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Author Topic: [321] Avatar Aang  (Read 145867 times)
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Victim of the gelatinous cube.

« on: Jul 19, 2008 09:30 pm »

Description: Aang struggles to defeat Ozai without killing him, but the Fire Lord shows no such mercy in the battle.

This was it, folks, three years and it all came down to this. Our last episode of Avatar. What did it mean? Was it a good ending or not? Are you happy, sad, both, neither?

You decide!
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Walking On Broken Glass

« Reply #1 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:33 pm »

I'm happy because it was epic, but sad because it's over. Plus, a little disappointed because of no closure on the Ursa mystery.
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Let me give your heart a break.

« Reply #2 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:35 pm »

 Wow! It was amazing, Aang taking Ozai's bending? Very amazing. I am sad yet happy. It was truely amazing! Especially the part where everyone doesn't like Sokka's drawing, it was hilarious! Very, truely, amazing!

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You want to stop breathing?

« Reply #3 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:36 pm »

Holy crap Azula went insane  Shocked Didn't expect that in a Nick cartoon, but it definately worked out for the best. Oh, and the whole finale kicked freaking @$$ !!! The fight scenes were the best out of the whole series  Grin

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« Reply #4 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:36 pm »

Yeah, wtf was with the Ursa arc anyway? honestly? I was expecting Zuko to ask where he was hiding all the Airbenders. I've been pathetically holding out that the Airbenders were still SOMEWHERE. Personally, I don't see how balance is supposed to be restored without Airbenders

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I'd rather eat garbage lettuce than a dead body.

« Reply #5 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:36 pm »

AMAZING. I love how hitting the scar where all the energy was blocked up was what Aang needed to go into the Avatar State. AANG. <3 All life is sacrosanct, and he won't take it any other way. He is the perfect being. In all of his mistakes and beyond. The scene where he was almost overcome was scary. But he pushed through. And saved the world. Where is Ursa? I don't care. Zuko is Fire Lord, Ty Lee is a Kyoshi Warrior (Cheesy), the world is in balance, the gaang is happy, and KATAANG. And Agni said, let there be Kataang.

you're the greatest Avatard I know.

^ -tearbend- <3
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« Reply #6 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:37 pm »

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« Reply #7 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:37 pm »

Aang was incredible.

He was true too himself, without killing anyone.

Katara saved Zuko's life.

sucessful ending, that resulted in tears for me.

Keeper of Aang discovering he had hair, Zuko&Katara first mission together

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Proud Aang hater, Introvert and Nonshipper

« Reply #8 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:38 pm »

My thoughts on the four part finale in one monster post. Written as the show aired...

