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Author Topic: Battle Arena - modified to allow Avatar vs. Non-Avatar Matchups  (Read 169842 times)
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« Reply #1975 on: Mar 09, 2017 08:08 am »

Kuvira vs. General Grievous.

Honestly, I think this fight would come down to what metal Kuvira was allowed to use.  She could probably hold her own with earth and steel, but she might have an advantage if she was allowed to bend a lightsaber-resistant metal, like phrik or cortosis.  I'm definitely thinking a showdown with her wielding her wrist sword, hopefully made out of cortosis.  Without them though, I think Grievous would take the win.
What do y'all think?

If she can bend the metal on Grievous himself she stomps. If not, Grievous stomps, both the canon and legends version. Jedi are bullet timers and he has shown to be just as fast or even faster than them. He has taken on Jedi in numbers greater than one. There is no way that Kuvira would win if she cannot literally bend him, and even with her sword she gets overwhelmed.


This is what he can do. There is no way that Kuvira will win if she cannot bend him up.

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