remember the plan. The assassin will arrive in a week’s time. You are not to tell Zuko who you really are. Do you understand daughter?”

   “I have a name, Father. It is the name Mom gave to me when I was born. You remember Mom, don’t you? She was the woman who loved and raised me and you ruthlessly killed.”

   Zhao became angrier with his daughter and pulled harder on the chains that held her hostage.  The girl’s wrists began bleeding and put her in extreme pain.  “I’m sorry, Lady Kira. I do hope you are alright.” Zhao said rudely.  Whenever he became forceful, Kira fell back to being a lady: graceful, poised, and beautiful.  She often pretended to be obedient.

   They entered the palace and approached Firelord Zuko.  Kira looked closely at Zuko and smiled secretly.  Zuko stepped off his throne and began walking toward Zhao and Kira.

   “What have we here, Commander?” Zuko asked calmly and coolly.  He looked much more comfortable in his new role.

   Zhao straightened his posture and answered his firelord.  “This girl is a Fire Nation traitor. She admits to being part of the invasion that led to your father’s downfall. I thought an appropriate punishment for this traitor would be to lock her up in a cell at Boiling Rock.”

   Zuko, though annoyed with Zhao’s pompous attitude, showed no emotion as he replied.  “Remind me again Commander as to who gives out punishments fairly.”  The smile on Zhao’s face disappeared and suddenly Sokka’s strange burst of laughter could be heard.

   As he approached Zuko, Sokka spoke.  “Firelord Zuko put you in your place Zhao. Ha! I told him to do that if you showed up. Good job, Zuko.”

   Zuko turned his head slightly and smiled.  “Thank you, Sokka, for today’s comedy hour. Would you please leave the room?”  Sokka obeyed Zuko and bowed before leaving the throne room.  Zuko watched Sokka leave and was not surprised to see where Sokka was going.  Sokka had gone into the kitchen.

   Zuko turned to Commander Zhao, who was obviously still insulted, and said, “I’ve decided what this girl’s punishment shall be.”  Commander Zhao was eager to hear Zuko’s first judgment as Firelord would be.  “She is much too young to be a prisoner at Boiling Rock and Agni Kai would be far too inappropriate; and I speak from experience; and I have been hiring new servants because Azula banished the old ones, so this girl shall be a servant to me.”  Commander Zhao’s jaw dropped in shock.

   “If I may protest,” Zhao said. Zuko nodded and Zhao continued.  “This girl confessed to being part of the Avatar’s invasion. I highly doubt servitude is a good enough punishment for a Fire Nation traitor.”

   “Commander, I have made my decision and you are far too outspoken about this case. I order you to leave my palace immediately and to never enter until I say otherwise.” Zuko replied icily.  Zhao obeyed Zuko and released Kira from her chains before he left.  Kira waited until her father was gone before speaking to Zuko.

   “Thank you, Firelord Zuko, for sparing my life.” Kira said as she politely bowed to Zuko.  She was doing her best to not be too suspicious to Zuko.  “I promise to be a dutiful servant to you.”

   “What is your name?” Zuko asked.  To Kira’s surprise, he was still the same boy she grew up with.  Zuko was kind but stubborn and he was a good friend.  Kira did not want to have to lie to her friend.

   “My name is Kiki.” Kira answered.  A tear almost formed as Kira remembered hearing her mother call her Kiki.  Kira hated the fact that her mother only existed in memories and her appearance.

   “Kiki. Kiki.” Zuko said thoughtfully.  “I’ve heard that name before. But where from? Why must my memory fail me at the worst possible times? Anyway, my uncle will show you to your quarters. Your work can start today, if you wish, or you can start tomorrow.”

   Iroh walked in and greeted Kiki.  “Good day young lady. Let us go to your quarters.”  He offered her his arm, which she accepted, and led her down the hallway.  After a few minutes of silence, Iroh spoke.  “You may have fooled my nephew, but you can’t fool me. I know who you are, Lady Kira.”  Iroh seemed nonchalant about the situation; in fact, he was actually somewhat teasing her!

   Kira gasped and whispered, “Please don’t tell Zuko. I don’t want him to know yet. In time, I’ll tell him the truth.”

   “I knew who you really were the moment I heard your voice. You look and sound just like your mother. She obviously passed her spirit onto you.” Iroh said.  “You are aware that you are to marry Zuko within a week of your eighteenth birthday, correct? Your mother and I arranged it shortly after you were born. I suggest you tell Zuko the truth soon. Your work begins tomorrow morning before Zuko wakes up. You may as well explore the palace to make yourself familiar. Enjoy and good luck to you, Lady Kira.”  Iroh calmly and politely walked away.

   A few weeks later went by as Kiki began doing all the jobs, except food tasting for poisons.  Zuko was impressed with Kiki’s persistence.  He had also begun asking that Lady Kira come visit.  There were two problems with Zuko’s request: 1) Kira and Kiki were the same girl, and 2) Zuko was still dating Mei.  Kira finally gained trust by unknowingly making him a cup of his favorite tea.  She became his trusted advisor.  She even helped Zuko break up with Mei!

   One day, Kira approached Zuko and told him that Lady Kira was on her way to see him.  Kiki quickly went back to her quarters, and with the help of a fellow servant, changed into one of her mother’s old dresses and pulled her hair up into a perfectly neat bun.  Then she sneaked out through a side exit and made it to the front gate without getting caught.  The guards let her through and announced her arrival to Zuko.  After entering the throne room, Kira curtseyed to Zuko.  When she wanted to be, she could be a very graceful and beautiful lady of the court.

   “Welcome, Lady Kira.” Zuko said politely.

