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Author Topic: Beneath {A Continuation} [PG-13]  (Read 571 times)
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« on: Aug 09, 2008 10:25 am »

Chapter One

Ryu woke up, stretching himself out along the old and hard mattress. He looked down towards himself; black shorts covered his legs, ripped at the knees, and had blood stains, along with the tight, sleeveless, black shirt. He looked up, the dim room was full of people, talking and laughing. He moved and sat on the edge of the bed, the cold feeling of the floor reached his foot. He tried to remember where he was, but nothing came to mind. He looked up, he tried to remember something, anything, but still his mind drew only blankness. He scanned the room again, this time his eyes meet with a little boy. They little boy's face light up when their eyes meet and he yelled, "Look! Mr. sleepy heads up!"

Most of the people in the room began to move towards him. Ryu slowly moved himself back, hiding in the shadow created by the top bunk. When they got closer, he moved himself back against the wall. When they were close the oldest looking did a stopping motion with his hand, and all the others stopped.

"Wait, he looks scared." Ryu eye twitched as the man came and slowly floated down on the bunk, placing himself next to Ryu. His short white hair almost seemed invisible on his head. The man muscles seemed to even pop out of his long white robe.

"We aren't here to hurt you," the man said soothingly, "I gave you the antidote." Ryu's eyes widened He suddenly remembered something about an antidote. He couldn't think of anything to go along with it, all he remembered was an antidote, nothing more.

"You were thrown into this jail cell about three days ago, you were bound in chains by gang leader and some of his goons, Ling here," the man said pointing back at a smiling girl, whose long brown hair almost matched her deep brown eyes. She stood with one hand on her waist, the other hanging freely. Her deep red shirt didn't cover her whole body, and her pants of the same color laid freely over her legs.  "She saved you from them, you're lucky she came, who knows what Minsheng would have done with you. Useless thug that one is." Ryu eye opened wider once more, he remembered being bounded against a wall, and a group of boy, laughing, each hit him. He remembered one in particular, he wore a black headband, and he gave the orders. 

"Me and my sister got you wrapped up," A boy said emerging from the group, his long white hair seemed to match the man's sitting on the bed. He tilted his glasses up a bit, "If you feel any pain, feel free to let me know." Ryu looked up and nodded, then looked back down at the floor.

"So is the really the Mr. who escaped the Fire Nation?" A young boy asked.

"Yeah and then came back wanting to save us!" Yelled another little boy who looked very much like the other one, both had long, brown, messy hair, and both had huge grins across their faces. There brown eyes seemed to be glowing in awe. They threw their hand up in the air, and moved forward to the bunk, getting uncomfortably close to Ryu.

"Can you tell us about your adventures Mr.?" One of the boys asked.

"Yeah! Please?" They other asked.

"Pretty please?" They both said together.

"With a cheery?" One giggled.

"Lick his face Peng!" One said, pointing to Ryu's face.

"Ok Ping! Lick attack!" The other said, sticking his tounge out towards Ryu.

"Boys!" The brown haired girl laughed, "I'm sure he doesn't want to talk about it now, run along, and stay out of trouble!" The girl shook her head as the two twins ran off, giggling their heads off. "Sorry for that," The girl sighed, "My names Ling, and who might would you be?"

Ryu looked up at her, "I'm Ryu."

"Ryu huh? Well nice to meet you!" Ling said, holding out her hand. She held it out for a few seconds, and then laughed. "You're supposed to shake it!" Ryu looked at her hand, and then grasped it, and she shook it up and down. "See?" She laughed.

Ryu smiled and shook her hand. "Thank you for saving me," he said rubbing the back of his head.

"It was nothing," Ling said, smiling and blushing at the same time.

The man stood sitting on the bed stood, as he stood Ryu felt the whole mattress spring up. Ryu stood along with him. "My names Ru," the man said. Ryu shook his hand, and then bowed to him.