-These episodes would be good individually, but it's obvious that they were ment to be seen as a movie. They just seem to work best when viewed as a two hour block.
-Finally we get to see Aang actually train in fire bending, something which has been sorely lacking this season.
-Appa sand sculpture=cool.
-Toph can sand bend! Very cool, but when did she learn to do that? And for that matter, how did she learn to do that?
-Aang's idea to wait until after the comet was actually pretty smart all things considered. I'm surprised no one thought of that earlier.
-Melon Lord Toph was hilarious.
-For once I actually sympathies with Aang, a little bit anyways.. I can understand why he wouldn't want to kill Ozai, but it needs to be done.
-"Appa ate Momo!" Funny, though random.
-I really feel sorry for the people of the Fire Nation now that Azula is Fire Lord.
-So thats what the Phoenix Lord is, the ruler of the world. I'm glad they went with Phoenix Lord and not Dragon Lord since Ozai is from the fire nation. and eastern dragons don't breathe fire like the western ones do.
-June isn't my favorite character, but it's still nice to see her back.
--You tell him, previous Avatars. Aang needs to kill Ozai. He is simply too dangerous to be left alive, as is Azula.
-Bumi! and Paku as well. And he is married to Gran-Gran? Jeong Jeong and Piandao as well! And they're all White Lotus members? I just wish they would go a little more in depth as to what the White Lotus actually is.
-IROH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he forgives Zuko! Iroh is by far the best character on this show, with Zuko in second place.
-Wow, I was sure Iroh would be the Fire Lord after Ozai;s defeat, but he has given the throne to Zuko. Again, Iroh is the coolest character on this show.
-Zuko and Katara teaming up to take down and hopefully kill Azula is awesome. Fire working with water. I love it.
-Lion turtle? I know that there are some crazy animals in the Avatarverse, but as lion crossed with a turtle? Weird.
-And there goes the Fire Nation fleet. And that blue fire surrounding Azula's throne is really cool looking. I hate Azula, but I love the idea of blue fire.
-Some one is going to have to take care of the Dai Li, that is if they don't betray Azula and switch sides.
-Toph earth bending =pawnage.
-"Sure, let the blind girl steer the giant air ship." You rule, Toph.
-Just when I thought Azula couldn't get any crazier she gets drunk with power. Come on Zuko and Katara, get over there and just kill her already.
-Iroh, Bumi and Pakku all rock. Talk about bringing down the house...
-That vision of Ursa and Azula actually crying, could it be that Azula is an actual human being with an actual concince? Nah, that isn't possible.
-And the big fight between Avatar and Phoenix Lord has begun. Hopefully Aang has gotten over his reservations and will do what needs to be done.
-Holy crap is Ozai powerful. I'm not sure Aang can beat him at this point, at least without the help of a deus-ex-machina plot device.
-Alright Zuko, way to claim what belongs to you! Now just kill crazula and get it over with.
-I like that Zuko is facing Azula alone. This is his battle.
-Aang, what is you're problem? You can redirect lightning, you could have killed Ozai but you didn't Don't you ever learn?
-Both the Zuko/Azula and the Aang/Ozai fights rock beyond all description, so I won't even try.
-wait wait wait, did they actually kill Zuko? He had better be alright, and he had better be the one to give Azula what she has comming to her.
-Alright, Suki! Way to save Sokka and Toph! I'm glad they gave her something useful to do during the battle.
-Grrr. the Avatar State. I told you he would need a deus-ex-machina plot device to win...
-It would seem that Ba Sing Se is now back in Earth Kingdom controll. I love you, Iroh.
-Zuko lives!
-I never thought I would ever say this, but go Katara!
-Yay for water bending healing!
-How can Aang see through Earth Bending like Toph. He isn't blind! As if this kid isn't overpowered enough already...
-Aang took away Ozai's fire bending. Thats it? That is the only punishment this war criminal will have to face? LAME!
- I really don't like Aang. He is an immature little kid who never learns and who refuses to put the needs and safety of the world adove his own beliefs. And now there is magically a way for Aang to beat Ozai without killing him? Lame, lame, lame.
-Mai is back!
-Tai Li is a Kyoshi warrior? Vary cool.
-I still say Ozai is too dangerous to be left alive, even without his bending.
-Sokka is a talented warrior, but he is no artist. Smiley
-Why didn;t we learn Ursa's ultimate fate? Zuko asked the question, why didn't we get to hear Ozai's answer?
-And thats it, Avatar is over. Mike, Bryan, thanks for giving us such a great show. Aang's story may be over, but I hope we get more stories from the Avatarverse soon. Zuko, Toph, Sokka, Appa, Iroh, and even Aang and Katara,m you will all be missed.

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« Reply #9 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:38 pm »

dude this was pure awsomeness in a half  10/10 what was best was we saw that airbenders are not the only ones who can fly...ozai and jeong jeong flying is......WOW. totally loved it
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Proud supporter of Kataang, Maiko, and Sukka!

« Reply #10 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:38 pm »

ozai finally got what he deserves

purely amazing... the writers coudlnt have done it any better

i cant beleive we still didnt see ursa

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I wish it wasn't all over... Sad
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I'm like some kind of truck that is also a shark.

« Reply #11 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:38 pm »

Three years of awesome has come to an end.

Aang not wanting his destiny to be ending a life, runs off on one final spiritual journey.  This leaves his friends in a panic, causing them to search out Iroh.

Yes, Iroh finally comes back, and has a team of old buttkickers with him.  Appropriately, he sends them all to face their destiny.

All the while, Ozai has decided that he needs a new fancy title, and declares himself the Phoenix King, leaving his unhinged daughter the job of Firelord.

And Azula is unhinged now.  Becoming crazier with each scene.

The stakes are endlessly high.  Aang must end the reign of Ozai before he can bathe the world in flames, making all the lands of the world the Fire Nation.

The highlights were definitely Azula's decent into madness, the epic Agni Kai, Aang's showdown with the Phoenix King, and of course- Metal Toph.

Finally, the war ends the same way it began.  With the Avatar and the Firelord.

Shipping kills discussion.
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Keep flying.

« Reply #12 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:39 pm »

I loved everything about it. The build-up, the action, the final resolution and release. (Kataang ENDGAME, baby!) Really, just epic all the way around. One thing I noticed here that I had really taken for granted earlier in the series was the music. Oh man, the music. It was just one sonic force that drove the episode home with me. It wouldn't have been the same without it.

I don't know what to say other than that. I honestly can't find the strength right now to write out one of my usual analytical reviews. But just know that this has been the greatest story I've ever had the privilege to experience. For that I can be thankful.

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« Reply #13 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:39 pm »

I thought I would cry, but I didn't (well, I had tears in my eyes). It was just amazing. Just... wow. This is why this is my favorite show. Perfect ending. I'm feeling very satisfied with it.

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« Reply #14 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:39 pm »

I absolutely loved it!!! It was so Epic and Awesome!!! I even liked the pairings lol, though of course I would have preferred Zutara than Kataang. The romance just wasn't strong enough for me, but over all it was just pure EPICNESS!!! Best SHOW EVER!!!