   “You act as if we have never met, Zuzu.” Kira teased gently and quietly.  Then she remembered that informal outbursts were not ladylike or allowed in the Firelord’s palace at any time.

   Hearing the nickname “Zuzu”, Zuko thought for a moment to recall the origin of it.  His recollections took him back to his childhood.  He had a friend that he often played with while his mother gossiped with her friend Lady Aisha.  “The last person to call me Zuzu was Azula. But it’s nice to hear it from the girl who came up with the nickname.”

   “You’ve grown up pretty well, Zuzu.” Kira replied.  “The banishment was actually good for you.”

   “I never thought about it that way. I guess you’re right.” Zuko remembered the four years in which he was shunned because he was a banished prince.

   Sokka entered the room carrying a tray with two cups of tea on it.  Kira guessed Sokka had either just made it or just heated it up from earlier that day.

   Zuko took a cup from the tray.  “Thanks Sokka. Who made this tea? Not that I’m implying that your teas are terrible, which they are.”

   “General Iroh made it before he left this morning.” Sokka answered as he gave Kira the other cup.  He looked closely at Kira.  His eyes grew when he realized she was Kiki.  She gave him a look so that he wouldn’t say anything.

   Taking note of Sokka’s staring at Kira, Zuko said slyly, “Sokka, I’m not exactly sure as to how I’m going to tell Suki that you’re looking at other girls. I’m afraid for your life right now. She’ll kill you when she gets back from visiting her father.”

   Hearing Zuko’s comment, Sokka quickly apologized to Kira and bowed before rushing out of the room.  Zuko tried not to laugh.  Having Sokka around always put Zuko in a much better mood.

   Kira smiled slightly.  “You’re horrible. I can’t believe you would ever say something like that to a good friend of yours.”  She was teasing Zuko and it clearly took him by surprise.

   Later that day, Lady Kira had left the palace and now Zuko could think about nothing but Kira.  Feeling the need to tell his friend what he knew, Sokka entered the throne room and asked Zuko if they could talk somewhere private.  Zuko nodded and followed Sokka. They headed outside into the garden and spoke in somewhat hushed tones.

   “What do you need to talk to me about, Sokka?” Zuko asked calmly.  He had recently become accustomed to having Sokka live in the palace.  He thought of Sokka as his confidant.

   Sokka twiddled his fingers together nervously and fussed with his hair before answering.  “It’s about Lady Kira. Please forgive me if what I tell you sounds like gossip, but the truth is that Lady Kira is actually your servant and advisor Kiki. I realized this when I came in earlier to bring you your uncle’s tea. That’s why I was staring at her. I’m afraid your new servant and advisor is a liar. And normally, I’m not one to judge someone by the way they act.”

   Zuko turned to Sokka and placed a hand on Sokka’s shoulder.  “Thank you, Sokka, for using your excellent observational skills. I just remembered that your sister needs you in the Southern Water Tribe. You can take Appa, if you wish. I’ve already asked Aang if you could borrow Appa for a day or so.”  Sokka frowned slightly.  He still wasn’t fond of Appa after all this time.

   “Thank you, Zuko. I’ll leave right now because you know how impatient my sister can be.” Sokka replied.  He excused himself and went looking for Appa.  From a distance, Zuko could hear Sokka yell, “Yip yip!”

   After Sokka and Appa were out of sight, Zuko headed back into the palace processing the information he’d just received from Sokka.  “That’s not possible. Lady Kira is an old friend and I know her well enough to snuff out a fraud. Don’t I? My instincts must be out of whack after four years of banishment.”  Zuko was truly confused.

   Kiki had finished her work for the day and she brought out a kettle of freshly brewed tea.  Zuko smelled it and realized it smelled like the jasmine tea that his mother’s friend always made when they visited.  The aroma brought back old memories from Zuko’s childhood.  A smile appeared on his face as he approached Kiki.

   “Good evening Kiki. That tea smells amazing. I’m sure it tastes amazing as well. May I have some?” Zuko said calmly.  Kiki was embarrassed that Zuko had caught her having her late-night tea break.

   Kiki jumped in the place where she was sitting when she heard Zuko enter the room.  “Oh, Firelord, I apologize for being up after hours. I will go to my quarters now. Good night, sir.”  As she got up and tried to run away, Zuko gently grabbed her wrist.

   “It’s alright. I just wanted to have a little chat with you, if you don’t mind.” Zuko said as he pulled her back.

   Kiki stared at him in horror.  “What did you want to talk about, Firelord?”  She crossed her fingers that he wasn’t going to send her to Boiling Rock after everything she had done for him in the last few weeks.

   “As you know, Lady Kira was here earlier. But what you may not know is that she’s been my best friend since I was a small child. Sokka tells me that someone pretended to be Lady Kira today. That someone was you, Kiki. Care to explain this to me? I would really appreciate an explanation.” Zuko replied politely as he sat down next to her and gave her complete eye contact.

   Kiki sighed as she answered.  “Look Zuko, I can explain, but the explanation will endanger you. That is not my intent.”

   “I’m confused. Please explain why you masqueraded as my friend Lady Kira.” Zuko said calmly as he poured himself another cup of tea.

   “I didn’t masquerade because I am Kira. Look closely.” Kiki said as she pulled her hair up into the bun she had it in earlier.  Zuko did not look very convinced.  “What more do you need to believe that I am Kira? Would the fact that ever since my father enrolled me in the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, Azula and Mei harassed me because I was friends with you help at all?”