"Thank you for the antidote," Ryu bowed.

"Trust me child," Ru said, "I've made a so many, and I've had so many thanks. But yours seems to add something more to the pile." After that, Ru bowed back to Ryu, and walked away from the group.

"Don't mind his wordplay," said the boy with the glasses, "We all get it from time to time, the names Minzhe and this is my little sister, Jian." A younger girl with long white hair, and empty pale eyes appeared from behind him. Jian nodded to Ryu, and Ryu nodded back. "Ru's our older brother, he's a genius with medicines, and he found the antidote to keep us all from dying you know. He's practically our savior!" Ryu spaced out. He suddenly remembered, the antidote, that's what he went to find. He knew so little about himself.

"He's not practically our savior, he is our savior!"A boy with his arms crossed, and short brown hair spoke loudly. "I'm Siyu, it's a pleasure man," he said to Ryu. He held out his hand, and Ryu grabbed it. They shook firmly before letting go.

"You don't talk much," Ling observed, moving her hand towards Ryu.

Ryu moved his head looking away from her and said, "Well I'm kind of err- confused."

"Come on," Ling said grabbing Ryu's hand, pulling down on the mattress, forcing him to sit.

Siyu scratched his head, "Its closure time man," he said patting Ryu on the back, "Good luck, I'm off to smash some of Minsheng's gonies, they picked a fight with Tao you know," Siyu said to Ling, who laughed.
"Well it must hurt to be them after that fight," she laughed. After Siyu left, Jian realized it was only them three, and she silently walked away, seeming to float like a ghost. Ling tucked her legs in, wrapping her hands over them, "She's not exactly the talkative type."

Ryu laughed and nodded, "I can see that."

Ling laughed, "So tell me about you Ryu!"

Ryu looked at her, and then went blank. What was there to tell? He couldn't think of anything. The only things he could remember was the he went to the Fire Nation to get some sort of antidote, and that he was thrown in jail and beat up by some thugs. "That's where I'm confused I think," Ryu admitted quietly.

Ling looked at him, "Hmm," she hummed, "Well you're in the Fire Nation's largest prison, it's five rooms for sleeping and any other time accept feeding, which is the center room."

Ryu nodded, "So um... Do you know why exactly I'm in jail?"

Ling looked at him confused; "Now I'm the one confused. You're quite an icon around here; you're a huge rebel, running away and all." Ryu thought for a second, running away, he remembered running, but from what?  "By the look on your face, I can tell your not kidding", she said sadly, placing her hand over Ryu's.

"Ryu... you... you lost your memory."

This is my second fanfiction which is in a way connected to my other fanfiction.
Although if you don't read the other one, this one will make sense over time!
Heres the like to the first one: http://forums.avatarspirit.net/index.php?topic=13987.0
If you just want to get a general idea of whats going on, read chapter five and chapter nine from the link.

Please, give criticism, I need some  Lips sealed.
Hope you enjoyed, and mores one the way.

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Like The Wind (My Fanfiction): http://forums.avatarspirit.net/index.php?topic=13987.0
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #1 on: Aug 09, 2008 08:09 pm »

I really enjoyed this!
I didn't make to much sense at first, but after reading your other fic, I understood it  Smiley
I really like Ryu as a character, you devolped him well, contiune to do so!
Also, I like Ling/Ping & Pengs (the cute twins right?) relationship, shes like a big sister/mom!  Grin

Please contiune!
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #2 on: Aug 10, 2008 04:32 pm »

Yay, you started a new story!
Poor Ryu! He's been through enough! And now memory loss  Undecided

I really like your OC's, Ping and Peng are cute!!  Grin  Grin
Never Gonna Give Yue Up

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« Reply #3 on: Aug 11, 2008 04:49 pm »

Chapter 2
Feeding Hall

Ryu stared a Ling; he had lost his memory which would explain the confusion and blankness left in his mind. He had only three memories, looking for an antidote, be captured by the Fire Nation, and being beat up by a few kids.

