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Author Topic: Book Four: Air [PG]  (Read 1790 times)
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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Kataang Forever

« on: Aug 26, 2010 08:04 am »

After seeing all of the episodes and the finale, I have decided to make a Book Four: Air to try to continue on with the story. (yes, I realize there are multiple Book Four: Air out there. I decided to make one too)  

This is my first fan-fiction, please tell me if I should correct any mistakes. Or should improve on the story.

I will update this page for News & Updates, so check back here if you need to get caught up!

  • Chapter One: A New Start
  • Chapter Two: The New Threat
  • Chapter Three: It's Time
  • Chapter Four: A New Journey
  • Chapter Five: Death's End Cliffs
  • Chapter Six: Secret Base
  • Chapter Seven: Burn It Down
  • Chapter Eight: Wishing For A Life
  • Chapter Nine: Break
  • Chapter Ten: Love Will Conquer
  • Chapter Eleven: Give It All Part 1
  • Chapter Twelve: Give It All Part 2
  • Chapter Thirteen: A New Friend
  • Chapter Fourteen: Escape
  • Chapter Fifteen: Love Is In The Air
  • Chapter Sixteen: Praying For A Soul
  • Chapter Seventeen: Lost All Sanity
  • Chapter Eighteen: Overload
  • Chapter Nineteen: War Preperations
  • Chapter Twenty: Dirty Little Hostage
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Call For Help
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: It's On
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: It's All You Part 1
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: It's All You Part 2
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Peace & Harmony

        NEWS & UPDATES
  • |8 - 26 - 2010| Added INDEX
  • |8 - 26 - 2010| Added Chapter One
  • |8 - 27 - 2010| Added Title Screens
  • |8 - 27 - 2010| Added Chapter Two
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Kataang Forever

« Reply #1 on: Aug 26, 2010 08:06 am »


               It was a week after the war had been put to a stop, everybody was celebrating and having a good time in Ba Sing Se. Even Momo and Appa were doing great, and enjoying the fact of not chasing something or someone all over. FireLord Zuko was preparing the new city Aang and him had made while the rest of the gaang was busy resting and celebrating still, Aang was confused though. Aang had stopped the war, and made peace with the nations. But Aang couldn't help to worry about if a new threat would ever appear, and what would he do then?

               While Zuko was fixing up the new city, Aang was over staring into the clear blue sky. Zuko came out to find Aang, and seen him over at the new balcony Aang and him made. Zuko knew that worried expression on Aang's face, Zuko decided to walk over to see if Aang wanted to talk.

              "What worries you now, Aang? The war is over, and the new city is about finished. What could be upsetting you so much at this time of peace?" Zuko asked with a worried expression as well now.

              Aang was still staring off into the clear blue sky, Zuko was about to ask Aang if he was alright or needed some rest after all of the work Aang had done today until interuppted.

              "What if the war really isn't over, what if a new threat comes upon us. What if Ozai and Azula happen to escape, and make plans to overthrow us for ending the war?" Aang replied while nervous about the future.

               "If that day comes, we will be prepared with all of the nations working together to take down this new enemy. The fire nation is at peace now with the other nations, we have a massive army if it was ever to be needed again." Zuko replied to Aang, trying to look at the bright side to cheer him up.

              The young FireLord and Avatar both now stood there, looking into the clear blue sky while thinking about the future and what would happen. Would there be another war, will a new enemy try to take over all of the nations again? Nobody knew the answer, they tried to look at the bright side until Aang heard a big bang noise. Aang and Zuko rushed over to see what it was, suprised at what they saw they were greeted.

              "Well hey there Twinkletoes, ever decide to propose to Katara yet? Or are you still chickening out over it?" Toph asked Aang, while laughing.

               "No! I plan to ask Katara when there is peace, and I still have to wait a month for her birthday!" Aang shouted, while embarassed at the fact Zuko was standing right there.

               "Oh, so you do love Katara! She has been wondering if you were even thinking about making a proposal, don't worry." Zuko told Aang, trying to keep him calm.