   Zuko looked her in the eyes.  He recognized the eyes and their distinct color that was uncommon for Fire Nation citizens.  Her eyes, curiously, were closer to the colors of an Earthbender and a Waterbender.  The story about the abuse Kira endured from Azula and Mei in school helped as well because he already knew all about that since Azula was frequently suspended from school for fighting with a fellow classmate.  His mouth dropped as he realized that Kiki was really Kira.  “How? Why would you do this?”

   “My father made me part of his evil scheme to gain the throne of the Fire Nation. He figured that my presence in the palace would make you vulnerable and then he could easily kill you and become Fire Lord. I was not supposed to tell you about the plan, but I want you to win the battle against my father. If my father finds out that you know about the plan, he will kill me just like he killed my mother.”  Kira explained quickly and nervously.

   “Why go through all this if it ends in your death? I’m not worth protecting. I spent four years of my life as a shunned and banished prince. I was the laughing stock of the whole world.”

   “First of all, I would lose my best friend since childhood. And second, if you died, my father would become Fire Lord and be just like your father and put the nation back where it was before Avatar Aang defeated him. Do you really want the Fire Nation to go back to that hardship?”

   “Not really. We’re still recovering from my great-grandfather’s century-long war and I’ve just started rebuilding the other nations with Aang.” Zuko sighed.  “Wait, your father killed your mother? That’s a serious accusation. Are you sure he did, or is your hatred for your father getting in the way of your memory of your mother’s death?”

   Kira slammed the table with a fist and spoke angrily then explained, “Why does everyone ask me that? I realize that I was only five years old when it happened, but I was an eyewitness to the murder. I’d just given Mama the medicine I had made for her. The medicine seemed to kick in right away and she looked at least ten times better than she had. Her symptoms were already starting to go away and she was able to eat. She would’ve been healthy in another two days at least.

   “Then I heard my father coming and looked for somewhere to hide, because I was never allowed to be in the room that he was entering. To protect my baby sister, I took her out of her crib and hid in my mother’s wardrobe that had a door in the back that gave me access to the servants’ secret passageway. My father came into the room and asked her how she was feeling. She still had difficulty speaking and so she didn’t respond to him. He got angry and told her that she was an ungrateful shame to him and the children for being so weak and showing it. I saw a tear fall down her cheek as he scolded her.

   “Suddenly, he pulled out his sword and stabbed her in the heart. He kept it in until he confirmed that she was dead and then pulled it out. The blade was dripping with Mama’s blood. When I saw it, I must have let out a cry because then my father quickly wiped the blade and put it away and then searched the room for what might have caused the sound. With my sister in my arms, I quickly snuck into the passageway and escaped from the house. I took my sister to our kind neighbor who had recently lost her child and begged her to take care of my sister, Anna, because I didn’t want her to live in the house with our monstrosity of a father. The woman agreed and made me promise that I would return for Anna when she turned thirteen.

    “I promised her and then found a guard on duty, since it was very late in the night. I approached him and told him what my father had just done, but because it was about Admiral Zhao, he didn’t believe me and took me straight home. I prayed that my father wouldn’t kill me for leaving the house alone at night.”

    “You really miss your mother don’t you? Would your life be any different if your father hadn’t killed her?” Zuko pondered.  In his heart, he already knew the answer to his own question, because he’d asked himself a similar question about his own mother, but he wanted to know what Kira’s answer would be, even though it was probably the same.  Zuko’s question was one to which everyone would give the exact same answer.  Zuko suddenly felt stupid for asking the question.

   “Had my father not murdered her, she’d be here with us now. And she’d be helping me prepare for the wedding. I hate my father so much. Can you please lock him up?”

   “Well, your memory alone is proof enough to arrest him and lock him up in prison.” Zuko decided.  “How long until our wedding?”

   “It’s not until five days after my eighteenth birthday, which is in two months.” Kira answered.  “And I need permission to leave the palace tomorrow for two reasons; first, my brother Taro is coming home from the war and he needs somewhere to stay, and second, Anna just turned thirteen and I need to bring her here to protect her from our father.”

   “Of course you have my permission, but you are not to go alone, considering that I now know of your father’s plans. Aang will accompany you tomorrow while you retrieve your siblings. Is that understood?” Zuko demanded.

   “Yes, Firelord Zuko. Anything else you need?” Kira answered politely.

   Zuko stroked his chin in deep thought.  “Now that you’ve revealed yourself to be Lady Kira, you may no longer go by the name Kiki ever again. Since we’ll be married in a few months, your family is my family, so your siblings have permission to reside here in the palace. I’ll have the other servants set up the guest chambers. And you’ll be staying in Azula’s old chamber because you are no longer a servant.”

   Kira smiled and nodded.  “Thank you, Zuko. Now, I must get some rest for tomorrow since I’ll be venturing to the dock in the early morning.”  She bowed before leaving the room.

   Zuko watched her as she left and sighed as soon as she was out of earshot.  Once again, he was faced with the undeniable fact that he was in love with his childhood friend, Kira.


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« Reply #4 on: Oct 12, 2010 02:44 pm »

I apologize to any guy reading my story and thinking that it sounds too chick-flickish. My stories always seem to turn out that way.

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« Reply #5 on: Oct 12, 2010 02:57 pm »

   Kira put on one of her mother’s old dresses and fixed her hair as she got ready to go meet her brother at the dock.  She was thrilled that he had survived the war and that he was finally coming home.  Also, she would be meeting her younger sister face-to-face after thirteen years.  Kira left her new chamber and approached Zuko for the first time as Kira and not as Kiki masquerading as Kira.

   Zuko saw her and nodded.  “Good morning, Lady Kira. Aang is ready to go whenever you are. You should have some breakfast before you go. You’ll definitely need the energy today.”