Ling rubbed her hand on Ryu's leg, "I'm really sorry, I'll leave you alone for a bit, find me in a few, and it will be feeding time soon." Ling hand gently slid off Ryu's leg, her warm touch quickly left Ryu, and he felt alone once more. Suddenly something came to him. A boy stood once a beach, next to a girl. And then the boy left. That was all he could get. He looked down at his hands, who was he? His face crashed into his hands, and he squeezed his hands tightly, trying as hard as he could to get a memory, the others came so easily, yet when he tried so hard, nothing came to him. He lifted his head, and threw a hard punch at the wall, not caring about the pain.

Ryu walked, making his way to the feeding hall. He followed the crowd of kids through a large door. The room was filled with long tables. A giant flame was burning above them on some sort of disc, keeping the room barely lit. He looked across the room, looking for Ling. He couldn't seem to find her, so he began walking around the room.

The room was so congested; Ryu ended up walking right into someone. "Oh, I'm um... very sorry," Ryu spat out.

"No worries bro, whoa there, wait up." The man long blonde hair covered most of his blunt blue eyes. He wore a red shirt, with a black fire nation symbol, with a big black X covering it. "You're that new kid everyone's talking about, you're quite a rebel," the man said, flipping his hair.

"Wait," Ryu stopped, "People are talking about me?"

The man laughed, "You bet. Your quite an icon ‘round here. Your stories pretty amazing kid, I don't think even I could pull of what you did bro. They call me Yunxu. And what shall I refer to you as?"

Ryu winced, "Ryu."

"It's been a pleasure Ryu," Yunxu said, "I'll catch you later little fighter, I want you to be a part of an escape plan, I'll find you later."

Yunxu disappeared into the crowd, Ryu watched as he became just another unrecognizable face. "So I'm a rebel?" Ryu thought.  He stumbled around the room again, eventually; he got a glimpse of Ling. He moved towards the table.

"Ryu!" Ling waved, "Over here!"

Ryu walked to the old wooden table, he sat next to Ling listening as the bench screeched softly.
"And then we gave them a good beating!" A deeply tanned boy laughed, taking a bit of his bread.
"Oh Ryu I forgot, this is Tao," she said pointing to the boy, who's clear blue hair caught Ryu's black eyes.

"Nice to meet you Ryu, I've heard your stories, you're quite the fighter I here," Tao said grinning.

"Nice to meet you to," Ryu smiled.

Ling warmly smiled at the two boys, "Ryu you remember Ping & Peng, Jian, Minzhe, and Siyu," she said pointing to each of them. When she said Ping and Peng, the two screamed wildly, loving that they were recognized.

"Wait up!" said a soothing voice. "You forgot about me!" Ryu looked towards a girl whose deep red hair lay gently upon her shoulder, and her hazel eyes glowed. "I'm Meili, good to meet you, I heard you're a quite a rebel."

Ryu laughed, "I'm Ryu, and well I don't know about the whole rebel deal."

Meili giggled, "Oh quiet. Everyone loves a rebel around here Ryu. As for me, I just absolutely love rebels like you, your always so mystery and sexy."

Ryu blushed as Ling butted in, "Ok Meili, I think Ryu's heard enough."

Meili giggled, "Oh no, I think my mysterious cutie here could use a few more seductive words."

Siyu held out his chicken wing, "Hey Meili, why don't you ever talk to use like that?"

"Yeah," Tao said, "Whenever we try to make a move on you, you walk away like some goddess!"

"Yeah!" Ping and Peng laughed, crossing their arms.

Meili giggled, "You two are so cute!" Meili rubbed their hair and they smiled proudly. Ling rolled her eyes, and toke a bite out of her bread. Ryu looked over at Ling, and raised an eye brow. Ryu looked across the table, everyone seemed to be eating and enjoying himself. Then something came to him, another group of people, ate around a fire, laughing and making jokes. Nothing else came to him. He breathed deeply.