             The three young benders were all on the balcony steps, all three sitting down laughing at old times now. Aang forgotten about what he was so worried about, and Zuko looked more happy too. While they were all remembering old times, Aang forgot something very important.
             "Wait, I forgot about something! I was supposed to meet Katara back at Ba Sing Se to help her cook for the festival, how could I of forgotten that!" Aang cried out, looking worried as ever.

              "Wait, festival? There was a festival and I was not informed about it, why not?" Zuko questioned Aang, while having a angry expression on his face now.
              "Nobody told you, Zuko? I thought Sokka would of mentioned it to you back at Ba Sing Se earlier!" Aang explained to Zuko, wondering why Sokka did not inform the FireLord.

              "We better get going then, it will be starting soon and I need to show up the Boulder once more!" Toph shouted out, happy as ever still.
              "Ok Zuko, we can always come back tommorow to make the final touches to the new city. Let's hurry up, we will have to walk there without Appa." Aang told Zuko, while trying to rush there.

              "Twinkletoes, I brought Appa. I was too tired to walk here, and wasn't sure of where to go." Toph told Aang, laughing at him. "Let's get going then, yip-yip!" Aang shouted at Appa.

            They were off to Ba Sing Se, all in a rush and not thinking about something important. Why did Toph come here anyways? Toph even forgot what she was supposed to tell them, it was only an hour until the festival started and the three were almost at Ba Sing Se. They all looked down, and seen the festival preperations with all of the lights lit up tonight. Down below was the Jasmine Dragon Tea balcony, Aang remembered when Katara and him had their first real kiss on that balcony below. Appa landed, and they were all greeted and questioned as why they were late.

           "Aang, Zuko, Toph! You're here finally, hurry up!" Katara yelled out, happy as ever to see Aang return after the time spent on the new city.

            "Sorry, I happened to forget about the festival when Toph came by. Is everything ready, or do you need my help still?" Aang asked Katara, happy to see her beautiful warm soothing face again.
            "No, don't worry. I finished cooking everything, and everybody else is waiting for you three inside the tea shop." Katara told Aang, while hugging Aang. "Ok, let's go inside then." Aang told Katara, while holding her hand and gazing into her pretty blue eyes.

           Everybody was inside now, talking about the future and what they were going to do after the festival. Even Tylee was here, with Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors. Mai was there as well, talking to Zuko. But Zuko had other questions on his mind, why wasn't he informed of the festival? Where is my Uncle Iroh, it is his tea shop after all? Why am I worrying so much now, i'm supposed to be happy now.

           "Where is Uncle Iroh at, Mai? I haven't seen him anywhere so far." Zuko questioned Mai, worried that something weird was going on now.
            "I don't know, perhaps somebody else does. I haven't seen him today, don't be worried. Everything is probably fine, and your uncle is just busy." Mai responded to Zuko, trying to get him to stop worrying so much.

            "Katara, have you seen my uncle? I can't find him." Zuko asked Katara, about to blow up.

            "No, ask Toph though. She should know." Katara told Zuko, scared at his angry face.

            "Toph, do you have any idea where my uncle is?" Zuko asked Toph, very confused about this.
            "Oh, that's right! Your uncle wanted me to let you know he would be returning tommorow sometime." Toph explained to Zuko.

           Now it was only ten minutes until the festival was ready, Aang and Katara were catching up while Zuko and Mai were talking about what Uncle Iroh was so busy with. Sokka finally came in as well, he greeted everybody and started to talk with Suki and Tylee. Everybody was ready now for the festival to begin, it was just a minute away. They were heading towards the Earth King, and noticed the festival was in celebration of the gaang ending the war. It had a statue of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and even Zuko.

           "Wow, I never knew this was in celebration of us! This is a bit weird now, and i'm the avatar!" Aang joked, while staring at the statues.

            "Yeah, this is cool I guess. Where's the meat at now?" Sokka asked, laughing.

            "Hello heroes, I want to thank you for attending the festival. It brings us joy to see the few that ended the war here today." The Earth King said, kindly greeting them.

            "Come on Aang, let's go over here. I missed you." Katara told Aang, Aang blushed.