   “Thank you, Zuko. I’ll have a quick bite before going. My brother’s boat should be arriving soon.” Kira said as she put some noodles in her bowl and began eating.  Aang entered the room and saw the food and grabbed a bowl of noodles for himself.  Both were eating like they hadn’t had any food in months and Zuko was very much entertained by this.  It seemed as if Aang wanted to see which of them could eat their noodles faster.  As soon as they finished, Kira and Aang left the palace.

   At the dock, families were happily reuniting as the soldiers got off their boats.  Kira scanned the scene for her older brother Taro, whom she hadn’t seen in two years.  She had last seen him while she was hiding from her father.  Kira looked nervous when she didn’t see him get off the first boat.  Aang wasn’t sure how to cheer her up.  But he looked very closely at each soldier as they stepped onto the dock.  This clearly wasn’t working because he had no idea what Kira’s brother looked like.

   Kira smiled slightly and gently hugged Aang.  “Thanks, Avatar Aang. It’s just that I really love my brother Taro because he and I are so close and he always protected me from Father.”  Then, she looked again at the dock.  One of the soldiers looked really familiar to Kira.  Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.  “Taro! Over here!”

   Taro, with his black hair tied back with a small band and a jovial smile on his face, looked for the person who’d yelled his name.  He was glad to see his sister again after so long.  “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my little refugee of a sister.”  He lifted her off the ground and hugged her.  He put her down and kissed Kira’s forehead.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Avatar Aang.”  He flashed a perfectly white smile with perfect teeth.

   Aang smiled.  “You must be Taro. It’s nice to meet you. You’re nothing like your father at all. What a relief that is.”

   Taro laughed.  “Actually, all five of us kids got our beloved mother’s personality. Bless her soul. Can we go now? My bags are really heavy and killing my shoulders.”  Kira had trouble believing this considering how well in shape Taro was from being a Fire Nation soldier and a Firebender.

   “We have one more stop to make before we head back to the palace. We have to retrieve our sister Anna.” Kira replied.

   Aang and Taro followed Kira to the house in which Anna had been raised.  Kira was excited to see her baby sister at last.  She knocked on the door.  A frail old woman opened the door and smiled the moment she recognized Kira.

   “You look so much like your dear mother. The resemblance is really rather striking. And I know Taro when I see him. You have your mother’s smile and your father’s eyes. And am I in the presence of the Avatar himself?” The woman said weakly.

   “Thank you, madam. Is our sister ready to go?” Kira said politely.  Suddenly, a tall, thin young woman appeared with her bags.

   “Hi, Anna, I’m your brother Taro. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Taro said breaking the silence.

   “Hi. Were you in the Fire Nation Army? You must have been a great soldier because you have a high ranking.” Anna replied quietly.

   “Indeed I was. But I was under Father’s orders, so I had to do everything he ordered me to do, even if the order was barbaric.” Taro answered.  He soon realized that Anna was no longer listening to him, but looking at Kira.

   “Hi Anna, I’m your sister Kira. You’ll be living in the palace, courtesy of the Firelord himself, considering my future.” Kira said in a very friendly tone.  She hoped that Anna would have the slightest memory of her.

   “It’s nice to meet you both. Hello, Avatar Aang.” Anna said as she headed out the door.  She politely bowed to Aang, who immediately turned red from the attention he was receiving for being the Avatar.  “Goodbye, madam. I thank you for the great care you have given me.”  The old woman nodded and then shut the door.

   The group entered the palace and greeted Zuko.  He nodded and quickly observed Kira’s siblings.

   “You are welcome to live here in the palace, as I told your sister last night, her family is my family. Especially considering the wedding in a few months.” Zuko said cordially.  The last sentence was slightly muttered under his breath.

   “Thank you, Firelord Zuko. I speak for my youngest sister and myself when I say that we are very grateful for your kindness.” Taro said politely as he bowed.

   Taro and Anna were soon shown to their chambers by Sokka; Kira stayed behind.  She wanted to talk to Zuko about her brother.  She was relieved that her brother and sister were living as far away from Zhao as possible, and because Zuko had banished Zhao from the palace until further notice.  Somehow, Kira felt safer within the walls of her new home.

   “Zuko, I do not know who my father hired as your assassin, but I have a feeling it may be one of my brothers. I promise to be alert at all times if that is the case.” Kira said quickly.  She wanted to show Zuko that she really was sorry for lying to him and disguising herself as someone else.

   “Thank you, Kira. You’re free to do whatever you want. I just need you to do one thing for me.”  Zuko had started to use a different tone with Kira after she had confessed to him her secrets the previous night.  Kira appreciated the fact that Zuko wasn’t as upset with her as she thought he would be.  Although, Zuko’s sudden change of mood seemed to surprise and affect everyone in the palace.  Zuko didn’t seem to notice this and immediately began showing the people of the Fire Nation his new mood change.  They were also shocked by this.

   “Of course. What do you need done?”  Kira was hoping to go change out of her now-dirty clothes.

   “Kira, I’d feel much more comfortable with your brother living here if he is healthy and not injured in any way. Katara should be back any minute now. When you see her, will you ask her to check on Taro?”

   “That’s not a problem at all. Actually I hear her coming.”  Kira left the throne room to find Katara.  When she found her, she asked her to check Taro for any injuries or anything at all.  Katara nodded and headed toward Taro’s chamber.

   An hour later, Kira was about to go outside to the palace gardens to pick some flowers to place around the palace.  She opened the door to the front gate and was startled by an angry male voice.  The voice sounded really familiar to her.