"I need someone to tell me about myself."

The table went quiet. Even Ping and Peng looked up to Ryu in confusion.

"Everyone," Ling said, getting the attention of everyone at the table, "Ryu lost his memory after Minsheng's attack.

The table went quiet again. Tao and Siyu both stood at the same time, "Get up Ryu!" Siyu commanded, "Were going to kick some thug butt!" Ling sighed as the two grabbed Ryu, a moved across the room. Ling looked at the table.

"Boys," she said sighing loudly.

Siyu, Tao, and Ryu headed towards the opposite end of the room. Tao pointed his finger to a group of boys, all leaning against the corner of the room. Ryu didn't know why, but he felt a fire burning within him, ready to fight. The three walked right up into the middle of the gang.

"Hey slug thug," Siyu coldly spoke, "Your little unfair fight you had earlier with my friend Ryu caused him to lose his memory, and now it's ass kicking time."

Minsheng stood up laughing, "Heh, that's a shame, he was suppose to lose something a lot more important, get ‘em boys."

A circle of boys moved around them, and Ryu could feel the eyes of many others upon him. The three broke in unison, all stepping forward quickly. Ryu moved close to the ground, shifting both of his hands, causing two of the boy to fall over. Once down, Ryu backed up. A boy threw a punch at him; Ryu slid out of the way, and then threw his leg up in the air, kicking the boy in the face. The crowd cheered loudly.

Ryu backed up, and felt a hand grasp over his mouth, and a sharp object nearly pierced his neck. Minsheng stood, with a large knife to Ryu's neck.

"Nobody move or he dies!" Minsheng roared loudly. The room went silent. Ryu breathed heavily. Minsheng whispered in Ryu's ears, "Are you scared you rotten traitor?" Ryu thought. He saw a boy running, but it ended quickly. "I asked if you were scared fool."

"You've got some will you little b***h, well you should be, because I am about to kill you."

Minsheng lifted the knife, but before the knife reached him, an arrow flew across the room, nailing Minsheng square in hisknife hand arm. The arrow ripped through Minsheng's soft sleeve on his shirt, piercing threw his skin and he screamed in pain, falling over. Some of the crowd screamed in horror, others in delight. Ryu opened his eyes, expect to be dead. He turned around to see Minsheng, with an arrow, lodged in his arm, and blood pouring out slowly. Ryu turned in disgust, wondering where the arrow came from. The room was silent, as Ryu looked across the room. He caught the eye of someone, a boy, with a large black bow made of steel, looking back at him. His long black hair and eyes resembled him almost perfectly.

Tao and Siyu stood in shook, looking at their now defeated rival, Minsheng, who lay screaming on the floor. Ryu walked across the room towards the figure he saw. Once he was close enough, he began to realize that the archer looked almost exactly like him. Ryu stood on the floor next to the table the young archer stood upon. 

A few of the boys grabbed Minsheng's free hands, and dragged him out of the room, while he still screamed in pain. Now, the room filled with cheers and shouts. Ling clapping proudly, watching Ryu moved toward Rong, who she knew would come to the rescue. Ping and Peng cheered wildly, standing on the table doing a dance while doing so. Meili and Jian both clapped, smiling happily. Tao and Siyu looked at each amused, "I like that guy," Tao said boldly.

"Yeah he defiantly brought his share of excitement to the table," Siyu finished.

The boy's eyes began tearing, as he dropped his bow, stepping down from the table. His black hair bounced as he stepped from the table on the seats, then to the floor. When he reached the floor, he looked Ryu straight in the eye, smiling. He moved toward Ryu, embracing him in a tight, loving hug. While hugging the boy mumbled something while crying,


And the room went silent watching them.


And it's up!  Smiley
This chapter turned out just like I wanted.


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