           The young heroes were all enjoying the festival now, Sokka especially liked the meat. Katara and Aang were alone, happily staring at eachother and kissing. Zuko and Mai were talking, but Mai was annoyed that Zuko kept on getting this curious feeling that something was wrong. He thought Aang was right, maybe there is a new threat to come destroy the nations at peace now. The festival was over with after four hours now, they all went back to the tea shop only to find Uncle Iroh there. He had a sad face, with bad news ready to discuss with them.
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Kataang Forever

« Reply #2 on: Aug 27, 2010 11:22 am »


Uncle Iroh looked at everyone, with a face of pity. Nobody has seen Iroh look this sad since he found out his nephew decided to join the Avatar, they all knew he had some bad news. Zuko sensed it in him too, he as well had a feeling something was going on. Everybody gathered around Iroh, only to be told some of the worst news ever. What could possibly be so bad now, the war is over. Isn't it?

"I'm afraid I have something I need to tell you all, please take a cup of tea first." Uncle Iroh pleaded, with a sad frown on his face.

 "What is it, uncle!" Zuko demanded, with a angry tone in his voice that sounded like he was about to blow fire.

 "Azula, it's her. Azula escaped the prison yesterday, somehow. I was informed by one of the guards, that Azula also helped Ozai escape as well. Nobody knows how she escaped, or who let her out. We believe we have a traitor guard in the prison, and we also have a bad feeling there is another group out there. Another group consisted of members that want war, and nothing else. Ozai is not the leader though, Azula is. Aang took Ozai's firebending away, so he cannot be the leader without firebending."

 "Are you sure, this can't be! The war just ended only a week ago, how could I let this happen!?" Zuko questioned, in a terrible rage.

 "Yes, we must hurry and find out what they plan to do now." Iroh told Zuko, sounding sad to report this only a week after the war.

Now everybody was scared, mostly Zuko of them all. Zuko knew how his sister was, if she had all the power in the world there would be no world the way she is now. The rest of the gaang stared at eachother with a deep scared face, all but Aang. Aang was confident this wasn't a huge threat, just a minor traitor group. Katara walked out of the tea shop, looking sad again. Aang decided to follow her, the rest of the gaang sat in the tea shop discussing what to do now.

"Katara, what's the problem?" Aang asked Katara, sounding worried.

 "It's just, I haven't seen you for a week. And in that week, I couldn't wait until you came back. Now we have to go off, and go fight evil once more. I just wish we could settle down for once, and have fun instead of worrying about the fate of the world." Katara told Aang, with a tear in her eye sounding very sad.

 "I'm the Avatar, Katara. I must find balance in the nations, and make sure everybody is safe." Aang told Katara, with a deep scare in his voice.

Katara and Aang continued to stand outside the tea shop, everybody else was inside discussing the plans and what to do now. And trying to think what they are up to. It was a dark day too, everything was so dark you could hardly see. The moon was shining very brightly, and the wind was breezing.

"Aang, Katara! We have a plan now, come inside!" Sokka shouted, with happiness in his voice.

 "From what Iroh told us, I have a feeling they have made a secret hideout now. And it may be located in the fire nation somewhere, perhaps near the boiling rock. Aang, Katara, Toph, Suki, and I will all fly to the fire nation while the rest stay here to work on the city, and make sure there are no threats. If something happens while we are investigating, they will report it." Sokka announced, happy to be a leader.

The gaang left the tea shop, and hopped on Appa going into the cool breezy sky now. The sun started to come out, for they have been flying all night to reach the fire nation again. Back at Ba Sing Se, Zuko was constructing the new city still. It was almost complete, he just needed to finish it off with marking the nations by their elements. As the gaang was flying threw the cool breezy sky, something weird appeared. Smoke appeared, lots of it. The sky was clouded with smoke, they had to fly down and see what it was. They found a village burning on fire, but it was a fire nation village. Who would burn a fire nation village, in their own nation?

"Katara, we need water! Start waterbending the fires out, Sokka and Suki go save the other villagers!" Aang shouted out, shocked at what had happened.