   “Firelord Zuko! Bring my parents back! You destroyed my home! I wish someone would kill you. You want to fight me? Come out, you coward!” The voice yelled, getting everyone’s attention.  Kira stopped in her tracks and suddenly her eyes grew when she realized who it was.

   “Jet?” Kira said in shock.  “I thought you were dead. Aang told me that you were crushed by a giant boulder at Lake Laogai.”

   “That’s a nice thing to say to your ex-boyfriend who you haven’t seen since you so rudely dumped him and disappeared out of thin air, Kira.” Jet replied curtly.  Other than his sharp wit and tongue, Jet was quite defenseless without his cronies, The Duke and Longshot.

   “Who’s out there yelling?” Katara asked sticking her head out a window on the second floor.  Katara had been checking Taro’s current state of health when she heard the yelling.  Jet looked up at Katara and his eyes grew wide with fear.  He felt threatened now that he had been caught by his two ex-girlfriends.  He hoped that they didn’t know that they’d both dated him.  He knew of Kira’s short temper, and he also didn’t want to mess with Katara at all.

   “H-Hey Katara, I didn’t know you’d be here. Did Zuko make you a servant in his palace or what?” Jet said to Katara.  She was clearly not happy to see him.  In fact, Katara looked like she was ready to attack him at any moment.  If Katara did attack him, Kira wouldn’t mind helping her with the attacking.  Jet must have been a really bad boyfriend if both of his ex-girlfriends wanted to kill him.

   “First of all, Jet, you dumped me and disappeared. Then I heard a few months later that you’d been arrested in Ba Sing Se after trying to start a fight in a tea shop.” Kira explained angrily.

   “Don’t try anything funny, Jet. My boyfriend won’t be pleased if I tell him you’re harassing me again. He thinks you’re dead.” Katara said angrily.

   “Boyfriend? What boyfriend? Last I heard you and Haru are just friends.” Jet asked incredulously gesturing air quotes when he said friends.  This really angered Katara and made her want to come down and punch him in the face.  Taro could be heard egging Katara to go punch Jet.  Kira stifled a giggle after hearing her brother.

   “My boyfriend is Aang. If he could defeat Ozai, he could easily kick your butt in just a few seconds.” Katara answered.  Kira tried not to laugh because what Katara said was true.  Kira couldn’t resist laughing at the look on Jet’s face when he comprehended what could happen to him if he got into a brawl with Aang.

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   Zuko stormed into the palace garden and fell back onto the grass and lay there for some time with his eyes closed and his mind wanting peace and quiet.  He always returned from visiting his imprisoned father feeling angry.  Zuko was determined to find out what happened to his mother, Ursa.  Ozai only laughed when Zuko asked about Ursa’s disappearance.

   “Zuko! Zuko! Where are you?” A female voice yelled.  Zuko slowly, disdainfully opened an eye as he identified the owner of the voice.

   “Not now, Kira. I want to be alone!” Zuko called back angrily.  He preferred to be left alone whenever he was angry.

   Kira was walking along the adjacent breezeway when she looked to find Zuko sprawled out on the grass in the garden.  She jumped over the rail and made her way gracefully to Zuko’s side.  She sat cross-legged next to him.

   “You asked about your mom again, didn’t you?” Kira asked casually.  “Is it possible that he really doesn’t know?”

   Zuko sat up suddenly and looked furious.  “You’ve met him! You know what the Fire Nation was like under his rule! I have every right to be suspicious of him!”

   “Calm down, fire-head. I’m not saying you don’t have every right to be suspicious, but perhaps your hatred toward your father has blinded you from being sensible.”

   “I just want to know what happened to my mother.”

   “I know, Zuzu; my mother’s been out of my life since I was only five years old. The difference between us is that I know that my mother is dead, but I believe yours is still alive. Ursa was Mama’s best friend and like a second mother to me.”

   “What makes you think my mother is alive?”

   Kira smiled.  “She’s strong-hearted and stubborn, just like you.”

   Zuko smirked and looked over at the turtle ducks in the pond.  The mother duck looked very familiar to him.  “I remember that one. She bit my foot years ago.”

   Kira giggled in response to Zuko’s flashback.  “That’s what you get for being mean to her kids.”

   “I was showing Mom how Azula fed them!”

   “Still, karma caught up with you. Also, you’re just terrible at Azula impressions.”

   “I figured that out last year when I tried doing impressions of Uncle and Azula.”

   “You did an impression of Iroh? How’d that work out for you?”

   “Not very well. My audience was a toad that seemed to agree that I’m horrible at doing impressions of people. I’m somewhat better at impressions than the Ember Island Players, though.”

   “That doesn’t count because everyone is better at impressions than the Ember Island Players. Those people are horrible actors. I did sneak in to see the Avatar Story once and I was amused by the actor who played you. I even dated him for a while, but I dumped him because he was really stupid and he had the biggest ego.”

   Zuko was taken by surprise.  “You saw the play? Why would you go watch that mess of a play? You despise the Ember Island Players. Whenever we went to Ember Island as kids, we would sit up front and you’d make faces at the actors. Wait, you dated that guy? Why?”

   “I wanted to know who the Fire Nation was hoping would win the battle. Although, I shouldn’t have been surprised that they were rooting for your dad. And, for your information, I didn’t agree with the way they portrayed you. I know you would never turn your back on Iroh. You’re too good of a guy. I thought that actor was cute the first time I saw him.”

   Zuko was about to tell Kira that he had turned his back on Iroh, which resulted in Iroh being imprisoned.  Then Iroh, walking through the breezeway, found Zuko and got his attention.