            ~By Eleanora from DA.
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Tokka is my drug

« Reply #15 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:40 pm »

Personally, I'm glad that there is no closure for Ursa.  It means that life goes on in the Avatarverse.  I hate when nothing happens before the story, then the world is suddenly in chaos, and then everything is wrapped up nicely at the end.  the way Mike and Brian did it is soo much better.

Well, it's been 3 and a half years, and today, I'm proud to have been there for the ride.

So proud...and sad...

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"He's making fire out of NOTHING!!!" :D

« Reply #16 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:40 pm »

It was so awesome!  I'm happy and sad and a little disappointed that we don't get to know what happened to Azula or where Ursa is...but, Azula going crazy: so freakin' awesome.  I'll watch that finale again and again.

Aang taking Ozai's bending...not what I expected, but cool as well.
"Loser lord!"  "It's Phoenix King!"

And, when it ended, I cried...a lot...nuff said.

~I ship Zucest...don't kill me...
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avvie by Doomsday sig by Sorontar <3

« Reply #17 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:40 pm »

I just have to say that the MUSIC in these episodes was soooo amazing

I <3 Kazuko and Platonic!Zukaang, Sukka and The Warden Brothers. I keep the Boiling Rock Theme Song
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waterwriter144's #1 fanboy! :) *thumb-fumble*

« Reply #18 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:40 pm »

I am really happy, that Aang is now the "real" Avatar.

Although I believe this was just the beginning of his journey. His duty, to restore the balance of the world, is still his burden. He still has to rebuild the warthorn world, he still has to find a way to bring the Airnomads back - or he'll be the last fully realized Avatar.

But I am also sad. I feel as if I lost good friends. M&B are going to make a new Avatar-show, but not with our characters. Maybe not even with relatives to them or the next Avatar after Aang. Maybe they'll jump 1000 years in the past or in the future, seperating any possible link to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I am sad, because the "canon-part" is over, now, the fanon-part begins. Hope my contribution is worthy.

The episode was epic. Nothing more to say - 10/10 points. Aang did it, and he looked good - in both things. He defeated the Firelord. And he was kissed by Katara ... Kataang happened in the most bittersweet way I can imagine. It's the last scene of this episode, the last scene of the series.

Yes, I am sad, because this adventure is over. I don't know if I can feel the same positive and strong emotions for the next Avatar-show if it's not close enough to AtlA.

:'( <- because it's over
:'( <- because we're possible not gonna see our friends again
:'( <- because it was epic (happy tears)
:'( <- because of Kataang (happy tears)

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« Reply #19 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:41 pm »

I have it a nine. It was sooooooooo awesome! But, I was a little upset that we never found out what happend to Ursa... But I loved everything else! The Kataang, the Maiko, the Sukka! ALL AWESOME!
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To be continued...

« Reply #20 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:41 pm »

Epic win Cheesy  The only thing I would have added, is that at the very end, Aang says, "Katara, once you get back to the South Pole...do you want to go penguin sledding with me?"

Ju Di
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Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator of Ba Sing Se.

« Reply #21 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:41 pm »

I was overall pleased with the finale; though I had a few complaints.

- Aang's solution to Ozai; I understand that Nick wouldn't want him to kill him but that was rather cheap if you ask me. "LOL I TAKE UR BENDINZ"
- wtf happened to ursa.

And most importantly,

- NO JU DI!?

Thanks Cheyenne. Cheesy

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R.I.P Hahn. Still too bad that no one cares...

« Reply #22 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:42 pm »

Amazing. Just... so amazing. I'm lost for words.

Did you see Aang (in his stylin' new robes) and Zuko hug? Becuase I did. And I loved it.

Also, just the entire ending with them in the tea shop was so great. I loved all their outfits, Sokka trying to draw everyone, the Kataang, everything.

And who cares about Ursa? It wasn't important to the plot, so they didn't spend time on it. Makes sense.

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« Reply #23 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:42 pm »

The other 3 finally episode blinded out most any flaws (except for the Deus ex Machina aka "Lion Turtle") with enough action to cause a military buff to "shine one off" in lust. But the epilogue of this episode was rather sickening, as well as your standard "happily ever after" ending that teaches nothing but feels kind of nice and mushy like soiled pants, it left allot of plot elements unfinished, not enough unfinished to demand a second series just enough though to be annoying.  

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Much thanks Alpha!

« Reply #24 on: Jul 19, 2008 09:42 pm »

I wonder why so many people are complaining about Ozai not dying.  Yes people, all avatars agree, violence IS the answer.  Aang is like the messiah of the world right?  And Jesus always says to combined mercy with justice, that's what Aang did.

A full review tomorrow (I need to rewatch the episodes), but right now, WHERE'S URSA?!!  And Why didn't anyone die?! ('sides Ozai?)

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