 "Stop, surrender yourself now or we will kill you all!" A strange voice shouted at Aang and Katara.

 "Who are you, and what have you done to this village!? And why?" Aang questioned the mysterious stranger, angry about the fire.

 "I cannot tell you who we are, surrender or die. The offer stands for one minute more now." The mysterious stranger said, chuckling at the joy of fire.

 "No I will not! Sokka, Suki! Get the villagers all out of here fast!" Aang shouted at Sokka, and Suki.

The mysterious stranger went to attack Aang, but was stuck frozen by Katara. The stranger called more men over to help, Aang quickly jumped up into the smokey air and blocked the furious men with boulders. Aang rushed over to the stranger, telling Toph to keep the men out with more rocks until Aang got a confession. Aang turned at the stranger with a deep furious glare, trying to intimidate him.

"TELL ME, WHO ARE YOU? AND WHY DID YOU BURN THIS VILLAGE OF YOUR OWN NATION?" Aang shouted at the stranger, angry as ever.

 "You'll have to do more than that, this nation no longer is one of my own kind anymore. FireLord Zuko decided to end the war, the fire nation rises above everybody!" The stranger shouted back at Aang, laughing at Aang.

 "I bet you have a family, your family wouldn't be so happy if they found out you were dead? How would your mother, father, sister or brother feel if you died trying to destroy a poor helpless village?" Aang whispered into the stranger's ear, in a dark tone.

 "Fine, fine! I am a member of the Traitors group, it is led by Princess Azula and Ozai. Azula demanded we burn every fire nation village, she wanted to get the word out to FireLord Zuko that he failed as a Prince and now a Firelord. Now leave me alone." The stranger told Aang, shaking in fear.

Aang was sure what the stranger said was true, it matched what General Iroh was talking about. Aang let the stranger go, making sure him and his men went far away from the village. The clouds and sky were still filled with smoke though, Aang pulled out his glider and went into the sky to use Airbending the get the smoke out. The village was mostly burnt to a crisp now though, and the villagers were deeply wounded by the fires. Katara healed most of them up, until a messenger bird showed up to deliver something. Sokka took the letter, reading the letter it said.

'Sokka, we need your help at the southern water tribe now. I was visiting the tribe to pickup some help on the city, until I ran into another ship. The ship had a weird logo on it, it was not a fire navy ship or one of the earth or water ships. This ship was full of fire benders though, they were heading towards the southern water tribe. I managed to hold them off from destroying your tribe and it's people, but some were killed. You, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Suki need to head over here immediatly now. I have some bad news to give you, and I don't want to deliver it as a message.

- Zuko'

"Aang, Katara, Toph, Suki come here now! The southern water tribe is in danger now, Zuko gave me a message saying there was another ship there that was destroying the village! We must hurry now!" Sokka shouted out, scared and angry.
 "What!? What happened there, and who did it?" Katara questioned Sokka, mad as ever now.

 "I'll explain on Appa, just hurry up!" Sokka shouted back at everybody.

They all hopped on Appa, heading back towards the Southern Water Tribe all in a deep scare now. Sokka was explaining what happened, the sky was getting dark and the wind was picking up now. It was a cold breezy night, they decided to get some rest before arriving there. Everybody was sleeping besides Katara, she couldn't sleep with what Sokka had said. Her mind was filled with troubled thoughts, afraid of if Gran Gran and Pakku could of died fighting for the village.

It was a day now, they were close to arriving at the village now. Katara finally fell asleep, until everybody was woke up by a bombing sound. A huge fire bomb was heading towards them, three of them! Appa quickly moved out of the way, heading towards the ship now. Before Appa could get in sight of the ships, Aang realized there were four of them. All encased in metal plating too, going the same direction. They all jumped down and landed on one of the ships, Katara quickly froze one cannon while Toph smashed the second one with metalbending. They still had to take out the other six cannons on the other ships though, angry guards in heavy plated armor as well appeared. They charged in at Katara first, but Aang blew them off the ship.

"Sokka, Suki! Go hop on the third ship, Toph throw rocks at the other two cannons on the second ship and destroy it! Katara and I will break the last two cannons, hurry!" Aang shouted, curious as who these people were.