   “Zuko, I hate to interrupt, but there is a woman here to see you,” said Iroh as he entered the garden.  “Both of you know this woman, but it might take a moment or so to recognize her.”

   “Uncle, enough with the riddles. Bring her over here. It’s lovely outside.” Zuko replied.
Kira looked around to get a peek of the woman.  Zuko soon noticed a smile on Kira’s face.

   The woman entered and said in a calm, soothing voice, “Zuko, please show that mother duck respect. And Kira, you’re a clever young woman and I’m sure you recognize me.”

   Kira gasped and quickly stood up to bow politely.  “Ursa! I knew all along that you were alive. See, Zuko, I told you so.”  She lightly hit Zuko’s arm.

   Zuko slowly stood up and then approached Ursa.  “Mother. Welcome home.”

   “What kind of greeting is that? Why don’t you be a real man and show your feelings like Sokka does on a regular basis?” Kira asked teasingly.

   “I heard that, Kira!” Sokka yelled from afar.  Kira giggled and then went to Ursa and gave her a hug.

   “Kira, you look so much like Aisha. You’ve turned out to be such a beautiful young woman. And Zuko, I hope you can forgive me for leaving you when you really needed me. If I had not fled the Fire Nation, you wouldn’t have that unbecoming scar on your handsome face.” Ursa said calmly.

   “I don’t mind the scar so much. It’s a sign that Zuko has evolved as a person since the Agni Kai. It also shows his manliness.” Kira remarked casually.  Ursa looked at Kira and raised an eyebrow in response to Kira’s last comment.

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   Kira and Katara were out picking flowers and running a few errands.  Katara was still making runs down to the infirmary to heal the injured soldiers because there were so many of them.  Kira was interested in learning how to heal wounds like Katara. As the girls were walking toward the infirmary, a male voice called out to them.  She instantly recognized the voice.

    “Oh, hey, Haru. Look, Katara, it’s Haru.” Kira replied teasing Katara who was still interested in Haru, even though she was dating Aang.

   “May I ask where you lovely ladies are going by yourselves?” Haru asked smiling, mostly to Katara who was trying to act indifferent to him.  Kira figured out what Haru was implying with his question.

   “Why, we’re just going down to check on injured soldiers. We don’t really need an escort for that. Thanks for the offer anyway.” Kira replied sweetly.

   “Your brother told me everything, Kira. With that knowledge, I’d feel much better if I were around to protect you from your father. I would be honored to escort you through town.”

   “Okay, let’s go then.”

   “Fine,” grumbled Katara.  “You know, Haru, you really should shave your mustache before Kira’s wedding in a few weeks.”

   Haru put a hand to his mustache that everyone hated.  “The mustache stays. Why does everyone hate the mustache?” He argued.  Then he turned his head to look at Kira, who was giggling at the sight of his mustache.  “Am I really invited to your wedding, Kira?”

   Kira smiled and said, “Of course you’re invited to my wedding, Haru. Why wouldn’t I invite you? You’re not just an ex-boyfriend, but you’re also my friend. I don’t hold grudges on ex-boyfriends, except Jet, for obvious reasons.”

   As they got closer to the entrance to the infirmary, they could hear the guard say, “Commander Zhao! What are you doing here?”  Upon hearing her father’s title, Kira panicked and clung to Haru’s arm.

   “I’m glad I’m here with you, then. Kira, I can’t risk the chance of your father hurting you, not that he’d be stupid enough to do anything to you in public. I’m taking you back to the palace.  Hope you don’t mind, Katara,” said Haru.

   Katara shook her head, “No,” and walked to the infirmary.  She stopped and hid in an alley blanketed in shadow and listened to Zhao talk to the guard.

   “I heard that my son Taro returned home a few days ago. I was wondering if he had been brought here.” Zhao explained.

   “I’ve not seen him here, Commander. In fact, I recall seeing a young lady awaiting his arrival at the dock.” The guard replied honestly.

   “Who was she?” Zhao demanded angrily.

   “I don’t who she was, but she was accompanied by the Avatar himself. The young lady seemed to know Taro really well, almost like a sibling.”

   Zhao walked away from the guard and stopped near Katara.  “I knew she would do this. She’s useless. I can’t enter the palace, but my loyal sons can. That little brat will get the punishment she deserves. Soon, she’ll be sleeping in the ground with her mother.”

   Katara was shocked that she had just heard Zhao’s evil scheme, one of them, anyway.  She thought of running back to the palace to warn Zuko of Zhao’s infiltration plan, then she realized that her presence in the infirmary was much needed, so she decided to get her infirmary work done first.  Katara thought she heard Zhao’s entire scheme, but she was missing one major piece of information, and Kira was about to find out what that piece was.

   Kira was in the kitchen making tea.  Sokka had recently obtained an obsession with Kira’s teas.  Sokka was not the only person in the palace who had changed in the last few days; Zuko, Aang, Taro, Haru, and Katara had changed as well.  Taro, now able to go out and about, would sneak-attack anything around a corner, even if there was nothing there.  Zuko felt the need to be with Kira every second of every day to protect her.  When Kira questioned him, he would tell her that he just wanted to spend more “alone time” with her.  She would smile and go back to whatever she was doing.  Aang and Katara had been arguing a lot and also being protective of Kira.  No one had told Kira about her father’s evil scheme, and so she could only describe everyone’s behavior as “odd.”  Haru began spending more time in the palace, play the role of “Kira’s bodyguard.”  He was also teaching Anna in the art of Earthbending.

