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Author Topic: Any Avatar: The Last Airbender Dreams? [See first post for TLOK dreams!]  (Read 209100 times)
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« Reply #2725 on: Jul 24, 2015 08:28 pm »

Last night I found out/remembered to check for the prompts of this coming Tokka Week, which I always participate in, because oh shoot August is almost here.

Well, it seems my subconscious is willing to help me out this year, since I don't have a lot of spare time. I dreamt I was working on some of the prompts and I had an idea that will actually be usable. Er, with a little alteration to remove the dream silliness. Tongue

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« Reply #2726 on: Oct 06, 2015 03:00 am »

Last night, I had a dream with a couple AtLA characters in it. I don't remember the context of it all, but I was a pilot and needed to rescue Aang from this airship he had gotten stuck in (he had lost his glider or something and couldn't fly away himself). He had been with Zuko and Iroh too, but they'd gotten separated from him somehow, and he didn't know where they were. I wanted to go look for them, but I had to get Aang to the ground, so I did that and then ended up getting involved with something else for a while (I can't even remember what). Then I suddenly remembered Zuko and Iroh again and started to panic because nobody knew where they were or even seemed to care aside from Aang. He decided to go look for them himself while I went to go find someone who could maybe help me find them. I ended up going to see Ahsoka and Captain Rex from The Clone Wars (idek what they were doing there???), and they were able to locate them for me.

The rest of the dream is pretty fuzzy after that, I just remember eventually finding Zuko and Iroh in this city in the sky (think Cloud City from Star Wars), and I got a really nice, emotional hug from Zuko cause he was like my boyfriend or something *COUGH* yeah Grin

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« Reply #2727 on: Oct 08, 2018 07:05 am »

I had a somewhat odd dream involving Mike and Bryan. They were seated with their fans in the audience watching either an ATLA stage play or the new live action series. I know there was a small little play on the stage that was akin to Ember Island Players but was much better and not cheesy. And I also remembered seeing something projected on a screen too, can't recall exactly what it is though.

Somehow, I was seated next to Bryan who had short hair and was clean shaven like how he looked like during the time ATLA was airing. FYI: Bryan has long hair and facial hair now.

Then the show ended, everyone in the audience clapped. Mike who was seated in the row in front of Bryan turned around and shook Bryan's hand. Bryan then began to shake hands with the fans around him, including me. And I don't know how, but my mother was there too and she asked Bryan some questions about how long it took for him to conceptualize the show from pre-production to the final product and what he studied in art school. He was very patient as he answered her questions and then went off to interact with the rest of the fans.

My dream ended there.

Yeah, it was a little weird and surreal.

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« Reply #2728 on: Nov 09, 2018 05:43 pm »

I had one recently involving Fire Emblem where apparently there was a fifth Air Temple in one of the mountains in Hoshido close to one of the ninja villages and can be seen at the foot of Castle Shirasagi. It was not only attacked by the Fire Nation but also a platoon of Nohrian soldiers attacking Hoshido trying to incite a war. At this time, Mikoto has not put the barrier up yet.'

This ties into when Arceus helped Aang revive the Air Nomads and the Gaang meet the Hoshidan Royal Family including Corrin who sided with Hoshido(Female Corrin) and before they could do anything with the Hoshido Air Temple, they had to fight off bandits and faceless.

Of course they do meet up with Zuko which ends up being a confrontation between him and Ryoma with the later demanding an explanation for the unprovoked attack on Hoshidan soil. Oh and Ryoma fights the crazed Azula and pretting much crits with astra and lethality.

Oh and another was during Sozins comet, the Fell Dragon Grima appears and eats the comet while turning all the dead into Risen and you can guess what happens after that, utter ruin. Oh and Anna opens her shops in each of the Four Nations.

Another I had was the Gaang was at the Ember Island theater and apparently Ozai was attending. The Hoshidan Royal Family was there along with female Corrin and Azura appears on stage and begins to sing Lost in Thoughts All Alone using her pending with water going everywhere causing the Fire Lord to groan in increasing discomfort.

To give you an idea, check this

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