Toph quickly broke the first cannon, only to be greeted by a angry mob of guards. Toph dropped rocks in front of her, and quickly shot a huge boulder at the second cannon to take it out. Toph then jumped up, and threw a bunch of large rocks at the mob of guards. The guards fell off the ship, while Suki and Sokka were fighting the other guards off the ship leaving the two cannons there still to be fired. Aang and Katara were dodging the fire bombs shot at them by the four cannons, they finally landed on the last ship and quickly pushed water waves into the fleet of guards surrounding them to knock them off the ship. Katara froze the cannons, and Toph came over to smash them with a huge rock. They all noticed that Sokka and Suki were being heavily outnumbered on the third ship, they all jumped over to it while dodging the last two fire bombs at their way.

"Take out the cannon, Toph! Katara and I will push these guys off, hurry!" Aang shouted at Toph.

Toph quickly smashed the two last cannons, Katara and Aang were heading over to the third ship to push the guards off with a huge wave. Before they reached it, Sokka fell to the ground from being stabbed in the leg. Katara ran over to Sokka to heal his leg, but it didn't do much, Sokka was heavily in pain still. Aang quickly pushed a huge wave of water at the guards, to knock them all off. Aang blew his bison whistle, and Appa came over from the dark smokey clouds. They had no time to waste and had to get back on Appa before the ships sank.

"Sokka, hang in there. We're almost at the village, we can get you help there." Katara told Sokka, crying at his stab wound.

 "Who were those guys, they were firebenders but not a fire navy ship?" Suki asked, while caring for Sokka.

 "I think they were the same group the stranger told us about, and Zuko mentioned some ships over here to destroy the village. They must of ran away, and were going back to their hideout where ever it was." Aang mentioned to Suki, angry at the fact he couldn't follow the ships.

The gaang finally arrived at the southern water tribe village, only to see it mostly burnt down now. And there were helpless people who needed healing as well, Katara jumped down and started to heal the poor villagers. Zuko came out, he also had a sad face on him. Zuko had bad news to tell them, but noticed Sokka was injured badly. He had his ship's doctor come out and try to help him as well, Sokka was curious though still.

"What is the bad news, Zuko? You said you wanted to tell us all face-to-face instead of in a message, what is so bad now besides the village being destroyed almost?" Sokka asked Zuko, moaning in pain still.

 "Your..uh, i'll say it fast and simple while you're still in pain." Zuko said to Sokka, scared at what will happen.

 "wheniarrivedthebadmenwhereheretookpakkuandyourgrangranashostagestogetaangsattention" Zuko said in a rush, ashamed.

 "WHAT!?" Sokka said, flipping off the bed.

 "What happened, Sokka?" Katara and Aang said, rushing in.

 "THEY TOOK GRAN GRAN AND PAKKU TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!" Sokka yelled at Katara and Aang, in a deep angry voice.

 "It was probably the same ships we were destroying earlier!" Katara yelled out, nervously.

 "If it was, they must of crashed or been swimming this whole time now." Zuko said, trying to keep things calm.

 "We have to find them, we need to go now! Aang and I can go and rescue them!" Katara yelled out again, anxious to find gran gran and Pakku.

 "No, that's what Azula wants. Azula wants you and Aang to rescue them, so Azula can kill you both now." Zuko explained to Katara.

The gaang didn't know what to do, Suki and Toph were outside helping the villagers while Katara, Aang, and Sokka were inside being informed of the bad news. Katara ran out crying, Aang decided to follow her. The day turned to night, it was already dark out. The breeze picked up again. Katara wanted to leave and find Pakku and Gran Gran, but Aang told her to wait. They had to be ready for Azula's plan first, the doctor was still taking care of Sokka's leg. His wound was almost healed, but he could barely walk without crunches. Sokka was in no position to help fight, if they went. It would have to be only Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph. Suki had to stay and make sure Sokka was alright, and help the village recover.