   Anna, as Kira observed, was as able to learn to bend as Kira.  However, there was one element Kira could bend but was too afraid to tell anyone about: blood.  She had mistakenly gone under the tutelage of the Puppetmaster herself.  The only elements that Kira could not bend were air and metal.  She learned Earthbending from Haru (which is how they hooked up), learned Waterbending at the Northern Water Tribe, and was a born Firebender.

   Kira managed to get away from Haru.  She had thrown him off-course by shouting for him all over the palace, making it sound like she was in danger.  Kira took some leftover bread to the turtle duck pond to feed the turtle ducks.  As she tossed bread crumbs, she began to hum softly to herself.

   “Hello, Kira. Long time no see,” a raspy female voice said behind Kira.  Kira turned her head to find Azula leaning against the big tree with her arms crossed casually.

   “Azula? I thought you were supposed to be locked up for life due to insanity.” Kira replied cautiously as she slowly turned around to face Azula.  She prepared to defend herself in case Azula tried to attack her.  Kira was just as skilled as Zuko in bending lightning.

   “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Funny thing about being locked up in prison, you can easily get bailed out by someone with that much money. Your dear old daddy bailed me out and told me to come kill you for him since your boyfriend, my dumb brother, banished him from the palace.”

   “How does he know I didn’t keep up my end of the deal?”

   “He found out from a guard at the infirmary. Your dad was looking for his youngest son, the last of his children that he actually cares about.”

   “You can forget about killing me and just leave. You can’t hurt me or Taro.”

   “I know I can’t hurt him because I’m not allowed to.”

   “Why not?”

   “Because he’s supposed to kill Zuko. But now I see why he hasn’t done it. He doesn’t want to kill the guy his little sister is in love with. Taro is such a wimp. He’s completely useless.”

   “What are you saying, Azula?”

   “One of your older brothers will be sent to kill Taro and Zuko at midnight.”

   “Kira, get away from Azula, NOW!” Zuko yelled.  He jumped over the rail and stood in front of Kira and faced Azula.  “How did you get out of prison?”

   “Like I told your girlfriend, Commander Zhao was kind enough to bail me out. At midnight, one of your soon-to-be brothers-in-law won’t be in the wedding party. Sorry to mess up your wedding plans, Kira. Maybe I’m doing this because I never received an invitation to my only brother’s wedding.”

   Kira gasped and ran back into the palace.  Azula seemed to be rather pleased as she watched Kira run away in fear of her.  Zuko did not look pleased at all with his sister.

   “If you knew, why didn’t you tell her, Zuko?”

   “I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t want to frighten her more.”

   Ursa appeared and intervened.  “Whether you like it or not, Azula, Zuko is the rightful Firelord and he will marry Kira in a few days. Taro is a trained soldier and born Firebender. It would take a lot to kill him.”

   Azula’s face turned pale and she looked as if she was seeing a ghost.  “Mother... I thought you were dead.”

   “I’m not as weak as you may think. Now, Taro is confined in his chamber which is heavily guarded for his safety. No one will be able to touch him.”

   Meanwhile, Kira was having a panic attack and pacing in the kitchen.  Iroh was sitting at the little table drinking tea and watching Kira.

   “Taro will be alright. There is no way anyone could touch him now that he is heavily guarded. There is no reason for you to be so worried about your brother. The person who should be more concerned about their life is Zuko. Ultimately, he is still at risk of getting killed. Come sit down and drink some tea. You need to relax.”

   “I don’t mean to be rude, Iroh, but that’s actually the reason for my panic attack. I can’t figure out why none of the people I trust completely told me about Dad’s new plan. And now I see why Zuko was following me like a lost puppy. He didn’t really want to spend “alone time” with me. He was only doing what he thought would protect me from Dad.”

   “You don’t know that Zuko didn’t want to spend time with you. He may have trouble sharing his emotions, but I know him well enough to know that he really does love you.”

   Kira’s panic attack suddenly ended following Iroh’s soothing words.  Kira smiled and sat down before taking a sip of tea.  It tasted familiar to her.  “This tastes like my mother’s special rose tea that she made with –”

   “Rose petals. That’s because it is that tea. She gave me the recipe when you and Zuko were little. She told me that it made you two calm and quiet.”

   Meanwhile, back in the garden, Zuko, Azula and Ursa were still talking.  As they spoke, another person showed up: Zhao.  Zuko moved into position as if he were about to firebend.

   “Don’t waste your lack of skilled firebending, kid. You’re gonna need it to protect your new family.” Zhao scoffed.

   “I specifically said you were banished from entering the palace until further notice.” Zuko argued.

   “We’re outside, not inside, you idiot.” Zhao replied.  Noticing Ursa, he said, “You’re alive? That’s not possible.”

   “Thank you, Zhao, for your concern about my life. Too bad you never showed any concern about Aisha. Then, perhaps, your daughter wouldn’t despise you as much as she does.” Ursa said calmly.  “Now, may I ask why you’re here?”

   “I was hoping for an invitation to my daughter’s wedding.”

   “Not a chance, Zhao. Kira doesn’t want you there and neither do I. You don’t deserve an invitation.”  And with that, Zuko headed to the kitchen, where he knew Kira would be, drinking tea with Iroh.

   In the kitchen, Kira had become very calm.  She even sent a servant to take some of the tea to Taro.  It was, above all, Taro’s favorite of his mother’s teas.  Zuko could smell the sweet aroma of the rose petals as he walked toward the kitchen.  It brought back memories of the days that he and Kira would spend playing while their mothers chatted and gossiped.  Until now, Zuko had never realized that Lady Aisha had been like a second mother to him.  Kira’s tea-making made Zuko see yet again that his childhood had been very cheerful, but those days ended when he heard about the death of Iroh’s son.