Aang knew Katara was sad and scared, he felt up her gentle warm neck slowly. Aang started to hug Katara, Katara went in to kiss Aang. Aang kissed her back gently and fast, the night was full of stars and a full bright moon with a soft cool breeze. Katara's hair was blowing in the wind, and Aang was thinking about the proposal again now. It was only two weeks more until Katara's sixteenth birthday, he wanted to make sure the moment was beautiful as the night was now when it was time for him to propose. Aang looked Katara's pretty blue eyes.

"I love you." Aang told Katara, while feeling her warm curvy body. Katara blushed.

 "I love you too, Aang. I want to go tommorow, and find my gran gran and Pakku with the others." Katara whispered into Aang's ear, happily gazing into his eyes.

 "We can get ready, and inform the others at breakfast tommorow. For now, we need to rest." Aang whispered back to Katara, gazing back into her eyes.

Aang walked away from Katara to go to his room now, Katara walked away looking at his white bold face. The couple smiled at eachother, and said goodnight. It was now a new day, everybody was awake for breakfast. Sokka couldn't rush there for the smoked seal bacon with his leg, so Suki brought him his breakfast instead. Sokka quickly ate the smoked seal bacon in a big gulp, Suki laughed at him and his eating habits. Aang didn't eat much due to being a vegentarian, he mostly sat at the rounded table thinking of Katara's beautiful warm lips and her pretty blue eyes. They were all startled at a suprise though, a ship appeared.

"Hey there, Zuko. I got your message, Tylee and I also spotted an enemy ship. We were about to destroy it though, until the ship captain came out with two hostages." Mai told Zuko, while everybody else was around.

 "TWO HOSTAGES, YOU MEAN GRAN GRAN AND PAKKU?" Katara yelled at Mai, hoping it was them.

 "If you mean the old lady and man in the blue water tribe clothing, yes. The captain told us if you ever wanted to see them again, you needed to come with the avatar to the boiling rock." Mai explained to Katara, confused.

 "Fine, if they want us so bad. We will come, but with Zuko, and Toph with us. Suki needs to stay here and watch Sokka." Katara told everybody, in a rush to leave.

 "We will be joining you too, Azula is prepared to win." A nearby voice said.

 "UNCLE IROH?" Zuko called out.

 "Yes, we must hurry to find them though. Azula is a dangerous confused enemy now, she will kill anybody." Iroh explained, in a wise voice.

 "Fine then, you guys must hurry back though." Sokka said, walking out in pain.

 "Yes, me and Sokka will watch the village and I will nurse him. You, Aang, Iroh, Zuko, Tylee, Mai, and Toph should easily get them back from Azula." Suki told Katara.

Everybody was prepared to go, they were fed and awake now. They felt nothing could stop them from rescuing Gran Gran and Pakku now, but another ship came in. It was a water tribe ship, everybody ran over to see who it was.

"Father!" Katara shouted out, in joy to see her dad.

 "What happened here, the village looks like it was attacked?" Hakoda questioned Katara, with a scare on his face.

 "Azula sent a group here, to capture Aang and I. We were busy trying to find them though, so they took Gran Gran and Pakku as hostages. We are heading out to rescue them in the boiling rock though." Katara explained, with a sadend face.

 "That's terrible, where's Sokka at though?" Hakoda questioned Katara, with a nervous expression.

 "He was injured in his leg, and is being nursed by Suki. He can't come with us to help rescue them though." Katara replied to her father, looking scared.

 "Well, I will stay here and watch the village and help Sokka then. I will have three of my men go with you guys, you may need the help." Hakoda told the gaang, with confidence in his voice.

 "Thank you father, we will rescue Gran Gran and Pakku safely now. We have enough people to take over the whole prison now." Katara said, in a jokingly voice.

 "We better hurry now, Appa is waiting for us." Aang told everybody, blowing his bison whistle.
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« Reply #3 on: Aug 27, 2010 08:29 pm »

These are good. This is so far the only Book Four that I like.

Long Live Democracy!
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Kataang Forever

« Reply #4 on: Dec 16, 2017 10:28 pm »

Hello everybody, 7 years later that is. I just wanted to go over my story, does anybody think I have what it takes to become a writer? As I am 21 now.
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