   “May I join you?” Zuko asked Kira and Iroh.

   “Oh, Zuko! What did Azula say?” Kira replied, still smiling after what Iroh had said about Zuko loving her.  Zuko paid no mind to Kira’s smile.

   He sat down at the table and poured himself a cup of tea.  “Azula said that Taro is no longer in danger, but –”

   “But what?”

   “You might be, Kira. Get this: your dad showed up and asked for an invitation to our wedding.”

   Kira gasped.  “You didn’t, did you?”

   “Of course not. I’m not stupid enough to do that.”

   “Oh, so you admit that you are stupid? It’s about time.”

   Zuko scowled.  “Not now, Kira. We’ll discuss that later. Taro’s safe for now. But we can’t be too careful. Zhao could go against his word at any time. He’s devious and I don’t know his weaknesses, besides his knees. How could we find out what they are?”

   Kira waved her hand in front of Zuko’s face.  “Uh, yeah. Hi, I’m Kira, daughter of Zhao.”

   “Huh? What are you saying?”

   “Oh, nothing,” replied Kira, feigning innocence. “I was just saying that, you know, being Zhao’s daughter would be helpful in learning his weaknesses.”

   “I don’t get where you’re going with this, Kira.”

   “Zuko, think about it. I’ve known him all my life and I know his weaknesses.”

   “Go on.” Zuko said slowly with an intrigued look on his face.  “Now I see why you called me stupid.”

   “Actually, I was calling you stupid because you’re a guy, and all guys are stupid. But, I agree that you were being stupid.”

   Kira and Zuko left the room arm-in-arm discussing this “important” subject.  Iroh headed to Taro’s chamber to tell him that he was now safe.

   The next few weeks went by and Zuko was anticipating retaliation from Zhao, but all was quiet.  Kira still couldn’t go anywhere with Haru insisting that he protect her at all times.  Apparently, no one had told Haru that Kira was now safe.  Sokka was supposed to give Haru the news, but he was seeking revenge on Kira after a silly game they had played and Sokka had lost.  Sokka didn’t like to lose.  Kira found out that Sokka hadn’t done what he was supposed to and tattled on him to Zuko.  Just to be clear, Sokka and Kira got along well and were good friends, but both were very competitive and acted like juveniles when either lost to the other.  Sokka reported to the throne room like a troublemaking student sent to the principal’s office after getting reprimanded by his teacher.  Of course, Sokka got chewed out for not doing the first assignment Zuko had ever given him.  After that, Sokka really wanted to get back at Kira.

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(Note: If you hate clichés, you will really hate this part.  Also, considering the flow of my story, this part will seem really predictable.)

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Kira was sitting with Ursa in the kitchen drinking tea.  She really enjoyed spending time with Ursa because it was like spending time with her own mother.  Kira and Ursa did this twice a day; usually in the morning and always just before going to bed (Zuko often joined them at this time).  Suddenly, the swinging kitchen doors slammed open and Katara ran in, her hands covering her face as she cried.

   “Katara! What’s wrong?” Kira exclaimed as she stood up and ran to her friend’s side.  Katara cried into Kira’s shoulder.

   “Aang and I were having another fight, and – and –” Katara sobbed.

   “And what?”

   “He broke up with me!”


   “Because there’s another girl that he really likes and he wants to see if it’ll work out with her.”  Ursa took a teacup from a cupboard, poured some tea into it, and handed it to Katara.

   “Have some tea and settle down, dear.” Ursa said gently.

   “Thanks,” replied Katara quietly.  She sat down at the table and kept both hands around the teacup which was radiating heat from the tea.

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(Alright, laugh if you will, but you have to admit that Katara would be emotional about it.  She is just so emotional or full of hope all the time, lol. [Reference to Season 3, “The Ember Island Players,” if you didn’t know.]  Now, here comes yet another really clichéd, girly scene.  I apologize to all guys that might be reading this...)

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The wedding of Zuko and Kira was fast approaching and Kira chose Katara as her Maid of Honor.  Kira looked through the dresses that she had salvaged from her mother’s wardrobe before Zhao set it on fire in “remembrance” of his dead wife.  Kira thought that her mother had kept her wedding kimono with her other dresses, and panicked when she couldn’t find the kimono.

   “Oh no! This is bad, really bad.” Kira exclaimed.  She began digging again through the piles of dresses she had created in her mad search.  Katara ran into the room after hearing Kira’s outburst.

   “What’s wrong, Kira?” Katara asked.

   “I can’t find my mother’s wedding kimono. It’s not with the dresses I saved before Dad burned the wardrobe.”

   “I’m sure it’s here somewhere.”

   “Katara, my mother never told me where her kimono was kept. What if I missed it and my father destroyed it with the wardrobe? Now it’s gone forever. I was planning on wearing her kimono at my wedding.”

   “I wouldn’t say ‘forever.’ Here it is, Kira. I can’t wait to see you in it.” Ursa said as she entered the room carrying Aisha’s wedding kimono.

   Kira gasped.  “Where did you get it, Ursa?”

   “Your mother gave it to me to keep safe because she didn’t trust Zhao to let her keep something so expensive and beautiful.”

   “Kira, I understand now why you want to wear your mother’s kimono. You want her to be with you on your big day.” Katara said sincerely.  “That’s similar to why I always wear my mother’s necklace. I just want my mom to be with me. Even if it’s just in spirit.”

(End of overly dramatic clothing situation. Now, let’s move on to some more teenage dating drama.)

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please feel free to comment. i crave constructive feedback!

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